Monday, February 2, 2009

Early Polling Worthless?

Early Polling Worthless

Despite a history of poor track records of accuracy each year the media and the pundits report poll results on who is ahead or behind in a given race. Coverage of polls often is the only discussion of a given campaign that the media covers. Forget about issues or analysis on how the challenger differs from the incumbent.

You get a warning that the poll might be off by 4% either way, but never warned that early polls are mostly wrong. It is clear that both issues and the way in which a candidate campaigns has more to do with who wins than an early poll.

Giuliani Has Best Chance of Defeating Clinton
Oct. 25-28, 2007, Gallup Panel survey said Giuliani is the only candidate that a majority of Americans say has an excellent or good chance of “being elected president”.

Clinton Leads Obama by 27 points in new poll
Nov. 11-14, 2007, poll, 48% of Democrats say they are most likely to
support Clinton for the party’s presidential nomination in 2008, followed by Obama at 21% and Edwards at 12%.

Giuliani Inches Ahead Of Clinton October 31, 2007

McCain could pull out of race by autumn
Presidential hopeful drops campaign staff as Republican consultants predict he'll be gone by September – June 24, 2007

Mayor’s Race November 21, 2000 Bloomberg Favorable 11% Unfavorable 4% Mixed 8% No Opinion 76%; Green Favorable 48% Unfavorable 12% Mixed 15% No Opinion 25%.

October 24, 2001 - Green Leads Bloomberg 51 - 35 Percent In Mayoral Race, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds.

Poll for mayor August 26, 1977
Koch 12%; Beame 17%; Abzug 17%
Koch won the primary in September and the general election in November.

Even when finally in office, issues and governing style count more than polls. When Spitzer took the governor's office he had a 77% favorable rating in the polls, based on his pledge that everything changes from day one. It is increasingly the modus operandi for local candidates to order a poll early in their campaign on what their district might be thinking. Old time pols think these polls are jokes and a waste of money. They say that if a candidate does not have the basic understanding of the issues affecting his or her district without a poll, they will never win no matter how many polls they pay for. The old timers also say there is no way to find the common issues in a given district, since most districts in NYC are made up of vastly different neighborhoods, with different racial and ethnic backgrounds.

One of the biggest polling consultants in NYC: Global Strategy Group LLC, did a poll for Elizabeth Crowley in her special election race for city council that she lost last fall, spending $26,000 dollars on the poll which amounted to over 25% of her total spending in that race. Crowley ran again in September and won the primary and general elections without a poll or the help of her first special election consultants the Parkside Group – she won with a grassroots "listening to the voters" campaign. Sometimes candidates authorize polls in the middle of their terms in office. John Liu spent $16,000 on a poll from Global in 2003 even though he was not up for reelection until 2005.

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