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Toot a Lu Liu Too Or Lowing the Bar On Shame and Morality of An Elected Official (It that is possible)

More Corruption Coming

Holly Shit the Huntley Tapes
How Do You Say Moreland Commissione
Former ex-Qns state Sen. Huntley wore FBI wire in expanding corruption probe(NYP)

Whoah. RT : Breaking: Last summer, NY Sen. Huntley recorded conversations with 7 elected officials at prosecutors' direction. * Another Double Agent Legislator Exposed(YNN) * Ex-State Senator Was Directed to Record Elected Officials(NYT)
* Ex-Queens State Sen. Shirley Huntley wore a wire, says court (NYDN)

Huntley's and Feds Major Catch Sampson
Breaking: State senator tied in court papers to bribery plot identified as John Sampson of Brooklyn 
2nd Legislator in Albany Secretly Taped Colleagues(NYT)
The senator was not identified in the court documents, but a person with knowledge of the matter said the senator was John L. Sampson, a Brooklyn Democrat and former Senate leader who has long been under investigation. 

Between June 2012 and August 2012, the defendant, while acting at the direction of the government, made numerous recordings of meetings with nine different people, including seven elected officials and two individuals who had previously been employed as a staff member or a consultant by elected officials. Recordings of four of the elected officials, as well as the two non-elected individuals, did not yield any evidence of criminal activity. However, recordings of meetings the defendant held separately with State Senator #1 and two other elected officials did yield evidence useful to law enforcement authorities, and the details of those recordings are discussed in a separate sealed letter to be filed next week

Cook is Cooked
Smith  Wills
Ex-State Sen. Shirley Huntley recorded conversations for feds, says court docs  (NYDN) Disgraced former State Sen. Shirley Huntley, 74, "made numerous recordings of meetings" with nine elected officials, staff members and a consultant while serving her Queens district, between June 2012 and August 2012, according to her sentencing memorandum filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.* It’s Best to Assume All Crooked New York Politicians Are Also Wearing a Wire(NY Mag) * Crooked former Queens state Sen. Shirley Huntley wore FBI wire, may have snared more senators in sting operation(NYP) *Ex-Lawmaker Works With Feds To Bust Latest Allegedly Corrupt (WCBS)

The U.S. Attorney Could Could Put Half of the Pols in Albany In Jail If There Were Enough Taping Machines Available

Given all the secretly wired legislators running around Albany, it's a wonder feedback from their devices didn't give them away.
Will there be any Senate Democrats available given the shoe that's about to drop next week in the Eastern District of NY?

Boyland Again Indicted

William Boyland Jr. Indicted Yet Again(NYO)

Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. just can’t catch a break.
Mr. Boyland, who was previously charged with soliciting bribes to pay his legal bills in an unrelated corruption trial, was indicted again last March for wire fraud charges stemming from alleged abuse of per diem requests. And he was just charged yet again today. “Boyland engaged in a scheme to defraud New York State by steering public funds to a Brooklyn based non-profit organization (‘Non-Profit A’) and then directing that a portion of those public funds be used to pay for community events promoting Boyland and on goods such as t-shirts imprinted with the slogan ‘Team Boyland’ which were distributed at those events,” a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s office this evening declared.* Assemblyman Boyland charged with felony fraud in superseding indictment(TU)

These latest charges are the latest in a long string of corruption charges against New York officials. Recently, State Sen. Malcolm Smith, Councilman Dan Halloran and Assemblyman Eric Stevenson were charged in various bribery schemes, for example. And in the past couple years, a wide range of legislators have been convicted of corruption, including Councilman Larry Seabrook, State Sen. Shirley Huntley and State Sen. Carl Kruger.


Corruption is the New Normal in NYC, Not News

Working Together 
the NYC
Media Has Downplayed the 
Guilty Liu's Aids Verdict 

If you bet $ that the Guilty Verdict in the John Liu's Treasure and Contributor Would Make the Front Page of the City's Papers Pay Up. In the strange world of NY's media it was decided to downplay the convictions of a campaign treasure to the city's chief financial officer and mayoral candidate. Liu has even gone a step further, playing the victim of the FBI and the NYT.  In numerous public appearances, Liu proactively reminded audiences of the trouble surrounding him, accusing the federal prosecutors, along with the New York Times, of mounting an unfair campaign to bring him down.

. at a fundraiser in
The Newpapers Put the Liu Aids Indictments on the Front Page But Not the Guilty Verdict
Last month the the U.S. Attorney from the Southern District Preet Bharara called upon journalist to Investigate and stop copying his press releases. "Rather than just covering the cases that my office and other offices are already bringing, figure out ways to break new ground and to cover new stories," Bharara said. "Groundbreaking corruption coverage is not just good copy, it's a path to good government." Bharara

The Buck Does Not Stop With Me
John Liu Reaction Delusional
"It Is What It Is" Liu
Hours after the verdict, Liu said he’s “proud” of his campaign and vowed to carry on with his bid to become the city’s next mayor.

John Liu defended Jenny Hou. He didn't defend Oliver Pan. Asked about Oliver Pan, he said, "I said what I said about Jenny.""I'm proud of the way my campaign has been conducted," John Liu said. "It is what it is." Liu said he's moving forward. John Liu said he still believes in his former treasurer who was convicted of campaign fraud. Mr. Liu said he's saddened by the verdicts. "It is what it is." He then walks away from reporters as they continue to bark questions.John Liu said he has nothing to hide and he has a clear conscience. * John Liu's Former Aide and Fundraiser Both Found Guilty in Fraud  * NY1 Online: John Liu Speaks About Guilty Verdicts For Former Campaign Associates * The Hubris of John Liu(NYP) * The "evidence suggested that he tolerated misconduct with a wink and a nod." [Daily News] * Liu Returns To Campaign Trail After Guilty Verdicts For Former Campaign Associates (NY1)

Is Liu Missing A Shame Gene? 

A calm cracks joke at mayoral forum an hour after two aides found guilty of campaign fraud. #2013
Courtney Gross @johncliu says his campaign was lied to and jenny hou will be a stronger person after this #nyc #2013
Lui Doing Anti-Corruption Damage

Another Win for the U.S. Attorney 
In a statement, U.S. Preet Bharara says, "As the jury found, Jia Hou and Oliver Pan stuck a knife into the heart of New York City's campaign finance law by violating the prohibition against illegal campaign contributions, all to corruptly advantage the campaign of a candidate for city-wide office."US attorney's full statement on Oliver Pan/Jenny Hou convictions

The Tragedy of 25 Year Old Jia Hou
Does Liu Feel Responsible?
"Perhaps I'm young, Perhaps I don't have experience. Perhaps I don't know how to protect myself from being framed. But when the result came, I am even more calm and relaxed than people on the other side of the table. I have this deep strength inside me. You will never, ever, ever defeat me." — Jenny Hou [h/t Brigid Bergin]
Liu pals guilty (NYP)  Embattled city Comptroller John Liu’s ex-campaign treasurer and a former fund-raiser face decades in federal prison after being convicted yesterday of trying to scam matching funds from the city’s Campaign Finance Board. * Two Former Liu Associates Are Found Guilty in Campaign-Finance Scheme(NYT) * Guilty Verdicts in Liu Trial(WSJ) * Former Liu Campaign Associates Found Guilty In Straw Donor Fraud Case(NY1) * In his statement, John Liu ignored donor Oliver Pan and spoke positively about his former treasurer Jenny Hou. [Benjamin Weiser] * Pan and Hou will be sentenced on September 20. [amNewYork]

Mayoral Candidates Ignore Economy

Next Mayor Either Keep Expenses Under Control or Raise Taxes 50%

Mayoral Candidates Are Promising Billions to the Unions and Voters
His successor will have to rein in spending because pension and health-care costs are breaking the bank and residents won’t stand for higher taxes
Better tighten your belt: Mike (NYP) Mayor Bloomberg fired off a stern warning yesterday that the next mayor will have to rein in spending because pension and health-care costs are breaking the bank and residents won’t stand for higher taxes. * Bloomberg Unveils Budget Amid Race to Succeed Him(NYT) Bloomberg gave his final budget address yesterday, a $69.8 billion proposal that hews closely to his original budget in January that kept spending flat and did not raise taxes, while taking shots at labor unions and state lawmakers. * Mayor Sets Line On Police Force(WSJ) * Mayor Reaffirms Balanced Budget, Warns Of Gaps Ahead(NY1) * Bloomberg unveiled a revised budget for the 2014 fiscal year, where he said that despite a increase in revenue from the capital gains tax planned cuts will move forward.* The mayor proposed keeping the size of the NYPD at roughly 35,000 cops, no tax increases and repeatedly stressed that the city cannot afford to give retroactive pay increases to its nearly 300,000 employees.* “Even with our fiscal discipline, the costs we cannot control without help from our partners in labor and in Albany continue to siphon money away from services and remain a long-term challenge,” the mayor said.* Bloomberg: Unions waiting for A Better Deal With the Next Mayor * Mayor Bloomberg wants to keep the number of NYPD officers at roughly 35,000, despite calls for more.  * City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's Democratic rivals were more critical of Bloomberg's budget proposal than she was. [David Chen]
 Lawmakers urge state to create an innovation hot s . . .(NYDN)

Mayoral Candidates

The Post mocks former Rep. Anthony Weiner for collecting a hefty salary as an “unregistered lobbyist” after he left Congress in scandal
The Weiner wealth model(NYP)
Working moms face a perennial challenge in balancing their families and careers. But it turns out they can have it all. They just have to follow in the footsteps of walking disgrace Anthony Weiner. These days, the former congressman is a stay-at-home dad trying to save his marriage — who doubles as an unregistered lobbyist pulling in . . . more than $350,000 a year.

Quinn Break
Quinn Takes a Break From Candidate Forums(NYT)
Christine C. Quinn, the front-runner in the Democratic mayoral primary, missed two forums, one Wednesday and another Thursday, citing previous commitments.* Mayor Bloomberg still has nice things to say about NYC Council Speaker and Democratic mayoral frontrunner Chris Quinn.
Mayor Bloomberg Continues His Staunch Christine Quinn Defense(NYO)
Thompson Earns Endorsement of Bronx Politicians(WSJ)

George McDonald
George McDonald loses lawsuit on campaign donations 

 Mayoral Race Campaign Finance Rules Will Not Change, For Now (Village Voice)
Campaign 2013

The 3 Bx members have been called in for a mtg w at County Headquarters. Source; "Carl is with "
NYC Government 
Cuomo's office calls suggestion of withdrawing support for GOP-backed Senate coalition over public financing "absurd" 

"A few hours after receiving inquiries from The New York Times about why it had not named a state inspector general 14 months after Ms. Biben left the administration, Mr. Cuomo’s office announced that the acting inspector general, Catherine Leahy Scott, would assume the position on a permanent basis." [Thomas Kaplan]

New York State’s Ads to Attract Business Also Draw Complaints(NYT)

NYS Government
The Cuomo administration has set aside nearly $140 million for a “New York State Open for Business” ad campaign, with the money drawn from a state authority created to lower electricity bills and federal disaster aid.


Cuomo warned that the city and the teachers union have until May 8th to reach an agreement on teacher evaluations, or state Education Commissioner John King will serve as a binding arbitrator to settle the matter, the New York Daily News  * In a letter to NYC Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott, Cuomo said the city and the UFT have until May 8 to reach a deal or submit paperwork to state Education Commissioner John King telling why they blew the teacher evaluation deadline. Bloomberg’s office has released emails between its staffers and former schools chancellor Cathie Black, which reveal the administration planned to use celebrity endorsements to try to get her a waiver from the state.* Gov. Cuomo To NYC: Almost Time To Put Pencils Down On Teacher Evaluation Deal(NYDN)

State Tests
Fewer parents decided to “opt-out” their children from last month’s new state tests than superintendents had expected, and schools’ concerns shifted to students’ difficulty finishing the exams within the allotted time.

The Bloomberg administration released emails yesterday showing how they aggressively tried to build support in 2010 for Cathie Black as schools chancellor, seeking support from Oprah Winfrey and Caroline Kennedy among others
Cathie Black emails released! Time to read 72 pages of letters between Black and Bloomberg
Document Drop: The Cathie Black Emails(NYDN)
Cathie Black, in email, asked aide about Oprah, evidently looking for high-profile outside validation for her candidacy to run schools.
Aides to Cathie Black said Caroline Kennedy would sympathize with her, "given her experience when she was considered ...for Senate" Cathie Black asks about posting security detail outside her apartment on Park Avenue, given all the "hullabaloo" around her appointment * City Releases Emails Regarding Hiring Of Former Schools (NY1) * E-Mails Show Rush to Quell Furor Over Cathleen Black(NYT) * City Emails Show Push for Cathie Black(WSJ) * City Releases Emails Regarding Hiring Of Former Schools Chancellor Cathie Black(NY1) * Black was so eager to get Oprah Winfrey to offer a testimonial on her behalf, she dispatched a deputy mayor to broker an endorsement through Gayle King, a mutual friend.* The Bloomberg administration was forced to release the Cathie Black emails after losing a lengthy court fight. [Yoav Gonen and Beth DeFalco] * A lawyer for the city warned that releasing the Cathie Black emails will discourage public service because of the "chilling prospect of public disclosure." [Lisa Fleisher]

Watch Albany Pay to Play Realtime

New York World is in the home stretch of building a state bill tracker w/ MinnPost & ProPublica. NY edition about to debut.
New York State Legislative Bill Tracker

Stop and Frisk

Grieving Mother Tells of Her Son’s Unpleasant Police Stop
Jenaii van Doten, the mother of Alphonza Bryant III, a 17-year-old who was killed last month in the Bronx, said the police had cursed at him during a recent street stop.

In the Daily News, Revs. David Brawley and Tyrone Stevenson, leaders of the East Brooklyn Congregation and Metro Industrial Areas Foundation, say that both sides of the battle over the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk practice are wrong: 

In the Journal, former Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau argues that the creation of an inspector general to oversee the NYPD would create “burdensome red tape” and would diffuse accountability within the department: 
Bar tells mayoral hopefuls to reform, not scrap stop-an (NYDN)

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said that based on the number of stop-and-frisks conducted by the NYPD, the program is probably not constitutional. [Azi Paybarah] * . hits in new web ad, using clip of her defending & him saying AA are "under stopped'

said 75% of violent crime is done by African-Americans. Alum has the post.
Save A Hospital

Park Slope Food Co-op Takes Up New Cause: Saving a Hospital
A letter written on behalf of the co-op called on Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to “take a leadership role” to save Long Island College Hospital.


The Environmental Protection Agency announced that New York will receive $340 million to upgrade sewage and drinking water plants to protect against future storms like Superstorm Sandy, with facilities in 14 different counties eligible, Gannett Washington writes * EPA Grants Are Approved for Water, Sewage Plants(WSJ)

NYC Evacuation Zones To Include 640K More People

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman filed a lawsuit against four gas stations for allegedly price gouging customers following Hurricane Sandy, while also announcing settlements with 25 other stations for fees totaling nearly $168,000, NY1  * Attorney General Suing Gas Stations for Sandy Price Gouging (WSJ)* Special Program To Prevent Mortgage Spike For Some NY Sandy Victims(NY1) * State Attorney General Cracks Down On Gas Price Gouging Following Sandy(NY1)
Garage where worker drowned during Sandy had serious safety (NBC)
Garage where worker drowned during Sandy had serious safety (WPIX)
Mayor's Fund To Hold Fundraising Sale For Sandy Victims
City Recommends Expanding Storm Evacuation Zones(NY1)


The state Appellate Division ruled unanimously that New York’s local governments could ban hydraulic fracturing and shale-gas drilling within their borders, upholding similar decisions last year from a lower court, Gannett Albany writes: * it’s highly unlikely the state’s Court of Appeals will agree to hear the case upholding local fracking bans, since the most recent decision upholding them was unanimous.  


It’s the jewel in the Apple’s crown(NYP) *
Crowning 1 World Trade Center(NYT)
One World Trade Center Is On the Rise at Ground Zero(WSJ)
After Hoisting Crown, 1WTC Nears Its Top (WSJ)

We asked for a memorial and they've turned this into a P.T. Barnum production': Plan to charge at least $20 for 9/11 museum sparks outrage(NYDN)
September 11 Museum to Charge Mandatory Admission(NY Mag)

Boston Bombers

Bombers plotted hit for July 4(NYP)
The Boston Marathon bombers originally planned to launch their attack on the Fourth of July — but moved up the date when they finished building their arsenal sooner than they expected. Boston Police Headed To NYC To Learn About Security In Times(WCBS) * Boston bombing suspect's body claimed; new plot details (WABS)
BOSTON (AP) - Death certificate: Boston bombing suspect died of gunshot wounds, blunt trauma to head, torso.
Security Beefed Up At Weekend Events In Wake Of Boston((WCBS)

Business Owners Take Aim at Proposed Smoking Laws(NYT)
Small-business owners in New York said a City Council package of antismoking legislation would drive customers into the arms of bootleg distributors. * Council Hears Testimony on Raising Age Limit on Tobacco Sales(WSJ)

Bike Share Lawsuit Over

Bike-rage case gets tossed from court(NYDN)
Greenwich Village Community Board Meeting Focuses On Bike (WCBS)
People 260 pounds and up can’t rent bikes, according to(NBC)
Bike Share War Rages at Village Forum(DNAINFO)

Back to the Beach

Complete East River Blueway Plan Features Brooklyn Bridge Beach(DNAINFO)

Taxi Wars

What’s Going on With New York’s Taxi Wars?(NY Mag)


Drudge and His Minions Fall for Terrible Joke About Bloomberg’s Pizza Freedom(NY Mag)
The Drudge Report fell hard for this fake Bloomberg pizza revenge story (Atlantic)

At a reception celebrating the 125th anniversary of The Financial Times, Bloomberg stoked speculation that he was interested in acquiring the newspaper, and people close to the mayor confirm his interest in a potential purchase
Bloomberg Pays Tribute to The Financial Times, Reigniting Speculation on a Bid The mayor spoke Wednesday night at a celebration of the newspaper’s 125th anniversary, calling it “my second favorite financial news outlet.”

Colin Myler on the Britianized Daily News. [Joe Pompeo]

Washington Post profit plunges 85 percent on weak news, education revenues


9:30PM  US officials say Israeli warplanes have struck targets inside Syria
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Videos: Obama | Paul | Van Hollen | Santelli | Schumer | Thomas

O taps big-bucks pal for Cabinet (NYP) WASHINGTON — President Obama nominated billionaire Chicago business exec Penny Pritzker — one of his earliest backers and a key fund-raiser — as commerce secretary yesterday.

’16 Dem poll: It’s all Hill (NYP) WASHINGTON — Hillary Rodham Clinton is dominating the Democratic field in a new presidential poll by a margin that could make her think twice about any planned retirement from politics. Clinton gets 65 percent of the vote when put against other..
Unemployment rate falls to 7.5%, U.S adds 165,000 jobs in April. All you need to know about the jobs report:
The state Democratic Party called Texas Sen. Ted Cruz the most “anti-New York” US senator, and slammed the GOP for having him headline their annual fundraising gala this month. 
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Morning Recon: Pentagon Upgrades Bunker Buster to Combat Iran

‘Zero Dark 900,000′: Jon Stewart And Daily Show Team Savage VA For Massive Claims Backlog

The Legal Mess on Emergency Contraception - Washington Post
More Money Won't Prevent an ObamaCare Train Wreck - IBD
Guantanamo Bay Exit Strategy - USA Today
The Anthony Weiner Wealth Model - New York Post
Gov. Cuomo’s sister, film producer Maria Cuomo-Cole, took to Twitter this morning to publicly support an EMILY’s List campaign to put a woman in the White House.
First Lady Michelle Obama will headline a fundraiser for the DNC in NYC on May 29.

Law and Order

 Pervert’s earlier attack (NYP) Cops believe that a man who molested a young girl in Queens Wednesday is responsible for a similar attack three hours earlier. In the first attack, the suspect approached a 7-year-old girl on the stoop of her South Ozone Park home at about 2:45 p.m....

Beau’s ‘stabber’ nixes 10-year jail deal(NYP)
One thrust of the knife, one decade in prison. Prosecutors are playing hardball with the Latvian lovely charged with plunging a kitchen knife into the chest of her cheating boyfriend

S. Pacific NYPD (NYP)  The NYPD wants to send detectives to the Philippines to hunt down a fugitive home-health aide charged with murdering a wealthy Manhattan jeweler

One of the first people to be charged under the state’s tougher gun laws walked out of Moreau Town Court to the applause of about 20 NY SAFE Act opponents.
Man tries to rape 13-year-old girl in Coney Island elev (WABC)
Police: Suspect Wanted For Attempted Rape Of Girl In Br (WCBS)
Poker suspect’s court date (NYP) He’s back in action. New York art dealer Hillel “Helly” Nahmad [third from left] joined Spike Lee and others Wednesday at the Garden to cheer on the Knicks from his courtside seat.
A Diner, a Family and a Murder Plot(NYT)

Woman, 48, Found Stabbed to Death in Brooklyn: Police(NBC)
Queens Sexual Assault Suspect May Be Linked To Third Incident, Police Say
Girl threatened with scissors in attempted rape(NBC)
Scissor-Wielding Man Tries to Rape BK Girl, 13: Cops(NBC)
Man wanted for 2 sex assaults on girls in Queens(NBC)
Bronx mom, boyfriend admit to beating toddler before death(NYDN)

Girl Found on Beach Was Killed, Autopsy Says(NYT)
Shaniesha Forbes, 14, whose body was discovered four months ago in Brooklyn, died as a result of “homicidal asphyxiation,” the New York City medical examiner’s office determined.

Prosecutors want boyfriend 'stabber' to spend 10 years behind (NYP)