Friday, September 28, 2012

Lobbyist Lipsky Given A Very Light Sentence He Must Be Ratting Big Time On Pols

Breaking: Lobbyist Richard Lipsky sentenced to 3 months in prison in bribery case involving fmr. State Sen. Carl Kruger. Without Ratting Lipsky Could Have Gotten 10 Years NYC Lobbyist To Serve Three Months In Bribery Case(NY1) * NY lobbyist sentenced for bribing ex-state senator(Fox 5) * Cooperation Is Cited as Lobbyist in Bribery Case Is Sentenced to 3 Months(NYT)

Okay, Which New York Pols are Going Down?
Kruger Lobbyist Rats
Sending Tremors Through City Hall and the Albany Statehouse
“Anyone who’s ever had any dealings with him is going to be nervous,” an insider said.
Crooked Kruger lobbyist names names for feds: Court docs(NYP) Richard Lipsky “provided substantial assistance” related to “ongoing law-enforcement investigations” in a bid for leniency, according to the Manhattan federal court filing.  He was linked to the so-called “Four Amigos” of the state Senate who revolted against the Democratic leadership and handed control to the Republicans in 2009.

McDonald Takes One for the GOP 
3rd Party Run Could Cause A Split and Allow Dem to Win Seat and Senate
Campaign 2012 After Defeat, Senator Says He Won’t Try 3rd-Party Bid(NYT) * State Sen. Roy McDonald will not seek re-election as a third party candidate after losing the Republican primary to Kathy Marchione, and called for unity in the party, the Albany Times Union reports *Upstate GOP Senator Drops Bid for Re-Election(WSJ)
* Sen. Mike Gianaris says “Republican extremists” drove Sen. Roy McDonald out of his job.* Rogue Republicans are being held accountable,” said the Revered Jason McGuire in response to the news of McDonald’s decision.* Bruno: McDonald Did The Right Thing, Cuomo’s Letter ‘Courageous’(YNN)

Council Not Focused On the 10% of New Yorkers Are Out of Work . . .  How Does Sick Pay Reverse NY Growing Poverty Rate? City Plans to Open New Homeless Shelters—Including One in Brooklyn

Boss Crowley is With Everyone for Queens BP
Weakened, Council Bill on Sick Days Gains Favor(NYT) City Councilman Daniel R. Garodnick has proposed changes to the legislation that would require fewer paid days off for illness in New York than the original bill. * From the Department of Interest, we bring you this Facebook event page for former Councilwoman Melinda Katz’s campaign kickoff party: “Please join us as we kick off Melinda Katz’s campaign for Queens Borough President! With Special Guest Congressman Joe Crowley.” The county Democratic chairman may be going to other kickoff events too, however. * GOP Councilman Eric Ulrich is engaged in one of the most high-profile senate races in the entire state, but try and spot the differences between him and incumbent Senator Joe Addabbo in this interview. It’s possible, but it involves squinting. To be fair, the questions were asked by the quirky Juniper Park Civic Association, which once declared that then-congressional candidate David Weprin told its neighborhoods to “DROP DEAD!” * Mayoral hopefuls Malcolm Smith and Tom Allon mulling leaving Democratic Party * Two Long Island races – one for the House, the other for the state Senate – could impact the balance of power in D.C. and Albany.* Corey Johnson Lines up Labor Support in Race to Succeed Christine Quinn(NYO) * Cooper Wants to Be Next Brewer Too (City and State) * The Senate GOP’s Elephant Army(YNN) * Senate Democrats Sharpen ‘Extremists’ Talking Point(YNN) * City Hall Horse Race: The Fame Monster Edition(NYO) * Councilman David Greenfield joined his colleague Melissa Mark-Viverito in criticizing his proposed 2013 district, but is doing it even more openly:* Assemblywoman Grace Meng’s congerssional campaign was featured in a Marie Claire magazine report on women running for office (and, oddly, what they carry in their purses).

NYT Gives Us A Look Inside the New West Chelsea Home of Speaker Quinn  . . . For the Next Few Days True News Will Be Inviting Guests to Her New Home

Christine Quinn’s Newlywed Nest(NYT)

  • What is the NY Times thinking by publishing yet another puff piece? Quinn has stripped NYC of any modicum of democracy and has squandered tens of millions of dollars in (tax dollar) discretionary funds to make deals to advance her career. And, instead of reporting on these real issues, the NY Times writes yet another puff piece about her - while consistently marginalizing the other 2013 Mayoral candidates? How much power does Bloomberg have over the NY Times?

Pedro To Walks the Plank Alone
Former state Sen. Pedro Espada’s lawyer wants to withdraw as Espada’s counsel in his upcoming federal fraud trial, the News writes:

The Post castigates DA Johnson for declining to prosecute nearly a quarter of arrests made in the Bronx last year and his policy of refusing to move forward on some trespassing arrests
Bronx DA's office has the city's worst record for prosecutions(NYP) The veteran prosecutor convicts only 42.8 percent of those arrested for violent felonies compared with 53.7 percent across the rest of the city. It also takes his assistant DAs an average of 27.7 hours to arraign suspects — which is nearly four hours past the legal deadline. Gun offenders in The Bronx are rarely sent to prison — only 31 percent of felony gun convictions result in prison time. Not only does his office have the longest arrest-to-arraignment time, but it also takes the longest of all the DAs’ offices to file complaints in court.

They require an average of 5 hours while the other DAs range from 2.7 to 4.3 hours. * Johnson’s Criminal Record(NYP)  As The Post reports today, Johnson's office declined to prosecute 23.4 percent of the arrests made in The Bronx last year, hamstringing the cops and letting perps slide. By comparison, Manhattan DA Cy Vance Jr. rejected fewer than 5 percent of his cases. Regarding Johnson’s anemic projects-trespassing policy, it must be noted that just 5 percent of New Yorkers live in public housing — but that 18.5 percent of shootings this year occurred in those projects. So did 10 percent of felony assaults.* The Times’s Jim Dwyer argues that police arrests of accused trespassers at public housing projects wastes the time of innocent individuals who are just visiting * Millions of $ In Lawsuits Averted by New Stop-and-Frisk Clause(City and State)

“If you want to bring crime back to New York, this (Johnson's office) is probably a good way to do it,” said Mayor Bloomberg yesterday

Mayor Bloomberg blasts Bronx DA Robert Johnson for soft stance on crime(NYP) Mayor Michael Bloomberg blasted the Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson’s policy of refusing to prosecute some trespassers arrested in housing projects, saying it will bring crime back to the city

Fall Out From the NYP NYPD Rooftop BBQ Party

Police Shack Muckracker Claims Cops Sent ‘Threats’ After He Published NYPD Scoop(NYO)

New York Post reporter Doug Auer allegedly became the target of police ire after he wrote a scandalous story about an illicit Labor Day BBQ on the roof of police headquarters. Apparently, nothing is as sacred to New York’s Finest as roasted meat, fire code be damned.

Lhota: I am the King
M.T.A. Chief, in Public Clash, Calls Board Member a Liar(NYT) The comments by the chairman, Joseph J. Lhota, to Charles G. Moerdler came during a discussion over a proposal to change the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s meeting calendar.* MTA Chairman Lhota Clashes with Board Member (WSJ)

MTA Boss Lhota "Be A Man Screw the Public"
M.T.A. Chief Challenges Board Member to 'Be a Man'(NYT) A heated exchange during a meeting of the transit agency's board came during a discussion over a proposal to change the board's meeting calendar.
The board was discussing a proposal to reduce the number of board meetings to 8 from 11, and add two “forum” meetings specifically for the public to address the chairman and the agency’s presidents. The board meetings include public comment periods. The board member, Charles G. Moerdler, expressed his opposition to the plan, saying, “At this time, we need to increase, not decrease, timely disclosure.” * MTA To Release "Night Maps" At Select Subway Stations(NY1) * MTA votes to add disclaimers to issues-oriented ads (NYDN) * MTA’s Joe Lhota rips into board member, calling  him a liar (NYDN)

NYP: Free Speech Does Not Allow Your to Interfere With Others Free Speech
Eltahawy, who clearly doesn’t get it, says what she did was an exercise of her First Amendment rights. But they end where someone else’s begin, which is why America is so noisy: Everybody has a point to make, and everybody gets to make it.
The Heckler Wore Pink(NYP) Give credit to spray-can commando Mona Eltahawy, arrested and released this week after defacing some subway signs that displeased her — she’s got the “Hey, look at me” bit down pat. Her message, however, is fundamentally the same as the one those al Qaeda fanboys delivered by storming the US embassy in Cairo earlier this month.Give credit to spray-can commando Mona Eltahawy, arrested and released this week after defacing some subway signs that displeased her — she’s got the “Hey, look at me” bit down pat. Her message, however, is fundamentally the same as the one those al Qaeda fanboys delivered by storming the US embassy in Cairo earlier this month. * MTA: Your ad, your bad(NYP) * M.T.A. Amends Rules After Pro-Israel Ads Draw Controversy(NYT) The Metropolitan Transportation Authority amended its guidelines for advertisements, prohibiting those it believes would “imminently incite or provoke violence,” three days after pro-Israel ads appeared in the subway* Man Tied to Anti-Muslim Video Jailed(WSJ) * MTA To Add Disclaimer To Future Ads With Political Or Religious Content(NY1) * After "Savage" Flap, Subway Ads Get Disclaimers(NBC) * "Love Your Muslim Neighbor" Campaign Organized To Counter Anti-Islam Subway Ads(Village Voice)

The Meaning of Excellence In Education Is Debatable For Some? . . .  It is All About A Tiger Mom
Charges of Bias in Admission Test Policy at Eight Elite Public High Schools(NYT) A coalition of educational and civil rights groups said in a federal complaint Thursday that a test disproportionally excluded black and Hispanic students from New York City’s elite public schools. * Mayor Defends Entrance Exams For Eight High Schools(NY1) * Bloomberg dismissed an NAACP complaint that the city’s entrance exam for top public high schools discriminates against black and Latino students, saying “life isn’t always fair,” the Daily News writes  * Lawsuit Alleges Bias at Elite NYC High Schools(NBC) * Racial disparities on test are "one more indication of how the schools have let so many kids down." (NYDN) * Stuyvesant HS down from 13% Afr-Am in 1979 to just 1.2% this year. Latinos are 40% of 8th graders, just 1.2% of those admitted to Stuy.* Some elected officials have joined public school advocates in opposing actress Maggie Gyllenhaal’s new movie, “Won’t Back Down,” and its glorification of a so-called “parent trigger law.” * New York actually has a parent trigger law, but it’s less aggressive than what’s on the books in other states, in part because it doesn’t allow any teacher replacement. * Students Say Pricey Test Prep Gives Admissions Advantage(NY1) * United Federation of Teachers Announces Ad Campaign in New York(NYT)

* Council Questions DOE Over Stats For Students Learning English (NY1)

Not Everything Has Changed Since Willbrook
Kingsboro Psychiatric Center ducking regs(NYDN) 

Bloomberg does not think the fact that Manhattan’s income gap rivals that of third world countries is something to be ashamed of.

Since 911 Tourist Head Downtown
Tourist Surge Brings Tensions(WSJ) Decimated after the 2001 terrorist attacks, Lower Manhattan has bounced back so dramatically, city tourism officials say the neighborhood now is second only to Times Square on the must-do list of visitors

Visiting Hasidic Jews Forced To Vacate Brooklyn Basement(NY1) * Crown Heights visitors during High Holy Days present fire hazard (NBC)

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is planning a “wine and beer” summit, after holding a successful yogurt summit last month, to help promote the state’s alcohol industries, the Post reports * Long Island booze producers are thrilled with the news of Cuomo’s wine and beer summit at a future date to be determined.

The News argues that the record number of blacks and Latinos who took the Fire Department exam this year should not be seen as confirmation of a federal judge’s ruling that past tests were discriminatory * Judge: FDNY can hire for first time in 5 years(Fox 5) * FDNY can hire for first time in 5 years, judge says(SI Advance) *Judge Approves FDNY's Entrance Exam(NY1) * Judge Approves New Entrance Exam for City Firefighters(NYT)

Catholic Leader Is Turned Away at Exhibit He Deemed Offensive(NYT) * Piss Christ Is Officially Open For Viewing(Huff Post)

On The Verge Of Takeover, NYRA Dinged For Horse Deaths (Updated)(YNN)


Reps. Jerrold Nadler, Carolyn Maloney, and Pete King are lobbying House leaders to not cut benefits to those afflicted with illness after the 9/11 attacks in a proposed budget cut to the Zadroga Act, the News reports

Times readers think the Barclays Center looks like a grilled cheese sandwich, burping clam

For Brooklyn’s New Arena, Day 1 Brings Hip-Hop Fans and Protests(NYT)

Eateries in mad dash to Barclays ’hood(NYP) * Barclays Arena Rivals the Garden’s Glow(NYT) * Candidates Exchange Barbs on Patriotism(WSJ) * WATCH: Grand opening of 40/40 Club at Barclays Center(NYP) * Jay-Z Fans Ready To Fill Barclays Center For Debut (NY1)

 World’s tallest Ferris OK’d for Staten Island(NYP) * World's Tallest Ferris Wheel Planned for Staten Island(NYT) * Deal Struck for World’s Tallest Ferris Wheel on Staten Island(WSJ) * Grand Eye In The Sky Coming To Staten Island(NY1) * Bloomberg Unveils Plans For World’s Tallest Ferris Wheel,(WABC)

Artist's Foundation Seeks Return of 'Sphere' to World Trade Center Site(NYT)

Governors Island and Its Future(NYT) The island off the southern tip of Manhattan is a wasteland no more. These days it’s a very busy place. The Times hopes Bloomberg finishes work at Governor’s Island before he leaves office, including the addition of commercial enterprise that does not detract from the site’s natural beauty * The NYT urges Bloomberg to add to his “considerable environmental legacy” and make the “correct” choices for redeveloping Governors Island before he leaves 

$100 for a hotel in Manhattan? Take a look inside the new 'pod inn'(NYDN)

Albany Task Force Calls For Stricter Rules At NY Race Tracks(NY1)
 City Council rips NYCHA's $10M report(NYDN)

The Making of A President 2012 
Obama Takes Advantage of Romney’s Lack of Detail(NYT) * Swing States a Tough Sell for Romney(WSJ) * Candidates Exchange Barbs on Patriotism(WSJ) * Friends and supporters of Mitt Romney have come to realize the candidate’s biggest problem is…himself.* Former President Clinton is hitting the campaign trail for Obama again. He’ll be in New Hampshire next Wednesday – the date of the first presidential debate.* The story every reporter is looking for, though it hasn't quite happened yet: GOP resources shifting from WMR to Senate * Ann Coulter Reacts To Her View Appearance, Spars With Juan Williams On HannitySNL’s Obama Promises America That Things Will Get Better… Eventually. * Krauthammer Trashes Romney Campaign’s ‘Astonishing’ Smallness * Wolf Blitzer On GOP Poll Bias Claims: 'Fox News Polls Are Showing Almost Exactly The Same Thing' (VIDEO)(Huff Post) * Whose Idea Was It to Nominate Romney, Anyway?(NY Mag)
Debates Won't Turn It Around for Romney - Michael Cohen, The Guardian
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Obama's "One-Term Proposition" - Wall Street Journal
FiveThirtyEight: The Impact of the ‘47 Percent’ There’s a case to be made that a video of Mitt Romney’s remarks to donors did damage his standing some.
Polls show Obama up in New Hampshire, close races in Nevada and North Carolina:(Wash Post)
President Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu Speak by Phone(ABC)
$450 Million Aid Package for Egypt Meets Resistance(NYT)
"Won't Back Down": Why This Movie Matters - Andrew Rotherham, Time
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Gov. Andrew Cuomo will be the special guest at an Artists for Obama fund-raiser on October 3 at the Lever House in Manhattan.
What Jewish Republicans Are Giving 'Volunteers' To Make Calls For Mitt(Huff Post)
Jewish groups say conspiracy theory over anti-Islam film won’t die (Wash Post)
Andrea Mitchell To Maddow: Press Has Done A Poor Job Of Covering The Campaign
Joe Biden, white-haired and 69, pushes Obama re-election in visits to Florida retiree centers(Wash Post)

Romney: Military action against Iran probably won’t be required, but must be option (Wash Post)
The Fortune Teller(NY Mag) Nate Silver on Romney's chances, Hillary 2016, and the $75,000 he lost playing poker.
How to Help Iran Build a Bomb(NYT) A number of experts say an attack on Iran by Israel would not slow Iran’s nuclear program, but speed it up.

Shifts on Libya Attack Could Cost Obama Politically(NYT)

Romney, Appealing to Wider Audience, Refines Message(NYT)


Folks get jump on prez vote in Iowa(NYP)

Bloomberg agrees with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s call for a “red line” against Iranian nukes.

Bibi red alert on Iran time bomb(NYP) * Talking at Cross Purposes(NYT Ed) Israeli and Palestinian leaders spoke at the United Nations of threats and grievances, but offered no hope for negotiations. * Netanyahu Demands 'Red Line' on Iran(WSJ) * Bloomberg, Netanyahu Share Chilly Outlook On Iran Before Warm Meeting(NY1) * Bibi schools the world (NYDN) At the UN, Netanyahu presents powerful case for strong action to stop Iran from going nuclear * Netanyahu Gets His Meeting With Obama (But Not in Person)(NYO) * Netanyahu says warning could prevent Iran from getting nuclear bomb(NYP)

Bloomberg calls Hillary Clinton a 'class act'(NYP)

Security Fears Hobble Inquiry Into Libya Mission Attack(NYT) * McCain ‘spontaneous’ combustion over Libya(NYP) * NY National Guard unit heading to Afghanistan(Fox 5)

Ex SAC Capital analyst takes plea deal in fraud case, will work with feds(NYP)Ex-Worker Left I.R.S. for Job at Bank He Audited, Complaint Says(NYT) * France Unveils HUGE Tax Hike On High Earners(Huff Post) * Bank of America Agrees to Pay $2.43 Billion to Settle Suit(NYT)

Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Ex-Gov. Spitzer(NYT) A federal judge dismissed a libel lawsuit against former Gov. Eliot Spitzer and the online magazine Slate for a column Mr. Spitzer wrote in 2010 about an insurance bid-rigging scandal.

Law and Order

Bronx teen’s gory gun-&-bludgeon mom death ‘confess’(NYP)

Promotion for cop who shot P.O. Omar Edwards(NYDN)

40 yrs. to life in B’klyn slay(NYDN)

Jailed cop killer Ronell Wilson slinging threats and gang (NYDN)

Trial Begins in Bus Crash That Killed 15(NYT) *NY tour bus driver manslaughter trial opens(NYDN) * Crash driver’s ‘killer fatigue’(NYP) * Survivor of Bronx bus crash testifies that she felt the(NYDN) * 2 Who Rode Casino Bus Tell of Crash(NYT)

At a hearing held by Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman, AG Eric Schneiderman said New York needs a dedicated stream of funding to help fill the “catastrophic lack” of legal services for the poor. 

Trial Begins For Driver Of Overturned Tour Bus That Killed 15(NY1)

Godless thugs mug deacon(NYDN)

Ex-cop nixes deal in wife slay(NYP)
Kerik Is Reluctant Witness in Perjury Trial of Brothers Who Remodeled His Home(NYT) * Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik is not excited about the prospect of testifying for the prosecution against two brothers who allegedly remodeled his home in exchange for assistance with regulators.
* House-party killer gets jail(NYP) * Cops hunt 2 in shooting of man on Staten Island street(SI Advance) *Police Look For Suspect Whom They Say Tried To Rape 3-Year-Old(NY1) * Cops looking for 2 armed robbers after midtown jewelry store heist, pepper-spray (NBC) *Woman knifes man at subway stop, claims grope: cops(NYP) * Thieves hit jewelry store in broad daylight(NYP) * Busted: 2 women and a man charged in string of Staten Island (SI Advance) * Well-Dressed Robbers Sought in Brazen Midtown Heist(NBC) * 2 Plead Guilty as Kingpins in Drug Gang(NYT)