Sunday, November 3, 2013

True News Update

Finals Poll Exclusive new mayoral poll shows with 65%, with 24%, 6% undecided among likely \ Joe Lhota has failed to attract cross-over Democrats and unaffiliated voters. 14% of Dems back Lhota; 29% of unaffiliated back Lhota.  Bill de Blasio has the support of 79% of likely Democratic voters and 21% of likely GOPers. 50% of unaffiliated voters back him. The demographic numbers are staggering. Among blacks, 90% support de Blasio, compared with 2% for Lhota. Among Latinos, 72% support de Blasio and 10% back Lhota. Among whites, 53% support de Blasio; 39% back Lhota.Both men and women overwhelmingly support de Blasio. Men back him 62% to 27%; women, 68% to 22%..* WSJ's story about the latest poll in the race for NYC mayor. 

Pension Investigation

New York Is Investigating Advisers to Pension Funds(NYT)

Benjamin Lawsky, the state’s financial services regulator, wants to know if any advice is clouded by incentives or conflicts of interest.

Rangel Race 2014

Rev. Calvin Butts convened closed-door meetings with community and clergy leaders in Harlem in preparation for challenging Rep. Charles Rangel, with Rev. Michael Walrond, Al Sharpton’s protégé, also considering a run, the Daily News reports: * In a chat with reporters, Rangel gave himself credit for Harlem’s rebirth, saying he played a major role in creating the Harlem Empowerment Zone, which funneled $300 million in federal, city, and state funds to upper Manhattan and the Bronx, the Daily News writes: 
Sunday's True News
de Blasio Pushing Melissa Mark-Viverito for Speaker
De Blasio pushes East Harlem Councilwoman as next speaker(NYP) Bill de Blasio is aggressively pushing East Harlem Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito as the council’s next speaker, two Democratic insiders revealed. “Through back channels, his staff meets with council members,” one operative said. “They just lay out the situation: He’d like her to be the speaker. He thinks she’d be best.”

Daily News Back the Winner, Even Though They Don't Agree With Him
Ask  de Blasio to Get Rid of Ideology for Pragmatism
BILL DE BLASIO FOR MAYOR: He will best serve the vast interests of New Yorkers but will need to trade ideology for pragmatism(NYDN Ed)
To paraphrase his hero LaGuardia, there is no progressive way to pick up the garbage. The great imperative is that de Blasio — who calls himself a progressive — must trade ideology for pragmatism starting on day one, when New Yorkers will demand much more than earnest intentions. The silly season of vowing to exile carriage horses as a first order of business — a pledge that would likely lead the city’s herd to the slaughterhouse — is over. Big doses of reality will soon force de Blasio to act on tough issues that he smiled past in the campaign and to revise ill-considered stances.
His rethinking must start with security.After two decades of smart, aggressive policing, New York is by far America’s safest large city. Its transformation from charnel house of 2,200 murders a year to fewer than 400 — and its successful offensive against terrorism — have been the indispensable factors for a remarkable rebirth. De Blasio has played with fire. And he displayed a frightening ideological bent in responding to the appeals court that on Thursday discredited a federal judge’s holding that the program was unconstitutional.  His campaign agenda hasn’t a prayer of succeeding on those scores.

It is wishful to think that greater parental involvement and retaining excellent teachers — two of de Blasio’s three education “pillars” — would enable more than 1 million students to master tough new academic standards known as the Common Core. Meanwhile, his third pillar — universal all-day prekindergarten financed by a tax on the wealthy — is dead because Gov. Cuomo turned thumbs down on Albany’s needed approval.* 'We haven't seen this kind of choice since Dinkins-Giuliani': Take a look at the contrast in ideologies between NYC mayoral picks(NYDN) * Lhota Makes Five Campaign Stops In Three Boroughs (NY1) * Busy Campaigning Day De Blasio 2 Days Ahead Of Election * A True Liberal at City Hall--Bill de Blasio is seen by many as standard bearer for new era or progressive populism. (New Yorker) *Bill de Blasio Gets A Little 11th Hour Help From Famous Friends Rosie Perez And Willie Colon(NYDN) * Joe Lhota: Harry Belafonte KKK's Slam On Koch Brothers Is "Race-Baiting And Hateful"(NYDN) * De Blasio Backer Harry Belafonte: Lhota Supporter David Koch Has Mindset Of KKK Member(NYDN) * The New York Daily News Seems Pretty Worried About This De Blasio (NY Mag) * Bill de Blasio sleeping scandal reaches the United Kingdom  * Lhota Takes On De Blasio Over His Sleeping Schedule(NY1)

The NYP is Fighting the Cold War with de Blasio
NYP Does Socialists Graphic On de Blasio Big Backers the Working Families Party
Working Families Party the big winner from a de Blasio victory(NYP) * ICYMI: Under pressure from 400% increase in pensions costs, cut the by 2,300 officers * . visited Communist USSR in college

Daily News Yes to casinos (NYDN Ed)
The hottest question on Tuesday’s ballot is a state constitutional amendment that would authorize up to seven full-fledged casinos in New York. On balance, Proposition One deserves support. If New Yorkers are going to gamble anyway, they might as well keep any potential revenues in their home state.

How the Marathon Started

Thank You George Spitz for the 5 Boro Marathon . . . The Man Everyone Forgot
Marathon Miracle(Newsday 1996) Famed race had humble beginning
George Spitz, then working as state auditor, confirmed that he had gone to Percy Sutton, then Manhattan borough president, with the five-borough proposal. But Spitz humbly added that "Harry Murphy had thought of the idea years before. Harry is dead now; he was a runner who finished third in the Queens Marathon in 1948."* New York City Marathon returns Sunday -- with revamped security.  * BREAKING - NYC marathon dominated by Kenyans: Geoffrey Mutai and Priscah Jeptoo win men’s, women’s titles 

More Moreland Crap

Is Transparency of Corruption Enough to Reform the BOE?

Board of Dereliction (NYDN Ed)
The state's elections panel desperately needs a thorough fumigation. Gov. Cuomo’s anti-corruption commission has finally done real good — by exposing the state Board of Elections as the do-nothing patronage dump that it is. Under three hours of sharp questioning at a public hearing, three sad-sack board officials admitted that they have opened just six investigations since 2008, and only one since 2009. That their sole staff investigator — who has since quit — resorted to playing solitaire at his desk after begging for work and being given none. That the board waited two years to probe a serious allegation of voting fraud— then dropped the case after losing a boxful of records. That the board’s former chief enforcement counsel ducked a subpoena to testify by retiring and moving out of state.* Corrupting Influence of Money and Lobbyists in NY(Video)*
AND A WARNING SHOT — Legislators threaten probe of Cuomo lieutenant — Post's Fred Dicker: Members of Klein's Independent Democratic Conference, as well as Democrats who dominate the Assembly, may ask the state's ethics watchdog JCOPE to probe Lt. Gov. Bob Duffy's dealings with the Rochester Business Alliance, and seemingly contradictory statements by him and others. * Assembly’s Moreland Law Firm’s Role Defined(YNN) * * The law firm representing the Assembly in its dealings with the Moreland Commission on Public Ethics has broad parameters, including assisting in writing potential legislation, State of Politics reports: 
Casino foes use Mario Cuomo’s words against son Andrew(NYP)
Strange Anti-Gambling Team
The unlikely duo of Democratic state Sen. Liz Krueger and state Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long plan to begin an outreach campaign opposing a ballot measure that would expand casino gaming in the state,Casino Opposition Comes Together(WSJ)‘Vote With (Mario) Cuomo, Vote No On Prop. 1′ A new ad released today by the Committee Against Proposition 1 quotes Mario Cuomo calling casino gambling “economically regressive to a state and a community” and a mechanism to merely redistribute wealth, not generate it. The former governor wrote those words in “The New York Idea: An Experiment in Democracy,” which was published in 1994 – the year he lost his bid for a fourth term to a little-known Republican state senator named George Pataki.* Developers Vie to Build New Casinos in Catskills(NYT) * Casinos’ ugly impact(NYP Ed) * Atlantic City casinos say their property values are dropping and they are seeking lower taxes * Lessons from Atlantic City Part Deux(YNN) * Las Joins Battle For In New York | New York Daily News  Gov. Andrew Cuomo recorded a robocall asking New York residents to vote yes on the ballot initiative to legalize casino gambling in an effort funded by New York Jobs Now, State of Politics writes: * The voter drop-off for past constitutional amendments has been considerable. * Who Is Paying For the Anti-Casino Committee?(YNN) * In Email, State Dems Boost Casino Amendment(YNN) * Gov. Andrew Cuomo recorded an eleventh hour robocall for Prop. 1 – the casino expansion amendment.* Ferrer Robocall:Casinos A ‘Win-Win For Our Community’(YNN) * NY Jobs Now Rakes In Out-Of-State Cash(YNN)

This Who Thing is for 3 Old Judges

Judicial Retirement Ballot Measure Said to Divide Cuomo and Top Judge New York’s Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman argued forcefully for a ballot referendum to raise the mandatory age for judges, pitting him against Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who worked to scuttle the bill at the end of the legislative session, The New York Times writes: *Chief Judge Wants Higher Age Limit(WSJ) * NY’s highest court judges should stay another decade(NYP) State Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman and Court of Appeals judges Robert Smith and Eugene Pigott said they plan to serve past 70 if a constitutional amendment is passed to raise the retirement age for some judges to 80, the Daily News writes:
*Measure would let three NY Supreme Court judges to serve past 70(NYDN)

Mayoral Race
 Daily News Says Next Mayor Should Appeal Stop and Frisk
 Rudy: De Blasio should apologize to NYPD for 'libelous' racial profiling accusations(NYDN)

The graphic artist who put this picture together does not think much of Lhota or Rudy

de Blasio
De Blasio abdicates(NYDN Ed) Rudy Giuliani is right. Bill de Blasio is wrong. The next mayor is duty-bound to appeal the stop-and-frisk ruling that branded the NYPD guilty of widespread unconstitutional civil rights violations.* Despite Stance, de Blasio, if Elected, Could Find a Police Monitor Intrusive(NYT) * Lhota’s Strengths and Weaknesses, Exposed on 9/11(NYT) * De Blasio Attends "Get Out The Vote" Rallies Ahead Of Tuesday's Election (NY1) * Will a Taxi-Friendly De Blasio Administration Hurt Transportation Apps? (NY Mag) * Anti-Trash Station Democrats Rally for Lhota (NYO) * Pro-de Blasio Labor PAC Poll Has Him Beating Lhota by 50 Points(DNAINFO) * Bill de Blasio's Next Big Challenge: Mornings (NY Mag)

Working Families Party
Working Families Party the big winner from a de Blasio victory (NYP)

Low Ratings of Final Debate

Viewership of mayoral debate fell with each showdown(NYDN)

Next Mayor Will Be Left To Tackle Unsettled Union Contracts  

Brooklyn DA

Convicted Bklyn Boss Norman Not Only Got Even With Hynes Who Put Him in Jail Primary Night He Also Got Even With Political Consultant Scott Levinson Who Testify Against Norman in His Extortion Trial 
Hynes Faces Tough Road in Brooklyn District Attorney Race(NYT)
Brooklyn DA's Race Continues To Be Nasty(NY1)

 Political Consultant Tells of Party Boss Norman’s Demands(Brooklyn Eagle)  A political consultant with a strategically selective memory echoed the testimony of earlier prosecution witnesses yesterday in the ongoing coercion trial of former Brooklyn Democratic Party boss Clarence Norman Jr. Scott Levinson, of the political consulting firm Advance Group, had been hired by incumbent Civil Court Judge Karen Yellen to produce campaign literature, take part in meetings with party officials and provide general advice to her re-election campaign in the 2002 primary. On the stand, Levinson was able to recall in precise detail the meeting at which Norman is alleged to have coerced Yellen’s campaign into paying for efforts he believed were not in her best interest, under the threat that she would lose the party’s endorsement if she were noncompliant. Friends of Joe Hynes paid Levinson's Advance Group $600,000 during the primary.  There have  been no payments to Advance in the General. In a one week period CrainsNY wrote several stories how Advance Used PAC to help it private clients and in some race support  more then one candidate in  a race. There have no articles by CrainsNY in two weeks.* Charles Hynes Closing Campaign With Musical Score(NYO) * endorses for , slams on wrongful convictions, disgraceful campaign \ * Police union gives to Ken Thompson, despite their differences  * Hynes in fight for political survival(NYDN)

de Blasio Like  the La Guaria Management Style
De Blasio as Manager: Delegating, Yet Keeping a Tight Leash 
Stop and Frisk Ruling and de Blasio
Court’s Stop-and-Frisk Ruling Could Hamper de Blasio if He Is Elected Mayor(NYT)
 Democratic mayoral nominee Bill de Blasio said he would delegate as much as possible as mayor, plans on keeping a “tight leash” on his commissioners, and will model his leadership style after Fiorello La Guardia, The New York Times writes  * With Comfortable Lead, de Blasio Vows Strong Turnout on Election Day (WSJ)* El Diario endorses de Blasio RT Bill de Blasio para alcalde   * STATEN ISLAND ADVANCE ENDORSES DE BLASIO: “Some centrist voters (certainly conservatives) may have found some of Mr. de Blasio’s past rhetoric unsettling. But that should be put in the context of the long, drawn-out Democratic primary campaign in which the winner would have to ‘out-progressive’ a field of other liberal Democrats. “That exercise in inanity has passed and Mr. de Blasio is free to espouse more moderate positions which we believe truly reflect his views.” * Democratic mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio met with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel this morning in New York City. * Carribbean Americans for de Blasio are promoting a catchy – dare we say infectious? – song in honor of their candidate.* Bloomberg posed with a Dante and a Chiara de Blasio at Bette Midler’s annual Hulaween party.

de Blasio $$$ Rolling In
De Blasio has been raising money at a feverish pace of late, at nearly $100,000 per day, with a significant amount coming from technology entrepreneurs and investors, including the three founders of Airbnb, the Times writes: * De Blasio Attracts Silicon Valley Donors *The list of donors de Blasio’s campaign has disclosed in recent days illustrates the growing clout of technology entrepreneurs and investors, as well as their dependence on policies in City Hall.

The Media Has Stopped Covering Lhota

Mayors and the Arts
On Arts, Mayor 'a Hard Act to Follow'

Partnerships Wylde Back A Losing Candidate and Begs for Attention
 Kathy Wylde, the president and CEO of the nonprofit business organization Partnership for New York City, writes that it is far more important for the next mayor to establish a partnership with business than it was for Bloomberg:
The Times directs voters on how to vote on the six constitutional amendments on the ballot, arguing that five of the six amendments deserve a "yes" vote, with the notable exception being the casino gaming expansion measure: 

Dump NYCHA's Rhea; Housing Subsidies  Misdirected 
The Daily News’ Juan Gonzalez writes that the first act of New York City’s next mayor should be to fire John Rhea, the chairman of the New York City Housing Authority, for decimating the city’s public housing system * Advocates Say Subsidies for Developers Misdirected (WSJ) A small boom is under way in the area for housing for New Yorkers who have middle incomes or who are among the working poor—with more than 500 subsidized apartments under construction or on the way.* Rhea’s abuse of power(NYDN Ed)Pay up, Rhea(NYDN) * $8M TO SCREW THEIR TENANTS: Instead of making vital fixes, NYCHA pays 98 lawyers to fight off and bully poor residents(NYDN) * Pastor: NYCHA makes big effort to avoid repairs(NYDN)
* Giuliani says will bring high crime back to
Rudy: BDB will turn back NYC to 1990-1992
Rudy: De Blasio should apologize to the public and issue a written apology to the NYPD for maligning them.* Rudy Giuliani Demands Apology From Bill de Blasio(NYO)“The whole rationale for Mr. de Blasio’s campaign is phony,” declared Mr. Giuliani, speaking to reporters this afternoon in Staten Island. “This has been the whole rationale for his campaign, his stop-and-frisk … ‘The police department’s terrible. The police department’s awful. They’re stopping all these people for no reason.’”
“The court of appeals has just basically said to him: that is a bunch of malarkey,” he later declared. “I hope it had a dramatic effect on the race.”* Lhota’s Strengths and Weaknesses, Exposed on 9/11(NYT) * UPDATED: Rudy Giuliani On The Stump With Joe Lhota: I'm Not Divisive, And NYPD Case May Live On | New York Daily News  * On the campaign trail, Giuliani attacks de Blasio on stop and frisk. (WSJ)

More Security At NYC Marathon
Boston Bombing Effect
Beefed-up security planned for NYC Marathon(NYP)* New York City marathon officials say they are spending more than $1 million on security for this year’s race, as vendors and volunteers have shared information with the New York Police DepartmentMarathon Evolves in Era of Tighter Security(WSJ) * After Boston Bombings, New York Police Plan Tight Security at Marathon(NYT)
Moreland War, JCOPE Civil War

Cuomo Reform or Pay the Price in 2014
The board of elections is considering some changes after receiving its public flogging from the Moreland Commission earlier this week.

 Cuomo called on state lawmakers to take up ethics reform legislation and warned that they will be held accountable in 2014, when he will make the case to voters about the need to clean up Albany from public corruption, the New York Post reports:

CUOMO GOES TO WAR — Capital's Jimmy Vielkind: Tension between an anti-corruption commission and legislators has resulted in a public war between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the G.O.P.-led coalition that runs the State Senate, culminating in an exchange of personal attacks yesterday between a Senate official and a Cuomo-allied party aide. The most recent escalation began last week, as the governor recast his relationship to the Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption, which was was proving to be a political headache: legislators somehow captured the moral high ground as Cuomo caught flack for interfering in its workings. The governor is turning the page by positioning himself and the commission against the leadership in the Senate, which is controlled by Republicans, in an alliance with the four-member Independent Democratic Conference that Cuomo had tacitly blessed even as other Democrats cried foul. * Tom Precious in the Buffalo News: “While Cuomo as recently as last week at a public event talked of how well his administration has worked with lawmakers, the nice talk from surrogates is clearly over.” What had been a bilateral hymn of bipartisan cooperation has descended into open war.* Cuomo: Ethics Will Be An Election Year Issue(YNN)

Lawyers for Lawmakers Sue Moreland Over Separation of Powers to Hide the Corruption

ANONYMITY REVEALED: Exhibit A in the Moreland Commission’s criticism of the State Board of Elections' policy of refusing to accept complaints submitted anonymously, was a case that sounded particularly well substantiated. In the hearing, the Commission kept the names involved confidential; City & State reveals them(City and State) * Who were the subjects of the anonymous complaint focused on by the Moreland Commission? reveals all: * Senate GOP seeks to quash Moreland Commission subpoena for records (YNN) * Moreland Commission: "We had hoped the Senate Republicans would willingly cooperate and they did not. We will prevail in court" * Moreland Commission Asserts Its Subpoena Power(YNN) * Michael Chertoff, the former homeland security secretary, is representing the Senate GOP's campaign arm in its legal fight against Moreland.* QUOTE OF THE DAY: “The sweepingly broad subpoena would compel disclosure of the committee’s most sensitive internal political communications, in violation of its right to free speech and political association.” – The State Senate Republicans’ attorney Michael Chertoff, in court filings asking for a subpoena from the Moreland Commission to be blocked, via Bloomberg.* The state Senate Republican Campaign Committee asked a state judge to block a subpoena from Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s anti-corruption Moreland Commission, alleging “partisan bias,” Bloomberg writes: * GOPers in court vs. Cuomo panel’s probe(NYP) * A majority of the commissioners on the state Joint Commission on Public Ethics approved of Letizia Tagliafierro for the top post at JCOPE by a vote of 9-5, with the opposition wanting to continue the search for a more independent leader, the Times Union writes * GOP Committee Fights Moreland Subpoena(WSJ) * JCOPE SPLITS — Vote for executive director was 9-5 — Times Union's Jim Odato: The majority of the commissioners approved of Letizia Tagliafierro for the top job at JCOPE, and the five who opposed her selection included members who wanted to continue searching for a clearly independent leader of the integrity agency, these people said.

Stop and Frisk Decision Thrown Out


Scheindlin could face reprimand after stop-frisk rebuke(NYP)

Court Ruling: Stop and Frisked Turned Upside Down 
Stop and frisk blocked, judge removed 
Federal appeals court blocks judge's ruling on stop-and-frisk, removes her from case The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the decisions of Judge Shira Scheindlin will be stayed pending the outcome of an appeal filed by the city. Scheindlin had ruled in August the city violated the Constitution with the way it carried out questioning, stopping and frisking mostly black and Hispanic men.* Here's the U.S. Court of Appeals order, which rebukes the judge in the stop-and-frisk case and freezes her ruling. Appeals court reverses Stop and Frisk decision, saying the judge showed anti-police bias.

Court Order Lets NYPD Continue 'Stop-and-Frisk'

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Upon review of the record in these cases, we conclude that the District Judge ran afoul of the Code of Conduct for United States Judges, Canon 2 (“A judge should avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety in all activities.”); see also Canon 3(C)(1) (“A judge shall disqualify himself or herself in a proceeding in which the judge’s impartiality might reasonably be questioned . . . .”), and that the appearance of partiality surrounding this litigation was compromised by the District Judge’s improper application of the Court’s “related case rule,” see Transfer of Related Cases, S.D.N.Y. & E.D.N.Y. 

Local Rule 13(a),1 and by a series of media interviews and public statements purporting to respond publicly to criticism of the District Court.” – United States Court of Appeals for the Second District on Judge Shira Sheindlin’s ruling on stop-and-frisk in New York City, via the Daily News. AP Story  * Court Blocks Stop-and-Frisk Changes for New York Police(NYT) * Court blocks & boots judge on NYPD stop-and-frisk(NYP)

NYP Judge Should Resign Judge Shira has history of tension with NYC, police(NYP)   * The New York Post celebrated yesterday’s decision against Judge Shira Scheindlin. “No paper has devoted more of its editorials, opeds and news stories to press the issues of Scheindlin’s bias and the urgency of this appeal than The Post,” it declared yesterday, calling on her to take the “honorable course” and resign.* Scheindlin overruled on stop-frisk, and de Blasio debunked(NYP Ed) The Post characterizes the Court of Appeals’ decision as a blow to de Blasio, and argues that the most “honorable” course of action would be for Judge Scheindlin to resign*Times Says New Mayor: Dump the Suit The Times calls a decision from the United States Court of Appeals of the Second Circuit to put a stay on the reforms federal Judge Shira Scheindlin imposed on the NYPD “unwise,” and advises the next mayor to withdraw the city’s appeal: The 2d Circuit overreached, removing Judge Scheindlin for giving reasonable interviews.* The slapdown Judge Shira deserved(NYP) * Daily News Guilty as charged (NYDN Ed) The judicial lashing administered by an appeals panel to the federal judge who convicted the NYPD in the stop-and-frisk trial was a scathing thing of beauty.* Safir: Stop-and-frisk ruling will keep New Yorkers safe(NYDN) * NYPD Stop-Frisk Appeal Could Be Over After Election  * Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Kelly 'Very Satisfied' With Court Decision * Ray Kelly says he's very heartened by Second Court ruling on "stop, question and maybe frisks”(NYO) * New stop-and-frisk judge has ripped the policy before (NYP) *Lupica: NYPD Commish Ray Kelly, unlike foes, shows class while taking lumps during campaign(NYDN)


Journalist's Flacking
    1. It's unclear if the lobbyists will take their clients with them from Patricia Lynch Associates to Mercury

      Why cover the flacks and not cover the harm Mercury does? Is that journalism?
___Dead Girl 911 Lobbying

Last June 4th year old Ariel Russo died shortly aftergetting hit by an SUV.  There had been a four-minute delay in dispatching the ambulance to take the little girl to the hospital. The city is blaming 911 operation human errors for the delay.  The union leader of the 911 operators is blaming the new troubled $2 billion dollars upgrade that the city is installing. The city’s upgrade of the 911 system has not gone very well.  It has been hunted by system crashes, wrong addresses and over a billion and a half dollar cost overrun.  It is now up to a jury to find out who is really at fault for the girls death.
Even though the press says HP was replaced on the 911 project John Liu’s report said that HP was still working on the project and got paid over $300 million in 2012 for their work.  In 2010 thru 2011 when the city council was going after problems in the 911 system, HP hired Kasirer Consulting LLC and paid them over $200,000 to lobby city hall for the company.  Mercury Public Affairs public affairs have been working on the project for Intergraph Corp since 2007.  Before Intergraph hired Sal Salamone as a lobbyist in 2006 to 2008 ($100,000) Salamone worked for the city on the Citytime project until he was let go after the corruption and cost overruns become know on that project, in which Liz Holtzman was one of the lobbyists that cashed in.  It had to get through the fog surrounding the 911 contracts.  Last month Bloomberg lauded Comptroller 911 audit he once called 'stupid.’  He even said there was nothing wrong with the Hewlett-Packard contract and the city paid those most of the money they requested.  The mayor changed him mind on Comptroller budget to stop a federal audit requested by DC 37’s Lillian Roberts.* CM to lobbyist: "You're not really focused on safety, but on the perspective of drivers is that fair? Lobbyist: Yes.(WNYC)
Don't Stop Member Items Pork Party

Councilmembers Want to Control Member Item Pork Themselves Cutting Out Speaker

Not Reform
Money Grab
City Council moving to take away speaker’s ‘pork’ power(NYP) Member items funds would be distributed by a more equitable formula that takes into account factors such as population, funding needs or geographic size. In the most recent fiscal year, $50 million was distributed to the 51 council districts through so-called “member items.” Some say there is much more  hidden member item pork throughout the budget. “If you weaken the office of the speaker or the power of the speaker, you will enable the mayor and the executive office to pick off individual members of the council to get certain legislative proposals or policies enacted,” said Ulrich, echoing his GOP colleague.

NYT Vote No On Gambling

Strange Anti-Gambling Team
The unlikely duo of Democratic state Sen. Liz Krueger and state Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long plan to begin an outreach campaign opposing a ballot measure that would expand casino gaming in the state,Casino Opposition Comes Together(WSJ)‘Vote With (Mario) Cuomo, Vote No On Prop. 1′ A new ad released today by the Committee Against Proposition 1 quotes Mario Cuomo calling casino gambling “economically regressive to a state and a community” and a mechanism to merely redistribute wealth, not generate it. The former governor wrote those words in “The New York Idea: An Experiment in Democracy,” which was published in 1994 – the year he lost his bid for a fourth term to a little-known Republican state senator named George Pataki. * State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli believes it would be a “mistake” to project significant ecomomic growth from expanding casinos in New York, but he’s neutral on Prop. 1.* Lessons from Atlantic City(YNN)Donald Trump thinks the casino amendment will probably pass, and he’s voting for it.New York City Voters Back Adding Casinos, Poll Finds (NYT) The state Public Interest Research Group and Common Cause NY raised questions about the wording of the ballot referendum on casino expansion as well as a pro-casino PAC made up of gambling companies, the Times Union reports *NY’s Big Bet: The Economic Impact(YNN) Supporters of bringing commercial casinos to New York State don’t want voters to think of slot machines, black jack tables, or roulette wheels. They want voters to think about jobs and schools.* NY casino measure: A sucker’s bet(NYP) * NY’s Big Bet: The Money Behind The Casino Campaign(YNN) * In New Pro-Casino Ads, ‘Casinos’ Mentioned Once(YNN) * Liberal Liz Krueger And Conservative Mike Long Join Forces To Battle Gambling  * Casino opponents urge voters to reject a Cuomo-supported gambling expansion in Tuesday's ballot measure:  * JCOPE member Marvin Jacob attacked communications staffer for not clearing a press release about the new executive director with members and for incorrectly saying the vote to approve the commissioner was unanimous, Capitol Confidential writes:  * Mario responds: “I made those statements in 1994,” the former governor said. “A great deal has changed in 20 years. The New York that I was dealing with was a different place. We didn’t have casinos on every border. Gaming was only in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.”* NY’s Big Bet: Have Casinos Helped Other States?(YNN) * Last-Minute Contributions To NY Jobs Now(YNN) * A pro-casino robocall that doesn't mention casinos or gambling(Capital)

FRONT PAGES: amNewYork: "Free to Frisk"; Post: "Go Frisk Yourself"; Newsday: "Stop&Frisk; Court Blocks Limits"; News: "$8M to screw their tenants"; Times A1: "Appellate court Blocks Changes to Frisk Tactics"; WSJ: "FAA Loosens Rules on Gadgets"; Syracuse Post-Standard: "State to Pay $15M For East Syracuse Mayor's Death." SEE THEM:

Mayoral Debate

The Only Thing Lhota Has In  Common With Rocky IV He Might Own the DVD
True N News PM
The Ad Campaign: Lhota Issues Warnings and Makes Promises(NYP) * In new ad, Lhota warns NYC is ‘one bad mayor’ away from chaos(NYP)

Lhota Can't Sell His Experience
Lhota, down by 39 points in the latest poll, likened himself to Rocky Balboa after de Blasio accused him of favoring "trickle-down economics" by supporting corporate subsidies. Mayoral race draws ‘Rocky IV’ comparisons(NYP)
Voters split on de Blasio keeping campaign promises(NYP) A Quinnipiac University  poll released Wednesday found practically an even split when voters were asked if the Democratic front-runner would be able to fulfill his campaign pledges.*  In the Daily News, former Village Voice columnist Tom Robbins writes that the biggest issue with de Blasio’s connection to the David Dinkins era is the potential dalliances with lobbyists 

FLASHBACK: Remember that time called "nerdy"?   * The real tale of two cities(NYP Ed) * In the final mayoral debate between Democrat Bill de Blasio and Republican Joe Lhota, both candidates criticized each other’s resumes, with much of the debate centering on how each man would run city government, The New York Times reports * In an interview, Lhota discusses his managerial style, saying he believes in fact-based decision making, that he will focus on developing a financial plan in his first days in office and remove the bullpen-style office system in City Hall, the Times writes *Hope for stop-and-frisk(NYP Ed) * Sorry, charter schools aren’t rich(NYP Ed) * Their Final Showdown(WSJ) Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota attempted to gain ground in a lopsided race by attacking what he described as Democrat Bill de Blasio's lack of management experience.* LAST LICKS: Bill de Blasio, Joe Lhota get heated in final mayoral debate — but was anyone watching?(NYDN)\ * Last debate: Lhota on harmful actions, de Blasio on the threat of inaction  * Sephardic-Backed Group Joins the de Blasio Bandwagon(NYO) * Former Republican mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis said he would have done better against de Blasio instead of Joe Lhota, in part because he’d be spending more money on the campaign, Politicker writes: 

Comptroller Endorsements
The Times endorses Democrat Scott Stringer for New York City comptroller, saying he brings the right mix of experience, doggedness, and integrity to the job* The Post endorses Republican John Burnett for New York City comptroller, citing his compelling personal narrative and wealth of financial experience in the private sector as qualifications for the job.  A comptroller audit found that the New York City Department of Homeless Services failed to recoup $350,000 in improper payments or to investigate $5 million in questionable fees from one of the city’s largest shelter providers, the Post reports

Weiner Tells the Media You Kissed  My Ass Too Much

Election 2013 Journalism Failure 
Spin Over Fact
Weiner Blames Reporter For Not Grlling Him On Sexting (TPM)
Copy cat media fails New York voters


de Blasio Woos Wall Street

WALL STREET EMBRACING DE BLASIO — Bloomberg's Henry Goldman: "De Blasio, 52, has been wooing the investment community since winning the Democratic mayoral nomination Sept. 10, assuring bankers, real estate developers and corporate executives that he understands their importance. He held three meetings with business leaders in the first week of October. "...William Mulrow, 57, senior managing director of the Blackstone Group LP, the world’s largest alternative-asset manager, said he was impressed with de Blasio at a meeting this month with about 20 executives, including Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs Group Inc., News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch and Daily News publisher Mort Zuckerman. “He was very well received; he looked and sounded like a mayor, in charge of the facts,” Mulrow said. “He was a smart and capable guy who was completely realistic about the job he was about to assume.” RISE TO POWER — Times' David Halbfinger, Kate Taylor and David Chen: "He expressed disdain for the intellectual stature of some other council members, according to a former aide...And he confided at a staff retreat — moderated by his close friend Patrick Gaspard, then the political director of 1199 S.E.I.U., the health-workers union — that he really hoped one day to be governor. "...He had aides look into city and state programs for property tax rebates on behalf of his mother."

Media Wars

Daily News Congratulates the NYT For Finally Writing About the "Shopping While Black" Scandal
All the news unfit to print (NYDN Ed)
'Shopping while black' scandal belatedly gets its due from the New York Times.
There it was on Wednesday, an honest-to-goodness news story about controversy swirling around Barneys and Macy’s with the headline: “Profiling Complaints by Black Shoppers Followed Changes to Stores’ Security Policies.”
No, not in the New York Daily News — local print or worldwide electronic, which started breaking stories about the retailers’ security practices a week ago Wednesday — but in the New York Times.

NYCHA and the Law

Judge hits NYCHA with $20K fine after single mom of three was left without hot water for two years — and now the shameless agency wants to appeal(NYDN)


21 to  Smoke
NYC’s tobacco age raised to 21 — but still 18 for weed bongs(NYP) * The New York City Council voted 35-10 to increase the age limit to 21 from 18 for individuals to purchase tobacco products in the five boroughs, one of the highest age limits in the country, The Wall Street Journal writes *City to Boost Purchase Age for Tobacco(WSJ) * City Council blowing smoke on new butt ban(NYP Ed)

Speakers Race Update

NEWSLETTER EXCLUSIVE — Speak-Her? Inez Dickens to Capital’s Azi Paybarah: “All of us, including me, are still in the mix” to be the next New York City City Council Speaker, Dickens told Capital yesterday. “It starts coming together in December."
What makes her stand out? “I’m the only one that has served in leadership.” And: “I have had negative press in the past” about violations at buildings. “They weren’t really that significant,” she said of the violations, noting "the community re-elected me overwhelmingly in September.”

The Unreported World of Campaign Consultants Lobbyists

Political Consultant Lobbyist George Arzt's Slush Fund

Judy Menin Manhattan BP race run by Belin Rosen and George Arzt can you find out who told her to hire Melvin Lowe
Melvin Lowe Under Investigation Hired by Menin *Menin’s spokesman George Arzt confirmed that Lowe was hired by the campaign to assist with petitioning, and said campaign ended its relationship with Lowe “after a very brief period” just as the news of Huntley’s wiretap list broke.  Arzt Gave almost $100,000 in campaign contributions to NY state candidates spread out over many years.* 2013-10-29 George Arzt - NYS Board of Elections Contributions - Disclosure.pdf George Arzt represents Excell One57 and dozens of other developers * George Arzt - NYC Lobbyist Search Result * More  George Arzt is A Bad Guy LobbyistsWho has done a lot of harm(True News)

Campaign Consultant Lobbyist Berlin Rose Ratner Connection
 BerlinRosen founders say "mission-driven company" turns away clients who don't share ideals (so, what about Ratner?(Atlantic Yards) Bloomberg News two days ago published a profile of BerlinRosen, headlined NYC Firm Helps De Blasio Go From Obscurity to Frontrunner: Berlin Rosen also represented Brookfield Office Properties, a subsidiary of the owner of Zuccotti Park, from which Occupy Wall Street was ousted in 2011, and Bruce Ratner, founder and chairman of Forest City Ratner Cos., developer of Brooklyn’s 22-acre Atlantic Yards, which includes Barclays Center with plans for thousands of market-rate and discount apartments. Berlin Rosen work for the de Blasio, Judy Menin, Daniel Squardron, Scott Stinger, Eric Schneiderman, NYS Senate Democratic Committee and the following council campaigns Chin, Johnson, Garodnick, Landis, Levine, Rodriguez, Shafran, Lancman, Powell, Crowley, Donovan, Levin, Foy, Dorbin. When Campaign Aides Are Lobbyists, Questions Mount - City Limits

Liz Krueger Against Banning Campaign  Consultants From Lobbying
Check out Liz Krueger's blistering response to IDC's Push To Outlaw Political Consultants From Lobbying (UPDATED)

Last Mayoral Debate
Lhota On The Attack, De Blasio Plays It Safe In Final Debate
"The city of New York was not fully prepared for what happened a year ago," says. Says MTA was better prepared than city.* Lhota on his Sandy planning at MTA: The key to it was bringing the union workers to the table. They deserve all the credit for it. * On Sandy, Lhota faults city for not being prepared enough, de Blasio praises Bloomberg's post-storm report. * . says we need to get people back in their homes and make sure funding goes to people who were affected by storm. DS
and both criticize city for lack of planning before . * . says "first thing I would do is reinvigorate the (city) Office of Emergency Management" in crisis; OEM defanged in '02 * tough Q from who asks if outer-boro neighborhoods can trust him to rep them; notes local papers' distress. * Question: Rockaways--why wasn't Bill de Blasio out there since primary? Also hasn't spent time in Bronx, the poorest borough.* Lhota: "The streets will be unsafe, the schools will still be failing."* Next Q: Two years from now, what does NYC look like under your opponent? Lhota: "There will be an increase in crime," and taxes will go up.
We need to continue making sure that illegal guns are being taken off the streets, Lhota says. DS * Lhota: "What we need to do is reinvigorate the spirit of the police department." * Lhota: suspicious activity is not a crime. Answering q about disproportionate # of african-american and latino citizens stopped* The abuse of hasn't made us safer — it's driven police and communities further apart. * . stresses his support in CompStat. Helped bring down crime in the 90s. DS * de Blasio says stop/frisk is valid when done constitutionally.* "We need to get control of stop and frisk, no doubt about it, but it is a tool" that city needs, said. *

. says property tax will go down under his admin. Could use consolidation of pension plans to save $* Lhota: "The first tax that's going to go down is the property tax." Though if you adjust assessment system, some people's levies would rise. * "Real leaders have a Plan B, and a Plan C," says. "That is the ultimate sign of leadership."* "He has no management experience whatsoever," and that's reflected in not having a pre-K tax plan B, says * de Blasio: Community councils need more role in closures, colocations. Lhota agrees that centralized decision-making has left parents out.* de Blasio on charters: "What we need to do is fix our public schools in general." (Protip: Keep number small so you can keep saying that.)*

 de Blasio says "cities and states all over the country" disprove claims about adverse impact on job creation.* . supports living wage and paid sick leave legislation recently passed by the council * de Blasio: "Many, many of the corporate subsidies have yielded very little in return." (Lhota, who's talked up clawback, tacitly agrees.) * “The city needs to step in and create a substantial new supply of senior housing. We need to take matters into our own hands.”* . and both oppose noncitizen voting bill. * . wants Bruce Springsteen to perform at his inauguration. Lhota wants the Allman Brothers. * . says when you look at the books, the money isn't there to pay. If the money's not there, you can't pay for it* . says that negotiations have to be private. agrees, and says that he's done it before and he'll do it again. * de Blasio says Bloomberg hasn't gotten cost-savings or major reforms in bargaining with municipal unions. Will he, really? * .: “i’ve had plenty of disagreements with the labor movement…”  * .: “i’ve had plenty of disagreements with the labor movement…”* . fires back. Cites his own experience as deputy mayor, says you can't compare the experiences of the two candidates -DS * . says that if Lhota doesn't understand why Giuliani admin was divisive he doesn't understand life in NYC.8 De Blasio asks Lhota about "trickle-down economics." Lhota mostly ignores, says he's an underdog, NY loves underdogs.* Not surprisingly, Lhota says he would take a Giuliani state of the city over a Dinkins state any day. * de Blasio won't make commitments about new funding for museums and the arts. Lhota says he won't cut those budgets

Black Pool Consultant Indicted By Feds
New York Political Consultant Charged in Corruption Case(NYT) Melvin E. Lowe, whose clients include the State Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and top real estate developers, faces nine criminal counts. An influential political consultant whose clients include the New York Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and leading real estate developers, including Forest City Ratner, was arrested on federal corruption charges on Tuesday morning. The complaint says, among other things, that Mr. Lowe had failed to report more than $2 million in consulting income and used a false-invoice scheme to defraud the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, as well as those who contributed to it, of $100,000. As part of the scheme, the complaint charges, he directed a vendor to submit a false invoice for printing to the campaign committee, and then to redirect $75,000 of the committee’s payment for those nonexistent printing services to Lowe and $20,000 to a political consultant, identified in the complaint only as Political Consultant No. 1. The unnamed principal of ”vendor #1″ - presumably Cornerstone – told a federal investigator he understood the DSCC invoice for the $100,000 was fraudulent and its sole purpose was to “generate and disburse the funds as as directed by Lowe.” At the time the invoice was received, the vendor in question had provided zero printing services to the DSCC. * A Melvin Lowe tidbit: name came up in Yonkers corruption trial but ex-Forest City exec couldn't recall Lowe's role * A report filed with the NYC Campaign Finance Board reveals the Democratic front-runner, Julie Menin, paid $2,500 on May 4 to Berachot, LLC, which just so happens to share an address (350 West 110th St., #1E, Manhattan), with controversial campaign consultant Melvin Lowe. In just a single year, the DSCC paid Lowe more than $300,000, which went to two companies set up to make it look as if separate entities were receiving the cash. The companies also shared that 350 West 110th Street address.* Also worth noting: Elnatan Rudolph served as a spokesman for William Boyland (NYDN) * City and State also reported that Lowe earned $16,000 from the campaign of former Council Member Tracy Boyland when she challenged state Sen. Velmanette Montgomery in 2006. Boyland received tacit if not explicit support from Forest City in that race. She used the same consulting firm--Knickerbocker SKD--that FCR used for its deceptive Atlantic Yards mailers. A push-poll from Pacific Crest Research, which had conducted a previous push-poll on Atlantic Yards, seemed to steer listeners to Boyland. Crain's reported that Forest City executive Bruce Bender was helping Boyland raise money. *Former Forest City Ratner lobbyist Melvin Lowe, Sampson crony, charged with corruption; charges do not involve developer(Atlantic Yards)

The Rapfogel, Lowe Forest City Ratner Connection
Rapfogel was ForestCity's partner on Seward Park bid, charity show,etc  * Former Forest City Ratner lobbyist Melvin Lowe, Sampson crony, charged with corruption; charges do not involve developer(Atlantic Yards) The Forest City angles 1) Given that Forest City Ratner joined with the Met Council on a bid to redevelop the Seward Park Urban Renewal Area, the departure of Rapfogel--surely highlighted as a key executive in the bid package--casts a major shadow on that bid.  2) The Barclays Center chose to give the Met Council--and a music camp--profits from a  2/28/13 cantorial concert. Shouldn't investigators look into any ulterior motives, like buffing the developer's relationship with Silver as a prelude to that Seward Park bid? 3) The position of Rapfogel's son Michael, a Forest City VP of External Affairs who's the developer's chief legislative liaison, has to become a little uncomfortable, though he is of course not responsible for his father's actions. His mother Judy is still Silver's top aide, and that has to be the key legislative relationship. But the name Rapfogel is now associated with an emerging scandal. I've written at length about the ties between Forest City, Silver, and the Rapfogels.

All the Papers Fail to Pick Up on the Lowe Ratner Connection, The Daily News Does Talk About the Nets Chances This Season

BATTLE FOR THE CITY! Bold, brash Nets set to take Knicks rivalry to new heights(NYDN)

Melvin Lowe Sampson Update
Former Sampson aide Says he nnot in complaint(CrainsNY) A former top aide to ex-Senate Democratic leader John Sampson says he's not the "Political Consultant #1" mentioned in a federal complaint charging political operative Melvin Lowe with defrauding the state Senate Democrats' campaign arm. Mr. Cohen has hired prominent criminal defense lawyer Sanford Talkin, who declined to comm

Sen. John Sampson’s ex-aide busted for fraud, tax crimes(NYP)

A former top aide to indicted state Sen. John Sampson has been busted on a range of fraud and tax crimes – including charges he bilked the New York Democratic.Sampson – who paid Lowe $150,000 out of his campaign chest in 2009-‘10 – was charged in May with embezzling $440,000 from foreclosure escrow accounts he managed as well as witness and evidence tampering. Any number of individuals fit the description of this consultant, including Michael Cohen, former chief of staff to ex-Senate Democratic Leader John Sampson, who brought Lowe into the DSCC following the infamous 2009 Senate coup and was heading up the conference at the time the events laid out in this complaint took place.

Notably, Mr. Lowe was among nine individuals–mostly sitting state senators–that now-former State Senator Shirley Huntley recorded on wire while she was cooperating with authorities. Ms. Huntley is currently serving a year in prison for her own corruption scheme; the pols she wiretapped have professed their innocence. “Today’s Complaint alleges that New York’s culture of political corruption extends beyond elected officials to the relatively unknown professional political insiders who work behind the scenes to carry out corrupt schemes,” said Mr. Bharara, who has indicted a slew of New York politician, in a statement.“Our investigation will continue and we will continue bringing to justice every corrupt official we find, as well as those who allegedly execute their unlawful plots.” on criticism he improperly used Moreland commis to win ethics reforms: "I plead guilty. I'm trying to clean up the Legislature."  As part of the scheme, the complaint charges, he directed a vendor to submit a false invoice for printing to the campaign committee, and then to redirect $75,000 of the committee’s payment for those nonexistent printing services to Lowe and $20,000 to a political consultant, identified in the complaint only as Political Consultant No. 1.* Cuomo: Elections board is 'gridlock by design'(Capital) Cuomo blasted the state Board of Elections’ “gridlock by design,” its failure to enforce rules and its evenly split bipartisan leadership. 8  * goldston: "When Liz Krueger was chair of the DSCC, she personally signed off on every payment of $1,000 or more" * Goldson to IDC spx Eric Soufer: Jeff Klein was DSCC chair when Melvin Lowe was hired.

Moreland: BOE Only Opened 1 Investigation In 5 Years of Voter Irregularities
Elections officials grilled by anti-corruption panel(NYP) The Daily News’ Bill Hammond writes that the Board of Elections’ claims that they cannot do their job properly because of a lack of resources does not hold up to scrutiny, as the board makes questionable use of the money it does have.The word that came up most yesterday at the Moreland Commission hearing focusing on the New York State Board of Elections was “resources.” Testifying before the commission at the Javits Center in Manhattan, Todd Valentine and Robert Brehm, the Board’s two executive directors, and William McCann, its deputy enforcement counsel, argued repeatedly that problems with the agency were fundamentally the result of a lack of available manpower and money. @ChrisBragg1 Moreland subpoenas going 2 the wrong people. But they know that. Follow the $->candidate->legislation->lobby>$* Cuomo: BOE Doesn’t ‘Do Enforcement’: Gov. Andrew Cuomo indicated today he liked the thread the Moreland Commis... * Cuomo: Elections Board Gridlock By 'Design'|Capital NY 
* Cuomo: BOE Doesn’t ‘Do Enforcement’(YNN)

Mayor's Race Final Debate Night

Lhote Positioning Himself to Nowhere
Lhota declines to tout Sandy record as MTA chief(NYP) Republican mayoral nominee Joe Lhota declined to highlight his leadership of the MTA during Hurricane Sandy, when he restored subway service soon after the storm hit, saying he would instead use the day to “politic * Lhota raised $139,411 from former members of Rudy Giuliani’s administration, his biggest single source of contributions, including Robert Harding, Giuliani’s former budget director, and former deputy mayor Randy Mastro, the Daily News writes:  * Final Debate Offers Lhota a Last Chance(WSJ)
WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN DEBATE: De Blasio played all-offense in the fist debate, ditching what many expected to be a Rose Garden strategy. Lhota responded pointedly in the second debate, but it hardly impacted de Blasio’s lead. A Lhota aide said tonight the candidate will display the tenacity he demonstrated last time. With more than 40 points separating the two, New Yorkers may be more interested in Game 6 of the World Series, between the Red Sox and Cardinals.* Hamodia profiled the state of Joe Lhota‘s campaign, which has heavily focused on the Orthodox Jewish community. Still, the paper notes Mr. Lhota is not an ideal fit: “Attempting to peel away some votes on the fringes of the opposing party, Lhota in an ad declared himself as supportive of immoral values as de Blasio, and has attended events of that community.”

 I Wonder How Mayor de Blasio  Can Pressure Silver
Albany Cold to Pre-K, Court Not Happy to Run NYPD
Judge: Bill de Blasio would love to have courts run NYPD(NYP)
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said that New York City mayoral frontrunner Bill de Blasio’s proposal to tax wealthy New Yorkers to pay for universal preschool may have to wait a year because of the 2014 elections, The Wall Street Journal reports * De Blasio wants charity’s wealth redistributed, too(NYP Ed) * A panel of three federal judges hearing arguments on the New York Police Department’s stop-and-frisk policy questioned why city lawyers are continuing to fight the court-ordered changes to the policy with a new mayor coming in, the Times reports In the Daily News, Ben Max, the founder of, wonders if de Blasio will fall victim to the same high expectations that followed President Obama’s election in 2008: * Albany Cold to City Taxes for Pre-K(WSJ) * Judge Raps City on Frisk Suit(WSJ) * Greeting a dead horse(NYDN Ed)  * "until WNYC reached out this week, that page had not been updated since Aug. 15," (WNYC) * de Blasio "sometimes had difficulty waking up in the morning, as public advocate, leaving staffers waiting for hours"  * If mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio gets his way, New York City will have a higher minimum wage than the rest of the state. (City and State) * Willie Colón Records a Song for Bill de Blasio(NYO) *  And New York Times writer Thomas Edsall looked at primary election returns and found that while Mr. de Blasio did well among those making over $100,000 a year, he fared far worse among those making over $200,000.* New Lhota Web Ad Tells Democrats to Vote ‘Safe, Not Sorry’(NYO)

PAYING FOR PRE-K — Cuomo likes the idea, but not the tax — Capital's Reid Pillifant:
“It's a question of funding. But I believe in universal pre-K, I believe Bill de Blasio is exactly right that that is the direction to go. That is the road we're on and we're going to continue,” Cuomo told reporters. His statement hints at the possibility that he could bend de Blasio's plan to suit his own objectives of expanding universal pre-K, but without raising taxes, which could be a tough sell in 2014, when Cuomo and the entirety of the state legislature (including tax-averse Senate Republicans) are up for re-election.

Here is A Story the Media Will Run Away From Today And A Story the NYT Will Do After the Election is Over
How a pro-de Blasio union funded an anti-Quinn group (Capital)

A NYC Class Revolution

Mayor's Race About Class
In the Times, Thomas Edsall looks at data from New York City’s Democratic mayoral primary election and concludes that class trumped race, gender, and sexual identity in determining which candidate won each Assembly district: 

Diane Savino Rips Liz Krueger for Fund-Raising From ‘One Percenters’(NYO)

CityTime Trial

Gonzalez: Alleged CityTime crooks demanded fast payment for fake invoices of more than $5M per month, witness says(NYDN)
BOE Moreland Fall Out

The BOE lone investigator sat at his computer playing Solitaire, asking for work until 2012
While the commissioners acknowledged the deficiency, they clearly did not buy it wholly as an excuse, pointing out through questioning the failure of the Board to fill numerous job vacancies in a timely manner—if at all—and pointing to the deposition of an investigator who worked for the agency that he had repeatedly requested cases to pursue, and yet was given nothing to do. Despite bemoaning a large backlog of complaints the Board’s officials admitted that from 2008 through 2013 the agency has voted to open just 5 investigations—including only 1 since 2009. 
As for why the Board didn’t use the extensive free resources available to it in order to lighten its load, such as deploying state troopers to help with investigations, the officials explained that the Board did not have the resources to employ all the resources available to it. In withering questioning, Moreland Commissioner Kathleen Hogan, the Warren County district attorney, tore into the Board’s tortured logic, asking with evident exasperation, “You can talk resources all you want, but isn’t it true that you didn’t want to look at these cases with a critical eye?” The other commissioners were no more tolerant of the Board’s stock explanation. After bringing to light that the Board does not prioritize the complaints it receives, Commissioner Daniel J. Castleman, a former chief assistant district attorney in Manhattan, said, “It’s just common sense… How can you not say this [complaint] goes to the front of the pile, and this one goes to the back?”(City and State)* Moreland Commission Grills State Board Of Elections Over Investigations -- Or Lack Thereof(NYDN) * Cuomo anti-corruption panel targets elections board(NYDN)

AMENDING A PRESS RELEASE — JCOPE's Marvin Jacob writes letter after contentious vote Times Union's Jim Odato: “In the past we have precleared press releases when dealing with high profile announcements. This one should have been as well. It inaccurately leaves the impression that the ED vote was unanimous and as we all know it wasn’t. This needs to be corrected. You should describe the Commission vote as 9-5 or, at least, as a majority, but let’s try to be accurate about what happened yesterday. It’s quite enough that that we have again done in executive session what clearly could and should have been done in public (had Ellen’s motion not been mischaraterized as a personnel matter compounded by the inaccurate assertion that all personnel matters must be conducted in executive session). John, you can do this or I will. Please let me know.”

JCOPE Cavity Search for A New Leader
After a nationwide recruitment effort, the Joint Commission on Public Ethics announced the hiring of Letizia Tagliafierro, a protégé of Cuomo’s from his tenure as governor and attorney general, as its new executive director, the Times Union writes: 
Wow JJOKE is exciting I love watching lawyers discuss definitions in regulations that no one cares about. Jcope says after a Nationwide search and 70 resumes, it picked former Cuomo aide Letizia Tagliafierro as its ex dir * Alb ethics commish suggests hiring a search firm for new exec director, shot down by chair. Ex-Cuomo aide gets job: * JCOPE member to resign after executive director fracas(lohudblogs) JCOPE, yikes MT A Shelly Silver appointee says she is resigning* Moreland Madness(YNN) * JCOPE Names Ex-Cuomo Aide New Executive Director(YNN) * Cuomo said not all lawmakers are corrupt but the state needs a system people trust in defending the Moreland Commission’s efforts to seek details about lawmakers’ outside income, Gannett Albany writes: 
* JCOPE, again, confronts a leadership issue  * JCOPE CAN'T MEET WITHOUT A CLOUD: The state's ethics watchdog group convened on Tuesday for a regularly scheduled meeting, but punted on most of its serious business and, after a secret vote, approved an administration-connected leader. The appointment of Letizia Tagliafierro as executive director was opposed by some legislative commissioners because of her ties to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.  

  1. And before Casey gets his Proust in an uproar it a line from Talladega Nights in other words its a joke JJOKE MOREJOKE and now MYJOKE* Moreland hearing update: Current campaign finance enforcement structures are failing. * Three organizations that lobby on abortion issues have requested an exemption from the Joint Commission on Public Ethics to keep their major donors private, Gannett Albany writes: 

Silver Flunky Going to the BOE
Elections officials set to appoint Silver-connected attorney — Capital's Jimmy Vielkind: Kathleen O'Keefe, the Democrat election lawyer with ties to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, may end up at a lower-level Board of Elections post, Capital has learned. After Republicans objected to O'Keefe's appointment as enforcement council, in charge of investigating all complaints coming before the bipartisan board, Democrats are now suggesting O'Keefe for a lower-level job, and will appoint a placeholder as enforcement counsel. 

Another Lawsuit Against Speaker Silver
Extras: A lawsuit against Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver for his role in securing a $103,000 settlement money... A judge heard arguments over Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s $103,000 payment to females who accused former Assemblyman Vito Lopez of sexual harassment, which a critic said Silver should reimburse. Bob Schulz had accused Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver of "a bit of trickery," making insincere public comments on his opposition to sexual harassment after he approved the settlement, and of "misleading the court." At one point Schulz called Silver's argument "hogwash."

More Pay to Play Albany Legislation
The Times’ Michael Powell examines a bill crafted by state Sens. Jeff Klein and Martin Golden that would have raised the cost of the security tax stamp on cigarette packs and would have allowed a campaign donor to profit handsomely:New York Post columnist Bob McManus endorsed Mr. Lhota, although he expects Mr. de Blasio to win because of the “distractions of the city’s bizarre primary season — Carlos Danger, indeed — which allowed him to run a fundamentally detail-free campaign.”

Council Speakers Race

List of Reforms to the Speaker's Office Gains Support(DNAINFO)
Kelly Booed

Ray Kelly booed off the stage at Brown University(NYP)
Ray Kelly booed off stage at Brown
Video: Ray Kelly Heckled Offstage At Brown University 
Brown should be ashamed for shutdown of Kelly(NYP Ed)
Protesters shouted down New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly as he was introduced during a speech given at Brown University, forcing administrators to cancel his lecture after only a few words, the Journal reports:  * Kelly Booed Off Stage During Talk at Brown University(WSJ) * A black mark on Brown(NYDN Ed) * NYPD, BOO! Brown University students shout down Ray Kelly lecture over stop-and-frisk policy and the surveillance of Muslims — SEE IT(NYDN) *'Police must do more than just respond to radio calls': Ray Kelly was to speak about city's anti-violence program before he was booed off the stage(NYDN)
Protesters: “Racist, sexist, anti-gay. How many kids did you kill today? Islamophobic, thanks to Ray. NYPD go away.” WATCH: 

Mayor's Race Tuesday

WSJ Writes the de Blasio Gets Fat Cat $$$ and they Oppose He Because of His Occupy Wall Street Ambitions

Democratic mayoral nominee Bill de Blasio has collected at least $4.2 million of his $9.45 million in campaign contributions from donors who gave at least $2,501, and 660 donations of the maximum allowable contribution of $4,950, The Wall Street Journal writes:

This Wall Street Journal editorial attacks de Blasio's "Occupy ambition" and mentions Joe Lhota once in passing:
WSJ: "New York voters are about to elect the Occupy movement to run America's largest city." (WSJ)
The Wall Street Journal does not appear to be a fan of Bill de Blasio: “In the 1980s he romanced the revolutionary Marxism of Nicaragua’s Sandinistas, Castro’s communism and even Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Even now he praises their idealism, including that hoariest of clichés that Cuba has a model health-care system.”* warns the middle class "hold onto your wallet" if Bill de Blasio is elected mayor of

 Newsday Endorses Lhota
Newsday has endorsed for NYC mayor, but Democrats for all the countywide races in Nassau County. 

The Post’s Bob McManus throws his support behind Lhota for mayor, saying it “makes no sense not to,” because he would largely keep things the way that they are

The Chief-Leader
The Chief-Leader, a labor publication, endorsed de Blasio for mayor.

Joe Lhota Compares Bill de Blasio’s Agenda to Halloween(NYO) Two days before Halloween, Joe Lhota thinks his Democratic rival in the mayor’s race has too many spooky ideas.

Lhota Uses Lack At Affordable Housing at Atlantic Yards to Attack de Blasio 
What do Melvin Lowe, J.Sampson, W.Rapfogel, C.Kruger,R.Lipsky, YonkersConvictions have in common? Rel. w/Forest City Ratner?
New York City mayoral candidate Joe Lhota attacked Bill de Blasio over the Atlantic Yards development, claiming that developers bought de Blasio and that he had failed to push affordable housing, Politicker writes:  * Asked abt MSG's $17M tax exemption, said: “They passed it. Do I have any misgivings about the law?No.” A review of Republican mayoral nominee Joe Lhota’s 10 years with Cablevision and Madison Square Garden shows he was an aggressive advocate of generous property tax exemptions that cost New York City millions of dollars Lhota’s Years Working for the Dolans(NYT) * Joe Lhota slams Bill de Blasio over being quiet on affordable housing in Atlantic Yards(NYDN) * The New York Times profiled Joe Lhota‘s years in the private sector: “He pressed a financially strained city for millions of dollars in corporate subsidies. He opposed a law requiring paid sick leave for workers. He fired scores of blue-collar technicians during a union organizing drive.”

The NYP Continues On  Its de Blasio Attacks
16,000 students could suffer from De Blasio’s charter pledge(NYP) Bill de Blasio’s vow to impose a moratorium on opening new charter schools inside public-school buildings could freeze out nearly 16,000 students from the charter system. * De Blasio ‘ignoring’ affordable-housing delays because pal is in charge(NYP) New York Post columnist Bob McManus endorsed Mr. Lhota, although he expects Mr. de Blasio to win because of the “distractions of the city’s bizarre primary season — Carlos Danger, indeed — which allowed him to run a fundamentally detail-free campaign.”* . touted his transparency on his website. But he stopped 8/15. Until we called him out. (WNYC)
* Judge: De Blasio would love 2 have courts run // BDB spox: judge "injecting some humor" "made a sarcastic joke"

EXCLUSIVE: Carriage horses may go from city streets to slaughterhouse if both mayoral candidates OK bill to ban rides(NYDN)
Michael Bloomberg said that if the next mayor goes ahead with plans to ban the carriage horse industry, then most of the animals will end up at the slaughterhouse De Blasio Campaign Upset That Reporter Read Something De Blasio Tweeted(NY Mag) * The Candidates: De Blasio, Lhota Contrast Drastically On Charter Schools * The Tall Man Cometh: Bill de Blasio Will Bring His Own Brand of Leadership to City Hall

  Bklyn DA

Dems irked by Mario Cuomo’s support of new GOPer Hynes(NYP) Gov. Mario Cuomo is ignoring Democratic Party leaders’ demands that Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes be shunned for running as a Republican — by donating to his campaign.* With one week until Election Day, the race for DA is heating up between and .*Inbox: Democratic CM Mike Nelson endorses on the GOP/Cons lines* Brooklyn DA candidate Ken Thompson wants to represent ex-editor suing via

Brooklyn DA Race Nears Bitter End (WNYC)
For District Attorney in Brooklyn(NYT Ed)

The Times recommends Kenneth Thompson, the winner of the Democratic primary who has shown passion for combating crime and injustice."Mr. Thompson is smart and has shown passion for combating crime and injustice."
In nearly 24 years in office, Mr. Hynes has had an important role in developing drug treatment programs and other cost-effective alternatives to incarceration as well as programs to help domestic violence victims and former inmates re-entering society.

Councilman endorsing for brooklyn district attorney
 But these parts of his record are overshadowed by charges of political favoritism in his handling of child sex-abuse allegations in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, his loyalty to tarnished deputies and reports that his office relied on discredited witnesses to wrongly convict defendants in a string of cases.The New York Times, like the Daily News before it, offered a rather reluctant endorsement to Ken Thompson for Brooklyn district attorney. Mr. Thompson, they wrote, “is not an ideal successor. He lacks significant managerial experience, and we were not reassured by his publicity-oriented approach to representing Nafissatou Diallo.” FLASHBACK: Times sat out the Democratic primary between Hynes and Thompson.    * After attacking Ken Thompson in the strongest terms in the primary, David Greenfield endorses him in the general:
Hamodia profiled Brooklyn district attorney rivals Ken Thompson and Joe Hynes. For his part, Mr. Hynes declared Mr. Thompson “hasn’t got a connection to the broad Jewish community as I have,” while Mr. Thompson noted his personal and professional relations with the community.*
Greenfield didn’t think his endorsement would swing overwhelming numbers of voters  But claimed credit in primary

NYT Vote No On Gambling

New York City Voters Back Adding Casinos, Poll Finds (NYT)
The state Public Interest Research Group and Common Cause NY raised questions about the wording of the ballot referendum on casino expansion as well as a pro-casino PAC made up of gambling companies, the Times Union reports *NY’s Big Bet: The Economic Impact(YNN) Supporters of bringing commercial casinos to New York State don’t want voters to think of slot machines, black jack tables, or roulette wheels. They want voters to think about jobs and schools.* NY casino measure: A sucker’s bet(NYP) * NY’s Big Bet: The Money Behind The Casino Campaign(YNN) * In New Pro-Casino Ads, ‘Casinos’ Mentioned Once(YNN) * Liberal Liz Krueger And Conservative Mike Long Join Forces To Battle Gambling

RABBIS AGAINST CASINOS — “This is a community that votes in a bloc … you now have to make up several thousand voters — Capital's Dana Rubinstein: Prominent rabbis are signing petitions denouncing the referendum on expanding gambling in the state.
Who Writes the Language for Ballot Measures
State Sen. John DeFrancisco introduced a bill that would give the state Legislature the power to write the language for ballot measures, including changes to the state constitution, taking editing decisions away from the Board of Elections, the Times Union reports

New poll finds comfortable support in boroughs — New York Times' Thomas Kaplan: A survey found six in 10 likely voters in New York City support a constitutional amendment to legalize up to seven Las Vegas-style casinos in New York, when they were presented with the rosy language that will appear on next month's ballot. This is a good sign for casino backers, including Gov. Andrew Cuomo. More cash for pro-casino : it received $200K from the hospitality union and $50K from Scientific Games Corp.

To Late to Fix the Wording Problem Good Government Groups Good At Getting Into the Press
Neutral casino wording sought(TU)
Group says PAC for Proposal No. 1 funded by gambling firms

Health Care & Environment

A list of “navigators”—businesses and organizations that help people sign up for health coverage—on the state’s health exchange website includes places whose owners and employees are not prepared to offer health insurance advice, the Times reports:
NYC Council Measure Raising Cigarette Purchase Age To 21 Now Includes E-Cigs(NYDN)
NYC lawmakers vote to raise cigarette-buying age from 18 to 21
NYC council votes to raise legal tobacco-buying age to 21


The SUNY Trustees approved nine new charter schools: eight in New York City – in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan; and, one in Rochester. All will open in the fall of 2014. *
…six of the charters will be in Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academies charter network, and will be co-located with district schools.* The PTA really pays! Groups from city's 30 best-funded schools raised $53M in last five years(NYDN)

Sandy One Year Later

The long climb back following Sandy(NYP) * Feds sending $1.3B more in Sandy relief to NYC(NYP)
One year after Hurricane Sandy, officials acknowledge that the consequences of the storm will be felt for years, mostly in the form of persistent service disruptions across New York City’s subway system, the Times reports:  * MTA still clawing back from Sandy’s historic devastation(NYP) * Turning Hurricane Sandy’s Scars Into Badges of Survival(NYT) * For Subway Riders, Fallout From Hurricane May Last Years(NYT) * Ellis Island Welcoming Visitors Once Again, but Repairs Continue(NYT)

MTA shows off anti-storm equipment(NYP) Cuomo and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority used the first anniversary of Hurricane Sandy to showcase techniques and equipment to combat flooding in Lower Manhattan, including a 30-foot tunnel plug and subway entrance cover,* Natural Allies for the Next Sandy(NYT) * On the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, the Times praises Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s program to buy out damaged or destroyed homes, but charges that it is moving too slowly.


Taxi Update

Taxi''s Regulations  are Run by the Courts Not City Hall
Court OKs NYC’s test of ‘e-hailing’ taxis(NYP)

Tammany Hall

Tammany Hall, the building synonymous with the political machines of yore, is an official NYC historic landmark.

Mayor's Race

Newsday Endorses Lhota
Newsday has endorsed for NYC mayor, but Democrats for all the countywide races in Nassau County.

Poll Record Numbers for de Blasion
De Blasio in Position to Win Mayor’s Race by Historic Margin, Poll Shows(NYT) New poll: 68, 23, 2 A Siena College/New York Times poll finds that Democratic mayoral nominee Bill de Blasio is poised to defeat his Republican opponent Joe Lhota by a margin of 45 points among likely voters, the biggest margin of victory since 1985* Siena/NYT: de Blasio beats Lhota in every category, even among conservatives, 49% to 42% * .: "the more voters get to know , the less they like him." COVER STORY — THE DE BLASIOS — New York magazine’s Chris Smith: “What’s more surprising is that De Blasio’s friends on the left aren’t quite sure of his core political identity either. ‘We want him to be Elizabeth Warren and not Barack Obama or Andrew Cuomo,’ a labor leader close to De Blasio says. ‘I think that’s who he really wants to be. But I really don’t know.’ …[H]is formative political training came from wily realists like Cuomo and Hillary Clinton. The risk of a Bill de Blasio mayoralty is that it sputters with politically correct incompetence. But the great promise is that he might turn out to be a complicated, highly unusual mix of ideologue and operative.”* “Both candidates have become more known over the last few weeks, however, almost half of voters now have an unfavorable view of Lhota,” noted Siena pollster Steve Greenberg.

de Blasio Uses Campaign Loophole
De Blasio reaps union donations thanks to campaign finance loophole(NYP)De Blasio has taken advantage of a campaign finance loophole that allows unions not representing municipal workers to contribute without limit, accepting contributions from unions across the country thanks to a bill he helped pass* Lhota Says Developers Have ‘Bought’ de Blasio’s Silence on Atlantic Yards(NYO) * More real estate heavyweights have been contributing to de Blasio’s campaign, although some insiders wonder if the money is coming too late to matter to the candidate, Crain’s writes: 

de Blasio Keeps Focus on Brooklyn Hospital, Green Cabs Back to the Drawing Board
Bill de Blasio Keeps Focus on Brooklyn Hospital(NYO)
Bill de Blasio dishes on his romance with Chirlane(NYDN)
Bill de Blasio said he wants to go "back to the drawing board" when it comes to outer borough green cabs. (WNYC)

Mayoral Debate Postponed to Wednesday
Debate Postponed a Day, Out of Respect for Storm Victims(NYT) * Mayoral debate rescheduled to avoid Sandy anniversary(NYP) * Mayoral Debate Delayed for Sandy Anniversary(WSJ) * NYC Mayor Debate Postponed To Wednesday To Avoid Conflict With Sandy Anniversary(NYDN)

Citi Bike Safe

Nobody has been killed on a Citi Bike in the program's first five months.

Midtown East

The Post urges the New York City Council to pass the Midtown East rezoning plan, arguing that putting it off any further could spell the “slow death” of a key part of the city’s commercial center: