Saturday, December 13, 2008

What's Good for GM Is Good For the USA?
Charles E. Wilson, president of GM during his confirmation hearings on becoming Dwight Eisenhower's secretary of defense

In the 50's by deliberately destroying the electric street trolleys GM not only hurt mass transit, it eliminated a green way to move people - video

In the 70's 80's and 90's Detroit developed and then abandoned an electric car. Why they killed it in the 90s'

Pay to Play Congress grants Tax Break for Hummers and SUVs to encourage purchase of the big gas guzzlers 2008 Big Three Spending Millions On Lobbying Congress for billions in federal bailout

What's Good for the USAText Color White House Ready to Aid Auto Industry after congressional bailout was blocked by southern republicans from "transplant" auto industry states (foreign plants located in their home states) *** GM To Temporarily Close 20 Plants To Slash Output and cut 250,000 vehicles from its production schedule about a third scheduled to be built this quarter

Wall Greed Street Bernie Madoff an innovator who transformed the way stocks are bought and sold, needed to branch out into an illegal Ponzi scheme side business *** How did the of "Sheriff of Wall Street," Spitzer miss this guy? *** Billions vanish in Hedge Fund fraud - Mets owner Wilpon duped*** Madoff A Pillar of Finance and Charity Fed Refuses to Disclose Recipients of $2 Trillion in emergency funds *** Brooklyn Ron blogger - Crusading Lawyer Declares: Worst Predatory Lender of 90's Has Resurfaced

Pay to Play Chicago Illinois Attorney General Madigan ASKS HIGH COURT TO REMOVE BLAGOJEVICH FROM OFFICE *** Chicago Sun Times - Madigan leaps over Jackson to take Obama's seat *** Top Obama adviser Emanuel gave aides to Blagojevich a list of candidates he could appoint to the Senate who would be "acceptable" to the president-elect *** New York Housing Chief Picked for Slot in Cabinet - Shaun Donovan

City Hall Edwin Méndez-Santiago, the official responsible for executing the mayor’s controversial plan to modernize elderly care, resigned citing “personal reasons”. *** Don't take away our Bx4 bus, riders tell MTA *** Tax rebates 'may' be in mail: Mayor *** Downtown express - Firefighter, preservationists are burning over island firehouse closing *** As budget shrinks, NYPD faces the possibility of layoffs *** Soho Politics Blog - An examination of the candidates for City Council in the 1st District Alan Gerson (incumbent), Julie Menin, Pete Gleason and Margaret Chin

Albany Smith Democrats united to take the majority in January *** Senate GOP: transition ‘ongoing’ *** Newsday wonders when we’re going to get beyond the massive distraction of the leadership mess in the state Senate and start focusing on the task at hand – the state budget. *** The Post Dicker writes yet another column against Caroline Kennedy *** Velázquez takes herself out of the running for Senate seat. *** Port Authority wastes $20M more at bottomless Ground Zero pit

Washington Franken vs. Coleman: Still Counting in Minnesota

Media Meltdown Detroit papers to cut home delivery to 3 days a week