Friday, November 28, 2008

For State Senate, Delay to Get a Majority Leader
A look at the resume of Malcolm Smith and problems he faces gaining the senate top leadership job *** Dean Skelos ups ante to keep Senate in GOP rule of the State Senate

Richard Ravitch's MTA funding proposal may also call for payroll tax on top of east river tolls

Park Tickets are the City's hidden tax increase

Housing crisis hurts property tax revenues

Elizabeth Edwards was tapped by Obama to launch a new campaign against cancer.

Minnesota's US Senate showdown is veering toward the courts and, possibly, the Senate itself after a panel's ruling on rejected absentee ballots dealt a blow to Democrat Al Franken's chances

Has the real Stock Market moved to Washington?

The Truth about the Wall Street Bailout: How "Free Market Capitalism" Really Works. Nader and Chomsky Explain the Game, a Nanny State to Take Care of the Rich

Good government groups are pushing for more disclosure of state lawmakers' outside income