Friday, April 24, 2009

Ape Reacts to His Eviction from Bronx Zoo

Ape Reacts to His
Eviction from Bronx Zoo

Bronx Zoo evicting animals LD-FIRED BY THE ZOO

City's Economic Crisis NY'S CRISIS HITS HOME As the housing bust finally bites the Big Apple, more sellers are slashing prices in the US financial and cultural capital than in any other big city, says the real-estate Web site *** MIKE RIDES ROUGHSHOD OVER $1 TAXI-TAX PLAN ripped an MTA bailout *** TRANSIT WORKERS RAIL AGAINST LAYOFFS *** STATE SENATE DEMS PLANNING TRAVEL JUNK-ET AMID CRISI$ *** Staten Island: Mortgage Scams Leave Residents Looking For Answers *** Contract Lost for Trade Center Hub *** Middle man axed at WTC transit hub *** Jump-Starting an Economy, Then and Now *** Developer Rockrose to split in two *** Darkness descends on Hamptons' poshest homes *** Selig: Yanks, Mets to discuss ticket prices *** Two found dead in NYC apartment after burglary call *** The MTA will not be giving raises to workers this year, citing financial difficulties *** MTA to announce there will be no raises for workers this year *** MTA takin' a hike on pay raises

Road to City Hall MIKE TO AIDE: YOU DA MAN! Mayor Bloomberg's senior criminal justice adviser, who's mulling a late entry into the race for Manhattan DA, got a big boost yesterday when his boss declared his support for him {3 Men and One Woman Running?} *** DeBlasio's saying strange things to help developer From the Daily News re: the cleanup of the Gowanus Canal *** Bloomberg’s Spending on Re-election Bid Reaches $7.5 Million *** Gotbaum backs Vance in Manhattan DA contest *** the 2005 race gave Leslie Crocker-Snyder a "seven-figure head start" over her fellow Manhattan DA contenders *** As Bloomberg expands his TV buy, author Chris McNickle said the mayor's race is "not anything approaching a fair race that allows each candidate to present their case on equal footing." *** At a recent forum in Manhattan for citywide candidates, “the most radical candidate” was Tony Avella *** Helen Sears and her Democratic challengers had a feisty exchange at a recent forum in Queens *** Breakfast with Marty: jousting about budget issues and adding urban planners to community boards

Pay to Play ISRAELI LINK TO PENSION SCANDAL *** RICHARDSON'S PAY-&-PLAY BALL OBAMA AIDE RATTNER GAVE 20G AND GOT N. MEX. BIZ *** Torricelli Is Linked to Inquiry on Pensions *** Cuomo’s Inquiry and Buyout Firms *** DA raids office of prominent developer Manhattan prosecutors spent Thursday probing the Sixth Avenue offices of Atlantic Development Group, one of the city's largest affordable housing developers *** City raids office of builder who donated campaign money to Obama aide Adolfo Carrión *** Bloomberg defends car czar amid pension probe *** CITY RAIDS DEVELOPER Authorities looking into alleged bribery schemes in the construction industry raided one of the city's biggest housing developers yesterday, sources said. At 7 a.m., representatives of the *** LI Building Commissioner going to the pokey From Newsday *** COO Of NYC-TV Arrested For Stealing $60k From Station *** Torricelli and indicted former Alan Hevesi consultant Hank Morris were connected through the Connecticut firm Searle & Company *** Federal agents asked New Mexico investment fund officials about deals with Morris *** Steven Rattner's next headache
President Obama's Car Czar left his old private equity shop in a pickle, and there's also a potential conflict between his auto industry investments and his role overseeing the bailout *** Federal agents asked New Mexico investment fund officials about deals with Morris *** Private equity firms could be Cuomo's next targets *** “I personally have received no negative feedback,” said Michael Cohen about news he was named – but not accused – in an Andrew Cuomo investigation *** Mike Schenkler recalls the entire Hevesi saga *** FBI questions NM investment funds about adviser caught up in NY ... *** Embattled Obama exec Rattner gave $20K to Richardson campaigns ...

THERE are lies, damn lies and statistics. And then, there are numbers games that go even beyond parsing present-day *** Timothy Wright, Brooklyn Pastor And Musician, Dead At 61 *** Yankee Tavern Owner Arraigned On Tax Evasion Charges *** Health Department Shuts Down Chelsea Eatery *** Battery Park City, 30 Years Later *** City Opera To Begin New Season On High Note *** College Point a victim of "As of Mike" rule announced city’s police academy, calling it an “as of Mike” plan with no community input From the Queens Chronicle *** Lawsuit filed over toxic school from the Queens Courier *** On the Gowanus Canal, Fear of Superfund Stigma *** A Hotel Deal Gone, Patrons Want a Library Reopened Midtown residents are seeking the return of the Donnell Library *** Stimulus cash going to repair NYC monuments *** The Lost Skyline Casualties of a building boom that got ahead of itself *** MTA Foils MetroCard-Hoarding Plan *** Dolan Claims DNA Sets Marriage Rules *** Charter school lottery *** Strange Roosevelt Island Smell Revealed *** Cop Car of Future Stops at Times Square *** Gowanus Canal fails sniff test *** Long wait lists irk kindergarten parents *** On special ed 'road to nowhere' *** Brooklyn Charters New Course *** City panel hands Fordham big victory in bid for expansion *** 3 years and $1 billion later, PA backtracks on WTC transit hub - again *** MTA gives grace periods for unlimited-ride Metrocards *** An 82-year-old Romanian woman learned not to threaten the mayor *** The City Council approved a bill requiring warning signs for safety mats used in city playgrounds be posted in time for this summer *** High Line: Cleaning Up Eyesores Or Erasing Urban Character?

Inspector Clouseau DA ADMITS WITHHOLDING DEUTSCHE BANK NOTES *** Prosecution Gives Defense New Evidence in Fatal Fire at Deutsche Bank *** Prosecutors question timing of standpipe cut in Deutsche fire case

Editorial: Sabotaged by Smith You thought you knew the doomsday scenario for mass transit - 29% fare hikes and deep bus and subway service cuts. Think again, Daily News Editorial *** Malcom Smith jetting to Puerto Rico despite MTA mess

Albany CHARTERS CASH IN: ALBANY RESTORES $30M IN FUNDING *** Bloomberg Among Many Opposed To New MTA Bailout Plan *** Ethics Panel Asked to Look Into Kennedy Leaks *** Budget Passed-- But Budget Director Laura Anglin Has Had Enuf, Thnx *** Bloomberg questions Senate's MTA plan *** Solidarity gives Senate GOP clout *** Senate Majority Leader Malcom Smith jetting to Puerto Rico despite MTA mess *** Payment for payroll and lawyers fees to former Tedisco Chief of Staff Bill Sherman has triggered an audit of the Republican Assembly Campaign Committee *** Government reform advocates have called on the Commission for Public Integrity to investigate the leaks from the Paterson administration against Caroline Kennedy *** Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith will go to Puerto Rico next weekend with the Senate Latino Caucus, despite lack of resolution for the MTA. When asked by a reporter whether he was fiddling while Rome burned, Smith asked, “First of all, where is Rome burning?” *** Mayor Michael Bloomberg shot down the Senate Democrats’ MTA plan *** Assembly got raises, similar to state workers (Updated) *** Smith, and Not Many Others, Confident That the Senate Won't Blow the M.T.A. Bailout *** Democratic senators George Onorato and Shirley Huntley of Queens oppose same-sex marriage. Toby Stavisky and Hiram Monserrate did not return calls about that issue *** “Why wouldn't I take people to China?" asks Malcolm Smith *** Smith's spokesman later clarified his boss’ remarks, saying no state money would be used for the trips *** Smith and some colleagues will also travel to China and India. Minority Leader Dean Skelos said New Yorkers would be better served "if they bought one-way tickets." *** Sharpton Circles The Wagons For Paterson - Without Smith *** Paterson's Troopergate? It has been widely reported that a representative of the Governor spoke to members of the press purporting to offer confidential personal information about an individual who had been under consideration for the appointment. . . ." *** Shades of Troopergate: Winner Sees Foot-Dragging on the Kennedy-Leak Investigation

President Obama OBAMA PUTS HEAT ON PLASTIC: TELLS CREDIT-CARD EXECS: REFORM IS WAY OVERDUE *** GATES HAS BAM'S BACK ON MEMOS *** TIRELESS PREZ PUTS AIDE TO SLEEP National Economic Council Director Lawrence Summers *** THUMBS UP, BARACK! YOUR 'BERRY'S ALMOST READY souped-up, high-security BlackBerry *** Analysis: Obama walks thin line on interrogations *** Geithner to outline efforts to fix banking system *** Obama bipartisanship push has mixed success *** Obama legal team wants to limit defendants' rights *** Obama faces dilemma on Armenian killings *** Homeland security secretary taking heat already *** Obama Resisting Push for Interrogation Panel *** Horrors! A Handshake! President Obama has pledged to mend relations with Latin America; the handshake with President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela was a good start, NYT Ed *** U.S. Trade Chief Says Obama Will Push Ahead on Pacts *** In Obama's Inner Circle, Debate Over Memos' Release Was Intense *** Clinton on Cheney: 'It won't not... *** White House Seeks Credit-Card Reform *** 100 days: How Obama changed D.C. *** Holder hopes to release more memos *** Emanuel and Axelrod - on the record *** Obama takes new tack with Congress *** For Obama, hipness is what it is *** Maybe torture was helpful, says White House spokesman Gibbs says *** Bam swipes at high credit card fees *** Obama hits Iran over Holocaust hate talk *** Bailout for the little guy: Bam swipes at high credit card fees *** Obama, Reid Oppose Torture Commission *** Obama: Nay on Torture Probe *** The Mr. Cool Presidency Turns 100 (Days) - Howard Fineman, MSNBC *** The U.S. Will Lead Financial Reform - Timothy Geithner, Financial Times *** No Choice But To Prosecute Torture - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post *** The Right Way to Deal With Torture's Legacy - Washington Post *** Obama's Remarks at Holocaust Rememberance - Barack Obama *** A Choice Between Prosperity and Decline - Barack Obama *** Mrs. Obama on Take Your Child To Work Day - Michelle Obama *** Geithner's Speech to the Economic Club of D.C. - Timothy Geithner *** Why is Obama So Popular? - Marc Ambinder, The Atlantic

Congress & Washington Climate heavy-hitters to address House panel *** Gonzales Intervened on Lawmaker, Ex-Officials Say *** Holding Up the Housing Recovery Republican senators need to understand that a vote against bankruptcy reform is a vote against economic recovery, NYP Ed *** 2 Senators Agree to Let Defense Nomination Go Forward *** Tedisco to concede Friday afternoon *** Meghan McCain on Rove: "You had ... *** Murphy up by 401 *** Palin Backers Start Legal-Defense Fund *** Commission on CIA Tactics Is Unlikely *** Democrats Close In on N.Y. House Seat *** Climate change in Washington *** Dems push for budget plan by day 100 *** Hillary profits from campaign list *** King: GOP should 'go to war' ***Pelosi: No knowledge of waterboarding *** Steele cancels speech to view 'Tyson' *** Miss California: Queen of the GOP *** Dingell predicts energy passage *** Labor, environmental groups push bill *** Summary of the proposed Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights *** New Abuse Photos Coming *** Republicans Need to Accept The Change - Bill Maher, Los Angeles Times *** Don't Use Law to Settle Political Scores - Steve Huntley, Chicago Sun-Times *** GOP Has No Chance to Win House in 2010 - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call *** Democrats Press for Budget Reconciliation - The Hill *** Immigration Reform Likely to Be Delayed By Economy - Bloomberg *** Lawmakers Examine Privacy Practices of Cable, 'Net Firms - Wall St. Jrnl *** Democrats’ Budget Deal Sets Up Fight on Health Plan

National WATT'S THAT? A 'PEA' GREEN ECO-AUTO *** FAA makes public its airplane-bird strike data *** ACLU: Pentagon to release images of prisoner abuse *** Stimulus money may fund summer school, teacher pay *** Yanks in Crisis The economic downturn has produced a desire for change but not a philosophical shift. Americans are open to ideas from government, but remain skeptical and fiercely self-sufficient, Brooks, NYT *** Reclaiming America’s Soul The only way for the nation to regain its moral compass is to investigate how the government’s interrogation abuses happened, and, if necessary, to prosecute those responsible, Krugman, NYT *** To Save Money, States Turn to Furloughs *** California Sues Wells Fargo Over Securities Sales *** In Trying Times, Colleges Willing to Boost Financial-Aid Help *** Cash-Strapped State Schools Being Forced to Privatize *** Wildfire in South Carolina Spreads

International U.S. Questions Pakistan’s Will to Stop Taliban *** North Korea Decides to Indict 2 U.S. Reporters *** 25 Dead in Double Bombing in Baghdad *** S.I. Man Gets Prison Term for Aid to Hezbollah TV *** Nomura Holdings Posts $7.2 Billion Loss *** South Korea’s Economy Expands Slightly, Surprising Analysts *** Gazprom Seeks a Gas Pipeline to Bypass Ukraine *** Does Pakistan's Taliban Surge Raise a Nuclear Threat? *** Zuma, South Africa's Next President, Now Must Prove Himself *** Taliban Advance: Is Pakistan Nearing Collapse? *** Is Iraq Ready for Twitter? New Media in a War Zone *** UN Sending Expert Team to Sri Lanka *** Cuban-Americans Debate Next Move *** Taliban Retreat on Pakistan Warning *** India's Election-Season Alliances Erode *** U.K. Economy Shrinks Sharply *** US journalists to be tried in N. Korea ***Is Pakistan Nearing Collapse? - Aryn Baker, Time *** Faced With Mortal Threat, Pakistan Chooses Denial - USA Today

Wall Street Mess Feds Fouled BofA Merger *** Home Resales Slide *** Jobless Claims Beat Outlook *** CEO STRESSED OUT TREASURY'S TEST MAY FORCE OUSTER OF CITI'S PANDIT *** Bank Of America Executive Says He Was Forced To Take Over Merrill *** U.S. Said to Seek a Chrysler Plan for Bankruptcy *** U.S. to Tell Big Banks the Results of Stress Test *** U.S. Role Questioned on Merrill *** Ford Loses $1.4 Billion in Quarter, but Beats Forecast *** Plight of Carmakers Could Upset All Pension Plans *** Tracking Loans Through a Firm That Holds Millions *** Microsoft Profit Falls for First Time in 23 Years *** Obama Pressures Credit Card Issuers on Rates *** Earnings Better Than Expected at American Express *** Drop in Net Income and a Warning From U.P.S. *** Real Estate Losses Weigh on SunTrust Banks *** JetBlue Posts Profit as Fuel Costs Drop *** Stronger Dollar Hurts Philip Morris International Profit *** Pre-Easter Bounce Helps Hershey Profit *** AmEx reports sixth consecutive earnings decline *** CIT shares sink as 1Q earnings disappoint *** First Madoff Movie Fails to Excite Us *** Bank of America Board, Ken Lewis Threatened With Ouster by Gov’t Over Merrill Deal *** More People Rely On Credit To Pay Bills *** Ford Posts Loss, Burns Less Cash *** Chrysler Near Bankruptcy Filing *** Morgan Stanley Eyes Big Trading Change *** Microsoft Gets Stung By the Global PC Slump *** Cuomo Urges Probe Of BofA Deal Pressure *** 3M's Net Income Falls 47% *** WSJ Opinion: Restoring Role of Regulators *** M.B.A.s Head Back to Old Careers *** Do Part-Timers Get Targeted in Layoffs? *** Amazon Net Jumps 24%, Resisting Recession *** Jobless claims jump, home sales fall *** Good news?! Ford loses $1.4 bil in 1Q *** BusinessCiti, BofA Expected To Fare Poorly In Stress Tests ***
Who Will Flunk the Stress Test?
*** What Will the Stress Tests Mean? - Francis Cianfrocca, The New Ledger *** Cap-and-Trade Roulette With the U.S. Economy - Wall Street Journal *** How the Corporate Tax Impacts My Small Business - Michael Ortner, RCM

Media Times Company Won't Go Private *** Foundation of The Times Suspends Gift Program *** Software That Copies DVDs to Players Is on Trial *** McClatchy Takes Another Hit *** Shepard Smith Definitely Doesn't Like Torture *** The Perils of Rubina: The Slumdog Star vs. the Media *** Susan Boyle: Not Quite Out of Nowhere *** Hollywood Starts Over
From "Star Trek" to "X-Men," studios are betting on prequels that go back to the beginning for the blockbuster season *** The best free iPhone apps *** Randi Rhodes Returns To Talk Radio On Network Home Of Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck *** Mary Matalin Signs On As CNN Contributor *** PBS Releases Its Programming Online

People & Neighborhoods The Paper Trail of Jerry Seinfeld Leads Back to Ellis Island and Beyond *** A Candy Man Lives Large on Small Boat Chocolatier Jacques Torres casts off his Manhattan condo to live on a 39-foot motorboat *** Stephen Shames has spent the last five years trying to put more than 70 children through school *** New Peruvian Steakhouse Opens on 5th Avenue *** Do area businesses reflect the neighborhood? {The Real Fort Green} *** A Spring Art Walk Through Bushwick {Bushwick BK} *** All Eyes Are On. . . . Coney Island {Noticing New York} *** Flatbush Tree Tour, Saturday, April 25 {Flatbush Gardener}
Breakfast at Borough Hall {Ditmas Park Blog} *** How a Bunch of Park Slopers Brought an Opera to Park Slope {Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn}