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True News Tuesday Update: HorseGate Starts to Unravel, The Daily News: "clip-clop flip-flop"

Secret City State Contract Negotiations

Back Pay  What does the MTA union deal mean for city unions negotiating with Mayor BdB? Say retroactive pay (WSJ)
Teachers As contract negotiations continue for New York City teachers, an issue has arisen over how to handle teachers who lost permanent jobs but keep receiving full paychecks as they fill in for absent staff from school to school for brief periods, The Wall Street Journal writes: * Parents and students may not be part of New York City teacher contract negotiations, but they should get a voice in the debate and common-sense language that any reasonable observer would see as important for the contract to include, Campbell Brown writes in the Post:  MTA and Union Contracts After more than two years since its last contract expired, Transport Workers Union Local 100 and the MTA appear to be nearing a new contract that would likely give workers a sizable raise, The New York Times writes: * Contract talks heat up between transit workers, MTA(NYP)

Bill Clinton, Manhattan BP Endorse Rangel 

Rangel supporter claims Espaillat campaign manager harassed her(NYP)  The tight race for Charles Rangel’s congressional seat took an ugly turn Sunday when a Democratic Party official backing him filed a police report charging the campaign manager for challenger Adriano Espaillat harassed her. East Harlem Democratic District Leader Peggy Morales — a longtime Rangel supporter who switched to Espaillat in March and then flip-flopped back to Rangel on Saturday — claimed that Jesse Campoamor confronted her outside a local park where she was taking three young children. Bill Clinton to endorse Rangel for 23rd term(NYP) Bill Clinton is going to be endorsing embattled Harlem Rep. Charles Rangel’s re-election to a 23rd term, The Post has learned.* Rangel used campaign funds to pay for law license registration(NYP)* Former President Bill Clinton will endorse Rangel’s bid for re-election and will also record robocalls and lend his name to email fundraising appeals for the congressman, the Daily News reports: * Espaillat Brushes Off Rangel’s Clinton Endorsement(NYO) * Scott Stringer Endorses ‘Proven Fighter’ Adriano Espaillat(NYO) * Controller Scott Stringer switches sides to endorse Adriano Espaillat for * Bill Clinton Backs Rangel, Stringer Backs Espaillat in Democratic Congressional Primary(NY1) * The Rangel campaign blasted out a New York Post article this morning with the subject line “20 Year-Albany Fixture Adriano Espaillat Attacks Bill AND Hillary Clinton As ‘Not On The Side Of Change.’” “The state senator said ‘the Clintons’ couldn’t save Rangel, who is … seeking his 23rd term. In fact, Hillary Clinton hasn’t made an endorsement in the race,” the article reads. "In my 50 years of politics... we had never had a race... that politicians were running on their color... where they were born": Wed *DC37 endorses Charles Rangel for Congress(NYDN) * Rodriguez to Switch Sides, Endorse Espaillat (YNN) Another one of Rep. Charles Rangel’s 2012 supporters is switching sides and endorsing State Senator Adriano Espaillat. A source tells me that East Harlem Assemblyman Robert Rodriguez plans to formally announce his support for Espaillat next week.* Rep. Charles Rangel and challenger Adriano Espaillat will face off in a May 14 debate about poverty hosted by the Urban Justice Center Safety Net Project, the Daily News reports:

More on the Rangel Race

Real Tale of Two Cities Grows Wider . . . Mayor Powerless to Change
Rhetorical Ideological
Governing  Doomed
The real job(NYDN Ed) The city's wealth gap is getting wider, and harder to bridge. An analysis of tax returns by the Independent Budget Office shows that members of the city’s top 1% saw incomes surge by a more-than-healthy 17% between 2009 and 2011 as Wall Street bounced back from the Great Recession. Paychecks for the 90%, meanwhile, barely kept pace with inflation, growing 5% overall. * Woman sues Dep Mayor Buery for alleged firing over age while he was Children’s Aid Society CEO A woman who used to work under New York City Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives Richard Buery when he was Children’s Aid Society CEO is suing him for allegedly firing her because he thought she was too old, the Post writes

Professional Communications Directors Will Not Take the Job
De Blasio can’t find anyone for communications director role(NYP)Despite dangling a lofty salary that nearly matches his own, Mayor de Blasio hasn’t been able to find anyone to become his communications director. Democratic insiders say the position would be challenging in the best of circumstances — and the administration is hardly operating at that level. “You’re as good as the substance you’re spinning,” said a veteran Democratic spokesman. “I think all of them [the mayor’s camp] underestimated what a big deal it is to work with the press. They don’t see the press as constituents. They need someone who can step in and win back their trust,” said one source. * The New York Post detailed Mr. de Blasio’s difficulties finding a new communication’s director Communications. Among those described as having turned down the $200,000 gig: Salon’s politics editor Blake Zeff, as well as former and current top aides to Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand. “Sources said that top mayoral aides aren’t happy with press coverage of the administration,” the paper noted. A Family Affair Chirlane McCray to urge pre-K registration on Taxi TV(NYP)

Mayor Main Focus Building His New Political Machine, For Re-Election

Managing the City?
Mayor de Blasio leads cheers for car wash union drive - NY Daily NewsMayor de Blasio and the city's other top office holders threw the full support of city government behind the effort to unionize car wash workers Wednesday night.De Blasio headlined the Car Wash Workers Assembly hosted by the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, which has own votes to unionize at eight car washes and aims to organize the whole industry.* The Nation reviewed Mayor Bill de Blasio‘s first 100 days in office. “The good news is that city government is controlled by a progressive mayor who is actually sticking to many of his campaign promises,” the publication writes. “Privately, people on the left who have dealt with the administration describe a level of disorganization more typical of campaigns than governments.” * At a Midtown event last night, Mr. de Blasio praised unionization efforts for car wash workers, NY1 reports. “It will be my honor to fight shoulder to shoulder with you,” he said. RWDSU President Stu Appelbaum praised the mayor in turn, declaring, “Our mayor is not just the leader of our city, but the leader of a movement.”* Mayor Shares Support for Campaign to Unionize Car Wash Workers in City(NY1)

Labor Deal Benchmark 
The Daily News writes that the labor deal brokered by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the MTA and the Transport Workers Union sets a benchmark that de Blasio must meet in his negotiations with city workers:

Mark Green Goes Rogue Also
"I’m happy to grade these power-players because I don’t need to have lunch in this town again" Green

 NY1 Online: Green, Reporters Discuss Cuomo-Bharara Feud Over Moreland Commission * Gov. Cuomo's ad for anti-corruption Moreland Commission criticized by former public advocate Mark Green (July 2013 NYDN) * The men behind the masks(Mark Green, NYDN) After a big week for Mayor de Blasio, Gov. Cuomo and Rev. Al Sharpton, The News asked Mark Green — who’s been in the arena with all three of his fellow Dems — to rate how they are doing. Cuomo has an unusual style of governance – avoiding nearly all TV interview shows and largely operating behind the curtain via staff and spare rehearsed lines. The Albany cliché is three men in a room running the show, but Cuomo has increasingly become the singular man behind the curtain. And that’s worked well him if you believe the metrics of polls, campaign contributions and, he argues, results.
More On the Secret World of Rev Sharpton

Ravitch Spill the Inside Albany, Cuomo and Peterson Beans

Lt Gov Ravitch's memoir provides insider view of Albany's dysfunction; shows Cuomo role before he was elelected gov (Newsday) Ravitch insists there were still many admirable politicians and staff workers in New York politics, but their best efforts and reputations were compromised by an Albany obsessed with scandal and political power plays.Paterson then had to deal with scandals in his administration, including reports that he interfered with State Police to benefit a close friend who also was a top aide. "The scandals reflected not just the governor's weaknesses," Ravitch writes in the memoir obtained by Newsday, "but also a state political system that had lost its ethical gyroscope. It oscillated between insensitivity to major offenses and hot pursuit of minor or imagined ones."

"There probably weren't many senior state officials who didn't keep at least one eye on the need to cover themselves." While Paterson dealt with scandal, the Senate was in turmoil. In the summer of 2009, Republicans who lost their half-century control of the Senate mounted a coup with three dissident Democrats. That power struggle gridlocked the legislature for weeks until the dissidents struck deals for lucrative leadership posts in return for going back into the Democratic fold. "It was about this time that Andrew Cuomo, now viewed as the inevitable victor in the 2010 gubernatorial election, began to make his presence felt within the Paterson administration," Ravitch writes. Ravitch wrote "it was clear" that Lawrence Schwartz, both Paterson's chief of staff and now Cuomo's top aide, "was already taking directions from the attorney general. Cuomo had the good taste not to try to pre-empt Governor Paterson's authority explicitly, but everyone inside the apparatus had a clear sense that the transition of power was well on its way." Ravitch said Cuomo's criticism sank the fiscal rescue Ravitch was appointed to create in the wake of the state's worst fiscal crisis since the Great Depression. Later, when speculation ran rampant that Paterson would resign, Ravitch said Cuomo called to ask whom Ravitch would appoint as lieutenant governor.  Ravitch, a Democrat who had key roles in the 1970s in saving New York City from bankruptcy, will release his memoir, "So Much To Do: A Full Life of Business, Politics and Confronting Fiscal Crises," on April 23. Public Affairs is the publisher.* Former Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch wrote in a memoir that in the latter days of the Paterson administration, top officials answered to then-Attorney General Andrew Cuomo more than the governor, Gannett Albany reports:

Possible Shakeup of Control of the State Senate Dance
State Senator Klein Launches Re-Election Bid (NY1)
Mayor de Blasio lavishes praise on Jeff Klein, but won't endorse him (NYDN)
* Senate GOP Leader Dean Skelos touted the results of a Siena Poll which found a majority of New York voters in support of a coalition of Democrats and Republicans in control of the upper chamber, State of Politics reports:

Update No Change Senate Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein reiterated that he has no plans to rejoin the Senate Democrats, saying his coalition with Co-Leader Dean Skelos is working “very, very well,” Gannett Albany writes: 
Senate Reconciliation?(YNN)
Oliver Koppell Sets New Easter Deadline for Bid Against Jeff Klein(NYO)
NY1 Exclusive: Rumblings Indicate Possible Shakeup in State Senate Leadership(NY!)
Oliver Koppell, a former Bronx councilman, assemblyman and state attorney general, says he’ll decide whether or not to challenge Jeff Klein after the Easter holiday, The Observer writes:
Klein come back? At least one Senate Democrats says that's just fine(NYO)
Democrat James Sanders Open to Jeff Klein Leading Democratic Conference(NYO)
Jeff Klein Allies Ready to Pummel Oliver Koppell As Challenge Decision Nears(NYO)"Mr. Koppell, then a councilman seeking a third term, endorsed Mr. Bloomberg’s controversial 2009 re-election bid. Klein supporters say Mr. Koppell passed on a credible Democratic challenger in Bill Thompson and therefore has little right to say that Mr. Klein turned his back on Democrats."
New IDC Spokesperson* The Senate IDC hired a new communications director to replace Eric Soufer: Jennifer Rainville, a former TV news reporter who has a history of working for Klein’s political committee, The Daily News reports:
IDC GOP Senate Coalition Using the Budget to Survival


Cuomo's Trust is Everything to Me Ad
<![endif]-->Trust is everything to me. That why for all we accomplish to fix state government. Our job is not done until we clean up the legislator’s corruption in Albany. So I am appointing a new independent commission lead by top law enforcement officials all across this great state government to investigate and prosecute wrongdoing.  The politician will not like it. But I work for the people and will not stop fighting until we can have a government we all can trust * In TV Ad, Cuomo Vows to Clean Up Corruption - NYTimes

City and State Exposes A Stacked Deck At the Moreland Commission

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, rejecting allegations that he inappropriately meddled in the now-defunct Moreland Commission: “It’s my commission. My subpoena power, my Moreland Commission. I can appoint it, I can disband it. I appoint you, I can un-appoint you tomorrow.”
The commission has officially withdrawn its subpoenas seeking more information on lawmakers’ outside income and business interests.
AG Eric Schneiderman said he was “a little surprised” Cuomo shut Moreland down so quickly. Gov. Cuomo stands by anti-corruption commission shutdown(NYDN)

EXCLUSIVE: INSIDE MORELAND: Moreland Commission sources say an assistant counsel to the governor, who professed himself to be the author of the SAFE Act, was selected as the lead writer of the panel’s December 2013 report after several independent candidates for the position were nixed.  An assistant counsel to Governor Andrew Cuomo, who professed himself to be the author of the NY SAFE Act, was ultimately selected as the lead writer of the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption’s December 2013 report after several independent candidates for the position were nixed, according to multiple sources within the Moreland Commission.Alex Crohn, the self-proclaimed author of the SAFE Act, had not been the Moreland Commission co-chairs’ first choice to write the much-anticipated report the Commission released on Dec. 2. . .

City & State - Co-Chairs' Picks To Write Moreland Report Were Nixed For Second Floor Insider
City & State brings the latest round of intrigue regarding Gov.  Cuomo and the Moreland Commission. Mr. Cuomo’s office reportedly pushed one of its own staffers–who lacked “professional expertise in ethics reform, campaign finance, the penal code or any of the other areas principally germane to the Commission’s work”–to write the reports.

According to the dozen Commission sources interviewed for this article, all of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity so as not to anger the governor’s office, Calcaterra was open with the Commission’s staff and commissioners that she was closely coordinating with the governor’s office, and that in many instances her demands were extensions of orders handed down by the Second Floor, in particular from the Secretary to the Governor, Larry Schwartz. Calcaterra, who did not return calls for comment from City & State, had been appointed executive director of the Commission by Gov. Cuomo when he announced the Commission’s creation on July 2, 2013. Just days earlier Calcaterra had wrapped up her work as the governor’s appointee as executive director of the previous Moreland Commission he had called, which focused on the Long Island Power Authority and released its final report on June 22. Sources say that after Calcaterra threatened to resign over Camarda’s hiring, the governor’s office made it clear to the co-chairs that Calcaterra would be staying on, and that the executive chamber would not agree to the hiring of an independent, good government report writer.

Moreland Dirty Tricks?
Commission sources say that by Crohn’s own admission, he was an unusual fit for the job, lacking, as he was, in professional expertise in ethics reform, campaign finance, the penal code or any of the other areas principally germane to the Commission’s work. Despite this dearth of qualifications on-paper, Crohn would not only serve as the lead writer of the Commission’s preliminary report—which, with the shutdown of the Commission, now appears will be its only report—and sources say he also wrote the much talked about dissent to the section of that report which recommended the introduction of publicly financed elections in New York State. “It’s crazy,” said the source. “It’s nothing short of crazy. It’s just completely counterintuitive.”

The Split Over Telling the Gov Causes No Trust Among Commission Members

After Perry completed the executive summary in November, the co-chairs refused to show it to Calcaterra, convinced that Calcaterra would instantly share it with the Second Floor. In response, sources say, Larry Schwartz called the co-chairs directly and insisted that they turn over the executive summary. But, Commission sources say the co-chairs were adamant in refusing, particularly Kathleen Rice, and the ensuing dispute caused a further breakdown in the co-chairs’ already icy relationship with the Second Floor. Though the co-chairs would eventually yield and turn over the executive summary to the governor’s office, thereafter the relationship between the two sides—the co-chairs and the executive chamber—would be characterized by mutual distrust.  Sources say the simmering tension split the Commission into two distinct factions: on one side, the three co-chairs, the lion’s share of the commissioners, Perry and the investigations team, and the vast majority of the staff; on the other, a few commissioners like Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney, and staff members directly selected by the governor’s office, namely Calcaterra, Crohn, and the Commission’s press secretary, Michelle Duffy.* NY Minute: Cuomo staffer & Safe Act author wrote Moreland Commission report instead of panel's choice of outsider(syracuse.com) * Cuomo’s tarnished victory(NYDN) A deal with the devils * Fallout from Cuomo's Decision to Disband Anti-Corruption Commission Continues(NY1) * Bharara Blasts Cuomo's Ending Corruption Panel The Chief-Leader* The New York Observer says Cuomo “clearly over promised” when he created the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption. The Preet Goes On(NYO)The Daily News recently noted that the commission’s co-chair, Kathleen Rice, the Nassau County district attorney, received nearly $300,000 in campaign contributions from plaintiffs attorneys Perry Weitz and Arthur Luxenberg and their wives. Their firm, Weitz and Luxenberg, employs Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, a calcified symbol of the status quo in Albany. (Messrs. Weitz and Luxenberg have also been generous with Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, to the tune of at least $25,000, which has raised questions about the AG’s deafening silence regarding any involvement Mr. Silver might have had in the scam allegedly perpetrated by William Rapfogel, whose wife, Judy, is Mr. Silver’s longtime chief of staff.)* Twisting and turning over ethics (Newsday) At least fights over 'reform' this season defy cliche. Dems hate the public-finance 'pilot' more than the GOP* * The corruption is a stench that is on all of us because of a few,” says as part of critique of Moreland Commission. * Gov. Cuomo's tough talk on Albany corruption was just that -- talk (Editorial) syracuse.com * Astorino on Moreland Commission: "We need answers from the governor"* Cuomo breaks a promise by halting the Moreland corruption investigation Buffalo News * Cosentino: The demise of the Moreland Commission Auburn Citizen * Kill Fee: The Price of Silencing Moreland(Gotham Gazette

 The Real Tale of Two Cities Racial Segregation

Thanks to real estate developers and the hipsters gentrification creates integrated for a while

Another view of diverse, progressive NY.

True News Tuesday Wags the NYP on NY's  DA's Who See No Corruption
Why Are NYC District Attorneys Not Indicting Pols?

Insiders describe it as an inherently “political animal” that can often have trouble indicting members of the party—which in New York City is the Democratic Party—that controls who serves in the local legal system. To some extent, every Democratic district attorney has close relationships with Democratic Party leadership. With the singular exception of then-Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s takedown of Hevesi in a pension-fund scam, virtually all the New York anti-corruption action since 2006 has been undertaken by federal prosecutors and the FBI. Local DAs remain as quiet as the proverbial church mouse. And that’s especially true of Albany County DA David Soares, who by virtue of geography and the law is particularly well-positioned to pursue corruption.
Albany Corruption

de Blasio Puppet Group Not Only Opposes Rangel But Works to Split the Harlem
New York Communities for Change Endorses Mike Walrondfor Congress(NYO)

A community organizing group close to Mayor Bill de Blasio has endorsed Pastor Mike Walrond’s bid to unseat Congressman Charlie Rangel. The influential group, formerly known as Acorn, is a staunch opponent of charters and praised Mr. Walrond for appearing at a rally opposing one of the co-locations of Success Academy founder Eva Moskowitz’s schools. NYCC, backed and funded by several labor unions, achieved a degree of prominence after endorsing Mr. de Blasio’s mayoral bid early into last year’s race. They proved able to marshal ground troops on behalf of candidates in heavily minority areas like central Brooklyn and southeast Queens, but will be testing their clout this year in a district that spans uptown Manhattan and parts of the Bronx.* Walrond Gains Support of Early de Blasio backer(YNN) A community organizing group close to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has endorsed Pastor  Mike Walrond’s bid to unseat Rep. Charlie Rangel.
ACORN, NY Communities for Change

As of Friday, it took 126 days on average to get a repair done that required skilled labor. That's two-and-a-half times what de Blasio said. - See more at: http://manhattan.ny1.com/content/politics/political_news/206877/mayor-s-speech-may-not-have-given-whole-picture-of-city-housing-authority-repairs#sthash.W3MmWhsG.dpuf

Afghanistan Women Facing Danger Shame New Yorkers' Low Voters Turn Outs

2013 Lowest Turnout Since Women Given Right to Vote, 200,000 Votes Less Than 2009. Below Afghanistan Woman Vote Defy Threats of Violence
KABUL, Afghanistan Vote
New York City Vote
A Little Over 1 Million NYC Voters Show Up At the Polls Yesterday 
Lowest turnout since women won the right to vote in 1918 
Only 1.7% of all the registered voters voted in the city voted for Bloomberg in 2009. The mayor received 585,000 out of the 4,657,516 New Yorkers Registered. 1.2 Million Voted. New York: Turnout Appears Headed for Record Low

More on the New York's Decreasing Voter Turnout 

de Blasio's DOI and Council Unexpectedly Going After BOE Corruption
City Councilman Ben Kallos rips Board of Elections for dodging blame after probe revealed problems(NYDN) Kallos slammed the Board of Elections on Wednesday for dodging blame when responding to a scathing Department of Investigation probe. Kallos had told the board to hand in a plan on how it would fix problems identified by the Department of Investigation. Instead, officials sent in a response that dismissed most of department’s recommendations as outdated.
More on Corruption at the BOE  More 

A Political Corruption Trial Legal Trick?
Federal prosecutors allege former Queens GOP Vice Chairman Vincent Tabone is violating conflict-of-interest laws by using a law firm whose lead partner is running for Congress for his trial for public corruption charges.
GOP operative could be violating conflict of interest laws: feds(NYP)A Queens Republican operative fighting public corruption charges is hurting his own defense — and potentially violating conflict-of-interest laws — by continuing to use a law firm whose lead partner is running for Congress, the feds allege in new court papers. Assistant US Attorney Justin Anderson asked Manhattan federal Judge Kenneth Karas on Monday to “conduct an inquiry” into the potential conflict over ex-Queens GOP Vice Chairman Vincent Tabone using a Mineola law firm partnered by Republican Grant Lally. The Post reported in February that Lally was raising eyebrows in political circles by telling people he’s running for Democrat Steve Israel’s Congressional seat on Long Island. In light of his campaign, Lally later handed over the assignment of representing Tabone — who is accused of pocketing $25,000 as part of a failed scheme to get state Sen. Malcolm Smith (D-Queens) on the 2012 GOP line for mayor — to other lawyers at his firm, including his wife Deborah Misir. “Under counsel’s reasoning, it might be the case that calling a particular witness would be helpful to Tabone’s defense but cast Mr. Lally’s political party or his interests in an unfavorable light,” he noted. “Under that scenario, the decision to call such a witness might be influenced — consciously or unconsciously — by Mr. Lally’s concern for his electoral interests.
More on the GOP Bottom Feeders and Corruption
Queens Brooklyn GOP Civil War

Why Does the Council Ignore the Corrupt 911 Contractors, Lobbyists Who Push Them?
"THE RESPONSE TIMES ARE TOO HIGH:" Longer 911 ambulance times stir City Council(NYDN)  Since changing timing methods, longer ambulance response times shake up Thursday's City Council meeting. Newer times better reflect how long it takes for units to show up, Fire Commissioner Sal Cassano said. City ambulances are taking nine and a half minutes to get to the scene of life-threatening emergencies, new data show.

Council Ignores Comptrollers 911 Contract Investigation
Until last June, response time was calculated from the moment a 911 call was transferred to the appropriate dispatcher. Under that method, ambulance response time was 6 minutes 47 seconds, according to city stats. The city’s new 911 system — which routes all calls through a central set of dispatchers — has drawn fire from critics who say it increases response times and experiences frequent glitches.

Stringer Goes After 911 IT Corruption
Stringer Holding 911 Hewlett-Packer Feet to the Fire New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer rejected a proposed $6 million Bloomberg administration settlement with Hewlett-Packard for the company’s overcharging of the city for modernizing its Gonzalez: Controller Scott Stringer rejects $6M settlement with Hewlett-Packard for 911 overcharging(NYDN) * NYC Rejects $6 Million Settlement With HP Over 911 System Upgrade

4 Year Old Ariel Russo and 911 Lobbyists
Council Names A Street for Ariel But Does Not Hold A Hearing to Find Out the Cause of Her Death the Corrupt 911 Contrats
'It’s been a really emotional day': Manhattan street corner named after 4-year-old Ariel Russo who died in car crash; family reveals they haven't revisited area since tragic day(NYDN)On what should have been Ariel Russo's fifth birthday, the tot's family helped unveil a street sign Monday on the Upper West Side corner where she died last summer. Little Ariel was struck and killed by a teen fleeing police in his parents' SUV on June 4.

Is the Power of the 911 Lobbyist Over the Council the Reason It Names Street and Does Not Investigate Contractors?
The Russo family has filed a wrongful death suit, and criminal charges are still pending against 17-year-old driver Franklin Reyes, who had taken the SUV without his parents’ permission. A report found a series of blunders led to delays in responding to the accident in Manhattan that killed 4-year-old Ariel Russo * City wants $40 million suit launched by Ariel Russo’s family tossed on technicality -- victims did not call 911 (NYDN) The city wants a $40 million negligence lawsuit filed by the family of Ariel Russo, the 4-year-old who was killed by an unlicensed driver last year, tossed because neither she nor her critically injured grandmother personally called 911. The city insists that a “special relationship,” which calls for the victim or a blood relative to call 911, must exist in order to support a negligence claim. RELATED: ARIEL RUSSO CAR CRASH PROBE FAULTS WIDESPEAD HUMAN ERROR, NOT 911 WOES * RELATED: GONZALEZ: ARIEL RUSSO PROBE FINDS ENOUGH BLAME TO FILL A CALL CENTER

Media Never Names the Lobbyist Who Made Money on the Broken 911 System
Both Mercury and George Artz have been lobbyists for Hewlett-Packard which was the main contractor of the city's 911 emergency system that crashes a lot. The city 911 system is now being sued by the parents of 4-year-old Ariel Russo who claim she died because an ambulance to take the little girl to the hospital was delayed by a 911 crash.  Among the lobbyists to get paid by the city’s broken 911 system contractors was George Arzt, Mercury Public Affairs, LLC, Jennifer Carlson, Peter Barden, Jonathan Greenspun, Michael McKeon, Kasirer Consulting LLC. More on Corrupt Lobbyists More on Dark Pool Corrupt Lobbyists

Dead Girl and Lobbyist Still Rake In 911

Last June 4th year old Ariel Russo died shortly aftergetting hit by an SUV.  There had been a four-minute delay in dispatching the ambulance to take the little girl to the hospital. The city is blaming 911 operation human errors for the delay.  The union leader of the 911 operators is blaming the new troubled $2 billion dollars upgrade that the city is installing. The city’s upgrade of the 911 system has not gone very well.  It has been hunted by system crashes, wrong addresses and over a billion and a half dollar cost overrun.  It is now up to a jury to find out who is really at fault for the girls death.

Lobbyist Are So Protected That Can Rake In $$$ While People Get Hurt By Their Handy Work

Audit: HP overbilled city for 911 upgrade | Crain's New York Business

Even though the press says HP was replaced on the 911 project John Liu’s report said that HP was still working on the project and got paid over $300 million in 2012 for their work.  In 2010 thru 2011 when the city council was going after problems in the 911 system, HP hired Kasirer Consulting LLC and paid them over $200,000 to lobby city hall for the company.  Mercury Public Affairs public affairs have been working on the project for Intergraph Corp since 2007.  Before Intergraph hired Sal Salamone as a lobbyist in 2006 to 2008 ($100,000) Salamone worked for the city on the Citytime project until he was let go after the corruption and cost overruns become know on that project, in which Liz Holtzman was one of the lobbyists that cashed in.  It had to get through the fog surrounding the 911 contracts.  Last month Bloomberg lauded Comptroller 911 audit he once called 'stupid.’  He even said there was nothing wrong with the Hewlett-Packard contract and the city paid those most of the money they requested.  The mayor changed him mind on Comptroller budget to stop a federal audit requested by DC 37’s Lillian Roberts.* CM to lobbyist: "You're not really focused on safety, but on the perspective of drivers is that fair? Lobbyist: Yes.(WNYC) * In 2013  Mercury Public Affairs, which was running an independent spending campaign funded by billionaire David Koch and others boosting Mr. de Blasio's general-election opponent, Republican Joseph Lhota.
More on the 911 System Failure Lobbyists the New Permanent GovernmentCorrupt lobbyist  Corrupt Lobbyists Hank Sheinkopf  Corrupt Lobbyists Stanley Schlein How Corrupt Parkside Get Away With It 

Ocean Hill-Brownsville Panel Discussion at Museum of the City of New York - See more at: http://www.edwize.org/ocean-hill-brownsville-panel-discussion-at-museum-of-the-city-of-new-york#sthash.6An62IFR.dpuf
Ocean Hill-Brownsville Panel Discussion at Museum of the City of New York - See more at: http://www.edwize.org/ocean-hill-brownsville-panel-discussion-at-museum-of-the-city-of-new-york#sthash.6An62IFR.dpu


Peter Hamill reflects on a legendary career in journalism and how he earned Polk career award(NYDN)

NBC Hired 'Psychological Consultant' to Assess Struggling 'Meet the Press' Host...

Murdoch says NY Post most only exist in digital form in 10 years: 
Murdoch says that the New York Post, his money-losing daily tabloid, may exist only in digital form in 10 years. He expects the Wall Street Journal, which he bought as part of Dow Jones in 2007, to remain in print form longer. 

Jill Abramson: Obama admin "more secretive and more hostile to the operations of the press" than any since Nixon

 Recent News On the Media


THE WALL STREET PRIMARY -- “Wall Street Republicans’ dark secret: Hillary 2016,” by Ben White and Maggie Haberman.: “Two dozen interviews about the 2016 race with unaligned GOP donors, financial executives and their Washington lobbyists turned up a consistent … consolation candidate if [Jeb] Bush demurs, … Chris Christie doesn’t recover politically and no other establishment favorite gets nominated: Hillary Clinton. Most donors and Wall Street titans have not lined up with any candidate yet, waiting for the field to take shape after the midterms. But if Bush doesn’t run, the list of Republican saviors could be short. Some donors fear Christie will never overcome the Bridgegate scandal. Rep. Paul Ryan … so far seems more inclined to stay in the House … And to varying degrees, … Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Govs. Scott Walker of Wisconsin and John Kasich of Ohio … are either unknown or untrusted.”
 Last 100 Days in Washington Coverage

Law and Order

NYPD Commish Bratton asked a "broken windows" crime theory author to ride the subways. An inside look at his task: (WFP)

Despite Twitter Backlash, New York Police Dept. Plans to Expand Social Media Efforts(NYT)
Cheng Chui Ping, a Smuggler of Immigrants, Dies in Prison, but Is Praised in Chinatown(NYT)
Ex-city Parks staffer gets 25 years for killing co-worker(NYP)
Man attacked waiting for food at Queens restaurant(NYP)
Man caught on video firing at two others in broad daylight(NYP)
Cops looking for man who stabbed girl in the face(NYP)
Hasidic man gets NO JAIL for dousing sex abuse activist with bleach — 'The guy walks free ... where is our protection?'
Well-dressed thieves swipe cigars from Nets announcer’s lounge(NYP)
Former Parks Employee Sentenced to 25 Years for Stabbing Co-Worker to Death (NY1)

NYC lawyer for bin Laden's son-in-law faces trial(WSJ)
Judge Loath to Permit TV Testimony on Islamist(NYT)
Conviction of Bin Laden’s Son-in-Law Doesn’t Halt Debate Over Terror Trials’ Venue(NYT)
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City Councilman Daniel Garodnick (D-Manhattan) will introduce legislation requiring all businesses with 20 or more workers to allow employees to set aside pretax money for transit costs, under a federal program that some employers participate in voluntarily, Durkin writes.