Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nobody Asked Me, But. . .

Nobody Asked Me, But. . . Man of the people, so say the commericals BLOOMY: $400,000? POOR O! ALARY 'NOT THAT MUCH', $400,000 is like middle class to Bloomberg From 1010WINS/AP, Bloomberg: Obama's Basically On a Fixed Income . . . When will increased in taxes and fees start to push people out? SALES TAX SET TO RISE, Mayor and Council Agree on 2 Sales Tax Measures . . . The Post has it in for the congressman CHARLIE'S LAME 'APOLOGY' SAYS SORRY FOR O JOKE - THEN STIRS KELLY FUROR WITH 'RACE, RANGEL REVELS IN A PAST PREZ HAS MOVED BEYOND . . . NYP continues its push for charter schools and mayoral control EXTRA EFFORT BREEDS SUCCESS IN BROOKLYNCASE STUDY 1, CHARTER IS GRADE A IN SPITE OF POVERTY CASE STUDY 2, MIKE HAS THE LOOK OF A WINNER RANDI BOWS TO HIS 'CONTROL' AS KIDS' MATH SCORES SOAR. A deal has been made RIGHT ON, RANDI! NYP ED

Road to City Hall D'OH NO! JOE WEIGHING IN FOR PATERSON *** The Latest Stray Words of an Off-the-Cuff Mayor Obama “does not get paid that much.” *** Rangel Apologizes for Remark About Obama Visiting Harlem *** David Seifman recalls when Bloomberg dismissed the significance of other city officials disclosing their finances because they “don’t make anything.” *** The “biggest obstacles to his re-election are his own, unpredictable words,” writes Michael Barbaro

Pay to Play COUNCIL IN SKETCHY SPENDING SPREE *** Council members cashing in big time *** Rotten apples in a bad barrel: New York Dems lead Albany's crime wave, Hammerman ***Miguel Martinez spent $1,500 of public funds on a consultant to organize a picnic.

The City TRAINING-VID REVAMP AFTER TRAGEDY *** YANKEE BIG$ PLAY HARDBALL Yankee officials said yesterday that taxpayers would face more than $5 million in document costs if the team is forced to provide internal records sought by lawmakers *** FIRE HEROINE'S BRIDE & GLORY ! GAL SAVES LIVES - IN A WEDDING GOWN *** CITY RUNS NICE BIKE RACK-ET The locations of about 6,000 bike racks are mapped out on a new city Department of Transportation Web site *** LI pols want Indian casino at Belmont From Newsday *** City offering podcast-guided tours *** Wake to be held for fallen NYPD officer *** New York City Shows Gains in Math *** Police Commissioner: NYPD Will Do More To Train Its Officers *** DOT Website Feature Allows Users To Find Bike Racks *** Biden city swing a 'stimulus' tour *** City picks contractor to build new Police Academy in College Point *** Council and Mayor Reach Revenue Deal

Albany DEMS MULL STALLING FIX OF DRUG LAW *** SPITZER'S LONG 'PRO' CAREER *** OWN FAMILY SUES MTA'S BIG BOSS *** Partners sue MTA chairman over building deal *** State will get private firms to repair city bridges *** At Prostitution Ring Sentencing, Details of Spitzers Liaisons *** Paterson, Sharpton Meet With Slain Officer's Grieving Wife *** Departing MTA chief Sander defends track record *** At a Sentencing, Details of Spitzer’s Liaisons *** Detained Asylum-Seekers Find It Harder to Win Release *** Sparring in Albany Over Raising Wages to Build Lower-Cost Housing *** Debate Over Gay Marriage Gets Renewed Push *** Mayoral control fight becomes lovefest between Bloomberg, Weingarten *** Dems push easier path for unions to call a strike *** The Board of Regents aren’t celebrating high math scores for middle school students *** The Senate debates a provision of the Rockefeller drug laws. The GOP said the provision could “potentially kill people.” The Assembly and governor’s office say the law will remain as-is *** County advocates say that the state may be erroneously paying property tax rebate checks to people who haven’t paid their property taxes. *** Canadian border crossings are officially stricter *** Assemblyman Joseph Morelle pens an op-ed touting his compromise bill for the sale of wine in grocery stores *** Labor unions and non-profit housing developers spar over a bill that would raise wages for government-subsidized projects *** The state will allow victims of Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme to write off their losses *** David Paterson is still pushing for another pension tier *** A commission suggested ways to "maximize" New York's assets.

President Obama PREZ PLUNKS DOWN $50B FOR GM JALOPY *** OIL PRICES ON AGENDA FOR O AND SAUDI *** White House frames health care as economic problem *** China, US to resume high-level, annual discussions *** Obama: Nationalization of GM to be short-term *** Obama talks health care before leaving for Mideast *** Gates: More missile defense spending possible *** Mideast trip next step in Obama's Muslim outreach *** Obama Makes All Other Guys Look Bad *** Geithner: China Confident in U.S. Policy Steps *** Obama and the Arab World: Can He Meet Expectations? *** Obama’s Test: Restoring G.M. With a Limited U.S. Role *** A Clearer Clean Water Act The Obama administration is right to urge Congress to act on bills that would restore federal jurisdiction over all wetlands and streams, NYT Ed *** Foreclosures: No End in Sight There’s little evidence, so far, that President Obama’s anti-foreclosure plan will be able to stop the new wave of foreclosures, NYT Ed *** The Quagmire Ahead The Obama plan for General Motors is bureaucratically smart and financially tough-minded, but it won’t revolutionize the company’s corporate culture. It could make things worse, Brooks, NYT *** Some Democrats In Congress Criticize Obama For Pressuring Israel

Congress & GOP Sotomayor to make her Capitol Hill debut *** AP source: Tentative deal struck for funding war *** Sotomayor Prepares to Meet With Key Senators *** Franken Vs. Coleman: The Final Round in Minnesota — Maybe *** Minnesota Justices Are Skeptical in Senate Case *** Senators Set to Visit White House to Discuss Health Care Overhaul *** The Howls of a Fading Species There is every reason to hope that we’ve improved as a society to the point where the racial craziness of the Gingriches and Limbaughs will finally have a tough time finding any sort of foothold, Herbert, NYT *** Sotomayor Debuts on Hill *** With Sotomayor, Left May Get Vocal

International Cuba tops agenda at Americas meeting *** US inviting Iranian diplomats to July 4 parties *** Kim Jong Il Signals Son Is Heir *** Pakistan's Victories Over the Taliban: Less Than Meets the Eye ***North Korea's Kim Jong Il names youngest son Kim Jong Un successor *** Bibi goes against Bam *** Israel and U.S. Can’t Close Split on Settlements *** Geithner Softens Tone in Approach to Beijing *** Money Sent Home by Mexican Workers in U.S. Falls Sharply *** Tech Company Helps South Korean Students Ace Entrance Tests *** N. Korea Ready to Fire Several Missiles *** DEBRIS INCLUDING PLANE SEATS POTTED 400 MILES NE OF BRAZIL... *** China blocks TWITTER, HOTMAIL... *** U.S. journalists awaiting trial in N. Korea 'very scared' *** U.S., Russia Step Up Arms Talks *** Mexican Truckers Seek Damages

National Cigarettes Without Smoke, or Regulation *** Chicago has 7 shooting deaths in 24 hours; No suspects in custody... *** LA Mayor Dating ANOTHER TV Newscaster After Previous Affair Broke Up His Marriage

Wall Street Mess FLA. JURY TELLS RJR TO PAY WIDOW $30M *** NEW CEO TO AUGMENT PLAYBOY *** JPMORGAN OFFERS STOCK *** COURT APPROVES FIAT'S CHRYSLER PURCHASE *** FIRMS BUYING TIME AD AGENCIES WILL WORK WITH GM THROUGH BANKRUPTCY *** UNCLE SAM'S YOUR BROKER TAXPAYER PORTFOLIOS SEEM MORE TROUBLE THAN THEY'RE WORTH *** JUNE'S BUSTING OUT MARKETS SEE 'GREEN SHOOTS' SPROUTING ACROSS GLOBE *** Flickers of Hope Belie Distance From Recovery *** End of the Road for an Icon? *** Prospective buyer says Trump Marina sale is off *** Dow dumps Citi, GM for Travelers, Cisco *** JPMorgan raising $5B to offset TARP *** G.M.’s New Owners, U.S. and Labor, Adjust to Roles *** G.M. Sells Hummer but Does Not Name Buyer *** BusinessCiti Halts Severance Payouts To Some Former Execs *** GM's Saga of Decline and Denial *** Banks Sell Shares In Bid to Flee Fed

Media & New Tech SIGN OF THE TIMES: SUNDAY MAGAZINE SHRINKS *** Bravo Warms Us Up for NYC Prep The trailers for the network's latest reality show, this time about overprivileged Upper East Side teens, looks to be completely trashy *** Communications-School Graduates Receiving Grim Messages *** Conan O’Brien Goes West, With a Dash *** Murdoch Said to Be Wooing DirecTV Chief to Be His No. 2 *** CBS News to Let a Web Site Pick Up Its Live Coverage *** Hearst Magazines Find Success Keeping Content Offline

People and Places J.D. SUES FOR 'RYE' 'RIP-OFF' *** Lawyer Tells Of Sons Bid To Control Astor Trust