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Unions and Permanentt Government Play for A Deals in the Mayoral Runoff

City for Sale II and Worthless Runoff Promises
By Endorsing Liu Largest City Union Playing for the Runoff
 Largest NYC municipal union, DC 37, backs Liu for mayor, further splintering labor vote in 
DC 37 and the other NY power players know that the runoff is the ballgame in 2013 like it was in 1977 when Koch face Mario Cuomo in a mayoral runoff.  As Jack Newfield said in his book City for Sale Runoff is where the most corrupt deals are made.  In 1977 in order to get the support of Donald Manes' Queens machine and Stanley Friedman's Bronx machine candidate Koch had to sell off the Parking Violations Bureau to get the support of those two county organizations.  The sell off of Parking lead to the death of BP Manes and the jailing of Bronx Boss Friedman in what to date was the largest city corruption case in history. Daily News columnist Jimmy Breslin was the first to break the real story – that there were hints of payoffs and illegal activities by Manes and his municipal cronies. What followed was a sordid tale of how Manes used municipal appointments and “favors” in a series of mammoth kickback schemes involving the City Parking Violations Bureau, cable TV franchises and City zoning franchises. Manes’ appointees and associates began to fall like dominos – indicted for their criminal activities or forced to retire from lucrative bureaucratic positions.* Manes Kills Himself

Koch Turned Against Black Leadership Once He Became Mayor
The other major endorsement that allow Koch to win the 1977 runoff was that of the Rangel's Harlem black vote machine machine. Scholarly articles for rangel endorse koch 1977 That deal also backfired on Rangel and Harlem when Mayor Koch Closed Syndiham Hospital and position himself as cracking down on what he called poverty pimps to gain white support in later elections. Now the unions think that can make a deal with one of the candidates in the runoff to get their members $$$.  You want to bet they are going to be disappointed when the new mayor says economic conditions that he or she just discovered will prevent pay raises for the city's union. UFT, PBA union bosses say billions owed in back pay (NYDN) * “I think any uniformed union leader would have to have a death wish to tell their members we are giving up 32 months of retroactive raises because the mayor asked us to." — Richard Steier

2013 Empty Promise Candidates

How Will the City Pay for Rising Health Care and Pension Costs?
Back pay and cost-of-living adjustments for NYC workers could cost $7.8B, or 11% of the city budget.   Mayor Michael Bloomberg holds firm against retroactive pay raises for union workers with expired contracts. [Jennifer Fermino] * A judge said Bloomberg's effort to unilaterally set pay rates for some union workers is illegal. Lawyers for the city said they'll appeal the ruling. [Julia Marsh]
The expired city labor contracts are a fiscal disaster facing the next mayor, but "none" of the mayoral candidates are talking about solutions.
Contracts With City Employees?
HELL TO PAY: Next mayor looking at $7.8 billion crisis(NYDN)

Bloomberg Ricin Guns

Breaking: Letter addressed to Bloomberg tests positive for ricin. (NYT)
Ricin letter to Mayor Bloomberg threatened him and had "references to the debate on gun laws," NYPD says. and head of his anti-gun group received threatening letters laced with ricin.

Weiner's Press Takeover

Press Makes Big Deal of Weiner Stand in the Debate When Called Upon
Making His Mayoral Debate Debut at Education Forum, Weiner Basks in Attention(NYT)
Weiner, the Democratic former congressman, was mobbed by the news media before and after an appearance in which he set himself apart from the other candidates running for City Hall.* Anthony Weiner Joins the New York City Mayoral Debate(WSJ) * Anthony Weiner Talks Education And Puts Gov. Cuomo On NoticeWeiner Debates Primary Candidates As New Poll Shows Him Gaining On Quinn's Lead Among Dems(NY1) * Weiner Debates Primary Candidates As New Poll Shows Him Gaining On Quinn's Lead Among Dems(NY1) * Thompson dismisses overwhelming media attention now given to , says focus of campaign "ebbs and flows." * Weiner makes morning show rounds to boost campaign  

How Did A NY Magazine Writer Wind Up Writing Weiner Puff for the NYT?
The New York Times Says They Went Hard On Weiner After Alleged Puff Piece(NYO)
New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan takes on the tricky issue of Anthony Weiner coverage on her blog today. Although the disgraced former congressman’s mayoral campaign kicked off with a soft, April 14 cover story in Times Magazine, Ms. Sullivan, reflecting, found the Times‘ coverage has gotten stiffer as the campaign roll-out progressed.   * Weiner "was never really an 'insider,' but that was not by design, it was because his colleagues didn't like him" (Capital)

Anthony Weiner made his debut on the mayoral debate circuit yesterday, managing to impress by staying within himself and letting his outsized personality win over the audience: (City and State) *  A UFT parent outreach committee member, Monique Lindsay, said "everything [Weiner] said is what we want to hear" but "I think that his downfall is going to be that incident, the thing he did two years ago." [Anika Anard] * I was surprised no one challenged by standing, too. That would've forced the moderator 2 have everyone sit.Mr. Weiner’s debate performance yesterday was widely covered, of course, but the aspect many publications prominently noted was his question-answering posture. Indeed, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New YorkCity & State and Capital New York all included his standing tendencies in at least the first paragraph, if not the headline.* A Weiner whopper(NYDN Ed)  On Dec. 22, 2010, after an eight-year battle, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi congratulated New York’s congressional delegation for finally securing legislation to provide health care and compensation to sickened 9/11 rescue and recovery workers. * Anthony Weiner Skeptical of ‘HIDE YOUR KIDS!’ Headlines(nyo) * “Ebenezer Weiner” boastfully recalled his days as a thorn in then-NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s side.Giuliani says he “wasn’t stunned” when Weiner got in trouble because he “always knew there was something wrong” with the former congressman.* POLITICO’s Maggie Haberman says Weiner looks like the “principled outsider” in the mayor’s race, which “actually helps him.” (More Weiner-related musings by Maggie – and Josh Benson – here).* Huma Abedin Helping Fundraise For Anthony Weiner  (Buzz Feed)

Weiner Polling Good
Look over your shoulder, Quinn(NYP)
A Marist College poll released yesterday found that Anthony Weiner is edging closer to Democratic frontrunner Christine Quinn in the New York City mayoral race, with Weiner at 19 percent to Quinn’s 

"I knew him for years and I always knew there was something wrong with him." Rudy Giuliani on Weiner
Sexting king Weiner trolls for interns(NYP)
Calling all co-eds — sexting king Anthony Weiner wants you!  The mayoral wild card has put out a call for passionate young campaign interns who can handle both the rigors of his bizarre bid for mayor and the snickers they’re sure to get from their friends and family. The ad says the former Queens congressman wants interns who can use “social media to enhance our message.” * The Daily News writes that Weiner is not being truthful by claiming credit for federal legislation helping 9/11 responders, which was led by Reps. Carolyn Maloney and Jerry Nadler: *  Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner on GDNY * ‘Ebenezer Weiner’ Boasts of Being on Rudy Giuliani’s Enemies List (NYO) *

Why Did Seddio Support Tish for PA

To Keep Her From Running for Brooklyn BP?
The Buzz all over Brooklyn is that once Sampson takes a plea Adams is gone
Brooklyn Boss Seddio Who Loves His BJs has told the district leads that if something happens to Adams (we wonder what). Seddio will control Adams committee on vacancies and pick either Fider or Dominic Recchia to run on the democratic line to replace Adams. If Adams leaves after the petitions are submitted to the BOE and before the general election Seddio's Committee on Vacancy will pick his replacement. Fidler and his Mini Me Jo Ann Simon smelling blood in the water tried to add additional people to executive board a couple of weeks ago but was blocked. When Seddio was picked both Fidler and Simon was against adding anyone to the executive board.

The Media Will Not Pick Up On City and State Article About Eric Adams Problems Even After He Was Endorsed By the Brooklyn County Organization
The Unlikely Borough President (UPDATED)
More on Adams

Mayoral Race Besides Weiner

 NEW  Jewish Debate
says she opposes tax credits & vouchers for private schools. But talks of other ways to help.    * Earlier today, Weiner met with coalition of uniformed unions seeking support. "He was real cocky," a source said. * Liu "can't support vouchers or tax credits" * "Im not someone who believes in vouchers."--  * Weiner gets loud applause for talking about his defense of Jewish/Israeli issues, only lukewarm clapping for Obamacare.* . making his Jewishness very clear very fast. In opening uses H * Weiner says I was the one who stood for Pollard Rebashkin * 3rd Q: Will electing Dem mayor return city to bad old days (high taxes, crime, etc. * Quinn won't address retroactive raises, or Weiner's 'hypothetical' budget issue * First attack on speaker Quinn by weiner re: special needs education * "they may be going o Yeshivas, but they are all our children."-- * RT : Quinn on MBP: it does balance religious freedom and health issues. Will keep consent form it in place. *Salgado likes the word "insensitives"   * Motivated by Weiner, Thompson goes on attack against the city government's polices.   * Thompson: Priority 7 vouchers should be reinstated. * Wiener drops middle class word. Says we should cut taxes by 10% for middle class. * Weiner mocks editorial board writer for writing about needing more services then asking in a debate about over spending by govt. : Republicans are responsible for most of the fiscal problems we are facing. * . said it was "convenient" for Bloomberg's legacy not to strike labor deals. cc:  

Mayor Kelly?
‘Mystery’ Poll: Ray Kelly Can Win NYC Mayor’s Race(YNN)
Joe Lhota’s spokeswoman on the Ray Kelly-for-NYC mayor poll: “I’m not going to comment on a poll about an undeclared candidate who has said he isn’t running.” *  NY1 Online: New Poll Examines Top Cop's Mayoral Odds
Poll: Commissioner Kelly Would Be A Game-Changer In Mayoral Race

Clubhouses Power Which Died in the Late 60's With the Coming of Age of the Anti-War Reformers is Being Brought Back to Power as Material for Internet Spin

At Political Clubs, Fight for Endorsements in Mayoral Race Is Under Way(NYT) Securing the backing of these groups can help provide foot soldiers that a candidate needs, and create the impression that a campaign is gaining momentum. New York City mayoral candidates are fighting a “quiet” war to win the support of political clubs throughout the city, partly because of the work they do in carrying petitions and collecting signatures on behalf of candidates.  Bill Thompson got the Brooklyn Democratic Party's endorsement. Out of 37 votes, he got 28. John Liu got 7, Bill de Blasio got 2. And DC37 endorsed Liu. [Jonathan Lemire, Simone Weichselbaum and Daniel Beekman] * A fun campaign tactic: club packing. [Kate Taylor] * Mr. Hynes, however, scored an even bigger–although expected–endorsement last night with the Brooklyn Democratic Party. The organization also endorsed Councilwoman Tish James for public advocate and State Senator Eric Adams for Brooklyn borough president. Party head Frank Seddio didn’t seem willing to consider Brooklyn-born Anthony Weiner for mayor, whom he slammed as “typical selfish Anthony Weiner,” and “outrageous.”

The Ad Campaign: Lhota’s First Ad Highlights Biography(NYT)
“Joe Is New York,” a 30-second television advertisement for Joseph J. Lhota’s campaign for the Republican nomination for mayor, will run on cable channels across New York City starting on Thursday."Battle-tested, chief-executive-level experience" is Joe Lhota's "ticket to City Hall." [Michael Barbaro]

The Ad Campaign: Catsimatidis Emphasizes Business Background(NYT)
Eager to increase his name recognition, John A. Catsimatidis commissioned a highly biographical 60-second ad that will be shown on cable and broadcast television.* Catsimatidis Releases First TV Ad In Mayor's Race(NY1)

Anthony Weiner said Joe Lhota once encouraged him to run for comptroller. Lhota's spokesperson said Weiner himself suggested it. [Sally Goldenberg and Beth DeFalco]

Christine Quinn’s ‘Attack Dog’ Ally Rips Rivals on Her Behalf(NYO)
Although Council Speaker Christine Quinn has largely avoided tearing into her electoral opponents as she campaigns for mayor this year, the same can’t be said for everyone in her legislative chamber. Councilman James Gennaro, notably, has repeatedly and aggressively attacked her rivals on a wide range of issues, earning a reputation as a reliable “attack dog” for her campaign.   * Christine Quinn spoke to El Diario La Prensa about affordable housing and promised to have a diverse administration. [Juan Matossian]* Panic in Quinn's campaign "is pretty real—her numbers are soft and continuing to fall," says

Bill Thompson Discredits ‘Wildly Inaccurate’ Polls:   
Thompson Talks Poverty Plan, Quinn Talks Tech Plan (NY1)

Hynes Campaign Ads

Low Ratings
'Brooklyn DA' Show in Court Again(WSJ)
A lawyer is asking a judge to sanction the prosecutor's office for failing to turn over emails exchanged with producers of the showThe lawyer for a man suing the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office for damages connected to a wrongful-murder conviction requested that a federal judge sanction the prosecutor's office for failing to turn over emails its officials exchanged with producers of the television show "Brooklyn DA."  Attorney Joel Rudin, filed a letter Tuesday to Brooklyn U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert Levy, asking he order the district attorney's office to produce all requested emails and impose "monetary sanctions" on the prosecutor's office for "falsely denying" it possessed the requested emails. Brooklyn-Queens NOW PAC is endorsing Ken Thompson over incumbent Brooklyn D.A. Joe Hynes. “We have confidence that he will never turn a blind eye to sexual harassment and other forms of abuse against women,” a statement released to Politicker read, perhaps an reference to Albany’s Vito Lopez scandal that Mr. Hyne’s rivals have attempted to link to him. “His record … demonstrates that he is a staunch ally of women and families.” * Brooklyn DA used hotel rooms as 'private jails' for reluctant witnesses: attorney

Old Voting Machines

Is Anyone Embarrassed?

Where is the NYT Call for An Investigation of the BOE?
1) The NYT Says the BOE is incompetent elections board, which has been riddled with patronage for years.

2) The NYT says the scanner that the BOE bought for $60 million do not work

Keep the Clunkers Away From the Polls(NYT Ed)
The Board of Elections needs to come up with some other solution to handle the tight primary schedule and not bring back the old lever-based machines. The Times advocates for the continued use of electronic voting machines and blames the “incompetent” state Board of Elections and the Legislature for not moving the primary to June to have enough time to count votes. Albany’s only option is to give the board an extra week to do the counting. As for the old machines, they might get good money as scrap.* Gov. Cuomo Undecided About Using Lever Machines in City's 2013 Elections - UPDATED

NYC wants to bring back old lever voting machines bc of pressures of mayoral election schedule. 
In a last-ditch effort to avoid an electoral embarrassment, NYC is poised to go back in time: it is seeking to redeploy lever machines.
Bike Share

‘Citi Bikes made me late to work’ (NYP) Maybe the DOT can write their bosses a late note.  Commuters using the city’s bike-share program on its first workday ran into a slew of technical problems — and confusion — that made them tardy for their jobs.* NY1 Online: Transportation Commissioner Hails Bike Share Success

Albany Wants to Leave Town

Next Week Vito Lopez Petitions Hit the Street
Cuomo to Speaker Silver: Get to work to get over Lopez scandal (NYDN)  Gov. Andrew Cuomo is telling the beseiged Assembly speaker to start churning out good legislation to recover from tarnished image over the questionably handled sexual harrasment allegations after disgraced former Assemblyman Vito Lopez. “My solution would be to have the most productive legislative session in years,” Cuomo told reporters at the Capitol.  The governor’s comments came amid skepticism from many Capitol insiders about the prospects for any deals between Cuomo and weary lawmakers before the end of the legislative session in late June.  “It is going to be very ugly,” said one Democratic lawmaker from the city. “For the first time, Andrew Cuomo is being thwarted.” * Is There Still Enough Time For Public Financing?(YNN) * CSEA launched a radio ad panning Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Tax-Free NY plan, which it deemed “another special giveaway to business.”* The Vito Lopez scandal has shined a spotlight on the “boys club” atmosphere at the Capitol. A Bushwick coffee shop, Café La Mejor, has renamed its $11.50 Cuban sandwich (with double pork) after Lopez in honor of his NYC Council campaign. *State Leaders Hopeful For Campaign Finance Reform Deal
Sen. Klein on Foreclosure Protections, End of Session Issues: Wednesday morning, Senator Jeff Klein appeared o...   * Weiner answered the circumcision in 2005, his position on weiners remains the same  

After her loud, if unintelligible, defense of Silver, Carolyn Maloney should lay off the "footsie" remarks.

Inez Barron becomes second Assembly Dem to call for Sheldon Silver's ouster
* NY Dems launch new television ad promoting Gov. Andrew C... * With four weeks left in the legislative session in Albany, there is plenty for lawmakers and the governor to do, from privatizing the Long Island Power Authority to legalizing casino gambling *  In the Times Union, Susan Lerner, the executive director of Common Cause NY, argues that to place blame from the Vito Lopez scandal solely on Silver gives a “convenient out” for other culpable lawmakers*  Cuomo continued his push for Tax-Free NY, announcing that private universities will be selected to participate in the program through a competitive process. * NOW-NYS To Cuomo: Don’t Support MMA(YNN) * Cuomo: Tax Free Is ‘Not A Slam Dunk’(YNN)

 The high price of Silver (NYP) For anyone who thinks New York has paid the full cost of Shelly...  For anyone who thinks New York has paid the full cost of Shelly Silver’s coverup of Vito Lopez’s groping, now comes news of a new victim: the bill to legalize mixed martial arts. Mixed martial arts — or “ultimate fighting” — is already legal in 48 states. The sport generates $500 million in revenue each year, and a bill in the state Legislature would help New York gain a slice of that pie by making the sport legal here. Legalization would be particularly helpful to upstate venues from Syracuse to Rochester that are hurting for jobs and opportunity.  But the latest word is this bill is not going to go anywhere now, even though it has 64 sponsors, just 12 short of the majority vote it would surely get if sent to the Assembly floor. The reason? At a time when Speaker Silver has become the poster boy for harassment coverups, he’s afraid to rile women’s groups that regard ultimate fighting as too violent and sexist.


In the Post, Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney writes that the deal negotiated by Cuomo with the Oneida Indian Nation on casinos erases an estimated $800 million in back taxes owed by the Oneidas to local and state taxpayers:

Church and State
Bloomberg’s little miracle(NYP Ed)
Back when the issue was a mosque near Ground Zero, Mayor Bloomberg was unequivocal: “There is nowhere in the five boroughs that is off-limits to any religion.” Well, not quite. Turns out the mayor’s Department of Education has been fighting to prevent church groups that wish to rent public schools after hours for services from having the same access other community

Saving Hospitals

SUNY to Unveil Plan for Struggling Hospitals(WSJ)
SUNY trustees voted unanimously to approve a plan that would help make SUNY Downstate Medical Center financially stable and shore up other struggling hospitals in Brooklyn, and will be sent to Cuomo for review. A vast network of Brooklyn health-care providers would be created under a plan that officials said would make SUNY Downstate Medical Center financially stable and shore up other struggling hospitals in the borough.

Union Big II
Sleepy union big lived with a meth lab in ’06(NYP)
Maybe he slept through it.  The union fat cat exposed by The Post for gorging and snoozing on the job has a roommate who ran a crystal-meth lab right under his nose, authorities said.  The FBI raided...

As Hurricane Season Nears, Con Ed Shows Off Equipment’s New Protections(NYT)
The electric utility plans to spend $1 billion to harden its system and is asking regulators to let it pass the cost on to customers over four years. * ConEd Storm Plan to Cost $1 Billion(WSJ)
Complex Upgrade on Coney Island(WSJ) Con Edison plans to spend $1 billion on storm protection measures over the next four years in order to prevent power outages, and will seek a rate increase from the New York state Public Service Commission to pay for it *  Coney Island's beaches and rides reopened on Friday having been repaired and even spiffed up after superstorm Sandy. Now a 360-unit former affordable-housing complex will likewise get major upgrade. * Property Owners Affected By Sandy To See Tax Relief(NY1)
Seth Diamond, the commissioner of the New York City Department of Homeless Services, is leaving his post to join the Cuomo administration to serve as director of storm recovery for storms Sandy, Irene, and Lee, the Journal writes:


House panel ‘lying’ in wait for AG (NYP) WASHINGTON — The House Judiciary Committee is probing whether Attorney General Eric Holder lied under oath to Congress about his agency’s surveillance of journalists, sources said yesterday.
Holder Faces a New Round of Criticism (NYT)

The Wisdom of Bob Dole(NYT Ed)
Old-school Republicans no longer recognize a party full of Tea Party lawmakers that wants to break the government.

 Michele Bachmann not running again Why? on her "existential" threats
President Obama explained the lipstick on his collar.
Rep. Michele Bachmann, the Tea Party firebrand and former presidential candidate, facing investigations and a daunting re-election race, announced in a surprise video on her website that she won’t run for a fifth term.

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Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor, who’s facing an onslaught of ads from Mayor Bloomberg’s illegal gun-control group, has reportedly started buying TV airtime of his  own.
Weiner's Comeback Attempt Smacks of Desperation - Steve Malanga, RCM
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Tea Party groups file harassment suit against IRS after agency targeted political ties(NYP)


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Bam loses arms race (NYP)  He throws like Tim Tebow! President Obama went 0-for-5 yesterday trying to chuck a football through a tire at a Jersey Shore boardwalk arcade game called “Touchdown Fever.” Even worse, he was shown up by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who nailed...* No Partisan Fire at the Shore: An Obama-Christie Reunion(NYT) * Obama, Christie Tour Storm-Damaged Areas(WSJ)
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Law and Order

Anti-frisk is pro-gang: Mike (NYP) Even gang members would be able to sue the NYPD under a controversial bill to rein in its stop-and-frisk, tactics the Bloomberg administration charged yesterday. “Under this bill, the gang members could go to court and claim that the strategy has a...

The Times’ Jim Dwyer examines how a recent federal law has smothered lawsuits brought by cities like New York that seek to force gun manufacturers to be more careful about how they sell and distribute guns:

Rug rats hit ATMs(NYP)
Forget cash — thieves are now targeting rugs from banks to make a quick buck, The Post has learned. Cops picked up Bronx resident William Footman, 55, as the culprit in at least six thefts from Chase Bank ATM vestibules throughout lower Manhattan..

Dolt-action rifle: G-man’s gun stolen with car (NYP) An FBI agent is in hot water again after the assault rifle that he kept in the trunk of his car was stolen along with the vehicle last night in Queens.

Shot cop busts gun ‘cohorts’ (NYP) The Brooklyn cop who survived a bullet to the head returned to the scene of the shooting yesterday to prepare for the trial — and bagged two pals of his alleged assailant in the process, law-enforcement sources told The Post. * Officer Shot in Head in 2012 Makes an Arrest Near the Same Spot(NYT)NYPD Sergeant Who Survived Shooting Makes Arrest at Scene(WSJ)  A police officer who was shot in the head 16 months ago made a gun arrest Tuesday while escorting prosecutors to the Brooklyn housing development where he'd been wounded.

Last Man Charged in Officer’s Killing Is Convicted(NYT)

Midtown Hate Crime Suspect Claims He Hit Gay Man In Self-Defense(NY1)

Gay Man Killed in Greenwich Village Is Remembered(NYT)

Mother Of Teen Questioned In Queens Girl's Shooting Death Worried About Family's Safety(NY1)

Former Top Cop Heads Home From Federal Prison(NY1)
Teen Pleads Guilty To Charges Related To Queens Woman's 2011 Shooting Death

State plans to close two upstate juvenile jails (NYDN)

Trunk body is ‘missing ma’ (NYP)  Police suspect the woman found strangled in the trunk of her car was a mother of three who vanished two days earlier after leaving her night job at a Queens Korean food factory. * Sources: Missing Queens Woman Found Dead In Car Trunk(NY1)

‘Happy’ hookers testify (NYP)  Beemers, houses, ski vacations and paid maternity leave — ho yeah! The self-avowed hookers in an alleged father-son sex-trafficking ring have begun taking the stand on their pimps’ behalf, regaling a packed Manhattan courtroom with sunny details of...* Prostitutes Testify in Defense of Pimps at Sex Trafficking Trial(NYT) A case against a man and his son, whom prosecutors describe as violent sex traffickers, will test a new state law that seeks to treat prostitutes like victims instead of criminals.

Online Currency Exchange Accused of Laundering $6 Billion(NYT)
The case against Liberty Reserve, a global currency exchange, is believed to be the largest online money-laundering prosecution in history, the authorities said.

It’s Dark, but We See You: Release the Horseshoe Crabs(NYT)
After a 30-minute nighttime pursuit by a police helicopter, two men were arrested and charged with illegally taking the animals from Jamaica Bay.

Brooklyn Mom's Killer Gets 55 Years To Life(NY1)

Former New York police commissioner Bernard Kerik was released from federal prison after three years, and will spend five months under home confinement or at a halfway house before being under supervised release for three years, Reuters writes:

Defendant in Terror Case Gets Lawyer of His Choice(NYT)
A lawyer who is under federal indictment in Syracuse and federal investigation in Manhattan will be able to represent Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law.
New York - NYPD Commish Kelly Tell Chiefs From Around The US: Terrorists Gaining Momentum