Friday, November 21, 2008

A day after defiantly asserting that the city could not afford to send out $400 rebate checks to homeowners, Mayor Bloomberg struck a far softer tone on Thursday, saying he would cooperate with the City Council, which has been urging him to release the checks.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg offers to negotiate on property tax rebates

NY Post Editorial: LET THE COUNCIL COVER THE CHECKS by eliminating member items

Comptroller Bill Thompson yesterday rejected Mayor Bloomberg's claim that there's no cash for property-tax rebates, saying the money could come from nearly $2 billion that the city is rolling over into the next fiscal year

SLASHING SUBWAYS Next stop, Doomsday
Daily News: Skelos, Silver, Smith and Tedisco are to blame for straphangers' woes

Barack Obama appears all set to name Hillary Clinton Secretary of State

Times of London: No drama? With Hillary aboard? Forget it
The Clintons have a knack of turning politics into their own personal stage. The President-elect must be aware of that

ALBANY - So they've cut a deal in case a replacement is needed for Hillary Rodham Clinton ? That's the way it looked to a lot of insiders, with Gov. Paterson and Sen. Charles Schumer -...

The last appointed New York U.S. Senator - 1968 after the death of Robert Kennedy
Triborough bridge renamed for Robert F. Kennedy

Control of the NY State Senate
The slow and contested count for one last senate seat

Commuter tax plan illustrates Albany's new tensions Skelos vs. Gang of Three

Gov. Paterson was called on the carpet yesterday for spending nearly $40,000 in taxpayer funds on a handful of regal rugs for the Executive Mansion in the midst of the state's budget crisis.

Molinaro Weighs a Run for a Third Term for Staten Island Borough President

Assemblyman Tony Seminerio, who is facing federal corruption charges, has used $35,000 worth of campaign cash to pay his legal fees.