Monday, August 7, 2017

As Prosecutors Look the Other Way Mayoral Candidate Albanese Files the First of Many Lawsuits Against de Blasio 
Suit: de Blasio should pay lawyer bills over corruption probes, not taxpayers (NYP) The suit, electronically filed on Sunday, alleges that de Blasio and his “underlings” engaged in “criminal and/or unethical behavior…outside the scope of public employment and thus should not be covered by the city of New York.”  The court papers, obtained by The Post, note that “the ‘ethically challenged’ de Blasio” broke a February 2017 promise that no public money would “fund the mayor’s individual compliance” with the pay-to-play probes — and that he made a “quiet statement” revealing his about-face “on the Friday ‘getaway day’ before this year’s Fourth of July weekend.”  Other defendants targeted by the Manhattan Supreme Court suit include top City Hall aide Emma Wolfe, former de Blasio fund-raiser Ross Offinger and former mayoral consultant Josh Gold, although court papers suggest there are additional, “as yet unknown co-conspirators who came under investigation.”   Lead plaintiff and Democratic mayoral challenger Sal Albanese said he and his fellow plaintiffs — Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa and Staten Island political activist Frank Morano — plan to unveil the suit at a Monday news conference outside of the former Tweed Courthouse in Lower Manhattan.  Exhibits attached to the filing include several Post reports, including a Friday exclusive that revealed the extraordinary influence wielded by two top de Blasio campaign contributors, one of whom, Jona Rechnitz, has pleaded guilty to making political donations and paying off law-enforcement officials in exchange for favorable treatment.  De Blasio has claimed he barely knew either man, yet Rechnitz directly emailed de Blasio seeking an appointment to help “combat police corruption,” while the other man, Jeremy Reichberg, reached out to the first deputy mayor’s chief of staff about a water bill that got reduced from $650,000 to $125,304 due to what officials have said was a faulty meter.

Why is This Guy Not In Jail? Fake Prosecutors

Ethics Board Also Ignores Lobbyists Working to Elect Candidates to Help Them Make $$$ Off of City Contracts

UFT Illegal PAC United for the Future


Is the NY Post de Facto Political Editor George Arzt Hurting Fox News Chances to Buy Sky News?

Fox News lets Bill O'reilly and a lot of other high priced talent go to clean up their image because in Europe that have more professional in their Journalism and ethics and morality count.  There is a news lawsuit on Fox News coverage of the Seth Rich story that CNN is pushing.  The Arzt story is not well known and could blind side Fox if a federal judge in Brooklyn rules that Judge Jacobson lawsuit could go forward.  Jacobson is Suing the Brooklyn machine which Arzt flacks for.  The machine screening panel not only did not approve Judge Jacobson a 23 year judge, somehow the secret person hit that is not supposed to go public was leaked to the NY Post.  There is widespread belief among NYC's political class that Arzt controls what goes in the post and which pol that attack.

All About the Judge Jacobson Case and Media Blackout

The Media Continuing Cover-Up of the Judge Jacobson NYP Brooklyn Machine Hit on A Pro Tenant Judge is In Court This Week

All About the Judge Jacobson Case and Media Blackout

The Media Enables A Rigged Election System Control By Developers By Not Covering the 2017 Election

It is Time for A Seabury Commission to Look At How Pay to Play has Infected Government and Politics in NYC 

De Blasio Ally Didn’t Register as Lobbyist Despite Big Push for a Donor (NYT)  Neal Kwatra, a consultant and lobbyist with ties to Mayor Bill de Blasio, worked aggressively behind the scenes for Harendra Singh, a restaurant owner who had contributed to Mr. de Blasio.


Mayor de Blasio refutes claims City Hall intervened onbehalf of donor; ‘There’s nothing there’ (NYT)   Two Days Later 

de Blasio Takes the Money  Millions Which May Go to His Lobbyist Consultants Who Ran Campaign for One NY
Why de Blasio's picking pockets to the tune of $2.9 million (NYP Ed) To hear Mayor de Blasio tell it, he’s in the political fight of his life, desperately hanging on for his survival — and that’s why he needs another $2.9 million in taxpayer money.  Of course, the polls and the pundits tell a very different story: The mayor, despite sinking popularity ratings, is 30-plus percentage points ahead of Republican challenger Nicole Malliotakis.  And, as important, he’s demanding those millions for the primary season, where he faces pretty much the Webster’s definition of “minimal opposition.”
But that hasn’t stopped de Blasio from filing a “statement of need” for the full complement in matching funds, claiming he needs the cash to compete effectively.