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Albany Shock And Awe JCOPE Report Out

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Exclusive Sources are telling True News That Senator Sampson Workers Have Been Told That His Office Will Be Close At the End of the Month.  If This is True Sampson Has Agreed to Talk A Federal Plea * Other Source Says No Truth to Report. If True And Sampson Takes the 4 Years The AEG Scandal Will Break Very Soon - Sources

Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan Not Enough Evidence to Charge Vito Lopez

Shocking A DA Finds No Political Crime
Set to get off: Gropez won't face charges (NYP)  State Assemblyman Vito Lopez, who was accused of groping young female staffers, is not expected to be charged criminally following a months-long investigation, The Post has learned. Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan, who is operating as a special prosecutor, is expected to announce today that his investigation didn’t find enough evidence to charge Lopez, sources told The Post. With Donovan’s probe complete, the LEC is expected to release the report as early as today.* Source: Staten Island D.A. Donovan will not file criminal (NY1) * Source: Staten Island DA Donovan will not file criminal charges in Vito Lopez sexual misconduct case(SI Advance)

In 2011 DA Donovan Only Found A Misdemeanor Into An Investigation of Lopez's None Profit
A worker at a nonprofit founded by Brooklyn Democratic boss Vito Lopez pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor Wednesday for falsifying expense sheets - but Lopez is off the hook. The DA probe "produced no actionable evidence of criminal conduct beyond those in the initial criminal charges" against Crespo.Donovan got the case after Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes dropped it to avoid a conflict. Federal and state investigators are pursuing other cases against Ridgewood Bushwick.

The JCOPE report on Vito Lopez
"Lopez used the powers and perks of his position" to engage in "prolonged mistreatment of certain female members of his Assembly staff" 
JCOPE: "Since at least 2010, Lopez engaged in an escalating course of conduct with respect to multiple female staff members" Donovan Finds No Wrongdoing, But Questions Payments In Lopez Case: Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan...
In Statement, Lopez Uses Text Messages Of Victims (Updated)(YNN) “There is an all out war against an ailing senior member,” Lopez’s statement says. “One must wonder why the actions in this matter were addressed without due process. Mr. Lopez looks forward to a hearing where all the facts are openly discussed and reviewed. Assemblyman Lopez continues to maintain his innocence and understands the political agenda involved in the one-sided nature of the findings.” - Lopez Statement
The biggest contributor to Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s NYC Council campaign was….Vito Lopez.
Asked about the Lopez case, Albany County DA David Soares, who has investigated it, says he can’t talk about any “ongoing” public integrity probe.
'RUB HARDER!' Shock report lifts lurid lid on unwanted advances made by Brooklyn Assemblyman Vito Lopez(NYDN)
Vito Lopez Rejects ‘Salacious and Sensational Claims’ Against Him(NYO)

Okay, we did this BuzzFeed style. 10 Grossest Vito Lopez moments:
DA: Chief concern of those in Assembly -mitigating the Assembly's damages on Lopez matter. Both damning and damaging to Assembly ethics.
"Employee 2 contracted pink eye after assenting to Lopez’s request to place drops in his infected eyes."
"Lopez rewarded ..emps who tolerated his behavior or acceded to his demands w/cash gifts, promotions, salary increases & plum assignments."
DA: Assembly secret handling of first Lopez manner allowed Lopez to continue bad behavior.
Donovan, AG Schneiderman's 2010 opponent charges AG should act as attorney and advisethe Assembly against Lopez confidentiality clause. Wow
JCOPE says Assembly and Silver decided not to send initial complaints to Ethics Committee, not Lopez
Same employee said Lopez asked her for a “report on how a drunken night in the firehouse would loosen me up.”
DA Donovan (1/2): "Unsurprisingly, resolving the complaints in this secretive manner and requiring a confidentiality clause..."

Prosecutor in Vito Lopez case says Assembly more interested in protecting itself than investigating. (NYT)
and was scratched by one of Mr. Lopez’s jagged fingernails.
O'Donnell subpoenaed Assembly lawyer so she could testify before Ethics Comm abt prior settlement w/o violating confidentiality clause. According to JCOPE, Assembly lawyer did not fully comply with a subpoena from the Assembly's own Ethics Committee. JCOPE: On the day Lopez story broke, Assembly lawyer called victims' attorneys to remind them about the confidentiality clause.
Cuomo pushing focus away from scandals
Cover Up
Assembly atty: "..our desire to keep this away from media scrutiny complicates the resolution of this matter"
Staten Island DA Donovan also hits Comptroller and Attorney General for not raising objections to confidentiality clause * Donovan"my investigation revealed during mediation& negotiation of settlement chief concern of...Assembly was mitigating Assembly’s damages" Staten Island DA Donovan's report says confidentiality clause in Lopez settlement done to protect Lopez and the Assembly, not the victims * Prosecutor won’t seek criminal charges against Lopez, but knocks settlement
JCOPE: Lopez continued hitting on Complainant 1 even after she tearfully told him she had been raped in college.
Legislature has previously sought for the state ethics commission to extensively edit it Lopez report. (NYT)
JCOPE Chairman: Panel "now expects the Legislative Ethics Commission to meet its obligation report to the public in its entirety."

Breaking: No charges against Assemblyman Vito Lopez for his behavior toward but prosecutor criticizes Assembly leaders. Story TK
Vito Lopez sought revenge upon reading in of Deb Feinberg leaving his staff, an ethics report finds:
SI DA blasts Silver for protecting Vito Lopez during harassment scandal(NYP) 
RT : Albany is so wired: One of the staffers allegedly harassed by Vito Lopez made audio recordings of him.
After employee refused cash for low-cut blouse, Lopez berated her; later said she must be a lesbian for rebuffing him.
"Lopez once asked (Complainant 4) if she would kiss him if the Assembly passed .. legislation they had worked on." 
"Throughout the dinner, Lopez used his foot to touch Employee 1’s foot underneath the table."
Donovan: Assembly's decision to resolve Lopez complaints in secret "apparently encouraged him to continue the inappropriate conduct."
JCOPE: Lopez did not appear for an interview, invoking his 5th Amendment rights.
Lopez "announced to the office that he wanted to hang mistletoe over Employee 3’s desk and give her a kiss."
"Lopez played a role in securing a job for (Employee 2's) husband as the Executive Director of a NYS agency."

I'd be interested in who gave that pig 38K.

Ethics Panel Details Years Of Harassment By Lopez(YNN)
When a male intern said dating a 14-yr-old would be wrong, "Lopez opined that statutory rape laws should not exist."
 Lopez placed Employee 3’s hand "on his neck, shoulder & armpit, telling her that tumors were located in those places"  
Lopez attorney Gerald Lefcourt said: "Donovan's decision not to seek criminal a just and welcome end to this sad saga. ". 
DiNapoli: "There is a need, however, for greater transparency and review for these legal payments. My office is taking steps ..." 

True News Told You Months Ago Vito Lopez Would Survive the Investigations
The report was so explicit in outlining how Silver’s staff handled the allegations that members of the LEC asked JCOPE to redact it. The news that he won’t be charged could help his campaign, though sources who have seen the JCOPE report say that details of his bad behavior may eclipse the fact that he escaped charges.DA Donovan's statement: 'The chief concern of those in the Assembly was mitigating the Assembly's damages."

US Attorney's Get Corrupt Pols NYC DA's Use Blinders and Let Them Go

Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan the prosecutor appointed to the case could not find enough evidence against Vito Lopez.  Really?  With all the thousands of corruption stories in the paper about Vito's government funded political machine the Ridgewood Bushwick none profit he uses.  What about Christiana Fisher Lopez’s former campaign treasurer, who lied to the feds about the bloated salary she was being paid to run the non-profit Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Center Council Lopez founded. While the federal prosecutors and the FBI use wire taps and more importantly turn corrupt pols against each other, the city's DA uses blinders to protect corrupt pols.  I wonder if it has anything to do about the way they get elected and need the corrupt county organizations to support them

Thompson Will Have to Walk Back This NYP Connection to Lopez
The tarnished assemblyman still has the tacit support of Democratic candidate Bill Thompson, The Post has learned. The pair are old political allies and Thompson has left the door open for an endorsement.

Bill Thompson says Post didn't reach out on Lopez story; In fact, I did. Just to clear the record Update . wont back 4 Council, declines to back Lopez's opponent cc:

WFP Date And Field Investigation Goes On
OCA, Donovan Defend Special Prosecutor's Probe(NY Law Journal)
The Office of Court Administration and the Staten Island district attorney are asking an appellate panel to allow an investigation into the operations of the Working Families Party to continue under the direction of a special prosecutor.

Peralta has another $12,500 to a law firm, classified as campaign consulting
Mayoral Campaign

Weiner Looks Like A Go
Serial-sexting pol ready to seek erection, will announce bid for mayor(NYP)
Sources expect Weiner will make the announcement in the next 10 days, sometime before Memorial Day on May 27 — which happens to be the second anniversary of the day he sent out on Twitter a picture of his manhood that embarrassed him into resigning from Congress. * Anthony Weiner Hires Danny Kedem As Campaign Manager For Possible Mayoral Bid(Huff Post) Former Rep. Anthony Weiner has hired a campaign manager: Danny Kedem, who worked for the DCCC and spent four months on a losing Staten Island congressional race last year. A Weiner ally tells the NY Post the former congressman is “definitely running”and will announce as much as early as next week, but some believe he has waited too long to get into the race.* Report: Former Rep. Anthony Weiner Hires Campaign Manag(WCBS) * Anthony Weiner’s Reported Hire Raises Questions, Sources Say(NYO)
Weiner's Campaign Spending Off To Slow Start, Filings Show (NY1) * Anthony Weiner says likely mayoral campaign drawing healthy interest from staff prospects (NYDN) Reports that the former congressman has hired a little-known political operative to be his campaign manager drew media to his apartment Wednesday.

Quinn's Slush Fund Binder

At a forum at Barnard College yesterday, New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn opened up about her personal struggles with bulimia for ten years and stated that she considers herself a recovering alcoholic, The Wall Street Journal reports * Speaker Quinn Takes Past Public(WSJ) * Quinn Reveals Past Struggles With Bulimia, Alcoholism(NY1)
Council Speaker Chris Quinn lost the endorsement of the Lenox Hill Democratic Club over her support for the Upper East Side’s controversial waste transfer station. “There are a lot of people that are very positive towards Christine Quinn, but her position on the waste transfer station basically eliminated us from endorsing her,” a club leader claimed.* When asked if she still considers herself an alcoholic, Quinn said yes. [Josh Robin] *

Friday the NYT Will Broadcast Quinn Proctologist Exam Live 
Quinn's campaign spokesman and consultant were on hand for the event, where Barnard students were told they are not allowed to ask political questions. [Melissa Russo] * Political science professor Doug Muzzio said Quinn's revelation somehow felt inauthentic. [Marcia Kramer] * Author of Times story on Christine Quinn's battle with bulimia and alcoholism shares her own story. * Can Christine Quinn Overshare Her Way to Mayor? (NY Mag) * An excerpt from NYC Council Speaker Chris Quinn’s forthcoming memoir is in Vogue. * The anti-Chris Quinn SuperPAC disclosure form shows CWA 1180 gave $507K. Wendy Neu and Steve Nislick gave $200K each.
After D'Amato calls Quinn's story 'bunk,' Thompson calls it 'inspiring'  

Liu Goes After 911 Contract Again
New York City Comptroller John Liu is threatening to block a proposed $144 million contract for Verizon to run the city’s new 911 system, and wants any new contract to include training for city workers to maintain the system, the New York Daily News’ Juan Gonzalez writes:  * NYC Comptroller John Liu is threatening to block a proposed $144 million contract for telephone giant Verizon to maintain the city’s new enhanced 911 system.*
The wife of the CityTime mastermind Mark Mazer is reportedly seeking a separate trial so she can "concede … the core allegations" again him. [Bruce Golding]

City Comptroller John Liu. ( Liu Refunds Tainted Campaign Contributions(NYO)

de Blasio Undocumented Drivers License
In the Daily News, New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio proposes that New York should become the fifth state in the country to pass a law enabling undocumented immigrants to obtain a driver’s license:  * Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, undoubtedly continuing his efforts to capture immigrant communities’ votes in his bid to become mayor, is calling for the city to create its own municipal identification cards for undocumented immigrants. Former Governor Eliot Spitzer, of course, once attempted to allow driver’s licenses for undocumented New Yorkers but backed down in the face of controversy. 

Salgado Anti Gay Holocaust Memorial
In a press release last week to Russian and Jewish media outlets, another mayoral hopeful, Erick Salgado, condemned the installation of stones memorializing non-Jewish victims in a Holocaust memorial as “a betrayal of the community and even worse, disrespectful to the memory of those who perished in the Holocaust.”

Republican mayoral candidate George McDonald is trailing in the money race. (Photo: McDonald Vows to Stay in Race Despite Dismal Fund-Raising(NYO)

Dollars Pile Up for Campaigns in Race for Mayor(NYT)
Three Democrats, Bill de Blasio, Christine C. Quinn and William C. Thompson Jr., and a Republican, Joseph J. Lhota, all reported strong numbers for the latest fund-raising period.* Mayoral Candidates Close to Reaching Money Goals(WSJ) * An important chart showing the amount raised and matching funds the mayoral candidates hope to receive. [Andrew Grossman]

And Capital New York posted the complete video from Saturday’s UFT mayoral forum:
Organized labor remains divided over who to back in the mayor’s race.

Democratic mayoral hopeful Bill Thompson outlined his plans for the NYC public school system, that would modify reforms initiated by the Bloomberg administration.

City&State interviewed some of the women behind the mayoral wanna-bes. _____________________________________________________________________________
Eric Adams in Korea

The Times-Union chides state Sen. Eric Adams for not coming clean about how he paid for a foreign junket to South Korea two years ago: 
In the Post, Michael Bongiorno, the former Rockland County district attorney, takes issue with state Sen. Ruben Diaz’s claims of racial bias in targeting public corruption in the Legislature: * Brooklyn Assemblyman Pleads Not Guilty To New Fraud Charges(NY1)

BOE Another Voting Disaster

Voting Machines Could be 'Disaster' for Mayoral Election, Bloomberg Warns(DNAINFO)

Paterson? Why 20 Months Before Election

Buzz: Before the Former Gov Can Run For Congress He Faces Problems in the AEG Investigation
Paterson hears ‘House’ call(NYP)
Former Gov. David Paterson said that he has been approached about running for Congress if longtime Harlem Rep. Charlie Rangel decides to retire from his seat, though he added that he has mixed feelings about running for office at his age, the New York Daily News writes:  * Ex-Gov. David Paterson considers run for Congress(NYDN)


Big Forum? For Cuomo, It’s Always a ‘Summit’(NYT)
Bill Clinton had town halls and President Obama has had Twitter chats, but over the last year, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s “summits” have drawn praise for their one-problem-at-a-time approach.

“They r not really summits: they r séances. [Cuomo], like a medium, is attempting 2make contact w/ the dead upstate economy.”
Cuomo Dolan and Abortion

Archbishop Presses Cuomo Over Abortion(NYT)
Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, asked in a radio interview whether Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo was a “Catholic in good standing,” said he would not disclose the contents of his pastoral discussions.Dolan said he is in support for most of the proposed Women’s Equality Agenda* Dolan Warns the Governor on Abortion(WSJ) Cardinal Timothy Dolan said Cuomo’s advocacy for abortion rights is among the “grave differences” between them after being questioned whether the governor is in “good standing” with the Catholic Church.Update Archbishop Clarifies Remarks About Cuomo(NYT)

NYFD Race Hiring

Appeals Court Says Judge Went Too Far in Fire Dept. Hiring Case
The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit did, however, leave in place many of the orders by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, including a finding that previous tests used to screen applicants had been biased against minorities.
Court burns judge, nixes FDNY ‘bias’(NYP) An appeals court yesterday overturned a Brooklyn federal judge’s ruling that the FDNY intentionally discriminated against black and Hispanic job applicants. The court ordered a new bench trial to re-examine the issue — this time under a different...All smoke, no fire(NYP Ed) Ever since the feds first claimed back in 2007 that New York’s fire department had discriminated against minorities, we’ve argued the case has no merit. Yesterday, a federal appeals panel ruling suggested we’ve been right all along. The decision by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals overturned District Court Judge Nicholas Garaufis’ finding in 2010 that the FDNY had intentionally discriminated against blacks and Hispanics in its hiring practices. This charge, lodged by a group representing the city’s black firefighters, had helped broaden the feds’ claim. * Appeals Court Says Judge Went Too Far in Forcing Fire Dept. to Revamp Its Hiring  * Ruling in Fire Department Minorities Case Favors City  * Appeals Court Judge Rejects FDNY Hiring Decision(NY1) * Federal court overturns ruling FDNY intentionally discriminated(NYDN) * Nicholas Garaufis’s bias against Fire Department is hosed by appeals court(NYDN Ed)

Bloomberg's proposal to close fire companies 'has to stop'(NYDN)

Sound The Alarm: Roughly One-Third Of City's Fire Alarm Boxes Cannot Be Used(NY1)

CBS News Entertainment and Politics?

Suit by a Prosecutor’s Rival Seeks to Block a TV Show(NYT)
Abe George, a former assistant district attorney in Manhattan who is running against the Brooklyn district attorney, Charles J. Hynes, aims to stop the broadcast of a six-part series featuring Mr. Hynes’s office. * Lawsuit filed against film on Brooklyn DA(WSJ)

Entertainment News(NYT)

A TV personality’s biggest achievement: tearing down the walls between news and entertainment.

Body Bags

New York City is spending $95,000 this year to buy about 5,500 heavy duty body bags.


‘Whites only’ Columbia $hock (NYP) Jim Crow may be dead in most of America — but not at Columbia University. Almost 50 years after the Civil Rights Act ended legal discrimination, the bastion of liberalism is finally trying to change one of its scholarships, which is restricted to...

In the Daily News, New York City Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott explains why it is crucial for the city to have a teacher evaluation system:

In an op-ed, New York City Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott wrote that teachers "have a union that has resisted change at every juncture." [Daily News]

NYC Tech

Racing Terror

Brooklyn Race Grows; So Does Security
In the wake of the Boston Marathon attack, bomb-sniffing dogs will be out at the Brooklyn Half Marathon this weekend, and runners will have to use clear, race-issued bags for their belongings.

More Park Cameras

Residents call for Prospect Park surveillance cameras (NYP) Sunbathers in Prospect Park could soon be smiling for surveillance cameras.  Brooklyn residents are calling on elected officials to set up security devices around the green space, citing their role in drastically reducing crime in Central Park. 
Bike Share

Bike Sharing? Sure. The Racks? No Way.
New bicycle share stands across New York are drawing mixed reactions, with some formerly supportive residents changing their minds once they saw the kiosks.Bike Share: Nimby vs. Yimby(NYT)

WTC $$$

PATH/Fail: The Story of the World’s Most Expensive Train Station(WTC)
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey doesn’t brag about the records it sets. One World Trade Center, born the Freedom Tower and taken over by the Port in 2006, will be the most expensive office building in the world. The “Vehicle Security Center,” an underground tour bus garage and road network serving the World Trade Center complex, may very well be the most expensive parking garage in history.

Katz's Delicatessen

In 125 Years, Much Has Changed, but the Pastrami Is the Same(NYT)


A Roller Coaster Comes Down(NYT)
Ups, Downs for a Jersey Shore Ride Named Super Storm(WSJ)
Thrill Ride on Jersey Shore to be Called 'Super Storm' (WSJ)

A Governor and a Prince, Down at the Shore(NYT) * Prince Harry Tours Storm-Battered New Jersey(WSJ)


President Obama: IRS acting commissioner has resigned following scandalPresident Obama: IRS acting commissioner has resigned following scandal(NYP)
Bipartisan rage amid AP furor (NYP) WASHINGTON — Lawmakers from both parties unloaded on the Obama Justice Department yesterday for authorizing a sweeping info-grab of reporters’ phone records as part of a national-security-leak investigation. Attorney General Eric Holder said it wasn...* Holder sics FBI on IRS over Tea scandal(NYP)
Boehner on IRS Scandal: 'Who is going to jail?' (CNN)

Obama Forces IRS Head's Resignation

At the request of the White House, Sen. Chuck Schumer will reintroduce a shield bill that lets media organizations appeal to a federal judge before being forced to submit records and sources to government investigators.
The White House released almost 100 pages of internal emails on the fallout from the Benghazi attack.

NYT Editorial on DOJ: "These tactics will not scare us off, or The A.P."
Spying on The Associated Press(NYT Ed)
What, besides intimidation, is achieved by searching phone records of respected journalists?
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Police Seek Man Who Allegedly Stole Officer's Shield In Brooklyn
Back to the future for Mark Sanford -  
Law and Order

The Times’ Jim Dwyer details a study being conducted by the New York Police Department that will determine how fast airborne poison or gas can spread in New York City’s subways: 
The judge in the stop-and-frisk case ruled against the police in 60 percent of her cases since 1994, according to an internal report by Mayor Michael Bloomberg's office. [Ginger Adams Otis and Greg Smith]
Internal report by Mayor Bloomberg's office paints judge, who'll rule on controversial NYPD stop-and-frisk policy, as biased against law enforcement

NYC officers warned that exposed breasts are no cause for arrest.

Charges Nixed in NYPD Shooting of Unarmed Teen(NY Mag)

Today is the deadline for gun owners in New York who don’t want their license information available to the public to file an exemption form with local licensing authorities.

‘Crack’ the case: Caroline’s day on drug jury(NYP)

NYPD has new suspect in unsolved case(WSJ)

Big rise in Bronx rapes(NYDN)

Bronx woman busted for Sandy Hook charity scam(NYDN)
Worker stabbed in face on upper West Side(NYDN)
 7 years for taped rapes(NYP)
New suspect in ’04 slay(NYP)
NYC judge to decide if Etan Patz case goes to trial (CBS)
Ruling due in Etan Patz murder case against Pedro Herna (WABC)
NYPD has new suspect in unsolved case(Fox5)
Just In: Judge Tosses Indictment Against NYPD Officer In Ramarley Graham Shooting
Suspect Sought In Connection With 18 Alleged City Burglaries

Queens MTA Clerk Helped Stage Her Own Robbery, Police Say(DNAINFO)