Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Even the Cops Spin

Even the Cops Spin to get the public and press off the decrease in police manpower may cause an increase in crime story: Decline In NYPD Head Count A Concern For Kelly 1990s here we come! From the Gotham Gazette - the city will soon see a police headcount that rivals the 1990s. Reminder: Crime in the 90s was way, way up (In 2008, crime was down nearly 78 percent from 1990) NYPD Spins This Story Today: NYPD wants eye in sky security blanket over midtown *** DINKINS ON CRIME; DINKINS PROPOSES RECORD EXPANSION OF POLICE FORCES *** POLICING, DRUGS, AND THE HOMICIDE DECLINE IN NEW YORK CITY IN THE ...

On the Road to City Hall GOP SLAMS WORKING FAMILIES' 'GAME' PLAN - Republican lawmakers charged yesterday that a private company formed by the Working Families Party to run Democratic campaigns was designed to "game the system." ***
- Powerhouse labor leader Dennis Rivera heaped praise on Mayor Bloomberg yesterday as he all but endorsed the mayor *** DA hopeful Snyder to hold fund-raiser in club shuttered for drug dealing *** Here are Dave Kerpen’s Tweets from the public advocate forum in Queens last night *** A take off of the City Hall Newspaper

Pay to Play Albany From the Daily News How Albany is divorced from real world: New York is only state without 'irreconcilable differences' Despite long-running efforts for reform in Albany, New York is the only state in the nation that does not give splintered couples the option of pursuing a no-fault divorce. While every other state has adopted no-fault divorce - allowing one spouse to simply cite "irreconcilable differences" as the reason why the marriage must end - New York lawmakers have refused to budge. Albany lawmakers have resisted divorce-law reform in the face of strong lobbying from groups such as the New York State Catholic Conference and the state chapter of the National Organization for Women. Some blame the influence in Albany of lawyers who could see their income slashed if significant changes are made to the system. State of Shame Series New York divorce laws cost us $100,000 *** Hide the pork is pols' game *** Drive-by bill lets insurance firms hike auto rates without state OK *** Readers unleash fury at pols *** Scores of pols ruled by few *** Breakdown of Albany Legislature's meetings *** Tenants can't find a friend in New York state capital *** A limitless line of lobbyists still pulling strings *** New York State Senators who got big landlord bigs *** Dysfunctional government in Albany

More Pay to Play DUMBO STUMBLE: E-MAIL SHOWS FIX WAS IN: POL - Records show the Walentases' firm, Two Trees Management, spent $409,323 lobbying the city since Jan. 2007, with much of the money going towards trying to sway support for the Dock Street project. Officials for the company - including the Walentases - have also dished out $29,700 in campaign donations over this period to Councilwoman Melinda Katz and another $19,800 to Council Speaker Christine Quinn. Katz, a Queens Democrat running for comptroller, heads the council real estate committee, which must eventually decide whether to put Two Trees' request for a necessary zoning change before the full council, which Quinn heads, for final approval True News Says Almost half of the money contributed to comptroller candidates are from developers and lawyer connected to developers and Wall Street *** Newsday's Dan Janison asks: Under what bizarre scenario could Alan Hevesi as state comptroller possibly not know that his closest political ally Hank Morris (at right in this perp-walk photo) was collecting tens of millions of dollars in placement fees from investments under the comptroller's control, and allegedly big-footing the professional pension operation with the help of others in the office?

More Pay to Play Rev. Al's $500K link to school reform Gonzalez: What the Rev. Al Sharpton and Joel Klein never revealed when they teamed up on school reform is that a Sharpton organization immediately got a $500,000 donation for its involvement.

The City US POSTAL DISSERVICE: Three Manhattan post offices could be shuttered this year *** TAX-CRUSHED RUSH IS FLEEING NY *** SECTS & THE CITY IN CROWN HEIGHTS BEARD BUT TRUE! HASIDS WOW AMISH VISITORS *** DO IT THE APPLE WAY! ED. CZAR TELLS OTHER US MAYORS *** CITY & NASSAU IN CAB-SHARE DEAL *** NEW BISHOP WILL COME KNOCKIN' *** PACK-ING A WALLOP: LATEST TAX PUSHES LOWEST CIG COST PAST $10 *** Decline In NYPD Head Count A Concern For Kelly *** NYPD wants eye in sky security blanket over midtown *** Mt. Sinai inundated with patients From the Daily News *** Admiral's Row to go From Crain's - Brooklyn Navy Yard *** Time runs out for Brooklyn’s Admiral’s Row *** Judge says NYC can limit billboards *** On Staten Island, a Jewish Cemetery Where All Are Equals in Death *** Deal to Cut Costs Is Close For Builders and Unions *** Deal to Cut Costs Is Close For Builders and Unions *** Congress Is Again Weighing Aid for Ground Zero Rescuers *** Lawyer Who Was Hired by Yankees Sues the Team’s Bronx Community Charity *** Square Feet: Cheaper Rents in Manhattan’s Less Glossy Office Buildings *** Suit vs. MTA workers accused of ignoring rape vic's cries tossed *** Big-city welcome when Dolan takes the reins in NY *** Hynes presses to expose sex abuse in Jewish community *** World's invited to party when new archbishop takes reins *** New York home prices decline 10%

“What has become disturbingly clear is that Governor Paterson has handed over much of New York’s considerable power and enormous budget to the Assembly speaker, Sheldon Silver,” writes the Times editorial board writes.

Albany ACTION! GOV GIVES TAX BREAKS FOR TV *** Budget vote delayed as NY senator falls ill *** A Long Night in Albany as a Budget Inches Toward Passage *** Recession? Not in Albany - NYT Ed *** Recession? Not in Albany *** Upstate nail-biter: battle for Gillibrand seat too-close-to-call *** DN Editorial: Statute of liberty In their zeal to virtually decriminalize narcotics in New York, Gov. Paterson and Democratic legislative leaders are on their way to giving the biggest break of all to illegal immigrant drug dealers *** Rockefeller law change aids illegal immigs, prosecutors say *** FREEZING OUT THE CHILDREN But funding for charters, which have shown stunning success, is frozen. Silver & Co. refused to stick with a 10-year-old law that links each charter's funding to the surrounding district's per-student spending. *** State Court of Appeals to Hear Two Same-Sex Marriage Cases *** On Politics: New York Special Election Is Special Case *** New York divorce laws cost us $100,000 *** Limbaugh: I'll leave New York over taxes *** The taxes in the budget are higher than originally thought.

MTA Fix? TAX-I! NEW HIT LOOMS 50% PER RIDE IN BID TO CUT MTA FARE HIKE *** MTA Bailout Deal Falls Through As Budget Deadline Passes *** Unexpected Opposition to Payroll Tax Throws M.T.A. Rescue Talks Into Turmoil *** Plan to rescue MTA goes off rails *** Albany's closed-door decisions on fate of MTA should be feared*** Paterson says no tolls on bridges, but 50-cent surcharge for cab rides on the table *** Suburban Senate Democrats are suddenly balking at the payroll tax to help the MTA, which is a big problem, since they've already ruled out bridge tolls *** Paterson: Senate Needs to 'Sit Down And at Least Have a Plan' for the M.T.A.

President Obama IT'S A NEW WORLD FOR SUMMIT ROOKIE BAM *** Obama tries to rally world to cope with downturn *** Obama downplays differences among summit nations *** Obama and Brown Urge United Action on Economy *** Obama Plays Down G20 Splits *** Top Treasury Nominee Helped Draft Legislation Deregulating Banks *** FACE OFF: OBAMA HIGH-STAKES CHINA, RUSSIA MEETINGS *** Obama, Brown Meet Ahead of G-20 *** World Leaders Lay Out Tests for Obama *** Obamas Hit London *** Obama won't offer soccer views *** Where is the New JFK We Expected? - Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian *** It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Super Prez! - Howard Fineman, MSNBC *** Netanyahu to Obama: Stop Iran—Or I Will - Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic *** 10 Reasons POTUS Should Learn to Love Britain - Iain Martin, Telegraph *** Division at Justice Over D.C. Representation Bill - Washington Post *** Seeking New Start, U.S. and Russia Press Arms Talks

Congress CRUCIAL RACE FOR GILLY SEAT A SQUEAKER *** Upstate New York House Race Is Too Close to Call *** UPDATE: Razor-thin NY House election goes to absentees... *** The answer could be on paper: 20th CD razor-close *** Ted Stevens Conviction To Be Voided: NPR *** Court ruling favors Franken... *** Ruling Favors Franken in Senate Battle *** Large Bonuses a Boon – In Congress *** The GOP's Alternative Budget *** Analysis: Dems punt hard choices on Obama budget *** Lawmakers Have Long Rewarded Aides with Bonuses - Wall Street Journal *** How Special is this Special Election? - Steve Benen, Political Animal *** Turnout tops a decade of special elections

The Price Is Not Right It’s obvious that the reason we’re experiencing meltdowns in both the financial system and the climate system is because we have been mispricing risk in both arenas - Friedman, NYT

Wall Street Mess Home Prices Fell 19 Percent In January *** GAO: Treasury Should Take Harder Line With AIG *** Madoff's Sib Peter Faces Deep Freeze *** Judge nixes secret deal for Madoff brother ** Town suing Madoff, investment firms over pension *** DealBook: Managers’ Assets Frozen in Madoff Case *** CARMAKERS START RETOOLING *** CARMAKERS START RETOOLING *** Signature Bank sends back its bailout bucks *** U.S. Plan Sees Easing of G.M. to Bankruptcy *** Workers Share in the Pressure on Carmakers *** At G.M., an Abrupt Changing of the Guard *** Honda to Cut Pay and Production in North America *** In Helping Chrysler, Fiat May Find an Opportunity *** Cerberus Tries to Get Chrysler Out of a Ditch *** Four Small Banks Are the First to Pay Back TARP Funds *** 3M Cutting Worldwide Work Force by 1, 200 More Jobs *** GM Chief Bends To U.S. Pressure *** 'Mark' Rule Change May Subvert Treasury Plan *** AIG Pay Panel Falls Under Fire *** Crop Cuts Could Raise Food Prices *** Home Prices Low, But till No Bargain *** REIT Rally Turned to a Rout The rout in public real-estate stocks continued unabated in the first three months of 2009 *** Treasury's Very Private Asset Fund *** Ford, GM to cover car payments if you lose your job *** Walgreens offers free care to the unemployed, uninsured *** Crash & Burn: Detroit's Biggest Lemons *** Liberal Economist Slams Geithner Plan *** Support For Auto Bailout Remains Low - Amy Walter, National Journal *** First They Come After the Rich... - Steven Malanga, RealClearMarkets *** How Special is this Special Election? - Steve Benen, Political Animal

International US, Russia work to reduce nuclear warheads *** J'ACCUSE BOSSES
FRENCH TAKE HOSTAGES, STREET RIOT OVER JOB CUTS *** Euro Zone Unemployment Jumps to 8.5% *** Asian Data Shows Severity of Slump *** Caterpillar Workers Detain Bosses in France *** US, Russia Work to Reduce Nuclear Warheads *** Merkel and Sarkozy move to seize summit initiative... *** Opinion: Israel Needs Electoral Reform *** U.S., Iranian Officials Meet *** Netanyahu Takes Control in Israel *** French Bosses Besieged as Anger Rises *** U.S.-China to Open New Dialogue *** Practical Steps the G20 Must Take - Nicholas Sarkozy, Washington Post *** Israel Faces a Soul Searching Double Standard - Cathy Young, RCP *** 10 Reasons POTUS Should Learn to Love Britain - Iain Martin, Telegraph *** On the Eve of the G20 Summit, Countries Remain Split - The Economist *** G20: Much Talk, Thankfully Little Action - Orange County Register *** Clinton's Speech at the Intl. Conference on Afghanistan - Hillary Clinton *** G20 protests turn violent at bank in City of London...

No More Hummer Nation How do we come to terms with the gluttony that exploded our economy and still retain our reptilian American desire for living large? - Dowd, NYT

National Pardon sought for first black heavyweight champ *** Stimulus dollars to be released for schools *** Justices End Tobacco Company Appeal *** The Greening of Pittsburgh *** Surveillance towers planned for Detroit, Buffalo...

Media Melt Down MASTHEAD MASSACRE: FORBES AXES AT LEAST 20 FROM MAG AND WEB *** SUN-TIMES FADES TO (CONRAD) BLACK *** Sun-Times Files for Bankruptcy *** Fox Still Leads Prime Time *** Berman Plans to Leave Channel 4 *** TV Reporter Arrested For DWI After Hitting NYPD Horse *** Fox 5's Mike Sheehan Arrested After Hitting A Mounted Cop *** USA Today Publisher Leaves Amid Newspaper Tumult *** Chicago's Sun-Times Media Group Files For Bankruptcy Protection *** The antiquated Senate news clipping service (they used scissors! and glue!) is no more *** USA TODAY Dealt New Losses; Publisher announces sudden retirement...