Thursday, November 27, 2008

The national holiday actually began at a dark hour during our war for independence. Here's the story
Much Talk of Cuomo for Clinton’s Seat, but Who’s Talking?

Taxes and Tolls Sought in Plan to Save M.T.A.

Authorities on Alert After Report of Al Qaeda Plot on NYC *** FBI warning ON Subways and LIRR *** Extra Security

The new Secretary of State talks Turkey with Vito at a senior center which is the center of Lopez's government funded social service empire which doubles as his political machine ***Vito's Invite to Senors

A Brooklyn pastor was forced to resign Wednesday because he opposed a massive development deal backed by Democratic assemblyman Vito Lopez, opponents of the project claim.

Will it be controller or Obama for the Bronx Borough President?

A Queens newspaper sides with the mayor and says the $400 rebates checks will have to wait
362 years ago today the village of Brooklyn was formed