Thursday, December 30, 2010

NYC'S Katrina; Bloomberg's Brownie Moment

Breaking News Steve Rattner has settled with #nyag @AndrewCuomo for $10 million. So ends the mudslinging fight. (Twitter) * Azi Paybarah Rattner:"I apologize if during the course of this process there is anything I did that may have made reaching this agreement more difficult" * maghabepolitico Rattner settles with Cuomo, 10 mill fine and five-year ban - the AG may not have wanted to risk leaving that loose end before leaving office *Rattner to Pay $10 Million in Pension-Fund Settlement(WSJ) * Rattner to Pay $10 Million to Settle Pension Kickback Case (NYT)
* Steve Rattner settles pay-to-play scandalFortune  * Former 'Car Czar' Rattner Agrees To Pay $10M To State Of New YorkNPR


Katrina Buses Flooded
Not used by to evacuate residents of New Orleans
Subway Trains Stuck in Yards

Katrina Exhibit 1
MTA failed to follow its own emergency protocol (DN)

Katrina Exhibit 2
Sanitation Department's slow snow clean-up was a budget protest (NYP)
City Leaders Not in Charge of the Workforce Inaction and Delays The city’s decision not to declare a snow emergency, transit officials’ delay in invoking a full-scale emergency plan and a seemingly late bid for help may face scrutiny.(NYT) * Gov Says Sanitation Bosses Actions Could Be Criminal (YNN)Mayor will investigate blizzard sabotage, calls it 'an outrage' (NYP)


Katrina Exhibit 3   
The Public Be Dammed   
Will Bloomberg fire any of his people.  When Assembly Hikind asked him to fire the satiation commissioner Bloomberg said no Bloomberg Takes Blame for Response to Snowstorm (NYT) * Mayor Admits City Storm Response Could Have Been Better (NY1)

Katrina Exhibit 4 

The Public Be Dammed II
MTA Fare Increase 
If you need any proof why a million and a half middle class residents have left the state in the last 10 years in the in your face fare increases in the middle of MTA caused service disruptions. Higher MTA Fares, Tolls Kick In Toll and fare increases take effect across the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's system Thursday, but they won't solve the agency's deep fiscal problems.(WSJ) * Fare hike rubs salt in wound for straphangers (DN) * MetroCard Fare Hikes Take Effect Thursday (NY1) * Many Bus Lines Are Still Detoured by Snow (NYT)

Katrina Exhibit 5 

The Public Be Dammed III
The Public Health Put In Danger

Busiest-ever FDNY sounds the alarm

4 Days After the Storm the NYT Discovers the Anger in the Outer Boroughs

 But does not blame the mayor for the failure   A Frozen City Boils Over But whatever the outcome (of the investigations), may the storm at least spell the end of the mayor’s use of weary sarcasm as a response to the legitimate concerns of citizens — particularly in neighborhoods that now seem even farther from Gracie Mansion.(NYT Ed) * The New York Times Discovers (Video)  * Outrage at Unplowed Streets? It’s a New York Tradition (NYT)

Both the Daily News and NYT Did Editorials Today Asking the Mayor to Do Better none compared the storm to Lindsay and none asked him to fire anyone. Mayor Bloomberg must dig deeper to keep city from being buried again - by snow and by budget cuts (DN Ed)

Frustration, Outrage and Neighborly Bonds on an Unplowed Block in Queens (NYT) * Obstacles at Every Turn for Plow Crew (NYT) * For Some Travelers Stranded in Airports, Relief Is in 140 Characters (NYT) * Flights at J.F.K. Sit on Tarmac for Hours (NYT) * Emergency response criticized after NY snowstorm(WSJ)* Scores of Brooklyn streets are still unplowed (DN) *Ignored Brooklyn street is the bury, bury worst (NYP)*Stories from the blizzard (NYP)




Sanitation Dep. Says It Reaches Cleanup Deadline But Not All Streets Appear Plowed (NY1) * NYC blizzard cleanup: City fails to meet 7 a.m. deadline to have every street cleared of snow (DN)

NY1headlines Queens BP Helen Marshall says streets in her borough still seem unplowed  (11:41AM)

Despite vigils across the state, layoffs of state workers are expected to take effect at the end of the week. 





Judge Rejects Bid to Block New Schools Chancellor * Court rules Black waiver did not violate law(NYP) * Joel Klein's departure (NYP Ed) * Judge Backs Appointment of New Chief for Schools (NYT)*




Judge Rejects City Law on Antismoking Posters (NYT) * Judge Blocks City's Requirement For Graphic Anti-Tobacco Ads (NY1) * Judge's kibosh on cig ad nausea (NYP)


Law and Order  Medical examiner says Cachay was strangled and drowned at SoHo House (NYP) * A Cold Case, and Hope, Is Revived (NYT) * New York Police Commissioner Unharmed After Accident (NYT) * Kelly's SUV in skid crash (NYP Police Commissioner in Traffic Accident(WSJ) * NYPD Commissioner Kelly OK after snowy smashup (DN) *Ray Kelly in fender-bender on slippery roadway in Brooklyn (NYP) * Man killed in execution-style shooting at barber shop (DN) * Mayor Bloomberg ignores Queens DA's pleas to toss judge, reappoints Judge Joel Blumenfeld(DN) * New York leads charge at $lick BP in lawsui*  * The Department of Criminal Justice says hate crimes are up, mostly targeting Jews.

Media and New Tech   Wacky Political Rundown On NY1 With Costume-Changing Commentator (Mediaiate)

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