Tuesday, May 19, 2009

$$$$$ From the Lincoln Bedroom to the New York Pension Fund

From the Lincoln Bedroom to the NY Pension Fund

Now the pension fund players caught in PensionGate which all started with payments by Steve Ratner to consultant Hank Morris, are hiring consultants to protect themselves. Diamond Edge Capital, which is run by Marvin Rosen, a former finance director for the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign finance co-chair in Florida in 1992, hired media ace-to-the-stars Ken Sunshine as its spokesperson. Is Sunshine trying to hide that Rosen, Steve Rattner, Marc Correra (NM) and other democratic fund raisers were at the heart of the pension scandal? How Pension Placement Agent Exploited Political Ties (Update1) Or is he trying to hide the fact that a 1997 Washington Post story on the Senate investigation into the Clintons' creative fundraising tactics: "Marvin Rosen had the final say over who would stay in the Lincoln Bedroom," one longtime fund-raiser said." The decision was usually based on how much money people had given or were willing to give later on. Rosen even hired the hired former first daughter. . . Update *** Longtime fundraiser linked to Hillary Clinton Norman Hsu convicted of violating campaign finance law

Nobody Asked Me, But . . . Yesterday, True News ran an analysis report which explained that the only way that New York's election law has ever been reformed was through lawsuits. The TN story also demonstrated how worthless Good Government groups have been in changing the state's incumbent protection election laws. The story did say the Good Government groups were good at one thing, and that is getting their press releases into the newspapers. There they go again. It took Citizen Union only hours after the True News story was published to get their next press release in the NYT written by A. G. Sulzberger, no less Overhaul of Election System Is Urged. It would be more productive if the NYT looked at the failed attempts of the past five mayors to show the pubic who really runs their government, the way True News did months ago. . . The NYP keeps up the fight for keeping Mayoral control of the schools BRONX TURNAROUND ONE FOR THE BOOKS, MIDDLE 'CLASS' RISING WORK IN GRADES 6 TO 8 PAYING BIG DIVIDENDS. Dysfunctional Albany seems to be getting into another MTA-type battle over this issue DEM CLASH ON CONTROL BY MAYOR, Class struggle getting nasty for control of city schools. Sour feelings toward Michael Bloomberg are coloring the debate over school control. State Senator Carl Kruger is once again playing the role of chief obstructionist. . . . You gotta believe 'CHOICE' OF MIKE KEPT FROM Archbishop DOLAN Sometimes billions of dollars and the power to fund institutions around town make spin more important than other things. . . The buzz is starting that city services are being cut and the Main Stream Media is missing the story again. Is it their all out effort to manage the news to get the mayor reelected? Budget Crisis Impacting NYC Zoos , LIC may get less frequent trash collection From the Queens Chronicle , Commuters Daring MTA to Cut Service with Lax Ridership, Booth Workers To Dwindle Under MTA Plan, In “Orwellian” Move, NYCT To Cut 600 Jobs . . . The gap between the rich and everyone else has widened so much that if Manhattan were a country, it might beat out Namibia for the title of the most economically polarized in the world. Developers have packed New York’s skyline with luxury condos. Landlords have driven tenants out of their homes all over the city to jack up rents. . . The city's Orwellian campaign: Bloomberg TV ads bang the message to the voters that he is keeping jobs in New York as jobs and people continue to flee the city American Express says it will eliminate 4,000 jobs, IT'S GOV'S FAULT I'M OUTTA HERE: GOLISANO billionaire -- and newly minted Florida taxpayer Tom Golisano -- yesterday blamed Gov. Paterson's "lack of leadership" in the fight against higher taxes. Lost in Albany: A coalition of business organizations calls for state spending limits, public pension changes, caps on property taxes and consolidation of local governments to cut the costs of doing business in New York state. . . If you want to find out what kind of jerks deliver (read the news) to you on cable check out this lawsuit NY1 Harassment Suit's Witness List Has Local News Media Witnesses. Adele Sammarco was a criminal justice reporter at NY1 until she was dismissed in 2001. She said that she was fired because she complained about a photo—which was allegedly created and distributed by Jeff Simmons, a former reporter who is now press secretary for City Comptroller Bill Thompson—while NY1 says she was fired because her work was no longer good. . . Do you think New York would support a bill that limits pay raises for elected officials? California Voters Consider Limiting Raises for Lawmakers . . . DN has a good editorial on how the city treats the rich with kid gloves Editorial: Demolition derby If you owe $350 in parking tickets, the city can tow your car, keep it until you pay up and charge you for the towing. But if you owe $1.4 million in fines for building code safety violations, you're in clover. . . Days after the state Inspector General issued a report saying that he had leaked information about the CPI’s investigation to a Spitzer aide, Commission on Public Integrity Executive Director Herbert Teitelbaum has stepped down. But he disputes the IG’s findings, calling them “reckless, unprofessional and dangerous.” His lawyer says he was not pushed out. Here we go again: David Paterson pushes for a new ethics watchdog. . . . Change the topic Tom, from PensionGate: Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli warns that more New Yorkers will default on their student loans. Another topic by Tom State revenues declined more than anticipated in April, according to Comptroller Tom DiNapoli. The comptroller's web site now has a feature that shows how subway stations will be affected by the reduction of station agents . . . Love to be a fly on the wall in the WH when they talk about this Blago guy: Chicago Straight: Blago & the Obama Team.

Pay to Play 'DIRTY TRICKS' COMMISH PACKS IT IN Herbert Teitelbaum, the embattled head of the scandal-scarred state Public Integrity Commission, abruptly resigned yesterday, five days after the state inspector general ripped him *** Embattled Director Quits State Ethics Commission *** Closing arguments start for ex-Dem fundraiser *** Albany DA: Toughen theft law for pols *** Ethics panel chief resigns, raps charges *** Even more scandals, discord than usual in Albany last week *** Troopergate Claims Another Victim Robert Hermann, Special Counsel to the Senate *** Pension Scandal Is Failure to Fix What's Broken: Amity Shlaes *** Lobbyists Skirt Disclosures on Stimulus Lobbying *** Senate Counsel Resigns After Report on Leaks *** HSU CONVICTED OF VIOLATING CAMPAIGN FINANCE LAWS *** NY City comptroller backs pension fund code of conduct *** Wayne Barrett rejected IG Joseph Fisch's Troopergate report as "all spin.

Road to City Hall Caroline Kennedy Denies Taking Kids' Advice *** Kennedy Says Children Had No Role in Senate Decision *** Why the Dems Can't Win City Hall *** Video: Well-Connected Teen's City Council Campaign *** Bloomberg gushes about Obama to Newsweek, while also complimenting himself *** In Mayoral Race, No One Outspends Bloomberg, Except Bloomberg *** Bloomberg is giving a job to Anthony Como as part of his deal to get the endorsement from Queens Republicans, reports the Times Ledger *** The youngest City Council member in history? (New Yorker) *** Stringer Pulls Out of 2010 Senate Race *** Stringer Won't Challenge Gillibrand in Primary

The City FEW TAKERS FOR TAVERN Many of the city's biggest restaurant operators declined to bid for Tavern on the Green *** UPPER E. SIDE MUG-SPREE THUG STALKS WOMEN *** MICHELLE IN PURPLE REIGN HERE Michelle Obama swept into town yesterday to give the Big Apple a culture boost, hitting a museum and the ballet, hobnobbing with famous names and getting down to earth with schoolkids *** FLU FEAR MOVIN' ON UP TO THE EAST SIDE *** 47TH ST. DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH EXTELL's long-awaited Gem Tower on West 47th Street just took a seven-story haircut -- but what's now a 32-story project *** Trump Soho to Be Open by October *** Few takers for Tavern on the Green *** Groceries in Underserved Areas to Get Tax Breaks, Incentives *** Ice Cream Truck Jingle Outrage in Brooklyn's McCarren Park *** Parents’ Council and Teachers’ Union Sue Over School Zoning and Closings *** Bradley Wants Nets to Play in Newark, Not Brooklyn *** Daly: Ed. officials bungling swine flu school-closing rules *** $10 million suit over 'useless' brain surgeries *** Group's study blasts city for park construction lags *** Parents’ Council and Teachers’ Union Sue Over School Zoning and Closings *** Times Pub Gets a Visit From the Repo Man *** City Promotes Grocery Store Development *** City Tells Schools to Monitor On-Campus Military Recruiting *** Civic Groups Weigh In on Ground Zero Impasse *** To Stimulate Retail, a Fashion Night Out

Albany Albany fools tie yoga in knots: State bureaucratic crackdown is downright crazyAlbany fools tie yoga in knots: State bureaucratic crackdown is downright crazy *** David Paterson is pushing for calorie posting to fight obesity. *** The executive director of the state's public integrity commission heeded David Paterson's call to resign, albeit noisily. *** Sour feelings toward Michael Bloomberg are coloring the debate over school control *** Smith: Mayoral Control Isn't About Bloomberg (Except When It Is) *** Smith's Nuclear Option on Mayoral Control: Skirting the Gang by Joining With Republicans *** Yahoo! is coming to Western New York.

President Obama BAM, BIBI TEAM UP VS. IRAN'S NUKES *** VERY LITTLE CHANGE TO HOPE FOR *** Automakers, Obama announce mileage, pollution plan *** Analysis: Obama moving to center on some issues *** GEITHNER IGNITES BROAD RALLY; DOW UP 235 *** Biden Gives Away V.P.'s Secret Hiding Spot *** U.S. to Push Immigration Checks to All Local Jails *** In New York, Mrs. Obama Praises Arts as Vital to U.S. *** Obama to Tighten Fuel-Economy Standards (Time) *** The Caucus: Obama, With Help, Makes Anti-Nuclear Push *** Not Enough on Guns By not calling for the full repeal of the so-called Tiahrt Amendment, President Obama is sending another signal that he is not willing to stand up to the gun lobby *** Obama Tells Netanyahu He Has an Iran Timetable *** Obama Avoids Test On Gays in Military *** Detainee Stance Is a Gamble for Obama *** Panetta Warns of Perils of Spats *** McGurn: Obama Scored Big at Notre Dame *** Obama, Netanyahu try to forge Middle East consensus *** Obama eyes end to gas guzzlers *** Bill Clinton tapped as UN Haitian envoy *** Obama Should Reach Out Quickly to India - Tunku Varadarajan, Forbes *** Obama's Glib Dismissal of Pot Legalization - Matt Welch, Reason *** Chicago Straight: Blago & the Obama Team - David Bernstein, Chicago Mag *** Despite Success, Obama & Dems Close School Choice Program - USA Today *** 'Cost-Control' Means Rationing Health Care - Wall Street Journal *** Dems hold fire on gun control *** Obama gives Iran more time *** Schwarzenegger at the CAFE event *** The Deadline Dilemma Can Obama and Netanyahu agree on ground rules for Iran talks? *** Analysis: Obama Moving to Center on Some Issues *** Poll-itics: Obama Closes Polling Gap on National Security *** Spitzer on how to fix the N.Y. Fed

Congress & GOP FELLOW DEM CHALLENGING DODD *** Credit card reforms up for Senate vote *** PROMISES, PROMISES: Congress slow on tunnel safety *** Steele insists GOP comeback has started *** Senator Bennett’s Hostages Senator Robert Bennett’s blocking of two nominees for the Interior Department is an unworthy way to stroke the right wing, NYT Ed *** Senator Seeks Data on Doctor Accused by Army of Falsifying a Product Study
GOP Losing Support With Nearly Every Demographic Group *** Obama, Bibi Split on Tactics *** Voters Flee GOP *** Palin Considered Hillary Alliance *** The GOP’s Paranoid Foreign Policy - Michael Freedman, Newsweek *** GOP Recruits Potentially Strong Challengers - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call *** GOP: Keep detainees out of U.S. *** Reid hopes to win big in Vegas *** Another foe for Dodd *** CIA gave Pelosi a heads-up on memo *** Is Pelosi a liar or a hypocrite? *** Senate Democrats to Strip Funding to Close Gitmo *** Senate Committees Post April Fundraising Totals *** Poll Shows Reid Could Be in Trouble *** 2010 State Races Will Shape Redraw *** Feingold Blocks Bill to Honor Reagan *** Morning Business: Byrd Back in Hospital *** Ethics Panel Eyes Sánchez Sisters *** Poll: Nevada voters unhappy with Reid *** Dem candidates race to replace Hilda Solis in California’s 32nd *** FEC Dismisses Complaint Over Palin's $150,000 Wardrobe *** Ted Kennedy's Cancer In Remission *** The Future of Work: 10 Ways Your Job Will Change *** Democrats plan to nix $80 million to shut Guantanamo

National 'DEADLIER' CIGS *** Room in the crib: B aby population growth slows *** Prospect of Gitmo prisoners in US stokes fears *** Housing agencies protest rules for stimulus *** Copyright Office Bogged Down *** New Rules Worry CIA Officials *** A New Pandemic Fear: A Shortage of Surgical Masks *** Voters Unlikely to Help Calif. Avert Budget Crisis *** Cost of Cigarette Litter May Fall on San Francisco’s Smokers *** In Praise of Dullness
Recent research suggests that warm, flexible and empathetic people are less likely to thrive as C.E.O.’s than organized, dogged, anal-retentive and slightly boring people, Brooks, NYT *** Race Is on for Florida Governorship *** Schwarzenegger Legacy on the Line *** Will We Learn From California's Debacle? - Carol Platt Liebau, Townhall

International Netanyahu to get pressured to OK Palestinian state *** Planned Missile Shield Criticized *** U.K. Speaker of Commons Apologizes for Scandal *** In Brazil, Accusations of a Police Massacre *** Russia to Gays: Get Back into the Closet *** China: Last Tiananmen 'Hooligan' Released *** Ex-U.S. Envoy Considers Key Role in Afghan Government *** As Civil War Ends in Sri Lanka, New Divisions Arise in New York *** India’s Challenges It is time for India to exercise the kind of regional and global leadership expected of a rising power, NYT Ed *** Election Lifts Hopes for India's Economy

Wall Street Mess RETAILER DROPS FORECAST *** MADOFF SUIT *** CONRAD'S REVIEW PLEA ANSWERED *** A SAKS BATTLE BREWS TOD'S CEO UPS STAKE *** BLOOMBERG NAMES ITS FIRST CMO *** BANKS WORRY ABOUT NEXT WAVE OF LOAN DEFAULTS *** PAYBACK'S A SWITCH BANKS, UNCLE SAM DISCUSS REPAYING TARP LOANS *** What’s Donald Trump’s Worth? *** NY trustee sues Connecticut fund in Madoff case *** Goldman, Morgan Stanley apply to repay TARP *** Geithner nixes executive-pay caps *** Stocks rally after Lowe's posts a profit surprise *** BofA shares jump after analyst upgrade *** Credit Card Industry Aims to Profit From Sterling Payers *** Wall St. Firm Draws Scrutiny as U.S. Adviser *** Home Depot Profit Rises on Cost Cuts *** New Starbucks Ads Seek to Recruit Online Fans *** With Jobs Scarce, Age Becomes an Issue *** Local Banks Face Big Losses *** Home Depot Profit Rises 44% *** AmEx Targets $800 Million in Cuts *** Gilded Era Is Going, Going, Gone *** Oil prices bounce above $60... *** The Fed’s Favorite Wall Street Firm *** Let's Have Cap and No Trade - David Sokol, Washington Post *** Major Problems with U.S. Cap-and-Trade Proposal - Financial Times *** Premature Optimism About the Economy - The Nation *** Anatomy of a bank loss *** The Death and Life of Great Financial Centers
Heightened competition to London and New York could eventually come from Asia (Atlantic) *** Next Up: The Battle Over Wall Street Reform *** The Future of Work: 10 Ways Your Job Will Change

Media & New Tech NEWS-WEAK MANEUVERS ON THE NEWSSTAND SPECIAL *** Newsweek Relaunches, But Will It Make Money? *** Who Is Maureen Dowd's Plagiarizing Pen Pal? *** NYT Should Fire Dowd and Try to Hire Marshall *** In Advising U.S., BlackRock Thrives in Uncertain Times *** ABC, Fox and CBS Present Their Season Lineups *** American Express to Cut 4,000 Jobs, Saving $175 Million *** The Race to Provide Wi-Fi at 30,000 Feet *** FROM FREE TO FEE: THE STRUGGLE TO MAKE WEB USERS PAY... *** New York, NY - Prominent Columnist Maureen Dowd Caught in Plagiarism Row *** Newspapers Pressured To Change Online Ad Approach *** An uncertain future for student newspapers and their journalists *** A Newspaper Publisher Lies *** Why Are ags Targeting Craigslist Rather Than Newspapers Or Other ... *** The Times and the Future *** The Gospel According to Twitter *** MLB - MLB, FOX agree to start playoff games earlier - FOX Sports on MSN *** Tucson Citizen Was Losing $10K/Day Before Closing *** Data: People Magazine Has Largest Audience *** Fox Exec Takes On Nielsen *** Starbucks Ad Campaign Involves Twitter Challenge *** Newsweek CEO On Economist's "Snob Appeal"

People, Sports and Places A GIANT TV STAR STRAHAN TO PLAY EX-NFLER IN SITCOM *** $5M 'ANNIE' HAUL WOODY & APPAREL SETTLE SUIT *** 60 Minutes Outtakes: Anna Wintour on Fur, Photoshop, and Obese People *** Mets Dumbfounded by Their Mistakes *** Woody Allen Settles Lawsuit for Big Money and Little Angst ***
A-Rod's New Juice: Kate Hudson
*** Rapper Murdered in L.A.

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