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Lawsuit: Only Way to Reform the State's Tammany Hall Created Election Laws

The Only Way to Reform the State's Tammany Hall-Created Election Laws

Legal election law expert and reform gadfly Aaron Maslow has a chance Tuesday (May 19) at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, at 2 p.m., at the Moynihan Federal Courthouse, 500 Pearl Street, Manhattan, 9th floor courtroom, to effect real reform to the state's Election Law. The so-called good government groups, despite thousands of press conferences, have never resulted in one ounce of reform to the state's Election Law. Albany will never reform the Election Law that protects their Incumbent Protection Society. The only reform to ballot access in the last 20 years occurred because the Bush campaign tried to keep John McCain off the New York Primary Ballot in 2000. After the McCain campaign took the Republican Party to court, Federal District Court Judge Edward Korman ruled that ADs, EDs and totals on nominating petitions cover sheets did not have to be set forth. Judge Korman, who also ruled that candidates can correct their petition cover sheets for defects after they are submitted to the Board of Elections, did more than any Good Government group ever did to make a very restrictive ballot access system a little bit easier for challengers.

Maslow's lawsuit, captioned Lori Maslow, et al. v. Board of Elections in the City of New York (Court of Appeals Docket No. 08-3075-CV), seeks to eliminate the need for petition carriers to be registered voters and enrolled party members. He says that the ability of people in other parties (or those not registered in any party) to contribute funds for hiring party member petition carriers, makes limiting petition carriers to party members unconstitutional. He also says that allowing Notaries Public and Commissioners of Deeds who live outside the state and are not party members to petition to collect signatures violates the Equal Protection rights of in-state residents who are not party members and cannot collect signatures.

The current witness requirements under challenge date back to 1951 when, during the Cold War, the State Legislature enacted the "Travia Act." Designated in part to put the left-wing American Labor Party out of business, the legislative history also reveals that that the sponsors intentionally wanted to make it more difficult for insurgents to challenge candidates backed by the regular party organizations.

In 1999, in Buckley v. American Constitutional Law Foundation, the U.S. Supreme Court held unconstitutional Colorado's requirement that referendum petition witnesses be registered voters. The Plaintiffs in Maslow are asserting that the Buckley decision applies to candidate petitions to qualify for the primary election in New York. Three federal Courts of Appeals (6, 7th, and 9th Circuits) and various federal District Courts have applied Buckley to candidate petitions.

Not one paper or blog has picked up on the Maslow lawsuit despite his efforts to gain exposure for his reform effort. Perhaps the good government groups are too busy planning their next news conferences to help him. Also unwilling to help Maslow are the elected officials who put in one-house reform bills to help them build a reform following.

Either way, whatever the outcome at the U.S. Court of Appeals, this case looks headed for the U.S. Supreme Court. *** Update***Another Good Government Press Release Overhaul of Election System Is Urged Citizens Union argued that a reorganization and centralization of the elections system would make it easier for residents to vote and speed up the replacement of antiquated voting technology.

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How can I get the public's mind off the the pension pay-to-play scandal? I'm paying all these high priced campaign consultants (not Morris) to improve my image to trick the public into thinking I am a reformer.

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