Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One Dumb Pol

NY Facing $15 Billion Budget Gap

200,000 Jobs Lost

Health Care Cut Backs

Pol Says Not to Worry, He Has the Answer

The nation is in economic turmoil — and Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny is on the case.
This week, the second-term Brighton Beach Democrat responded to our fiscal fears by reminding constituents to “make energy-efficient improvements in their homes.”

His first sugestion “taking shorter showers” can lead to water AND energy cost savings?

"Simply put, the danger posed by excessive geese surrounding the city's airports must be eliminated. When lives are at stake, government common sense and adequate resources must arrive at the scene as quickly as did Flight 1549's rescuers. Over the weekend, I called upon the Bloomberg administration and the Port Authority to create a meaningful, effective, geese-reduction program to guarantee that we won't see another accident like Flight 1549's. " - Councilman David Weprin

Albany DAVE WON'T LOOK INTO THE SMEARER: REFUSES CAROLINE PROBE *** Gov. Paterson Hammered By Media Over Kennedy Fiasco... *** Drawing Fire on Immigration, Gillibrand Reaches Out *** Post Pinocchios Paterson Over Leaks *** Skelos: Dave's nose is getting bigger *** We need governor to bounce back: Paterson has right instincts on the budget mess *** David Paterson and Kirsten Gillibrand: New Senator, New Scandal: The Governor's pick is genuine machine-made royalty - Voice, Robbins *** Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos said Paterson has a “massive credibility problem.” *** Bill Hammond writes that Paterson’s trouble with the truth is part of a pattern *** Latino official seeks meeting with Kirsten -- soon *** Albany Democrats: We'll seek Kirsten Gillibrand foe for 2010 *** In New York State, politics is often a family affair *** Paterson’s last-minute leaders’ meeting didn’t yield much. Two out of the three items on the agenda were New York City issues *** Gillibrand gets her committee assignments: Agriculture, Environment and Public Works, Foreign Relations and Aging. She wanted Armed Services, but it was full *** Paterson New Enemies, Perhaps, but New Friends, Too *** Welcomed in Washington, Scrutinized Back Home *** More Time Needed to Solve Budget Gap *** NY1 Exclusive Poll: New Yorkers Have Mixed Feelings Toward Gillibrand *** Paterson, Legislature to miss first budget target *** Still counting in 11th Senate District race From the Daily News *** SD-11: The Beginning Of The End *** Bruno Gets His Blago On *** Peter King Calls Newsday a Liar *** Fred LeBrun writes that when former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno compared himself to Mother Teresa, he saw the self-delusional side of Bruno that he hadn’t seen before *** NY coalition lobbies for economic aid *** Former DOH Commissioner Antonia Novello could soon be indicted on felony charges for using state workers as her personal servants *** PM NY Now To Pressure Senate Over Monserrate Chairmanship *** Questions over Senate selection stall budget talk: $15.4 billion gap under discussion.

City Hall New Station Is Delayed at South Ferry *** Movie Production Incentives Are Said to Help New York *** Toussaint Will Not Seek Re-election to TWU *** Cost Of Yankee Stadium Parks Called Into Question *** Yankee Stadium rec area cost out of the park ***
The Yankees, via a city agency, will try to sell more tax-exempt bonds today for their new stadium *** BLOOMBERG, WEINER REMAIN 'POLLS' APART *** Mayor Bloomberg's re-election team moved into its Midtown HQ *** By hiring up Democratic operatives and consultants, Bloomberg is forcing Rep. Anthony Weiner and Comptroller Bill Thompson to rely on out-of-town talent for the mayor's race *** SCHUMER TOUTS 'RAIL'IEF PLAN *** STADIUM'S PARKS $OAR *** Report Cites Unexplained Costs of New Parks in the Bronx *** New Station Is Delayed at South Ferry *** Bronx ex-Democratic party boss Jose Rivera in full court press *** CITY OFFERS POOR 50% INVESTMENT GUARANTEE *** NY HOME$ IN RECORD PLUNGE *** $16M A YEAR FOR PLANNED B'KLYN PARK *** TWU CANDIDATE *** Marty's $64M plastic potato chip *** From the Brooklyn Eagle *** Atlantic Yards now just a shadow of itself *** Queens hospital rally at City Hall *** Movie Production Incentives Are Said to Help New York.

Washington Boehner to GOP: Vote against stimulus *** $825B, KEEP THE CHANGE *** NON-TAXPAYERS GET TOO MUCH STIMULUS: GOP *** ISLAM CAM ON BAM
ARAB TV AIRS FIRST PREZ CHAT *** Relief Seen for Jobless and States in Health Care Plan *** Obama’s Reagan Transformation? Ronald Reagan put aside his agenda to tackle a recession. Is Barack Obama doing the same? *** Obama open to compromise on stimulus... *** Bill Nears $900 Billion? *** GOP: 'Won't stimulate anything but more government and more debt'... *** You Won't Believe What's in That Stimulus Bill - Wall Street Journal *** Obama Strives for GOP Support on Stimulus *** Bleeding banks prompt talk of new big bailout... *** VANITY FAIR: 'Is Obama the most famous living person ever?'... *** Dems Launch Petition Against Rush Limbaugh... *** House GOP leader tells talk radio giant to back off... *** $150 Billion Education Tarp Funds Would Amount To Largest Increase In Aid Since World War II ***How Good Schooling Matters - Bill Gates, Washington Post *** Obama Faces Problems From Left, Right *** Citi Continues to Bungle Jet-Purchase PR *** Holder: Smooth sailing from Specter *** Will Northern Ireland Help Mitchell in Israel? - Alex Massie, New Republic ***Why Sarah Palin Started Her Own PAC *** Illinois Senate Hears Blagojevich Tapes *** LOON FLIES COOP: BLAGO SKIPS OWN TRIAL TO PLEAD CASE ON TV *** ABSENT BLAGO 'SPEAKS' AT TRIAL *** Michael Wolff: Limbaugh Being Played By Obama *** PM Senate Judiciary Committe OKs Holder *** Obama's Cocktail Party *** Voters ask court to add absentees to Minn. recount... *** Coleman Unveils New Recount Website...

Wall Street Mess BAILOUT BANDITS *** Stimulus Plan Would Provide Flood of Aid to Education *** Relief Seen for Jobless and States in Health Care Plan *** Troubled Times Bring Mini-Madoffs to Light *** Times, DOWD: Wall Street’s Socialist Jet-Setters *** CITI caves on corporate jet... *** Listen To The Conference Call Hosted By Bank Of America *** Prominent Short Seller Sees The "End" Of Warren Buffett *** A Stimulus With Merit, and Misses Too - David Leonhardt, New York Times *** GOP Gets Ready for an Obamanomics Meltdown - James Freeman, WSJ *** The Celestial Choirs of Bailouts - Roger Simon, Politico *** Today in Madoff: The Senate Banking Committee Confronts the Elephant in the Room *** After Madoff, Ponzi Cases Emerge *** State Jobless Rates Top 10% *** Report: Wall Street bonuses decline 44% *** The New York Fed named a replacement for Timothy Geithner *** PM FDIC May Run 'Bad Bank' in Obama Plan...