Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Citifield Not

Citi Looking 4 Mets Exit

You Knew this Was Coming Citigroup is considering the possibility of backing out of its marketing deal with the New York Mets amid concerns about how recipients are using TARP funds. Citi’s Cold Feet with Mets. As if Mets fans needed something new to complain about: According to Reuters, Citigroup is looking into cancelling its $400 million marketing deal with the Mets, which includes naming rights to the team’s new stadium. Dennis Kucinich has been leading the charge against Citi's deal with the Mets, arguing in a letter to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner that government-dependent institutions “ought to spend $400 million to name a stadium at the same time that they accept over $350 billion in taxpayer support and guarantees." *** Yankee Stadium and Citi Field are the Houses That You Built *** Naked Capitalism: Your Tax Dollars at Work: Citi Buys New ... *** GoLedy - Citi Field *** Two Congressmen Want Citigroup Out of Citi Field *** Public Cheers for "Taxpayer's Field," Proponents Say (Citifield-New ... *** NYC baseball stadium subsidies: Do I hear $1.8B? - New York Mets *** Yankees and Mets get millions more in tax-free bonds for new stadiums *** Comptroller opposes Yankees' subsidies - Crain's New York Business *** Comptroller opposes Yankees' subsidies - Crain's New York Business *** Field of Schemes: Yanks bond request includes $11m tax break *** Bailout Field: How YOU pay for NY Mets to win in '09 ... *** Fed will reach into bag of tricks - Norwalk News - The Hour *** E-mails show NYC played hardball for luxury boxes - wcbstv.com *** Is Yankee Stadium costing taxpayers too much money? - Polls ... *** San Diego Reader "Two Congressmen Say Citigroup Shouldn't Pay NY ...

Bull Shit A Citigroup spokesperson said no TARP funds will be used for the marketing deal.

City Hall Builder plans to be available online *** Neighbors will get the picture on new bldgs *** Comptroller Picks Manager of His Mayoral Campaign *** Union Tries to Weaken Bloomberg on Schools *** M.T.A. and Developer Agree to Delay $1 Billion Railyard Deal *** Doubly outraged at MTA fare hearings *** Banks to take over big Queens mall *** Fiscal crisis in 1975 taught New York hard lessons of chopping, freezing that are handy now *** Fed cash may save teachers *** Teachers union pushes to wrest power from mayor *** Pol: $1.8B earmarked by Feds for NYC schools *** Decades after brutal layoff, Bravest fears for FDNY's future *** Is NYC the next housing bust? *** OSHA approved trainer sold certification to hardhats *** Budget Commission: Cut more! *** Bloomberg’s ‘Bag Tax’ to Include More Than Just Grocery Stores *** FASHION WEEK IS MOVING - Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center *** Fashion Week To Leave Bryant Park Behind *** A New Home for New York Fashion Week *** Rainbow Room, Landlord Working Toward Tentative Deal *** City rezoning a Bronx manufacturing area From Crain's *** FEDERAL BUCKS WON'T EASE PAIN FOR STRAPHANGERS *** LOST & FOUND AT MTA E-ASIER *** MTA clickin' with Web lost & found *** For 2 Shuttles, Riders' Grades Are Run of the Mill *** Census says African, Hispanic immigrants flocking to bronx *** SHOCK AND GNAW: BLOOMY IS FINGER FOOD FOR CRANKY GROUNDHOG *** Reclusive Staten Island Groundhog Bites Mayor *** Why the Groundhog Bit the Mayor.

Albany GOV DISS IN BLIND 'SPOTS': SIGHTLESS GUY RIPS DAVE IN TV AD *** Times Ed Why Are You Doing This? - Union ads against Paterson health care cuts *** PEF ad goes for throat instead of heartstrings *** Whalen: Health care campaign from ‘the tired political playbook’ *** GNYHA / 1199 "Not the Answer" Ad Video *** Hammond: A sick attack on Paterson *** The Daily Politics: SEIU/1199 and the GNYHA launched a TV ad war targeting Gov. David Paterson over healthcare... *** It's war! Gov vs. healthcare industry *** Video: PEF slamming Paterson, too *** Paterson Says He's Not As Advertised by 1199 *** TAX HIKES ON WEALTHY BAD FOR STATE: GOV - EJ McMahon agrees *** FEDERAL BUCKS WON'T EASE PAIN FOR STRAPHANGERS *** NY1 Noticias: Gillibrand Changes Immigration Stance *** Political Lessons Taken on the Fly by Gillibrand *** Gillibrand Money, money, money *** Gingrich: GOP can win back Gillibrand's old seat *** McCarthy: Still chilly on Gilli *** Gillibrand: Like she's changing shoes? *** Alfonse: That's Mr. Online Poker fundraising for Andrew *** Assembly Passes Rent-Regulation Revisions Opposed by Landlords *** Longer notice now needed for layoffs in NY *** State AG: Health Insurer Agrees To Pay Back Millions *** Cuomo: Aetna will pay $5M to students *** SUNY Expected to Pick University of Cincinnati Leader as Chancellor.

Washington DODD DUMPS HIS VIP LOANS *** Dodd's Peek-A-Boo Disclosure *** DON'T DASCH MY HOPES, BEGS 'SORRY' TOM *** Democrats Affirm Support for Daschle *** Daschle Apologizes Over Taxes as Allies Give Support *** Times Ed: The Travails of Tom Daschle *** Daschle 'embarrassed' by tax issues *** News Ed: Senatorial privilege: Tom Daschle has a very taxing problem -- not *** What's Some Unpaid Taxes Among Friends? - Dana Milbank, Wash Post *** Isn't Paying Taxes a 'Patriotic Duty?' - Jonah Goldberg, LA Times *** Daschle is Indefensible - Marie Cocco, Indianapolis Star *** Why Obama Must Drop Daschle - Andy Ostroy, Huffington Post *** Did the DCCC Miss Mr. Obama's Memo? - Washington Post *** The DCCC Target List - Josh Kraushaar, The Scorecard *** Obama promises bailout review board *** GOP pulls knives on pork plans in stimulus *** TWO-TIER TAX: PAYERS - AND BAM'S PLAYERS *** Lobbyists Raise Stimulus Price Tag *** Internet Money in Fiscal Plan: Wise or Waste? *** Bam: If stimulus fails, I'm out in 4 years *** McCain: I would vote against current stimulus bill *** President Obama readies media blitz to drum up stimulus support *** Schumer on bailout: "They" did it. Not me *** Holder Confirmed As U.S. Attorney General *** Holder Is Confirmed as Attorney General *** Holder becomes first African-American AG *** Justice Department Prepares for Doctrinal Shift *** Obama to Nominate Gregg at Commerce *** Obama, F.D.R. and Taming the Press *** Rove to Testify *** Now, It's Palin's Party *** Former Staten Island congressman's drunken driving trial set for April *** O FEARS GITMO'S JIHADISTS: BUT BACKS CLOSING *** Daniel Pearl & the Normalization of Evil - Judea Pearl, Wall Street Journal *** O IS AN FDA NUTCRACKER *** Obama’s Ethics Reform Promise Faces Early Test *** PLAYFUL HILL RAPS BUBBA *** The Caucus: The First Lady Talks Up Education.

Wall Street Mess CITI'S JOYRIDE PROBLEM *** SUIT OVER CITI PAWN *** Wall St., a Financial Epithet, Stirs Outrage *** Banks' Urge 2 Merge *** Macy's Massacre *** Macy's to cut 7,000 jobs, slash dividend *** Morgan To Slash Jobs *** Morgan Stanley reportedly will cut more jobs *** City Takes Bids for Tavern on the Green *** Tavern On The Block *** City wants more green for Tavern *** ACCUSED SCAM LAWYER'S $400M SPREE *** China's Migrants See Jobless Ranks Soar *** China's Small Factories Struggle *** In Shift, Chinese Move More Money Overseas *** GM Worker Goes From Factory to Classroom *** Busboys Are Cut as Restaurants Suffer *** Coping With Aftermath of Layoffs Is now the time to buy? homes *** N.Y. exec loves the fast lane *** Lupica: No quick fix for economy *** When Will Wall St. Get the Message? - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post *** Beware Tide of Groupthink on the Economy - Stephen Adler, Der Spiegel *** Wall Street's $18.4 Billion Bonus - Michael Shnayerson, Vanity Fair *** Geithner Needs to Show Banks Tough Love - Allan Sloan, Washington Post *** Has the Recession Felled Your Favorite Business? *** Banks Face Congressional Grilling *** Citigroup to deploy $36.5 billion to boost lending.

Media Mess AMI, publishers of Star, Shape, and the National Enquirer, narrowly avoided filing bankruptcy by giving bondholders 95 percent of the company's common stock. Paparazzi sighed in relief and resumed hiding behind bushes. [WWD] *** The Onion and Washington Post end their joint publishing partnership. [Washington City Paper] *** Times Executive Editor Bill Keller does his best to calmly and reasonably assuage the fears of questioners nervous about the paper's future. It helped us, at least. [NYT]