Friday, August 21, 2009

The Mayor's Orwellian Connection and Inspector Clouseau

The Mayor's Orwellian Connection
and Inspector Clouseau

Job Loss is Good for Development and the Economy NYC’s jobless rate higher than the nation’s Roof Falling is Good for Subway Stations *** Falling tax reveniues, empty store fronts and Wall Street's melt down will have no effect on future city services

The City's Big Brother Machine
"Mayor's office forms a non profit and pays to run it to gain support for the mayor's plan to remove the businesses from Willets Point and turn it over to developers. The group, the Flushing Willets Point Corona Local Development Corporation, spent much of it to hire lobbyist like former Queens Boro President Claire Shulman and the Parkside Group to help push through the plan through the City Council . . . State law says local development corporations are not permitted to “influence legislation by propaganda or otherwise.” Ms. Shulman’s group eventually reported spending $450,000, roughly half its total budget, on lobbying, city records show. Her lobbying for this latest plan became an issue this year when the city clerk’s office, which regulates lobbyists, fined her group a record $59,090 for failing to register her activities with its office. But the issue of whether the group should have been lobbying at all went unaddressed. " (NYT)
Mayor's Conflict of Interest
Even campaign spokeperson former public relations group the Glover Park Group received 30,000 from Shulman fake non profit. Wolfson connection was of cause left out of the NYT story and so was the connect of Parkside to the council member item investigation. At one point Parkside represented over 40 non profits receiving member item funding. From True News A Letter to Garcia: (Michael) Garcia U.S. Attorney Room Eight *** City Council investigated for slush fund *** Queens Crap: DOI probing slush fund lobbyists

DOI Conflit of Interest
The city's DOI which is investigation the council Slush Fund along with the FBI is appointed and answerable to the same mayor whose administration set up a non profit to lobby on behalf of the mayor's plan to develop Willits Point. How can DOI investigate Parkside and another major council lobbyist Yoswein who received almost 200,000 from another non profit funded by the city to do the mayor's bidding in Coney Island True News from ChangeNYC.Org: Inspector Clouseau Investigates
Quinn Porks City Funds Beyond Member Items it is her right she believes, a lady who has never had a private sector job Speaker Quinn Pads Campaign Staff with Council Staffers (Village Voice)

More Orwellian OverKill This ad pop up on this story in the NYP today on mike flip on transit raises says it all Mike Bloomberg NYC 2009: Better Trnasit Plan Overview *** MIKE'S 'FLIP' ON TRANSIT RAISES Mayor Bloomberg backed raises for transit workers during private conversations last year, only to publicly bash the pay package after it was officially awarded last week, the union's boss charged yesterday *** Mayor Bloomberg privately OKd raises for transit workers, sayz union head *** Subway Becoming Increasingly Raunchy (NY Magazine) *** Even the NYP take on the mayor on the double speak campaign NOT YOUR BEST ISSUE, MIKE campaign-finance reform *** Bloomy proposes campaign laws that wouldn't apply to him

Road to City Hall CAMPAIGN 'FOUL' Comptroller Bill Thompson's mayoral campaign filed a complaint with the Campaign Finance Board yesterday charging that Mayor Bloomberg -- who has so far spent $36.6 million on his... third-term quest -- failed to notify the board that he has also written 17 personal checks worth $3.3 million to political parties since 2006 *** Another setback for a dead in the water gov Court Rejects Governor's Appointment for Lt. Governor *** Richard Ravitch's appointment to lieutenant governor ruled unlawful by appeals court*** Bill de Blasio's daughter's necklace photoshopped out of campaign pamphlets A gun-shaped pendant belonging to public advocate hopeful Bill de Blasio's teenage daughter has disappeared - from his campaign literature *** Finger pointing on campaign spending: Thompson and Bloomberg call each other out *** If your a accidental gov from a big state and failed at the job you cry Paterson Accuses Media Of Racism, Says 2010 Loss Would Be 'Highest Honor' *** Grew up on Long Island with a rich dad and was put on the Spitzer ticket as a politicals deal to get the black vote now cries Paterson Brings Up Racism for His Low Standing *** Do Over or Never Mind Paterson parses *** Has American politics become all about race? When it comes to Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr., AG Andrew Cuomo "has to decide whether he wants to risk alienating the Hispanic voting bloc that he clearly needs in his expected forthcoming gubernatorial bid," Alan Chartock writes ****Poll: Green Has Enough of the Pie, Liu Leadsd
Pay to Play Endorsement? The endorsement had to do more with Manhattan insiders who have controlled the DA and the NYT politics for years but the radio pay outs show how the world is changing on the old gray lady TIMES' 50G AD-VANCE Four days after receiving a glowing endorsement from The New York Times, Manhattan DA hopeful Cyrus Vance Jr. began forking over what is expected to total nearly $50,000 for campaign ads on the Grey Lady's struggling classical-music station *** Perkins to Paterson: Stand by authority reform

Media Campaign Spin Turning over their newspapers to reelect the mayor HIZZONER ROOTING ON SI KIDS There will be a very recognizable fan in the stands when the Staten Island team takes the field today to compete in the 63rd Little League World Series -- Mayor Bloomberg *** SENATE EYEING ETHICS VOTE

Health Care The Deadly Costs of Trying to Save a Life *** Dems Need Passion to Enact Reform - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post *** Pull the Plug on ObamaCare - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal *** This Debate is Tarnishing Obama's Reputation - Todd Zywicki, Forbes *** There Aren't Enough Doctors For Universal Health Care - Kevin Pho, CNN
Wall Street Corruption Our tarp federal funds at work THE LUCKY $TIFFED
AIG PAYS SOME OF 'BERN UNIT' SUCKERS *** BANK CHEATS INDICTED A former UBS AG manager and a Swiss attorney were indicted yesterday in a widening US crackdown on bankers and lawyers who helped wealthy Americans hide their assets from the US Internal Revenue... *** New Phase of Crisis: Securities Sink Banks *** Souring Loans Compound Mortgage Woes *** Lessons That Fit the Times MBA students return to campus, business schools are incorporating lessons from the financial meltdown into their programs *** British Making a Movie About Lehman Brothers *** uly's Brutal Jobless Stats *** Starbucks Shakes Up Prices *** Vegas jobless rate hits all-time high of 13.1%... *** OBAMA HIKES 10-YEAR DEFICIT TO $9 TRILLION
Corporate Media Monopoly Unites Rupert Murdoch's Consortium Dream Rupert Murdoch is trying to turn back the much-heralded demise of newspapers. Over the last couple weeks, News Corp. executives have met with major news publishers, including The New York Times, Washington Post, Hearst, and Tribune in hopes of forming a consortium that would charge for news on the web and on portable devices, according to the Los Angeles Times.
Media & New Tech A-List Stars Flailing at the Box Off *** Tribune Ownership May Fall to Lenders *** Twitter will get fancier *** Web War for Google's Books