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Albany's Secret Abuse Legislation Battle

Albany's Secret Abuse Legislation Battle

An intense behind the scenes legislative battle between the city’s top religion, politics machines has made abused kids pawns of a power struggle. The public got a little hint of the intensity this weekend when a Brooklyn bishop used his bully pulpit to try to blackmail legislators over a molestation bill he opposes BISHOP IS DEFIANT ON THREATS. The interesting thing about this threat is there has not been on newspaper editorial opposing the treat or the efforts to water the a bill designed to protect victims of child abuse.

A fierce battle is underway between legislators, religious groups and victims’ advocates over whether Engleman, and others like him who were abused as a child but did not come forward until after the statute of limitations ran out on their case, should be allowed to have their day in court. Two competing bills are being considered by New York legislators to extend the statute of limitations on child sex abuse cases that have touched a religious nerve in Brooklyn, pitting religious institutions, like the Catholic Church and some ultra-Orthodox rabbis who are fearful of a storm of alleged victims coming forward and seeking financial compensation, against victims groups and trial lawyers. The Queen Democratic Organization is taking a principle stand on victims rights while the Brooklyn county leader is leading the churches and some Jewish religious leaders fight.

The bills are sponsored by Margaret Markey (D-Queens) and Vito Lopez (D-Brooklyn) respectively, and have already set up a showdown, pitting survivors of abuse and their advocates — who support the Markey bill — against major Catholic and Jewish institutions, which are backing the Lopez version. The bill, sponsored by Assemblyman Vito Lopez (D-Brooklyn), would extend the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse for civil cases by two years. A bill sponsored by Assemb. Margaret Markey (D-Maspeth) would suspend the seven-year statute of limitations on child sex abuse cases for a year. That means those who allege abuse -- including three who told their stories to Newsday -- could file civil lawsuits no matter how long ago the abuse took place Abuse Survivors: Markey Bill Our Chance at Justice, Breaking: Lopez Child abuse bill criticized as 'red herring' makes it ... , Abused Kids Pawns in Brooklyn Power Struggle?. The National Organization for Women and a prominent group of African-American clergy support a controversial bill that would temporarily lift the statute of limitations on lawsuits alleging sexual abuse of children. . . The Marty Markowitz Patato Chip Concert Hall I would say that being Borough President has gone to Marty's head. His ego is very connected to the concerts he put on at the beach during the summer. Now following in the footstepts of the late Saddam Hussein he wants to build a place to be remember by Coney Island Amphitheater Critics Hurting Markowitz's Feelings

Nobody Asked Me, But . . . NYP continues it all out positive spin on school improvements to help the mayor win an extension of control over the city schools INCREDIBLE SHRINKING RACE GAP AT SCHOOLS, BOOSTS IN MATH ARE ADDING UP, B'KLYN TURNAROUND KIDS A PERFECT 'TEST' CASE, The signs increasingly suggest that Albany will renew the law that put City Hall in charge of the schools (NYPED) . . . As NYPD manpower numbers continue to fall the NYP talks about flooding the village as crime continues to increase there VILLAGE BLITZ NYPD BEEFS UP PATROLS TO COMBAT CRIME SURGE . . . What role did the pay to play system of the New York Pension funds have in making thing worse? Morris, Rattner, Harding, Ferrer, McCall all made money off of the NY pension systems. We are about to elect a new city comptroller without any questions on this matter by the media or even the so call reform clubs. NY'S PENSION PERILIT'S WORSE THAN THEY SAY . . . NY Magazine does an article on how New Yorkers fill the administration. Did they ever hear of he Chicago Mafia? New Yorkers Fill the Executive Branch, Chicago's Mafia in the White House . . . GOVERNMENT MOTORS . . . Always the optimist DN Editorial: Coming clean Could it be that corrupt, dysfunctional Albany is on the verge of cleaning up its act? There are signs that reform is making headway in a state government steeped in muck. . . California’s tax woes after a property tax cap, writing that “as grim as the tax situation is in New York, as damaging as it is to our chances of a sustained economic recovery, sometimes what looks like the easiest solution can actually make things worse.” Not dreaming about California's dire financial situation . . . . Fred Dicker writes that Democrats are on the brink of an “all-out civil war” between Cuomo and Paterson, “pitting Paterson, Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, a Paterson appointee, and several party functionaries against Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic leaders of the Legislature, and state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, who had a serious and unexpected public clash with the governor on Friday.” Iif “politicians continue to run against the M.T.A., their rhetoric may become self-fulfilling prophecy.” The Paterson vs. DiNapoli Pension “Disagreement” *** Former MTA CEO Elliot "Lee" Sander gets in some parting shots, accusing lawmakers of trashing the authority (and pushing him out in the process) to cover their own ineptitude. . . Why is a Flordia resident still quoted about New York campaigns? Golisano 'Very Excited' About Cuomo's Local Government Plan

Road to City Hall GOV RACE SPURS DEM 'CIVIL WAR' *** Queens machine man backing Bloomberg From the Daily News *** Bloomberg on Rangel's Obama remarks: 'plain wrong' *** Dems targeting King's district *** Not running vs. Paterson, Cuomo insists *** Queens Dem to back Mike for mayor *** RANGEL MISFIRES: MIKE SLAMS HIS BAM-IN-HARLEM JOKE AS 'JUST PLAIN WRONG' *** Rangel’s Obama Quip Makes Waves *** Mayor: Rangel 'just plain wrong' with Harlem comment *** Rep. Anthony Weiner endorses Democrat Bill Thompson for mayor. Democratic Rep. Gary Ackerman backs Bloomberg *** Gov. David Paterson works to repair his image by focusing on the issues, but he isn’t gaining any traction *** Representative Pete King could be the victim of the Democrats' redistricting in 2012 *** Gillibrand and gender: Luck as residue of design? *** Brooklyn GOP Tries To Draft Rudy For Gov *** Asked if Paterson or Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand will face primary challenges next year, Cuomo replied: "Next year is a long way away." *** Queens DA Richard Brown has been in office for close to two decades *** From Mayor's Perspective, Obama's Pay Isn't Much *** Rangel Calls His Obama-Harlem Remark 'Inappropriate' *** Thompson Criticizes Bloomberg For Criticizing Rangel, Who Apologizes

Pay to Play Congress Keeps Expense Reports Off The Internet *** Charities begin at home for council membersSometimes being on the New York City Council is like being Santa Claus - but with tips. Three-quarters of the Council's members got campaign contributions from employees or board members of the nonprofits they helped bankroll with taxpayer money *** The Daily News reports that three quarters of City Council members have gotten campaign contributions from employees or board members of nonprofit groups funded with public money *** Murtha's defense: thank-you notes *** Burris tapes renew questions *** Lawmakers Keep Expenses Off-Line *** Slush Funds Make It Rain for Council Campaign Donations

The City CHARTERS GET MONEY TO BUILD ON *** YOUR NAME HERE* (*FOR A MERE $5M) The Wollman Rink is already taken and so is the Delacorte Theater, but if you've got about $5 million to spare, your name could grace Central Park's sprawling tennis center *** 'PLOT' SYNAGOGUES $ECURE *** Q'BORO TURNS 100 *** B'WAY BAMS GOOD FOR BIZ *** APPLE TOURIST BOOM LOOMS Summer in the city is shaping up to be a good one for millions of tourists, who are expected to flock to the Big Apple in droves thanks to cheap air fares, half-price hotel rooms and discounted *** BAD 'NEIGH!'BORS 'MOB MUSCLE' AT UPSTATE HORSE FARM *** ISRAEL PRIDE PARADE *** Safari on the 7 train From the Queens Chronicle *** Slumlord still withholding services from Schleicher tenants From NY1 *** SCA is eminent domain happy From the Queens Chronicle *** The Delirious Carnival of the New Times Square *** NYC temples to get security grants *** Funeral for Slain Cop Slated for Thursday *** Coping With Police Shooting, and Working to Avoid a Repeat *** 2 Synagogues to Get Money for Security *** Losing a Celebrated Shop and Its Wall of Nostalgia Manny’s Music, a renowned store on Music Row near Times Square, closed its doors for good on Sunday *** Supermarket war breaks out in the Bronx *** Obamas come and gone, buzz remains *** Taxes on livery cabs go into effect *** Israeli pride is on parade in our town *** Solving crimes changes, Queens DA Brown stays the same *** Gov. says temples in Bronx bomb plot to get 25G to boost security *** Feelin' groovy on Queensboro's 100th! *** Israeli pride is on parade in our town *** State Tax Kicks In On Livery Cab Rides *** Parks Department Looking To Sell Off Naming Rights *** WWII Vet Is Latest Village Crime Victim; NYPD Adds Patrols *** NYPD Football Team Honors Slain Cop *** The latest in mobile truck food: Cupcakes *** Crown Heights deli now a general store for skateboarders with an eye for vintage

Albany NY'S FAST CASH QUICKEST BIG STATE FOR $TIMULUS *** NY state’s pension fund is 26% poorer *** New taxes and fees start today *** At least two of New York’s nine most dangerous sex offenders freed under a two-year old civil confinement law have faced arrest on sex charges again, causing some to question the new law *** As the gay marriage fight heads toward the end of session, here’s where the senators stand. (20 support, 18 oppose, 9 didn’t state position, 15 didn’t respond) *** Former MTA CEO Sander Defends Agency In Op-Ed *** Bottle-Bill Procrastination Will Cost $115 Million *** Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver weighed in on putting a casino at Belmont *** Two top Workers Compensation Board officials are billing the state for weekly stays at Albany hotels - they say this is a money-saving effort *** Bottle-Bill Procrastination Will Cost $115 Million

President Obama GEITHNER: ECONOMY DOING OK *** B'WAY BAMS GOOD FOR BIZ *** Analysis: Obama couldn't let automaker fail *** Geithner says Obama will bring down deficits *** Singlehandedly raising a Supreme Court nominee *** Obama's Gramps: Backing Patton's army after D-Day *** US committed to new approach for hemisphere *** US-Cuba talks on immigration to resume *** Obama takes it slow before upcoming busy week *** The Obama Infatuation *** Bam making crucial visit to Muslim leaders *** Afghan Valley Offers Test for Obama Strategy *** RONNIE IS STILL AROUND IN SPIRIT NANCY 'COMMUNICATES' WITH LATE PREZ *** In Beijing, Geithner Emphasizes Cooperation *** Reagan Did It The change in America’s financial rules was Ronald Reagan’s biggest legacy and the gift that keeps on taking *** Owning G.M. President Obama owes American taxpayers a detailed explanation of the government’s goals for General Motors and the levers it intends to use to achieve them, NYT Ed *** THE $24,000+ DATE... *** EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT - Obama On Clinton Pick: "I'm Not Begging Her To Take This Job" *** Israeli Rejection of Settlement Freeze: Trouble for Obama *** Obama health plan takes shape *** Obama China plan looks like Bush's *** Obama still courting Pennsylvania *** The Obama flip-flops you don't know *** Geithner Urges Combined Efforts From U.S., China *** McGovern: My Advice for Obama *** Obama Sees ‘Painful’ Birth of New G.M.

Congress & GOP APOLOGIZE, SONIA: GOP *** Congress set to tackle health care overhaul *** GOP senators OK with shrill criticism of Sotomayor *** Despite Critics, Judge May Find Votes in G.O.P. *** GOP Senator Graham Breaks With Gingrich, Limbaugh: Sotomayor Is Not "Racist" *** GOP attacks GM takeover *** China privately pressured Pelosi *** PULSE: Health care fireworks *** Wolffe: Sen Dems wanted Clinton out *** VIDEO: Sunday show highlights *** The GM solution: Good for whom? *** Where D.C.'s A-listers go for vacation *** Romney: Not enough spent on defense *** Early signs of Kennedy-Baucus split? *** Progressive groups push public plan *** Minn. S. Court hears Coleman case

Wall Street Mess GM bankruptcy court filings begin with NY dealer *** CEOS SPLIT ON THE ECONOMY *** BLOOD IN THE WATER STRONG BANKS POUNCE *** GM PREPARES FOR BANKRUPTCY PROTECTION ANNOUNCEMENT *** AIG CHARITY GRAB BIDS TO CLAW BACK GRANTS TO PAY BONUSES *** Judge Approves Chrysler Sale *** U.S. Plans to Send GM Into Bankruptcy Monday *** Under Cox, SEC Policies Hindered Enforcement *** Abortion lightning rod Dr. George Tiller gunned down in Kansas church *** A Risky Bet to Save an Icon of American Capitalism *** Room for Debate: Local Car Dealers Disappear *** The 31-Year-Old in Charge of Dismantling G.M. *** Even in Crisis, Banks Dig In for Fight Against Rules *** FEDS MAY END UP OWNING CITIGROUP... *** Chrysler dealers file objection to sale *** Banks Rally to Fight New Rules *** Dow Drops GM, Citigroup *** Consumer Spending Declines

International Strikes Have Disrupted Al-Qaeda *** Air France Jet Disappears on Flight From Brazil to Paris *** Questions for General McChrystal The Senate must consider the full record of Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the president’s choice to lead U.S. troops in Afghanistan, NYT Ed *** Effects of Opel Deal Ripple Across Europe *** Chinese Manufacturing Expanded in May *** The Scoop That Rocked Britain's Political System - And The News *** North Korea's Next Kim: Dad's Favorite, Kim Jong Un *** Record Low for Iraqi Casualties ***
N. Korea Preps Long-Range Missile

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