Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Its Still All About Weiner

Political Smart Alec

Alec Baldwin is mulling a run for mayor of New York City now that kinky Congressman Weiner appears to have sexted himself out of the 2013 race(The Daily) *  Alec Baldwin Thinking Of New York City Mayor Run: Report(Huff Post)

Breaking 5PM

Weiner’s Wife Is Pregnant(NYT)


The End of the Weiner?

Weiner must resign or the people of New York must kick him out(NYP) * Weiner likely to endure a rough sex probe(NYP) * Democrats Shy From Weiner as G.O.P. Seizes on Scandal(NYT) * In Weiner's District, Supporters Still Are Easy to Find * Can the Democrats Keep Weiner's Seat? Ed Koch and others rate An Weiner's chances of political survival. (NYT) * In Weiner's District, Scandal Stirs Little Outrage * Polls Say Slim Majority Want Anthony Weiner to Resign(NYO)

Clinton Like "Bimbo Eruption"

Politico: "Anthony Weiner explained self to Bill Clinton" This is like Justin Bieber explaining music to Paul McCartney.

Tell y'all tales for me: Weiner Coached Southern porn pal in coverup(NYP) * That Look, That Weiner-Spitzer-Clinton Look(NYT) * Meet XXX porn star Ginger Lee, a Weiner 'sexting' partner Group Warned Women on Twitter About Weiner Several months ago, a small group of self-described conservatives were warning young women on Twitter to be wary of Mr. Weiner.(NYP) *  Anthony Weiner's career likely is ruined by Twitter pic scandal - and he didn't even have sex!(NYDN) * TMZ: Anthony Weiner urged porn star pen pal Ginger Lee to lie (CBS) * Take the Weiner-or-Woods challenge. (Warning, nature of content is graphic) 


Republicans have called for his resignation and top Democrats have distanced themselves 
“Call somebody else.”

Disgusted Democrats letting Weiner shrivel Top Senate Democrat Harry Reid cut off disgraced Rep. Anthony Weiner yesterday, saying he wouldn't even take a call from the onetime political up-and-comer.(NYP) * Weiner Faces Calls to Resign and Tries to Make Amends(NYT) * Weiner draws no defense from Democrats(WSJ) * Weiner Scandal Splits Politicians (NY1) * Rep. Allyson Schwartz, DCCC recruting chair, says Weiner should resign in light of his “offensive behavior.”


NYers: You'll never be Mayor 'Crotch'(NYP) * Weiner's conduct gives pols a reason to cut his district(NYDN) * Anthony Weiner is deluded if he thinks he can save his career after lying at weepy press conference(NYDN Ed) * The beat goes on Exhibit A: Tony and the porn star. (Shades of Charlie Sheen.) Exhibit B: The 26-year-old single mom from Texas who was stalked by the congressman after she posted a compliment on his Facebook photo.(NYP Ed) *  Weiner Like Me The congressman from New York has given us Weiners a bad name, and let’s face it: we didn’t have a great one to begin with.(NYT OpEd)*  Weiner's real sin is plain old stupidity(NYDN) * Reading Weiner’s face (TU)


Donald Trump posted a YouTube video on Weinergate, saying: “The fact is, Anthony Weiner is a bad guy; he’s a psycho.”

Psychiatry Might Help Weiner (NYT) * Huma has perv pol Weiner's back(NYP) * Abedin's Private Life Is Tested(WSJ) * Weiner fighting for political career as details of sexting with porn star, others emerge(NYDN) * Rep. Anthony Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, spent Monday night at a Manhattan hotel after having dinner with her family. He returned home to Queens Tuesday – alone. * Abedin departed last night for a weeklong trip to Africa with her longtime boss, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 


Flash Mob Picket & Protest of Anthony Weiner

 Anthony Weiner needs to resign, ex-DNC Chair Tim Kaine says; Does President Obama agree? (NYDN) * Apologizes to ex-prez who officiated at nuptials, weathered his own sex scandal(NYP) * Top Democrat calls for Weiner to quit(NYP) * Weiner sponsored the Keeping the Internet Devoid of Sexual Predators Act of 2007.  * Analysis Shows Weiner Tweeted Late And With Young Women(YNN) * Rep. Anthony Weiner penis exposed in photo as sexting scandal threatens congressman's career(NYDN) 

Anthony Weiner’s Private Part Shot Emerges (Gawker)



"We have a right to say, forcefully, some art is simply offensive to us and we think it should go." Weiner

He is Crazy

RT : Bklyn BP Markowitz says Weinergate is "mishegoss." Adds, "I am so happy I am 66...Whatever nonsense I had was beaten out ...(Twitter)





Broussard did find it strange that Rep. Weiner opened up to her so quickly in such an intimate manner

Rep. Weiner Cyber Friend Meagan Broussard Speaks Of Her Photo Exchanges To Hannity

The Clintons are reportedly “deeply unhappy” with Weiner.* An influential Muslim leader advised Abedin, a practicing Muslim, to be “patient” with her husband.* Two House Democrats – neither from New York – are giving up campaign contributions from Weiner. * Newsday can overlook Weiner’s “creepiness”, but not his “bad judgment”.* A potential Tea Party contender for Weiner’s House seat got a heads up from Andrew Breitbart that a major news bomb was about to drop.* Weiner apologized to a number of people during his tearful press conference, but not his wealthy campaign donors.* Matt Damon still supports Weiner, but has postponed the fundraiser he planned to headline for him.*  It Gets Worse: Opie And Anthony Post Alleged Raw Picture Of Weiner’s Penis * Is Anthony Weiner Staying to Save His Colleagues? (NYO) *Abedin is redefining the image of the wronged political wife.

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart mocked Rep. Anthony Weiner’s tearful press conference, switching from bottled water to alcoholic beverages mid-confession and taking full responsibility for merely glancing over the event on Monday’s show. 

Oops! Jon Stewart Accidentally Cuts Hand While Mocking Rep. Weiner Press Conference

Bill O'Reilly: Video Center - Video Of The Day - Late night comedians go to town on Weiner

The Public Forgets

Mayor Bloomberg Thinks Weiner Can Outlast the Attention 

Mayor Bloomberg to Cindy Adams on Weiner: “Notice, nobody’s defended Anthony. Like Spitzer, he had no friends. Weiner should have owned up right away. But, listen, the public quickly forgets.”



Bloomberg Puppet

Bloomberg Is Endorsing Quinn for Mayor—Well, Actually, Not Yet Mayor Bloomberg has said he will support—or, at the very least, has said he is leaning toward endorsing—City Council Speaker Christine Quinn in the 2013 mayoral race, former Mayor Ed Koch said.(WSJ) * 2013 New York City mayor's race really up for grabs now(NYDN) * Winners and losers from Weinergate. (The former includes all of his likely Democratic 2013 mayoral opponents except NYC Comptroller John Liu).




Bx DA Centers on PBA Delegates in Ticket Fixing Case

Ticket-fixing probe: Prosecutors taking aim at 'worst of the bunch' in city's biggest police unionAbout 45 cops have provided damaging grand jury testimony linking delegates, union officials and members of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association to the ongoing scandal in exchange for immunity, sources said.(NYDN)




As Ethics Measure Emerges, So Do Questions About Its Teeth(NYT) * New Law on Ethics May Face Challenge(WSJ) * The new ethics bill would temporarily halt any current investigations by the Public Integrity Commission, including the probe into former SUNY Research head John O’Connor. * The ethics law could face a legal challenge for leaving out independents. * It also permanently curtails the powers of the current legislative minority conferences – even if they end up in the majority.* The Glens Falls Post-Star says the ethics bill falls short. *  Renaming the Ethics Bill, and Asking for Money(NYT)


Cuomo Studies Robert Moses 

Robert Moses

A Voice From the Past Advises Cuomo on the Future

“Report of Reconstruction Commission to Gov. Alfred E. Smith on Retrenchment and Reorganization in the State Government” — the 1919 report is peppered with the caustic wit and wisdom of the commission’s chief of staff, Robert Moses.


Cuomo introduces Tier VI pension reform bill:(TU) * Gov. Cuomo's Pension Tier VI Proposal Applauded By Mayor Bloomberg, Panned By CSEA (DN)

 Liu seeks to harness the muscle of the pension funds he helps oversee to stifle criticism of him, the pension funds or the unions. Out of comptrol




In Cuts, Fears for Program That Assists Rape Victims(NYT)

City Steers New Taxi Option Proposal Would Create Livery-Cab Stands to Boost Service Outside Manhattan (WSJ)




Silver TKO's Ultimate Fighting In New York 

 Sheldon Silver socks it to ultimate fighting hopes in New York(NYDN)



Bing Takes Cuomo Appointment - Assemblyman Jonathan Bing made a lot of enemies in the labor movement when he authored a bill to get rid of LIFO (Gotham Gazette)



WILLIAMSBURG: Rabbis to Williamsburg women: Don’t wear that tank top!



Another Crackdown on Illegal Apartments 

The camera loves us! New film & TV production$ a boon for NY(NYP)





Pols' bill tailor-maid to protect hotel gals(NYP)






Suspect charged amid NYPD turmoil(NYP) * Sources: Suspect May Be Behind Four Brooklyn Sex Assaults


DNA match brings plea in rape case(NYDN)



Law and Order

Thug ex-cop gets 20 yrs. (NYP) * Cop who led life as a thug sentenced to 20 years in prison(NYDN) * 'Slay' ma eyes deal like DSK's(NYP) * Search for Bodies Resumes on Long Island, Aided by Aerial Images(NYT) *  Rapper Ja Rule due to go to prison in NYC gun case(WSJ) * Woman who mowed down retired nurse and fled gets light sentence(NYDN) * Guns taken off streets by NYPD to be turned into inspirational art pieces(NYDN) * Police: Argument Led Brooklyn Man To Kill Stepfather(NY1) * Father of Slain NYPD Officer, Pols Call for Stricter Domestic Violence Penalties (NYP)


Jill Abramson: Our Lady of Gray The climb to Valhalla is treacherous—but lawyers, babies, Howell Raines and a barreling truck couldn’t keep Jill Abramson down.(NYO) * Breaking down the three Jill Abramson pieces published today.(FishbownNY) * Times’s Jill Abramson: Dog Nut, Norse Deity(CJR)



Keith Olbermann Dishes About MSNBC Feud(Newser)