Monday, June 10, 2013

Reporters Have Dumb Down NYC

Idiot Reporting Of Mayoral Campaign

Political party(NYP)
A party for mayoral hopeful John Catsimatidis drew a wide range of influencers


After 10 Mayoral Debates Moderated by NY's Errol Lewis All We Have is Deep Fiscal Denial and Pandering
NYP's NICOLE GELINAS Op Ed Blames the Unions for Fiscal Denial, It Is Really the Fault of the Reporters and Mayoral Debate Moderators Who Allow The Candidates To Get Away

Deep fiscal denial(NYP) Unions & the mayoral race Bloomberg ran on vague notions of fiscal responsibility — but he didn’t try to hit home the ugly fact that, absent an ever-growing Wall Street, the city can’t afford to spend what it does. From 2000 to 2008, thanks to the financial bubble, New York’s major tax revenues grew by 73 percent — or 39 percent more than inflation. workers’ pension and health care — costs that now run $17 billion a year, more than triple the total of 12 years ago.
The city’s crazy revenue growth is gone. After inflation, today’s tax take is only 1 percent above what is was when Lehman fell.  Wall Street “regained only 19.5 percent of the jobs lost during the recession,” explaining why personal-income taxes remain below peak.  Union leaders, elected officials, press and members, though, have no idea that the world has changed. The city's pensions costs, “$9 billion” in the middle of the next mayor’s term “isn’t gonna stay nine and isn’t sustainable. It wasn’t sustainable at 4 1/2” billion.   Texas Gov. Rick has launched a $1 million TV advertising campaign promoting the Lone Star State’s pro-business approach and strong economy to New Yorkers. * NYCHA Budget Clobbered By $205M In Federal Cuts(NY1), or 11 percent, due to cuts in federal funding.  's leasing plan to face protest Tuesday

True News Has Already Called This 
The What Me Worry Election
A Campaign Trail Lined With Words Friendly to Each Audience(NYT)
Sources say the New York City Housing Authority is set to close some of its senior and community centers because of a lack of federal aid, with the cuts exceeding $100 million and possibly resulting in workers being furloughed, the Post reports: * One editorial page supports having union workers start paying money toward their health care costs and demands to know how mayoral candidates would pay for union raises. [amNewYork


Bill Thompson has a natural base and surprising allies beyond it. Now he has to make peace with the sound bite.His willingness to admit nuance on complicated subjects is in many ways admirable—and running as the moderate, black, well-­adjusted adult when your two main obstacles, Quinn and Weiner, are high-strung Caucasians is not a bad position to be in.”*
says is "A man for all (special interests)" via

In an interview with Steve Scott of WCBS, Anthony Weiner was asked whether he, like Quinn, would seek to retain Kelly as police commissioner. Weiner said no, but added, "I like Ray Kelly and I think he’s a talented guy. So if he’s willing to take another job in my administration, I might offer it to him." "Anthony Weiner may be icky and appalling, but that has turned him into the only truly independent and unbeholden figure in the race." [Michael Wolff] * "Puerto Ricans Cheer Weiner a Week After Jews Booed Him" [Jewish Press] * Anthony Weiner Has an Adorable New Excuse(NY mag) Blame the baby * Anthony Weiner celebrates Puerto Rican Day despite skipping two earlier events to be with sick son (by ). *What Anthony Weiner’s Schedule Reveals About His Strategy(NYO) * Tish James defends Weiner against feisty Green Party candidate , who accused Weiner of interrupting him. (1 of 2) Green Party mayoral candidate slams Democratic party: 29 Dem council members voted in favor of Bloomy's 3rd term * another attack. "Anthony voted for the invasion of Iraq, which cost us a billion$."--  *Candidate Anthony Weiner's Awkward Moments(WSJ)   In Race for Mayor, Weiner Dances Around Scandal

"[New York City Comptroller John Liu] went so far as to suggest that the city Department of Education was deliberately booting students with poor grades so their failing scores would be removed from the averages." [John Liu]

female-surrogates-its-time-quinn-not-time-comments-sheldon-silverFemale surrogates: It's time for Quinn, not time for comments on Sheldon Silver(Capital) The National Organization for Women's New York chapter is endorsing Quinn and said electing a woman as mayor would be an "historic" event. [Daily News] * Anti-Chris Quinn SuperPAC Expands Attack Ads To NYC Network TV In New Media Buy UPDATES with Team Quinn reax*

de Blasio
Bill de Blasio mayoral campaign ad tells of demons of an alcoholic father(NYDN)
De Blasio and Liu Both Claim ‘Most Progressive’ Crown(NYO)

Bill De Blasio Releases First Mayoral Campaign Ad(NY1)

Rev. Al Sharpton said Mr. Thompson and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio call him once a week, and that Council Speaker Christine Quinn recently “called me frantically to say she did not call Bill Thompson a racist.” As for Mr. Thompson, the one black candidate in the race, Mr. Sharpton said “he’s got to stand for something.”

An important day for non-movement in the Ray Kelly draft(Capital)
Today is the last day candidates can file paperwork to the New York City Campaign Finance Board to be eligible to participate in the matching funds program, by which candidates get $6 for the first $175 they raise from eligible residents in exchange for abiding by spending limits participating in select debates.

Gale Brewer WFP
Lost by 1 vote! RT The logic on why Gale Brewer didn't get the WFP nod is kinda amazing, via

Ulrich WFP

In unusual move, Working Families Party endorses Republican Eric Ulrich
Council Jumps on A News Story
For Years the Council Knew About the Failing and Corruption of the City's 911 System.  Now With the Death of Ariel Russo and the Delay in Getting Her Emergency Help Dominates the News the Council Springs to Action

Mourners Pay Last Respects To Manhattan Girl Killed By Allegedly Reckless Driver(NY1)



NY Court Leadership Shocked Lawyers Are Corrupt

While Not Let the Civil Service Not Lawyers Handle the Receivership's?
Court Favors Connected Lawyers Pay to Play
Judge Knipel Who Assigned Sampson to One of the Properties Sampson Used As A Piggy Bank, Now Institutes Reforms That Will Block Lawyers From Ripping Off Foreclosures
Sen. Sampson’s embezzlement indictment spurs reform in foreclosure suits (NYP) State Sen. John Sampson’s alleged embezzlement scheme has sparked specific reform in how city courts handle foreclosure suits, The Post has learned. The Brooklyn Democrat was indicted last month for allegedly looting $440,000 from four foreclosure accounts he had been appointed to safeguard.

Court Needs the Politically Connect Lawyer to Increase Retirement Age

The Leaders of the Courts Want A Favor From Albany
New York Mulls Raising Judges' Mandatory Retirement Age From 70 to 80
Lippman 68

Sampson’s alleged embezzlement scheme has sparked a new rule regarding how city courts handle foreclosure suits, as judges now have to confirm that money from foreclosure auctions is not pocketed by crooked lawyers
 “Because of the Sampson situation, we realized we had no way to check up if the referee was complying with the law,” said Lawrence Knipel, the Brooklyn Supreme Court administrative judge for civil matters. Under the new rule, judges must confirm that money from foreclosure auctions is properly deposited with the clerk and not pocketed by crooked lawyers. But now when the winning bid exceeds the amount owed on the house, the clerk will alert the judge and it will be the judge’s responsibility to check 60 days after the auction whether the money was properly deposited, Knipel said. In a bizarre coincidence, in 2001 Knipel assigned Sampson a Windsor Terrace property that the politician allegedly used as a piggy bank. Prosecutors say Sampson, 47, used the money to finance his failed 2005 bid for Brooklyn district attorney.

Dicker Pushes Cuomo Cracks

NYP's Dicker Keeps Chopping Away At Cuomo
Fighting for credit on the governor’s major initiatives
Andy’s aides in tug o’ turf  (Dicker, NYP) Ego war splits Capitol staff.  Two top aides to Gov. Cuomo have gone to war over turf and power, at times refusing to talk to each other and fighting for credit for several of the governor’s major initiatives, sources have told The Post.  The battle between Larry Schwartz, the governor’s secretary and chief- of-staff, and state Operations Director Howard Glaser has also spilled over into second-tier staff, with many top deputies and commissioners feeling they have to choose sides.  Cuomo aides Leecia Eve and Jeremy Creelan are expected to leave. [Fred Dicker] * Cuomo Says Fred Dicker Report of Infighting Is ‘Not Credible’(NYO)

Cuomo’s counsel, Mylan Denerstein, has emerged as the primary promoter and chief architect of the Women’s Equality Act, spending six months negotiating the bill’s language and penning op-eds supporting it
  • For nearly seven years, Mr. Cuomo's counsel, Mylan Denerstein, has been a powerful but largely behind-the-scenes force in both the attorney general's and governor's offices, known to reporters, legislators and others but unfamiliar to the general public. Cuomo’s counsel, Mylan Denerstein — the top woman and African-American in his inner circle
 Cuomo's Secret Video
A Self-Deprecating Cuomo Video on Secrecy? You Can’t See It(NYT)
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s office has not honored a Freedom of Information request for a video he already screened that pokes fun at his reputation for secretiveness.
Toxic Silver?

Gilly and NYT Talk Women's Rights But Have Noting to Say About Albany
Gilly: Military sex abuse a ‘crisis’ (NYP) WASHINGTON — Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand yesterday vowed never to give up her fight to change the way the military handles sexual-assault complaints within the ranks. “What we have here is a crisis,” the New York Democrat said on CBS’s “Face the Nation....* Governor Cuomo Fights for Women(NYT Ed) Senate leaders, however, are blocking an abortion rights provision from coming to a vote. * The Auburn Citizen wants legislative leaders and Cuomo to call for the resignation of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver due to the Vito Lopez scandal. Even as they publicly declare loyalty to the speaker, Assembly Democrats are quietly speculating over his successor.* Wright Denies He’s Seeking Silver’s Ouster(YNN) * , getting messy. "Keith Wright Statement Notable For Not Saying Sheldon Silver Should Remain as Speaker" *A Frustration With Questions About Silver(YNN)
* Silver: Media is being unfair to me(TU)  * Feminism on Trial in Albany * Women's Rights Advocates Want Albany To Switch Focus From Lopez Scandal To Equality Act (NY1) * Former AM Brodsky on Silver’s Power: The Vito Lopez scandal is not fading into the background even with Lopez ... * Sheldon Silver: No decision on Vito Lopez lawsuits (Newsday) * (blog) *
Speaker Sheldon SiSilver could be target of bill term-limiting leadership posts

Now and Silver
 NOW NYC Head Stops Short Of Calling For Shelly Silver's Ouster, Citing Women's Equality Bills(NYDN)
  1. ! State GOP has the moral high ground here—We look like hell. "We'll give you a pass on two rapes & repeated abuse for codifying Roe"
Schneiderman Out From Silver Lawsuit
NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Won't Represent Sheldon Silver In Scandal Lawsuit (NYDN) Schneiderman insiders say he will take a pass because the AG’s office was mentioned in a state ethics commission report for having played a small, advisory role in the secret $103,000 taxpayer-funded settlement Silver okayed for two earlier Lopez accusers. * Sheldon Silver Still Looking To Attorney General For Legal Defense(NYDN)

NYC Gov. Andrew Cuomo is growing sick of Sheldon Silver: insiders(NYDN) Sources say that despite the public support, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is nearing his breaking point with embattled Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver after being placed in the crossfire of the Vito Lopez scandal, , and his hand-picked state Democratic Party co-chair, Assemblyman Keith Wright, is, too. *  Although there is no heir apparent to Silver in the Assembly, Democrats in the Legislature have floated several names as possible replacements, including Helene Weinstein, Jeffrion Aubry, Keith Wright, and Joseph Morelle(TU) * A Cuomo spokesperson said the governor wasn't aware two state employees were romantically involved when one of them got a higher-paying job. [Candice Giove]

Catholic Church Rallies Parishioners Against Gov. Cuomo's Proposed Abortion Law Changes 

Senate GOP Leader Dean Skelos says legislative leaders are “very close on everything” – except the abortion plank of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Act.

Huntley Rats to Protect the Family
Former state Sen. Shirley Huntley has no regrets about secretly recording her colleagues for the feds: 'I could care less what the politicians think about me' 

Huntley also used a bottle of Aquafina water that contained a camera to catch the crooked politicians.

Councilman Ruben Wills (D-Queens) was among those featured in more than 24 recordings. Sources said there were problems with Huntley pressing the key chain clicker device twice, which turned it off, forgetting to ask certain questions, or facing the camera the wrong way, which aroused suspicion she was being less than cooperative.

“They know what I say is true because they live it every day,” she said of her former colleagues. “Albany is a mess. It’s all about money and power. I don’t think most of them give a tinker’s damn about their constituents.”  Former state Sen. Shirley Huntley said that she agreed to become a federal informant and secretly record conversations with other state politicians in order to protect her family from being prosecuted along with her, the Daily News writes:  Ex-Sen Shirley Huntley on prison: “The only thing I’ll be missing is my brandy and my cigarettes"

This line is also interesting: “A plan was hatched to lure the targets to her home, or at least those who would not become suspicious by an invite. For example, Huntley said the feds ‘mentioned’ Rep. Gregory Meeks, but she replied that he only ‘meets in parks’ and wouldn’t likely come to her home.”

Feds Want Pedro Gone for 7 Years

CBS Abuses Democracy

"It is nothing short of amazing how a network television program has rushed to Hynes’ rescue at a very difficult moment in his long career."

In the Daily News, Dan Wise, a former reporter for the New York Law Journal and blogger for WiseLawNY, writes that Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes’ reality show on CBS undermines the democratic process:

EXCLUSIVE: Brooklyn DA candidate Abe George snubbed voting in city elections, blames his job (NYDN)

George was a Manhattan prosecutor and said he had to be 'apolitical.' But DA Charles Hynes has never missed a vote.

Grouping Students by Ability Regains Favor in Classroom(NYT)
Separating the highest-achieving students from the lowest, a tactic once said to perpetuate inequality, is now seen by some educators as an indispensable way to cope with varying skill levels.

20 public middle schools get extended hours(NYP)

The High Court Gives NYC A New Taxi

Reinventing the wheels (NYDN Ed)

Two court rulings finally pave the way to more modern taxi service throughout the five boroughs

Health Care

The Bloomberg administration’s plan to prohibit stores from displaying cigarette packs behind the counter would slash the number of tobacco merchants by 21 percent, eliminate 9,741 retail jobs, and may increase the price of a pack, the Post reports:
Bloomberg’s Soft Drink Assault Didn’t Dent City’s Dire Diabetes Numbers(NYO)
According to a new report from the Health Department, New Yorkers are more diabetic than ever – despite Bloomberg’s assault on sugary drinks.
DOH: Diabetes, Related Illnesses Now A Citywide Epidemic(NY1)
NYP Loves Sleepers

A Housing Loan for Veterans, but Scant City Housing That Qualifies(NYT)



 Mayor To Propose New Infrastructure To Deal With Effects Of Climate Change

Updated Climate Data Show Increasing Risk for New York City(NYT)

NYP Loves Sleepers
Wake up! Photos show JFK Airport security guards dozing at key posts(NYP)
Terror-targeted JFK Airport has become a giant slumber party for some of its security guards — who regularly doze on duty at key posts, according to a former boss and damning photos obtained by The Post

A Walk on the Wild Sides

High Line Offers a Walk on the Wild Side(NYT)
A third section is under construction for the park by the Hudson, and unlike the first two, it will have rusted rail tracks overgrown with flora.

The scandal that Queens pols won't talk about(Queens Crap)
From LTV Squad: I immediately set out to walk the trail. What I found amounts to a coverup. The 2 large sections of the trail which were washed out and passable via paving stones have been completely covered by a brand new, thicker layer of woodchips. It completely covers up the oily soil underneath. Yes – I said it again: It covers it up. Was any of the oily mud scraped up and sent out for testing? No work has been done on the Willow Lake Trail Bridge. Nature, however, has taken over the burned out portions with lush green vines – so unless you knew better you might not realize you’re crossing a ‘temporary’ bridge. Between Willow Lake Bridge and the Grand Central Parkway Bridge, the trail is completely not passable. The paving stones that were used to cross the 2 washouts further east are now being placed on the west end of the trail. They suddenly dead end though, and you’re left to make you’re way through the mud, thick vegetation, and wooden planks to try to make your way to the bridge over the highway. As of this writing, if you try to access the park/trail from the forest hills side, you can only cross the bridge over the Grand Central Parkway. The path is completely lost in the brush throughout this west end of the trail.

Can You Hear Me Now
Leaker Outs Himself
 I can’t allow gov't to destroy privacy(NYP)

John Oliver Kicks Off Daily Show Hosting With NSA: Amish Must Feel ‘Really F*cking Smart Right Now’

‘Completely Misleading’: Greenwald Spars With MSNBC’s Brzezinski Over Her ‘WH Talking Points’ About NSA

Top Justice national security post still vacant (Wash Post)
The Man Behind the NSA Leaks - Greenwald, MacAskill & Poitras, Guardian
Leaking Secrets Empowers Terrorists - Michael Mukasey, Wall St. Journal
We Must Not Surrender Liberty to Encroaching State - Charles Cooke,NRO
NSA contractor hiding in Hong Kong risks steep jail time for leaking classified document on feds' snoop program
The Big Shrug on the Economy - Paul Krugman, New York Times
It's Zero Hour for Immigration Bill - Caitlin Huey-Burns, RealClearPolitics
The Gang of Eight's Broken Promises - Sen. Jeff Sessions, Los Angeles Times
Debt-Ceiling Histrionics Could Do Real Harm - Simon Johnson, Bloomberg
Time for a Return to Economic Basics - Louis Woodhill, RealClearMarkets
With Rice & Power, Golden Age for Intervention? - Neil MacFarquhar, NYT
McCain, Graham in Tank for Samantha Power - Paul Mirengoff, PowerLine
Hillary's Shadow Looms Over 2016 Field - Niall Stanage, The Hill
For Christie, Long-Term Benefits Could Trump Gripes - Ken Thomas, AP
The PRISM Lesson: Beware the IT Guy(NY mag)
Rethinking Diversity in Higher Education - Bill Keller, New York Times
ObamaCare: Talk to Your Doctor Now - Marc Siegel, New York Post
The Death of Small Town America - Alex Berezow, RealClearScience
How Google Can Keep an Eye on All of Us - Ed Wasserman, Miami Herald
Putin's Petro State Approaching Empty - Leon Aron, The American
Sheila Y. Oliver Files to Run for Lautenberg’s Senate Seat
IRS Scandal: Few Answers But Much Hyperbole - Washington Post
More IRS Abuse: A Warrant Too Far - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
What's Next for Social Security? - New York Times
Total Surveillance Society - Washington Times
Hillary Clinton Becomes Last Politician in the World to Join Twitter(NY Mag)
Bill Clinton welcomed his wife to Twitter.
The former first lady had some fun with her Twitter profile and first tweet.
Ben Smith: “(T)he new Clinton brand will be painfully, ostentatiously hip.”
Potential congressional candidates are telling DCCC Chairman Steve Israel they’d rather sit out ’14 and wait to see if Hillary Clinton runs in 2016.
Developing: US Justice Department Tells Brooklyn Judge It Will Follow His Decision To Lift Age Restrictions On Morning-After Pill Sales
Creeping Surveillance State, Creepy Conclusions - Jonathan Turley, USAT
Outrage Over NSA Programs Is Misplaced - Marc Thiessen, Washington Post
We Cannot Trust the Government - Erick Erickson, RedState
Immigration Bill Gains Momentum - Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine
Memo to Beltway GOP: No Fence, No Deal - Hugh Hewitt, DC Examiner

Sales of 1984 by George Orwell have doubled since yesterday -- j"
It's No Time to Retreat From Affirmative Action - Julian Zelizer, CNN
Global Warming Alarmism in Twilight - John Hinderaker, PowerLine
Just About Everything Is Getting Better - Michael Grunwald, Time
Waiter and Waitress Nation - James Pethokoukis, AEI Ideas
Insider Trading Has Become Widespread - James Surowiecki, New Yorker
A Conservative Case for Prison Reform - Richard Viguerie, New York Times
Election 2013 Polls: VA Governor | MA Senate | NJ Senate | NJ Governor  
Gotham: Using a Would-Be Subway Bomber to Justify Sweeping Surveillance
Dept. allegedly halted internal inquiry into overseas diplos use of hookers, drugs: report(NYP)

New Jersey Assembly Speaker Enters Senate Race(NYT)


Within five hours of Hillary Clinton’s social media debut, the “pantsuit aficionado” reaches 200,000 followers, launching much speculation about what the account means for her future.

Third Democrat to Seek Lautenberg’s Senate Seat(NYT)

Law and Order

The Second Amendment Foundation launched a public education and awareness effort on more than 160 radio station websites and the Fox News Radio website in response to Mayor Bloomberg’s gun control campaign.

A Not-for-Tourists Guide to Navigating a Multicultural City(NYT)

A manual designed to help officers bridge the cultural divide with immigrant residents received passing mention in a trial over the Police Department’s stop-and-frisk practice.
Answers Elusive 6 Months After a Fatal Shooting in Manhattan(NYT)

The killing of Brandon Lincoln Woodard was captured on surveillance video, but no one has been charged, and law enforcement officials said no arrest was imminent.

U.S. Requests Shorter Term for Mob Boss Sentenced to Life(NYT)

Joseph C. Massino, the former leader of the Bonanno crime family, avoided the death penalty by helping investigators.

Officer Injured After Shooting Outside Harlem Hospital(WCBS)
Cop Shot in Foot at Harlem Hospital, Suspect in Custody(NBC)
Cop shot in foot in Harlem(Fox 5) NYPD Officer Fausto Gomez to make full recovery after getting shot in the foot by deranged suspect at Harlem Hospital.
NYPD Officer Wounded By Gunfire Outside Harlem Hospital (NY1)
Heroic EMT disarms crazed man after cop shot by NYPD gun at Harlem Hospital(NYP)
Officer Shot in the Foot at Harlem Hospital(NYT)
NYC police officer detains disturbed person. They struggle. Gun goes off. Officer is struck in foot.
Man Who Allegedly Fired Policeman's Gun By Harlem Hospital Charged With Attempted Murder, Robbery, Assault(NY1)

Legal Guns en Route to New York Are Cause for Arrest Before Flight Home
Many travelers who lock their gun in a box and check it at the local airport don’t realize that the laws of the state they are leaving do not apply in New York.
Suspected Robbers in Fed Ex Uniforms Chased Away(NBC)
Brooklyn teen stabbed to death
Bicyclist tries to weasel his way out of ticket by offering cop free workout sessions: sources(NYP)
Police arrest suspect in 2012 push-in on Staten Island,(SI Advance)
NYPD cop shot in foot at Harlem Hospital during dramatic (NYDN)
 Two thugs taken down by phone wielding grandma(NYP)
Principal who quit Bronx school after cheating scandal is under investigation (NYP) again A disgraced principal who resigned amid a 2004 cheating scandal in The Bronx has resurfaced in a Hamptons school district — and is under investigation again. Eric Casale, 41, high-tailed it out of PS 91 during a probe into charges that he covered up...
 Teen Found Fatally Stabbed On Brooklyn Street(NY1)