Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Moreland Act: Cuomo's Big Stick

The Moreland Act
Cuomo's Big Stick


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Cuomo's preparing to launch "a counter-attack" against special interests who oppose him

Cuomo still pounding Paladino: poll (NYP) * Cuomo’s Record as Attorney General Draws Mixed Views (NYT) * Cuomo threatens to get tough on state corruption (DN) * Praise for Andrew Cuomo’s four years as AG is not universal, some – including ex-Eliot Spitzer advisor Lloyd Constantine – criticize Cuomo for handing off investigations into charges against Gov. David Paterson to former Chief Judge Judith Kaye.* Cuomo called state government a “joke” and threatened to establish a commission with subpoena power under the Moreland Act to go after corrupt lawmakers. * CSEA is “shocked” that Cuomo, as the state’s top attorney, would defend what the union sees as Paterson’s illegal effort to lay off state workers.* Fill In The Blanks: Cuomo's Education Plans Short On Detail (City Limits) * The Paladino camp hopes to get a boost from the AEG mess.* Q Poll: Double-Digit Leads For Cuomo, Gillibrand, Schumer * But NT2 hears echoes of a certain steamroller in Cuomo's "I'm The Boss Here" rhetoric. * Cuomo Puts Labor in a Headlock (Gotham Gazette, Oct 27, 2010) * Kristin Davis For Governor: "Vote Homo, Not Cuomo" * District Council 37 Executive Director Lillian Roberts is furious with Cuomo, and siad: “We’re ready for a damn fight if that’s what they want.”* DC 37 Chief Lillian Roberts: Don't Vote For Andrew Cuomo - Updated

 DiNapoli's insider games(NYP Ed) * Comptroller Visions Clash The power of the state comptroller's office to intervene in the state's finances is emerging as a central issue in the contest between Democratic incumbent Thomas DiNapoli and Republican Harry Wilson. (WSJ) *  Tom DiNapoli ducked Harry Wilson's request for official schedules that made him look bad (DN Ed) * The Jewish Press endorsed Cuomo, Bob Duffy, Eric Schneiderman and Tom DiNapoli.* A First Look at 'The Rent Is Too Damn High,' the Album * In The Shadow Of Twin Towers, Paladino Knocks Those Who 'Politicize' Ground Zero Mosque [VIDEO]

Racino puts money on scandal lobbyist  * Schneiderman To Donate Thousands To Charity Following NY1 Report

Senate GOP Pushes The AEG Angle

AEG Teflon Lobbyists
John Cordo -- a one-time staffer to Senate Republicans -- was one of six lobbyists who represented Aqueduct Entertainment Group. Genting won the contract after AEG was disqualified in the prior round of bidding. Jennifer Cunningham (above) and business partner John Cordo won Big A lobby deal
Cordo's business partner, Jennifer Cunningham -- who has longstanding ties to Andrew Cuomo as well as the powerful hospital-workers union SEIU 1199 East
Both the DN and the Post, which have endorsed Wilson, take swipes at DiNapoli today.

Election 2010  A Republican Leader Visits a Democratic Stronghold Michael Steele, the Republican National Committee chairman, sought to rally Harlem voters to support Michel Faulkner, Representative Charles B. Rangel’s challenger. (NYT)  * Joe Biden hits NYC, stumps for Gillibrand (DN) * Madam Kristin Goes to Albany * The Democratic State Senate Majority: A Look Back * Manhattan Madam On The Air * Jimmy McMillan is a columnist for the UK Guardian.

GOP romp could spell doom for top New Yorker in White House Bam's political director Patrick Gaspard may be fall guy. (DN) *  Poll Finds GOP Edge in Tough Upstate Race A Siena College poll finds Republican Chris Gibson with a nine-point lead over incumbent Democrat Scott Murphy, a far cry from the 17-point lead Murphy had last month.(WSJ) * To wit: The DCCC just dropped $21.6 million on 66 House races, including four in New York. * Document Drop: Money Apparently No Object In Legislative Races * Spending in legislative races is way up.  * Paladino: The Movie

 Mike set to 'wage' war vs. council On the heels of the bruising defeat of a bill forcing small businesses to provide paid sick days, the City Council and Mayor Bloomberg are bracing for a fight on whether companies getting city subsidies should be required to pay workers a "living wage." (NYP) * Pre-emptive Charges of Bias in a City-Financed Wage Study (NYT)

 Stuyvesant Town’s Lenders Take Over Property (NYT) * Investors Reach Deal on Stuyvesant Complex(WSJ)

Terrorism  'All American' Qaeda wannabe  SI suspect into vid games: kin (NYP) * Former City Resident Is Accused of Trying to Join Terrorists (NYT) * Candid Talks by Detainee Were Caught on U.S. Tapes (NYT) * Abdel Hameed Shehadeh, Staten Island jihadi, busted after all-too-grueling investigation (DN Ed)

Law and Order Detective ‘Jonesy’ (NYP) *Salon Hero Cop Is Promoted  (WSJ) * New rap for 2007 cop killer (NYP) * Trio cleared in gay bash (NYP) * Study Finds Street Stops by N.Y. Police Unjustified (NYT) * Charges Dropped Against 3 in Bronx Antigay Attacks (NYT) * 3 Are Wounded in a Shooting on a Lower East Side Street (NYT) * Sex-Trafficking Arrests Remain Rare in New York City(WSJ) * NYPD made my life a living hell, and now I'm suing, says gay cop (DN) * Feds are set to deport cabbie on old gun rap (DN) * Gunman wounds three on lower East Side (DN) * Heroic salon cop 'Jonesy' is promoted to detective (DN) * My freebies will be going on the record, Kelly vows (DN) * Charges Dropped Against Three In Bronx Gay Attacks (NY1) * Sources: Men Convicted In Brooklyn Cop's Death To Face New Charges (NY1) * Jurors in WABC newsman's murder trial tell judge they are deadlocked (NYP)

‘Mr. Spitzer Dissed The Sistah’

Media and New Tech Obama will become the first sitting president to appear on the “Daily Show” in what the administration admits is a blatant attempt to woo young voters.* NetFlix-for-Voting Startup Tries to Make Democracy Easy * Paterson is a fan of “Parker-Spitzer,” but made no secret of the fact that he’ll soon be available to take his former boss’ place if the TV gig doesn’t work out for him.*  Obama Conducts First Sit-Down With Progressive Bloggers

Can’t Keep a Bad Idea Down  All that’s missing this campaign season is serious debate about the important stuff. (Friedman, NYT)

Who Will Control Congress?
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