Friday, April 10, 2009

Council's Puppetgate, Burning Up Education Blogs

Burning Up Education Blogs

HIDE THOSE PUPPET STRINGS! - no one can ever again deny that the City Council is a bought-and-paid-for tool of the United Federation of Teachers (and many other unions). Weingarten practically admitted as much yesterday: "Handing out index cards in the middle of a hearing creates the appearance of impropriety," *** RED-FACED RANDI VOWS 'PUPPET' PAYBACK *** Hypocrite! Liar! Index-card barbs fly Teachers union boss Randi Weingarten called longtime nemesis Eva Moskowitz a hypocrite for denouncing cue-card questions the UFT fed to City Council members at a charter school hearing *** Weingarten, Moskowitz trade barbs over charter cue cards *** Behind the Charter School Freakout *** Eva Moskowitz for Mayor *** In the Tank: NYC Council Puppets Reads Off Cue Cards Prepared By UFT *** Education Notes Online: Good for UFT Cue Cards *** Scripted events, shills, and the UFT *** In the Tank: NYC Council Puppets Reads Off Cue Cards Prepared By UFT *** THE UFT'S ALBANY PUPPETS *** The School Lobby *** City Council moves to regulate city’s placement of charter schools ... *** THE UFT'S THIRST FOR POWER - New York Post *** UFT Wins Battle to Keep Two Harlem Schools Open « UPTOWNflavor *** UFT Charter School Leader Will Leave After Clash With Teacher ...

The City MIKE SWEET ON SODA TAX - said Paterson "walked away from" his plan to implement the tax *** ON WITH THE WIND AT HISTORIC NEW BUILDING - city's first with mounted wind turbines *** SPOUTTA HERE!: WHALE AND FAREWELL AS CREATURE PAYS NY VISIT *** Humpback Whale Visits New York Harbor *** Mayor Trusts Youngest Deputy to Run City *** With More Rooms Empty, Hotels Seek to Cut Worker Pay *** Gowanus Canal, Polluted for Many Decades, May Become Superfund Site *** Financial Firms Honor Pledges to 9/11 Memorial *** Out of Hospital, Egan Returns to Services at St. Patrick’s *** Standoff Holds Up Deal on Housing Complex *** The aftermath of hospital closings
From the Times Ledger *** Brace yourself for more DOB stupidity From the Times Ledger: *** Schools Chancellor Defends Stance On Milk *** It’s official: Moving the Thanksgiving parade *** Coney Island 'marketplace' unveiled *** NYC officials want Census to count same-sex marriages *** NY officials scramble to land JetBlue’s HQ *** Bronx kids still waiting for new fields *** Bloomberg sees possibility for avoiding layoffs of 7K city workers *** Church organ returned to St. Paul's For the first time since the 9/11 attacks, historic St. Paul's Chapel will be awash with the sweet sound of church organ music on Good Friday.... Summer fun latest budget cut as parks shutter pools *** 2 NYers invited to Poland by gov't after gay nups outrage *** An open letter to the NYT Public Editor: why has the Times ignored Forest City Ratner's ... *** Stalled Atlantic Yards Project Leaves Neighborhood Blighted *** M.T.A. Doomsday and the Lessons of Chicago *** Police Storm Occupied New School Building *** Free Gym and Dry Cleaning for the Unemployed

Road to City Hall In City Hall, Considering a Candidacy for Prosecutor *** Bill Thompson said at a forum in Queens that Bloomberg is “there to fight for a few in Manhattan, not those in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, or Staten Island, and not above 100th Street in Manhattan.” *** A Times profile of Ed Skyler says he once warned Bill Thompson he would get the “Gifford treatment.” *** Creating nonpartisan elections would be “justification enough to forgive his transgression in overturning term limits without a referendum of the people,” writes Michael Schenkler *** Bronx Bipartisanship *** 24 Hour Local News NY1 ItCH Union Leader Norman Seabrook Blasts Bloomberg as "Crazy"

Albany GOV PUSHES GAY-NUP BILL - Paterson upped the gay-marriage ante on Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith yesterday, vowing to introduce his own bill to legalize same-sex unions if the Senate doesn't act on its own *** Paterson Wants Public Debates on Gay Marriage *** AMBITIOUS COURSE *** CITY PLANS FOR 100,000 CHARTER KIDS *** PENSIONS WILL CRU$H BIG APPLE, MIKE WARNS *** Mayor Bloomberg’s Crib Sheet Before Albany votes on whether to eliminate mayoral control of New York City’s public schools, the law should be redefined with a clear system of checks and balances, Diane Ravitch, NYT *** Key union rejects Paterson's plea *** Obamas seek new church as Easter Sunday nears... DN Editorial: Sons of beaches Read our lips, Gov. Paterson: You have passed a budget that boosts spending by $10 billion. Why are New Yorkers being told the state Parks Department lacks the money to keep summer recreation spots fully open? *** Eliot Spitzer, aka Client 9, seems to have nine lives *** Senate payroll numbers *** Paterson wrote a check to the state from his personal account for $18,000 to make good on his pledge to give back 10 percent of his salary *** It's "the year of governing anxiously" for New York Democrats, Dan Janison writes *** “You know, we keep hearing over and over again the votes aren't there. I'm not so sure,” said Tom Duane about same-sex marriage legislation *** CSEA rejected a proposal to avoid layoffs by accepting a smaller salary increase.

Pay to Play Liquor inspector bribes included gift cards: investigators Crooked liquor inspectors in the Booze 'n Bribes scandal not only took cash, but gladly accepted gift cards for meals and clothes, law enforcement sou... *** McLaughlin Turns On Street Light Pal *** Karen Koslowitz switched job titles in order to run for City Council

President Obama PREZ: NOW'S THE TIME TO RELY ON REFI *** Obama says timing right for millions to refinance *** Obama for Change (In Your Mortgage) *** DETROIT 'GREEN'BACKS: BAM ORDERS $285M ENVIRO-CAR BUY *** LOTSO MATZ-O AT OBAMA'S SEDER *** Obama's Day: Obama targets economy *** Obama meeting with economic advisers *** Officials: Pirates, terrorists not linked directly *** Obama asks quick congressional OK of new war money *** Top Commander: We may have to ignore Iraq deadline to halt al-Qaeda terror... *** Analysis: Pirates put Obama in 21st-century bind *** Standoff With Pirates Shows U.S. Power Has Limits *** George W. Obama?: More funds for Iraq, Afghanistan *** Emanuel Now Backs Immigration Action *** PoliticsASU Stiffs Obama: Too Inexperienced For Honorary Degree *** White House Hit By Swarm Of Bees *** White House E-mail goof shows Passover Seder gripe *** Obama's Web Site Slams Same SecrecyTactic That Obama Now Invokes *** PHOTO: Obama Hosts First White House Seder *** Obama's White House seder *** U.S. Presidents Should Bow to No One - Steve Huntley, Chicago Sun-Times

Smoke and Politics: Considering Senator Gillibrand’s Tobacco Past New Yorkers should consider Kirsten Gillibrand’s full record when they take the measure of their new senator’s values and character, Samuels, NYT *** Senate 2010, in a strange and volatile moment

Congress Top GOP Congressman: There are 17 'socialists' in the House... ***
Latest 20th count: Murphy up by 34 *** Rep. Barton (R-TX) Loses $700K Of Campaign Funds In The Market *** Burris Legal Fees Reach $500K *** Pentagon cuts divide lawmakers ***
Emissions bill fuels fight in Congress *** Employee Free Choice Act lives? *** Specter Will Stay With the GOP

Making Banking Boring The regulated era of banking that followed the Great Depression was far less lucrative than the previous era, but one of spectacular economic progress. Perhaps the political winds need to shift again, Krugman, NYT

Wall Street Mess PRINCETON IN THE POORHOUSE *** DREYFUS LEFT FORTUNE TO HIS RX FOUNDATION *** $80M SCAMMER IN 'SORRY' STATE *** TOTAL UNEMPLOYED HITS RECORD 5.84M *** SUMMERS: ECONOMY WILL SETTLE *** SLIM-SIZED RETAIL: STRUGGLING INDUSTRY CATCHES A FEW POSITIVE RAYS *** WELLS ENDS WELL: FARGO'S SURPRISE PROFIT CALL FEATHERS NEST EGG *** TRUMP SUES 2 DEVELOPERS *** STANFORD OFFICIAL IN PLEA TALKS *** MADOFF TRUSTEE SUES TO RECOVER $150M *** POLAROID AUCTION IS EXTENDED BY JUDGE *** COLONY CAPITAL, MGM MIRAGE TALKS COLLAPSE *** $10B CAPITAL IDEA: GOLDMAN PLAN IN WORKS TO REPAY BAILOUT DOUGH *** As Stocks Surge, Fears Linger About the Economy *** More Squatters Are Calling Foreclosures Home *** In a Downturn, More Act as Their Own Lawyers *** Predatory Brokers Congress must take the necessary steps to rein in mortgage brokers that attracted obscene profits associated with the subprime lending binge, NYT Ed *** Chinese Exports Decline, but More Slowly *** In March Retailing Report, Bright Spots Are Few *** Exports Fall, and It’s Felt on the Farm *** Toyota Said to Weigh Reorganizing U.S. Operations *** G.M. May Offer Only Stock to Bondholders *** U.S. Trade Deficit Narrows as Imports Fall Sharply *** Yelp Will Let Businesses Respond to Web Reviews *** NYSE delisting Six Flags *** Martha Stewart's daughter sues CPA over tax bi... *** REPORT: No banks will close due to stress tests... *** Economists See Rebound in September *** Noonan: Lessons From 2001's Recovery *** Goldman Seeks New Stock Sale *** Retail Sales Slip, Outlook Gains *** Fed Urged to Make TALF Changes *** Bidding war erupts on eBay over Madoff Mets tickets *** Top 100 money-making eateries *** Dow closes up 246 points in first 5-week win streak since October 2007 *** Trustee to Gibraltar bank: Give back Madoff bucks! *** Cheesecake icon Junior's raking in lettuce *** Worst Over... Maybe ***
Goldman Looks to Bail Out of Bailout

National Report: Ethanol raises cost of nutrition programs *** U.S. Food Safety No Longer Improving *** Baseball rookie killed in hit-and-run crash... *** Woman watches home being burglarized over live Internet feed... *** Jobless Rush to Nevada Gold-Mining Town *** As Manufacturers Buckle, Winners Emerge From Havoc *** Credit Woes Hit Entrepreneurs *** Businesses to Benefit From Energy Tax Breaks *** WATCH: Texas Republican Says Asian-Americans Should Simplify Names If They Want To Vote *** Hil pals to auction 'Idol' tickets to help retire campaign debt *** California's D-List Tax Evaders *** The Decline of Christian America *** Are American Voters Ideologically Polarized? - Jay Cost, RealClearPolitics

International Analysis: A weak gov't troubles Afghanistan at war *** CIA abandons use of contract interrogators *** C.I.A. to Close Secret Prisons, Scenes of Harsh Interrogations *** Mugabe Aides Are Said to Use Violence to Gain Amnesty *** Italy Holds State Funeral for Quake Victims *** A Dispute in Bollywood Over Revenue *** Bank of England Vows to Buy Assets to Bolster Lending *** China: Steel Makers’ Complaint *** Taps off for two million in water-starved Mexico City... *** PLOT TO BOMB EASTER SHOPPERS IN UK... DEVELOPING... *** Rural States Help India Defy Slump *** Pirate Ships Converge on U.S. Hostage at Sea *** Algerian President Wins Third Term *** Safe to Go to Mexico? *** Dad of American journalist jailed in Iran rages: Let my daughter go *** Extremist groups host their Web sites within the U.S. *** Piracy economic boon to Somalia *** London's top anti-terrorism cop quits *** Could Iraq Deadline Boost al-Qaeda? *** Mugabe's Torture Game *** Fiji's President Abolishes Constitution *** Egypt Seeks To Use Gaza Rebuild As Platform For Palestinian Talks *** Chabad Hasidim smuggle matzot into Iran ... *** Castro's Useful Idiots - Mona Charen, Washington Times

Media Melt Down PAY FOR PLAY CHARGED: FINGER-POINTING AT CELEBRITY GOSSIP MAGAZINES *** YouTube and Universal to Create a Hub for Music *** YouTube, Universal Music partner for Web site *** Front of Los Angeles Times Has an NBC ‘Article’ *** Jay Leno to Appear Onstage in an NBC Showcase *** Colony Capital Breaks Off Talks With MGM Mirage *** YouTube, Hulu On Web Video Collision Course *** Arianna Talks Link Economy, News In Digital Age With AP CEO On "Charlie Rose" *** Contract ended at Times Union: Management cancels collective bargaining agreement with union *** The New York Times on the Precipice - Mark Bowden, Vanity Fair