Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Russian Spys Try to Find Out Albany's Secrets

Breaking News Three Groups Pony Up Bids For Aqueduct Racino Project

Russian Spys Try to Find Out Albany's Secrets

Spy ring's 'femme fatale' (NYP) * In Ordinary Lives, U.S. Sees the Work of Russian Agents (NYT) * U.S. Charges 11 in Russia Spy Case (WSJ) * Russian spy ring: Shocker reminiscent of Cold War as FBI takes down nest of 'deep cover' agents (DN) * Neighbors in shock after couples busted as Russian spies (DN) * Where the accused Russian spies did their business (DN) *Feds: 10 Charged In Alleged Russian Spy Operation (NY1)
* 11th alleged Russian spy arrested at Cyprus airport; out on bail

Governor Blows Up Assembly and Senate Budget Passed Last Night

Paterson Vetoes Spending (WSJ) * Ignore bills to pass big-spending plan (NYP) * Paterson Fighting the good fight (NYP Ed) * Lawmakers Restore Cuts, but a Veto Comes Quickly (NYT) * A Bigger Pension Borrowing Plan (NYT) * Cuomo: Let Tax Hike Die (WSJ) * Hammond: Albany clowns don't know their own price tag (DN) * Gov shreds pols' budget try, says his pen will run dry * One Down, 6,899 To Go * Paterson To Veto State Budget Add Ons (NY1) * The Legislature treated Gov. David Paterson’s extender bills like “a pile of trash,” invoking a state law that has reportedly never been used before to refuse to accept them and pass their own budget deal. * Paterson's last Silver bullet: veto (NYP) * The state plans to raid racino revenues to aid education * The Assembly could override Paterson's veto with relative ease, but it would be tougher for the Senate *** PM UPDATE Paterson says vetoes will continue * Paterson Presses Albany on Budget (NYT) * Albany Budget Battle Continues (NY1)

Facebook CityHallNewsPaterson on Gambling: state workers will loose their jobs under my budget #nys #budget * CityHallNews Paterson: "There's an understanding the governor wont call the Legislature back during the elections, well I will!" #nys * CityHallNews Paterson: GOP feels we're spending too much money. Gambling: Of course we are!

Hospitals, Library Cuts and 10% Jobless Rate Does Not Stop the Council From Getting Their Pork Member Item Fix. What ever happen to the federal investigation of the council?
New York City Council 'Pork' Disclosed (WSJ) The New York City Council is expected Tuesday to approve nearly $50 million in so-called "member items"—or "pork," according to critics—as part of the $63 billion city budget for the fiscal year beginning Thursday. * CM Ydanis Rodriguez Investigated In "Touching" Incident * Council's Pork Budget: Look But Don't Touch * Paterson: State can't afford 'pork' Governor threatens to cut from budget funds lawmakers dole out (TU)

True News on City Council Slush Fund Cover Up
Member Item Slush Fund Cover Up* Cover Up At City Hall Continues * The blog Queens Crap calls for action on New York City's worst (and most under-reported scandal).

More Hospitals Close Will Mean More People Will Die
North General Hospital Is Closing, but Clinics Are Ready to Take Its Place (NYT) * Harlem Hospital to Fold (WSJ) * David Paterson, After Letting St. Vincent's Die, Rescues a Harlem Hospital From His Old District (Barrett, Village Voice)

Election 2010 A number of allies of ex-Sen. Hiram Monserrate -- who also happen to be running for office themselves -- say he's no bogeyman

Facebook Joseph Mercurio Democrat Andrew Cuomo is trouncing his GOP rivals by wide margins. The poll shows Cuomo getting 55% against both Lazio and Paladino. Lazio gets 28% and Paladino gets 25%. Republican Rasmussen poll.

Negligence vs Act of God Get mad, Mike Right now, Bloomberg, et al., owe more to the family of Gianna Ricciutti (child killed in by falling tree branch in Central Park) than self-protective press releases and a glib assignment of blame to the Deity (Bloomberg said an act of god caused the accident) (NYP Ed) * Limb’s Crash Was Likely ‘Act of God,’ Mayor Says (NYT)

Little Diversity at Top of Bloomberg’s Administration 70 percent of the senior jobs in his administration are held by whites (NYT)

Abused Transit Riders

Riders: What's my line? (NYP) * City Commuters Press On Despite Transit Cuts (NYT) * Dealing With the New MTA Rides (WSJ) * Falling-down conditions a subway threat (DN) * Look out below! Probe hammers MTA brass for station collapses (NYP) * QM22 route saved by private bus company - and teen rider (DN)

Keeping your mouth closed helps New York Public Advocate Wins Back Budget (WSJ)

New York Economic Meltdown
Near-Empty Tower Still Holds Hope (NYT) * Mike rips charity tax (NYP)

Rubber Room Closes
Last Day of ‘Rubber Rooms’ for Teachers (NYT) * No Change for School StartThe start date of the new school year for New York City public schools will remain unchanged after the city and teachers disagreed over how to make up a lost day on the calendar. (WSJ) * Homeless Brooklyn teen proudly graduates from high school (DN) * Another school allowed kids to swim where girl drowned (DN)

More Guns
Gun ruling not 'gat' bad: Mike (NYP) *Court Ruling Seen as Challenge to N.Y. Gun Permits (WSJ) * The Court: Ignoring the Reality of Guns The Supreme Court’s ruling that state and local laws cannot restrict an individual’s right to bear arms puts too many lives at risk. (NYT Ed) * Daly: Let this cop be safe in city with too many guns (DN) * Shot full of danger: Supreme Court on perilous path toward gutting guns laws (DN Ed)

Mayor Dinkins Do Something

Bloomberg Nothing
Two Pre-Teen Boys Shot While Playing Outside in Brooklyn (WINS) Most of the daily did not play this story up today. In 1990 when children where shot in the city it made Time magazine
Law and Order Cop in 'video' beat acquitted * Man Guilty of Murder as Hate Crime (NYT) * Officer Acquitted of Assaulting Iraq Veteran (NYT) * Judge frees mom jailed for keeping son from rapist dad (DN) * Warped judgment: Jurist wrongly jails mom for keeping her son from rapist dad (DN) * 17 Indicted in Alleged Mob-Related Gambling Rings

Terrorism NY NYPD Terror Chief Won't Rank Targets (WSJ) * Plea Possible in JFK Bomb Plot (WSJ) * Man Pleads Guilty To Lesser Charges In Plot To Blow Up JFK (NY1)

The Media Made Fun of Ross Perot in 1992 when he said congress would cause American to lose Jobs

Democrats Did Not Focus On: Jobs, Jobs and Jobs

Wrong Track Distress With no end to the employment crisis in sight, the U.S. desperately needs to enact an aggressive jobs-creation campaign. (Herbert, NYT)

No Dog Takeru Kobayashi Out Of Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest? (VIDEOS)

Media and New Tech Katie Couric might join Eliot Spitzer at CNN * Daily Kos Accuses Polling Firm Of Fabricating Results