Thursday, April 9, 2009

No Charter School For You: Council and Albany Puppet of UFT, Children and Parents Powerless

No Charter School For You

Council and Albany Puppet of UFT, Children and Parents Powerless

The Daily News today reported that the council members who read from scripts given to them by the UFT received campaign contributions from that union:

Nearly half the members of a City Council committee who got cue-card questions from the teachers union at a heated charter school hearing got campaign cash from the labor group.

While both the Daily News and Post had stories about how the teachers union considers the city council as their wholly owned subsidiary. The Times had no story of the council's reading assignment. The Times is the only paper that has not written and editorial about the UFT Council's Puppet Show - Post COUNCIL FOR SALE Daily News City Hall show trial: Scripted by UFT, Council slanders charter schools. Is the time moving out of New York to save n taxes? This abuse of democracy is all part of the UFT's effort to destroy charter schools to protect their members. The council is not the only legislative body the UFT runs. The union was able to cut charter school funding in Albany last week, despite the fact that test scores from those schools show students doing 14% better in standard tests then public school children. The parents of school age children know what is going on, 50,000 of them are current on waiting list to get into the 8,500 open spots, an amount limited by Albany. Dysfunctional Albany at the same they cut charter school funding, increased funding for other school by a billion and a half. At 4:59PM the Times posted a cheerleader type article about charter schoools that ignored the UFT City Council puppet show A $2.5 Million Donation to Help Charter Schools.

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What is wrong with elected official who follow lobbyist scripts? Only True News has been reporting the lack of ethics and more leadership of New York's leadership: A Generation of New York Leaders Without Moral Leadership or $hame. Only True News has been reporting about the control lobbyist have over our local government Member Item Slush Fund Cover Up. David Seifman says it was “an act of unbridled arrogance” for the U.F.T. to give written questions to City Council members before a hearing about charter schools. What Seifman did not address is what does following lobbyist scripts say about the city council?

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