Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ethics Commissions Without Ethics and See Nothing

Ethics Commissions
Without Ethics
and See Nothing

Ethics commissions will always be the tool of those that appoint them. The city's Conflict of Interest Board in Legalizing Pay to Play, ruled that non profits can hire family members and friends of the councilmember that funded them. This was done to protect councilmembers under federal investigation for the very quiet fake-non profits that were found last year to have been set up in the city's budget. Yesterday the inspector general's report found its chief executive of the state's ethics commission illegally fed secret information to aides of then-Gov. Eliot Spitzer during the Dirty Tricks Scandal investigation. Paterson called on all 12 commission members to resign: Paterson Asks Ethics Panel to Quit. The move could irk Sen. Charles Schumer, who recently endorsed the panel's acting chairwoman, Loretta Lynch, to be US attorney for the Eastern District. Last night, the commission said it had no intention of following the governor's order, calling the IG report "unjustified and inaccurate aspersions." ETHICS CHIEF NAILED AS A SPITZER FIXER The Daily News Editorials keep begging for Integrity in Albany, Integrity Commission Calls Report 'Unfounded' . . . Credit card lobbyistS are doing good work in the senate Senate Rejects a 15% Ceiling on Credit Card Interest Rates . . . NYP keeps the pressure on the UFT for mayoral control of the schools MIKE'S GRADE GETS A BOOST. A NYT Ed says keep mayoral control but give parents more of a say and put in place at least some checks in the mayor's control The Mayor and the Schools . . . Seems the Yanks want to keep their most expensive seats in the stadium, which they already cut their purchase price in half for, because nobody was buying them. They have been empty all summer. Yesterday, they barred NYU students from using the seats during their graduation ceremony which took place there NYU GRADS KICK YANKS IN THE SEAT . . . Since the owners of the Mets have lost over 50 million in the Madoff affair, they are looking for any way they can to make money Mets hike commuter parking rate From 1010WINS.

True News Leading the way
in the Pensiongate Investigation

NYT article on the Pensiongate story Pension Inquiry Reveals a Power Broker’s Web concentrated on Hank Morris and the web around him. True News story yesterday Will Cuomo Join the Feds to Wield The RICO Laws to Go After the Pensiongate Mob? presented its readers with a nation wide organized crime operation, with dozens of co co-conspirators interacting with each other. Is the NYT story trying to humanize Morris by telling us of his life and that he always wants to look his mother in the eye and have her be proud of him?
To Big to Be Charged

The City BIG APPLE EYE ON PARK WIFI *** IMETTE PUB BOSS SHAMED BOUNCER LAWYER DRAGS DOWN DRUGGIE DORRIAN *** DANNY BOY BLANKS OUT JUST LIKE A BAD DRUNK *** COP BUSTED IN $1M HEIST BID from drug dealers *** Another Queens supermarket to close From the Queens Tribune *** Lundy's fined for zoning violation From the Daily News *** Investment Banker to Run City Housing Authority *** Hispanic Populations Growth Propelled City to a Census Record *** Plans to auction takeoff and landing slots scrapped *** Emergency drill set for PATH tunnel on Sunday *** Intrepid’s Ambitious Mission: To Get Its Own Space Shuttle *** Investment Banker to Run City Housing Authority *** Broadway Must Seek Another Ambassador *** Lincoln Center, New and Improved It once looked as if Lincoln Center’s mission had stalled, but a major renovation is a sign of its vigor, strength and continued cultural importance, NYT Ed *** Use of illegal drugs drops again in NY *** Atlantic Yards project faces fresh hurdle *** Wall Street Vet To Head Up NYCHA *** Bar Manager Cross-Examined In Bouncer Murder Trial *** Brooklyn charter school to be city's first in public housing development *** Queens Educator Critically Ill With Swine Flu; 3 Schools Closed *** Hospitals Vow to Curb Carbon Emissions

Albany David Paterson Utilizes 'Cone of Silence' *** State Assembly Passes Marriage-Equality Bill *** What Motivated the Same-Sex-Marriage Switchers *** Paterson vetoes open government, again *** State lobbying watchdog lacks bite - study *** The commission levied around 20 percent of the number of fines against lobbyists in 2008 compared with the year before *** NYPIRG’s Blair Horner says it doesn’t make sense that the governor controls the commission, and “The Spitzer experiment failed.” *** Paterson said the commission would probe the leaks about Caroline Kennedy that came out of his office *** The Assembly releases its list of pork-barrel projects *** The bottle bill expansion faces delay as three competing bills in the legislature try to amend it to make it more bottler-friendly *** Four in ten military ballots requested last year were counted in New York *** Paterson smacks at senators for openly expressing their opinions about his MTA pick, Marc Shaw *** The Assembly released details of member items, which of course favor Democrats. *** CNN’s blog takes note of David Paterson’s sinking poll numbers *** Sal Gentile reports that Michael Bloomberg cut a deal with the Queens G.O.P. to back Tom Ognibene in his race against City Councilwoman Liz Crowley, who is a cousin of Queens Democratic County Leader Joseph Crowley.

President Obama O: DON'T PULL A BERNIE Obama last night delivered the commencement address at Arizona State University -- telling the graduates not to live their lives like Ponzi scammer Bernie Madoff *** PREZ KIDS' PRINCIPAL VOUCHES FOR AID *** 6 TOP O'S SUPREME LIST *** BAM IN PHOTO FLIP-FLOP REVERSES DECISION TO RELEASE PIX OF IRAQ, AFGHAN PRISONERS *** Obama shrugs off honorary degree snub at ASU *** AP sources: Obama considering 6 for high court *** Obama continues push for credit card bill *** Analysis: Obama revives old arguments on photos *** Treasury asks for control of derivatives market *** Obama administration to expand housing plan *** Obama Rethinks Detainee Photos *** Obama Urges Rules on Investments Tied to Crisis *** Trouble on Air Obama To stop building presidential helicopters that have already cost taxpayers $3.2 billion in an attempt to avoid appearing wasteful would be exactly that, Collins, NYT *** 'Just put it on vibrate, man'... Cellphones Interrupt Contentious White House Briefing... *** Indefinite Detention Weighed for Detainees *** Obama Urges Graduates to Make a Mark *** Court Opening Raises Gender Issue *** Obama to ASU grads: I have much more to achieve ***
Photo flip: growing up or selling out? *** Inside Obama's Hispanic strategy *** Will Obama own economy's failure? *** Obama in Tight Spots, Trying to Parallel Park - John Dickerson, Slate *** Obama's 'Public' Health Plan Will Bankrupt Nation - Larry Kudlow, RCP*** Earmark Nation - Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal *** Obama's Photo Flip Helps Conceal Bush Crimes - Glenn Greenwald, Salon *** Wrong Turn on GM - Washington Post *** Obama is Wrong: Release the Photos - Los Angeles Times *** Israeli Leader Prepares to Meet Obama *** Obama Seeks Action on Credit Cards

GOP GOP recruiters tilting toward center in 2010 races *** Cheney Seizes Spotlight, As Many in GOP Wince *** Rove: Congress and Waterboarding *** Former Vice President Dick Cheney makes an appearance at his daughter’s debate *** Playbook: Cheney traction *** A Florida Test for The GOP - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post

Wall Street Mess SIMONS: HOLD S&P HEDGE FUND CAN'T PERFORM UP TO INDEX *** MADOFF TRUSTEE WAITING ON SEC *** GEITHNER: SMALL BANKS GET MORE TARP ACCESS *** FEDS: REGULATE DERIVATIVES TREASURY: REGULATE CDSS *** MARKETS DON'T BUY RETAIL DATA *** AD FIRM HAS A PENSION FOR SECRECY *** OFFERING'S NO MIRAGE KERKORIAN TO RAISE $2.5B, BUY BACK DEBT *** LAWMAKERS RIP AIG CEO LIDDY *** Some Madoff Investors Made Off Pretty Well *** Congress Unimpressed With Liddy's AIG Plan *** Chinese imports could bring GM political troubles Chinese imports could bring GM political troubles *** Slow Start to Federal Plan for Modifying Mortgages *** Sony Suffers First Annual Loss in 14 Years *** Slow Start to Federal Plan for Modifying Mortgages *** A.I.G. Says Revamping Could Take 3 to 5 Years *** U.S. to Use Bailout Repayments to Aid Small Banks *** MGM Mirage to Sell $2.5 Billion in Stock and Bonds *** Verizon cutting phone lines in $8.6B deal *** Chrysler's hard-line creditors named *** Flushing Savings Bank gets top mark *** GM to Pay Suppliers Prior to Deadline *** Wal-Mart Reports Flat Earnings *** SEC Poised to Charge Mozilo With Fraud *** Car dealer cuts coming soon *** Chrysler Plans to Shut One Quarter of Its U.S. Dealers

National Rising Calls to Regulate California Groundwater

Media & New Tech APPLE'S JOBS TO SKIP SHOW *** SIGNS OF DISTRESS CLEAR CHANNEL EYES RESTRUCTURING $18B DEBT LOAD *** Craigslist Vows Closer Screening *** Times Twitter Feed Gets Hacked *** BOOKSCAN BOOK BATTLE, WEEK ENDING 5/10/09: MICHAEL J FOX SCANS 36,321 [TOTAL SINCE RELEASE 138,128]... MARK LEVIN 'LIBERTY' 34,288 [TOTAL 517,818] *** DISNEY's 'UP' to make 3D history at Cannes ... *** Former Rocky Mountain News Staffers To Launch Online Magazine *** IT BEGINS: Miss California To Guest Host "Fox & Friends"

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