Friday, December 12, 2008

AUTO-BAILOUT CRASH: UAW BALKS AT STEEP WAGE CUTS $ in Senate14B auto bailout dies in the Senate *** GM board hired bankruptcy advisers *** Rep Frank: help the worker not the companies *** REPUBLICANS TO AUTO WORKERS: DROP DEAD *** Auto Suppliers Panic as Detroit Collapse Nears

Did Southern Senators along with foreign car makers win the Civil War against Detroit?

GET ANGRY, BARACK.  Stop acting like a Cook County pol. You're the most powerful man in America now. *** Washington Post - Case Confirms Rezko Is Talking With Prosecutors *** Feds subpoena Tribune in Blagojevich investigation *** New Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel refused questions from reporters *** McCain: "I Don't Want to Talk About the Bleeping Campaign" *** Powell: GOP 'polarization' backfired in election *** More Minnesota Absentee Ballots Found; Franken Makes Major Push - Franken video count our votes

More Economic Fallout

Wall Street. Ex-Nasdaq chairman's massive Ponzi scheme and $50 Billion confession - Many more to come? *** Bank of America to cut up to 35,000 jobs *** Port Authority to pump money, new jobs into economy as agency ups 2009 construction budget.

High Noon at City Hall: Councilmembers unwilling to face reality that you cannot send the $400 property tax rebate to the voters without raising the property tax 7% which the mayor is demanding to balance the budget *** City Comptroller raises job-loss estimate *** Job Losses in City Reach Up Ladder *** Why the City’s fortunes have reversed so suddenly and caught all the economists by surprise *** Young Astorians worried by train loss *** NY Post Editorial says big mistake for the mayor to drop one of two NYPD academy classes next year to save $117 million *** Layoffs loom for Bravest as FDNY hit with 95M cut *** 'FALSE ALARM' FIREFIGHTER fearful of the cutbacks busted charged with fake 911 calls

The Mob is involved in NY construction? Boss of a mob-linked construction firm who allegedly ordered his hardhats to illegally remove a standpipe, faces rap for the death of 2 fireman*** Reaction to Deutsche building CIG-RULE VIOLATORS $LAMMED *** Daily News Editorial - Housing Authority incompetent leaders thrown down the broken elevator shaft *** Ground Zero Sees Progress Made on Lawsuits, Museum.

Illinois' convictions per 100,000 is 3.9
New York's conviction per 100, 000 is 3.6
"There is a tradition of public service, where people are getting in it for the right reasons and to serve, but there's also a tradition where people view politics as a business" - Obama

Many of New York's Elected Officials in the Same Business as Blagojevich

Assemblyman Seminerio indicted on charges he sold his clout in Albany for a cool $1 million.

Former Council Speaker Miller and Speaker Quinn funnel millions to the High Line and get $$$ campaign contributions in return Miller $60,000 Quinn $50,000.

Lopez’s social programs ensure political victory - funnel millions to Bushwick Senior Citizens non profit to run his political operation and uses government as a personal piggy bank and to pocket money

Councilmember Fiddler funds one of the city’s largest non-profit patronage operations in the city to run his political operation.

Council List Still in Formation

Who Judges the Judges?

"Anderson's decision to accept a large campaign loan from a mentor -- a prominent trust and estates attorney -- gives us pause. But we take seriously her pledge that he will not appear before her and believe, over all, that she offers the best hope of positive reform." New York Times Endorses Nora Anderson, August 23, 2008

"With some wariness we endorse Justice Feinberg on the basis of his good record, and trust that he will stay true to his reform pledges" New York Times Endorses Feinberg for Brooklyn Surrogate Judge, September 6, 1996

Judge Could Be Suspended on the Day She Is Sworn In *** Former Brooklyn Surrogate Judge Feinberg disbarred for corruption on the bench *** The New Yorker has a “Talk of the Town” profile

Albany - Document Outlines a Failed Senate Deal *** State Democrats plot Malcolm Smith's overthrow as majority leader *** Senate Democrats meet with Smith to discuss future *** Indian tax bill on Governor’s desk Cuomo gets good press: Post - Insiders Circle the Wagons against DEM KNOCK ON CAROLINE the outsider - Is Dicker pushing a candidate also? *** Times - A Newly Circumspect Cuomo’s Senate Tap Dance *** Daily News - Caroline Kennedy's fine, but a senator? Cuomo not so sure *** Times Union - Cuomo invokes attorney-client privilege re: senate *** Rep. Anthony Weiner, a staunch Clinton supporter, questioned Kennedy's qualifications and ability to campaign upstate *** Ready for my closeup Mr. DeMille: What about Elizabeth Holtzman?

Health Care: Daschle to oversee Obama's health care overhaul
Media Meltdown: Automakers led the way in cutting back media dollars. TV ads revenue in free fall *** CBS Interactive cuts staff *** Ann Coulter: ‘I Greet Every Newspaper Going Bankrupt With Joy’ *** SPACE RACE TO SAVE CONEY ROCKET