Monday, January 12, 2009

Inspector Clouseau Investigates

Inspector Clouseau Investigates
NYC Political Corruption

When a candidate for council was asked recently at a community meeting if she had been questioned about the investigation of the City Council member items slush fund scandal, she truthfully said no. A review of the member item scandal and other recent political corruption cases that made headlines reveals a very definite pattern. The investigations are more like shooting stars that flare for a second and then burn out and become forgotten by the prosecutors and the media after the headlines disappear. It is another third rail of politics that the media never reports on – the fact that the prosecutors in this one-party incumbent-protected city, must rely on those same elected officials and their political partners to get reelected.

When political corruption cases are brought to trial in NYC they are always limited to the individual charged. There is never a serious attempt to turn someone who has been caught into a “Sammy the Bull” type witness and to bring down the entire culture of political corruption itself. Those involved, know that their chances of being caught are slim to none and behave accordingly. A limited review reveals just how interconnected the corruption is, and how the investigators are missing in action.

Never Questioned
“Lots of people out there, including my opponents, have said, ‘You know, there’s an investigation and all these things.’ I have personally not been contacted by anyone,” said Ferreras, who hopes to replace Monserrate in the Council. “And as soon as I’m contacted by any agency or district attorney or whatever it is that people are saying out there that has contacted me, I will be more than happy to answer any and every question to the best of my ability.” Ferrerras served as the chairman of the board for the organization Libre, which received $400,000 in public funding. The organization is unable to account for the money, and the matter is now under investigation by the Queens district attorney. Politicker, Jan.6, 2009

Times Last Story on Libre 7 Months Ago
“The Queens district attorney’s office and the City’s Department of Investigation are looking into allegations that more than two dozen workers for the nonprofit agency Libre, collected signatures to help Mr. Monserrate get on the ballot in 2006 for his unsuccessful bid for the 13th Senatorial District seat in Queens, the official said.” – May 8, 2008

Slush Fund + Lobbyist + Judicial Corruption = Getting Away With It
It is not only Libre - dozens of councilmembers were shown to use the City’s budget to benefit family, friends and their own re-election efforts. All of those newspaper articles were written at the time of the federal indictment of two council workers – there has not been a story or follow-up since. The Press could have written about a member of a politically connected lobbyist firm that received the most member item funds from the City Council, and who walked away from judicial corruption a few years ago.

Judicial Corruption and Driscoll "Between 1995 and 2001, Bill Driscoll, an attorney, pulled in more than $320,000 in fees from guardianship appointments he received from judges installed by Manton. Even after 1998, when he became part-time counsel to the Queens County clerk, he kept getting the appointments—though he should have been banned from further guardianships, as a 2000 Newsday article noted. How had that issue been resolved? "As our business (Parkside) was growing Driscoll stopped doing the things in question, so it became kind of moot," said Stavisky. – Village Voice, Feb 21, 2006 .

Pols know that New York is the Wild Wild West – they can get away with it all – just like their brothers on Wall Street, and only the public pays. It is important for the press to stay on top of this story because of the changes occurring in the U.S. Attorney's Office which is leading the investigation into the member items scandal. The head of the office, Garcia, has left and the future decisions of that office will be made by the team Obama and his new AG put together.

Another Investigation Gone and Forgotten
Disgraced former Comptroller Alan Hevesi's longtime top political consultant Hank Morris was paid over $25 million in fees from firms doing business with the state pension fund. There has not been one press follow-up, or even a question to future Comptroller candidates on how they would prevent this type of abuse in the future.

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