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Feds Focus On Sampson's Mystery Bag Man Melvin Lowe

Mushrooming Corruption Probe
Sampson crony eyed in 400G pay probe (NYP)  He was John Sampson’s $400,000 man. Melvin Lowe, a former top political aide to the indicted state senator, is being eyed by federal prosecutors as part of a mushrooming probe. Lowe was among the eight Democratic elected officials and staffers secretly taped by ex-state Sen. Shirley Huntley, who was sentenced last week to one year imprisonment for her own fraud conviction. The fact that the feds directed Huntley to try to tape Lowe — whom Sampson brought in as his political guru during his brief but stormy tenure as the Senate leader — had state capital insiders buzzing that more bombshells could drop in the Albany corruption investigation. * Lack of enforcement helped Sampson slip through cracks(CrainsNY)

Lowe made a tidy sum during his one-year tenure. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee paid his two firms — G&L consulting and Prestige Strategic Communications — a combined $250,000 in 2009-10. Around the same time, Sampson paid Lowe an additional $150,000 from his personal campaign committee — even though the Brooklyn pol did not face a tough re-election fight.* NY Working Families Party-Backed CandidatesTouched By Corruption Scandals(NYDN) * Largely Unknown DSCC Consultant Cleared $300k In Last Year(City and State)

Other Consultant Lobbyists Paid by DSCC
Bill Lynch Assoc, GLOBAL STRATEGIES, LLC, The Advance Group, The Parkside Group,Marc Guma Communications (partnered with Hank Morris), Mirram Group)
In Consulting Group, Hints of How Albany Works(NYT)

Video briefing: In southeast Queens, 'corruption' edges 'conspiracy'(Capital)

Cuomo in Wonderland
“Do you feel fear?” Mr. Cuomo retorted. “Are you afraid?”
The reporter, Zack Fink of NY1, said no. Mr. Cuomo said he was also not afraid.
“I think they’re afraid of you,” said the governor, smiling a little. “I think you strike fear into the hearts of men and women.” 
Cuomo conceded that the indictments and corruption news had been “emotionally draining for some people” in the Legislature. But not for everyone, and certainly – his mood notwithstanding – not for the governor himself.
“I think it’s basically irrelevant,” he said, “unless you allow it to become relevant.”
It Wasn’t the Day to Ask Cuomo About the Mood in Albany(NYT)

Lowe Yonkers Corruption Nexus

Lowe — who worked as a lobbyist for Forest City Ratner — was also subpoenaed as part of the federal probe of the company’s Ridge Hill development in Yonkers.
Developer of Major New Rochelle Project, Forest City Ratner, Bribed Yonkers Official Sexy Sandy Annabi, U.S. Attorney Charges (Talk of the Sound) * A Forest City Ratner executive whose cozy relationship with state Sen. Carl Kruger is featured in a new criminal complaint against the Brooklyn politician personally lobbied a Yonkers councilman hours before a controversial vote that later led to bribery charges against a councilwoman. Yonkers Council Majority Leader John Murtagh Jr. said FCR Vice President Bruce Bender leaned on him in 2006 to change his expected vote opposing a controversial FCR development. Kruger crony leaned on me for vote: pol. Sampson was senator #1 in the Kruger indictmentShocking than Kruger's $500000 gift to Bruce - Atlantic Yards Report * Window Into Developer’s Relentless Quest to Get a Yonkers Project Approved(NYT) *  Annabi verdict is latest win for U.S. attorney(LoHud)

The New Robber Barons

When Campaign Aides Are Lobbyists, Questions Mount(Barkan, City Limits) Some of the top firms advising candidates for state and local office also lobby those offices for clients like corporations and unions. Some believe the potential conflict demands reform.

A Letter to Garcia: (Michael) Garcia U.S. Attorney | Room Eight(2008)

Lobbyists Hank Sheinkopf (True News)
Lobbying blitz: Businesses spent $62 million - a record - to influence NYC government last year
As pols play musical chairs, consultants become the piper (CrainsNY) Term limits, public financing spark demand and dollars for campaign pros. 
Lobbyists Stanley Schlein (Bronx)
Gambling Convetion Center and lobbyists 
Forest City Ratner's 2011 city/state lobbying: 50% jump, with big contract to Kasirer; in Congress, D'Amato's firm lobbied for EB-5, and even got paid for not lobbying 
Two of the lobbyists accused in the IG report of fixing the Democratic senate - Carl Andrews and Hank Sheinkopf - flouted the probe, with Andrews unsuccessfully suing to block subpoenas and appealing right up to the report’s release, and Sheinkopf taking the fifth amendment. Incredibly, their refusal to cooperate with a state probe of the award of one state contract has no effect on their ability to seek another. Andrews hosted a victory dinner in his Albany house right after AEG won the bid, and Smith and Sampson and five other legislators, including Manhattan county leader Keith Wright, joined company brass at an event Andrews invoiced for $1,562. The night before Governor Paterson announced the award, Andrews and AEG executives lit a victory cigar at the Havana Club with Al Sharpton, whose NAN had just collected $100,000 in AEG contributions, ostensibly tied to their belief that the Rev was whispering to Paterson on their behalf. A former state senator himself, Andrews held a top executive title in the Spitzer and Paterson administrations until a scandal about his apparent efforts to influence a decision of the State Liquor Authority forced him from office (the IG eventually concluded that Andrews’ top aide had to be fired).
Coming Gambling 

Skelos Warning About Gambling Lobbying Contribution $$$ Sign That AEG Scandal Ready To Blow
During a closed-door meeting, state Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos warned members of his conference against taking campaign donations from gambling interest groups, in the wake of the investigations into Democratic state senators, the New York Daily News’ Ken Lovett writes: 

Entertainment Group, or AEG, a firm that included as a partner one of their allies, the Rev. Floyd Flake, a former Democratic congressman. The inspector general found that Sampson leaked an internal Senate document critiquing the other racino bidders to an AEG lobbyist, and that Sampson, Adams and Sen. Malcolm Smith (D-Queens) attended an AEG-funded victory party when AEG was selected. It was also revealed that Huntley, Sampson, Adams, Smith and Sen. Ruth Hassel-Thompson (D-Bronx) received thousands of dollars in campaign donations from contributors tied to AEG.* As New York debates how and where to build casinos, state officials in Illinois, too, are facing similar issues.

Doubling down on casinos(NYDN Ed)
The casino at Aqueduct is full-fledged gambling, and state officials only point out distinctions without differences

Cuomo on casinos: “I don’t want to wait another year. I get that it’s a hard road .. but there’s a real opportunity for economic growt.”

NYT Mis-Info On Public Finance Enforcement

The NYT Ignores Smith and Liu's Treasure and Contributor Who Gamed the City's Public Campaign Financed System
Alarm Bells in Albany(NYT Ed)
After the recent scandals, there is growing pressure on lawmakers, especially recalcitrant Senate Republicans, to pass electoral reforms. The Times argues that state legislators can change the culture of corruption in Albany in a very basic way by enacting public financing of their campaigns.The NYT says state lawmakers should take Cuomo’s Moreland Act Commission threat seriously and pass campaign finance reform.

It Was the Feds Not CFB That Caught Smith and Liu's Staff Abuse of Public Finance
NYT Says: "Critics of public financing routinely charge that the cost to taxpayers is too high and that such a system invites corruption. But New York City’s public finance system has worked because the city’s Campaign Finance Board has been a diligent watchdog, in glaring contrast to the feeble Board of Elections, which oversees state races." * D.C. Fundraiser On Same Day NY Assembly Canceled Session Raises Some Eyebrows(NYDN)

Buzz: Is A Brooklyn BP candidate who has no chance of winning running to assure the other candidate gets matching funds? (you think the NYT has the resources to find out?)
Last week, Sen. Eric Adams stated “I believe deeply in transparency.” Yet he continued to refuse to answer lingering questions about the four nights in October 2011 he spent in South Korea – a trip he took with Sampson and Albany lobbyists.  * "The $ will come in. I’m not really worried about the $"-- to
A recipe for political corruption(TU)
The recent scandals involving Democratic politicians from New York City have led a number of self-styled "reformers" to argue that the solution to cleaning up government lies in passing a public campaign finance bill. It's really code for funding their political campaigns with your tax dollars. I can't think of a worse idea. Skelos ups the ante in the public campaign finance debate with a TU OpEd, calling funding political aspirations with taxpayer dollars a “terrible idea.”

Why Not Just A 10 Year Jail Term and Refunds to the State Of An Pols Found Ripping Off the Public Campaign Finance System

More Lobbyists $$$ and Albany Pay to Play
Sen. Jack Martins, a Long Island Republican who received nearly $38,000 from the catering industry, is pushing a bill to squash lawsuits from restaurant workers who claim they were cheated out of millions in tips.


Boyland Scofflaw Crook Also
Top NY scofflaw politicos(NYP)
The biggest scofflaw by far is embattled Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. (D-Brooklyn), who owes a whopping $4,560 to the city for 33 violations. Other offenders include Assemblyman Felix Ortiz (D-Brooklyn), who’s racked up $696 in fines; Assemblyman David Weprin (D-Queens), who owes $305; and state Sen. Marty Golden (R-Brooklyn), whose tickets total $461, according to city records* Boyland Indicted Again In Self-Promotion Scam(Chief)

Lopez Silver Hush Fund Cover Up

True News Wags the Daily News On JCOPE Report
JCOPE Government Ethics Civil War
JCOPE says it will publish the report this month. If it doesn’t it publish in full, we say abolish the commission, save the taxpayers the expense and stop wasting time.

Today's Daily News: 
Do Not Censor JCOPE Report
The Daily News chides Democratic lawmakers for attempting to censor any references to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver contained in a Joint Commission on Public Ethics report on Assemblyman Vito Lopez
 Albany Hush Fund Cover Up, Press Containment Timeline(True News)
Cuomo again doesn't have a comment on LEC seeking to edit Lopez JCOPE report.

Corruption Politics Is Destroying Albany Session 
“Most people just want to get out of Albany,” one Democrat said
Advocates, lobbyists and even some state lawmakers privately fear this could become one of the least productive legislative sessions in years as “scandal fatigue” pervades the Capitol and criminal allegations dominate the headlines and deflate the desire to get things done. AG Eric Schneiderman will unveil his second attempt to overhaul the governance of charities and other organizations, proposing the first major change of the nonprofit laws in 43 years.

"Scandal Mania"

Gov. Cuomo Warns Against "Scandal Mania" Consuming Legislative Session
Andrew Cuomo on legislating through 'scandal mania' (Capital)
Cuomo Says ‘Scandal Mania’ Won’t Derail Session(YNN)
Andrew Cuomo Doesn’t Want ‘Scandalmania’ Hijacking His Agenda(NYO)

“Today, I reaffirm my commitment to clean up Albany…or I will form a Moreland Commission by the end of this legislative session.” Cuomo


NYCBOE says is not considering any of the alternatives the BOE sent up, delaying a week, june primary, lever machines, etc. #2013 * It gets better: "I assure you this is going to be a lesson learned election" -- NYCBOE #2013 * NYCBOE says #albany is not considering any of the alternatives the BOE sent up, delaying a week, june primary, lever machines, etc. #2013 When asked about chances of running successful runoff, NYCBOE says "we will do our best." #2013 Cost of runoff is 16 million -- not including cost of ballots, says NYCBOE #2013* NYCBOE says would have to design a new system (and would need new staff) if council allows non-citizen residents to vote #2013

Board Of Elections Concerned About Potential Runoff In Mayor's Race(NY1)

Mayoral Campaign

Catsimatidis: a Manhattanite who felt “sorry for those people who aren’t.”

‘Cats’ caught in borough ‘bias’ (NYP) GOP mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis — who claims he’s the billionaire who cares about all five boroughs — once boasted that he was a Manhattanite who felt “sorry for those people who aren’t.”  “There are two New Yorks — Manhattan and everything else,” the supermarket mogul and Upper East Side resident told Crain’s New York Business in a 1989 profile. “I’m a Manhattanite,” he said. “I feel sorry for those people who aren’t.”* John Catsimatidis answers question on city's homelessness then adds "I joke around a lot, I hope you don’t mind!"

3 Manhattan Clubs Dumping Quinn
Quinn is ‘left’ out(NYP) New York City Democratic mayoral candidate Christine Quinn has lost the backing of three left-wing Manhattan political clubs who say that she’s become too centrist as City Council Speaker, with sources describing Quinn as “livid” at their decision.  Quinn even missed out on an endorsement from a prominent political club in her own district. The Village Independent Democrats, located in the heart of Quinn’s district, instead opted to back City Comptroller John Liu — the most liberal in the race. The Broadway Democrats and CoDA (Coalition for a Democratic Alternative), both progressive clubs in Manhattan, also threw their support behind Liu, whose campaign has been marred by the guilty verdict of two aides in a federal campaign-finance fraud case.* "At a Racy Fund-Raiser for De Blasio, the Target Is Quinn" via * Christine Quinn Says She's Tough, But Draws The Line At Raging Lunatic:

Adolfo Carrión Jr. (Photo: Carrión Raises Less Than $20,000 in Latest Period(NYO)

Liu Bike Lanes Got to Go

Cops & bikers(NYP)  the city comptroller, who has never been accused of a lack of nerve, seems eager to take Bloomberg on here. At a recent mayoral forum, Liu said bluntly that the bike lanes should never have been installed in the first place. And he’s been sounding the alarm about what will happen when Bloomberg’s next big plan — the bike-share program — hits the streets.

de Blasio Gay Money
Cynthia Nixon leads de Blasio gala(NYDN)
De Blasio event a drag(NYP)
Hip-hop icon and activist Russell Simmons endorsed Public Advocate Bill de Blasio for mayor — and promptly slammed his top Democratic rival, Quinn, as beholden to special interests and another as “too quiet.” Simmons cut an ad for de Blasio, too. Stars and drag queens took the stage at an unusual a Mother’s Day evening bash for de Blasio.* Actor at fundraiser asks "what the f--k did do" about St Vincent's closure. "She sat on her hands."* At a Racy Fund-Raiser for de Blasio, the Target Is Quinn(NYT) * Some (brief) video from last night’s risque fundraiser/drag queen performance benefitting Public Advocate Bill de Blasio’s mayoral campaign.

Queens pastor, Rev. Floyd Flake, will endorse former New York City Comptroller Bill Thompson for mayor, four years after throwing his support behind Michael Bloomberg against Thompson in 2009. The Rev. Floyd Flake is supporting Bill Thompson for mayor – four years after he turned his back on the former NYC comptroller in favor of his opponent, Mayor Bloomberg. Rev. Floyd Flake‘s mayoral endorsements just keep on coming. Six months ago, Mr. Flake endorsed former Comptroller Bill Thompson and yesterday the reverend did the exact same thing again. “Rev. Flake is a man of integrity,” Mr. Thompson told the Daily News about southeastern Queens’ recent spate of corruption scandals. “My full faith is in him and everyone who knows him knows he is a man of honor.”

Reminds people of the Monica Lewinsky scandal
The Clintons aren't interested in helping Anthony Weiner (Politico)
 really? "not expected to endorse any of the New York mayoral candidates." via
Post columnist Cindy Adams reported that former President Bill Clinton is expected to stay out of the mayoral race, and that they’re not ecstatic about former Rep. Anthony Weiner‘s possible entry. “The Clintons wish Weiner would just disappear,” a source told Ms. Adams. “Every time he pops up, it’s a reminder of Bill’s scandal with Monica Lewinsky, and it isn’t helpful to Hillary’s hopes for 2016.”*  Anthony Weiner begins staffing up for possible run (Politico)

N.Y.C. mayoral race like therapy session(Politico)
For more than three decades, New York City residents have had mayors who did their best – with varying degrees of success – to keep their personal lives off limits. Ed Koch was famous for it. So was Mike Bloomberg. Even the disclosures about Rudy Giuliani’s life were mostly born of the private messes he’d tried to keep behind the curtain.

Len Levitt: “Joe Lhota may or may not be the wildest and craziest of this year’s mayoral candidates. But he does have the brassiest set of balls.”

Campaign 2013
Cuomo's 1600 Broken Dreams

There will be several “significant” departures expected from Cuomo’s staff in the coming months,with several administration members already choosing to retire/resign in recent days

Gov staffers elect to quit (Dicker, NYP Ed) Many banked on prez run. Disenchanted members of Gov. Cuomo’s administration, embarrassed by the worsening government scandals and convinced that Cuomo won’t be president, will soon leave their jobs — just as the governor is stepping up plans to run for re-election next year. Several “significant departures’’ are expected in the coming months, sources told The Post. An unnamed source tells the NY Post’s Fred Dicker there’s a lot of “abuse” involved in working for Cuomo, and “a lot” of staffers are looking to leave.

The Stop and Frisk Vote
Civil rights advocates are visiting neighborhoods throughout New York City with high counts of police street interrogations to help register voters and elect a mayoral candidate who will revamp stop-and-frisk policing in the city, the Daily News writes:

Bike Share Boos

They’d better be worth the weight (NYP) If you sign up for the city’s new bike-share program, get ready for a workout — before you even begin pedaling. Simply heaving the bulky, 45-pound cruisers in and out of their kiosk slots is heavy lifting. And riding them isn’t that easy, either —..
How To Piss Off Every New Yorker In 36 Seconds...."Bike lane!"(Buzzfeed)
Citi Bike bicycle share program preview(fox 5)

Deaths Force City's Dirt Bikers to Seek Safe Place to Ride

Some riders say recent deaths have caused them to reconsider joys of popping wheelies on the street.

'Green' fee producing unexpected revenues for MTA8 hrs agoThanks, suckers! The MTA is raking in more dough than expected with its controversial $1 MetroCard “green” fee — and that could put more pressure on transit officials to make system improvements or restore …

Willets West Mall/Willets Point ULURP

Lipstick on a pig(Queen Crap)

Reliable sources say that Queens Community Board 7 – whose Building and Zoning Committee voted last week 7-2 to deny the Willets West mall/Willets Point ULURP application – has contacted members of that committee and instructed them to set aside time beginning at 5:30PM this afternoon, Monday, May 13, in case the committee needs to convene again for an emergency meeting prior to the CB7 public hearing to be held tonight at 7:00PM. If such an emergency committee meeting occurs, it can only mean one thing: That powers-that-be do not accept last Wednesday's "No" vote to deny the Willets West mall/Willets Point application, and want a last-ditch opportunity to strong-arm the committee into re-voting to approve the application with "conditions" prior to the start of the public hearing. The seeds for this were planted during last Wednesday's committee meeting, when board members who voted in the minority discussed with committee Chair Chuck Apelian the possibility of continuing discussions with the City and the developers, and possibly re-convening the committee prior to Monday's public hearing.* Willets West project goes into overtime(NYDN)


In the Post, Joel Fisher, executive vice president of Sports and Arena Transformation at the Madison Square Garden Co., decries “special interests” who are manipulating the public review process to renew the arena’s special permit:


Seeking College Edge, Chinese Pupils Arrive in New York Earlier(NYT)
A growing number of teenagers from wealthy families in China are attending schools in New York City, seeking an advantage in admission to American universities.* NYC elite school trustee stripped of title(WSJ)

Final exam(NYDN Ed)

A quick quiz about testing giant Pearson and the New York City public schools


Stuy Town tenants fume over bikini beauties sunbathing in children’s playground(NYT) * Bikini-Clad Sunbathers Near Playground Lead To Complaints (WCBS)
Central Park Group Is Seeking Better Playgrounds(NYP)
The Central Park Conservancy said it would initiate a $40 million fund-raising campaign on Monday to pay for renovations to the park’s 21 playgrounds.

Gowanus Canal Clean Up

Upgrades on Schedule for Gowanus Canal Pumping Station Despite Hurricane(NYT)

Barbara Walters Barbara Walters To Retire In 2014
Barbara Walters plans to retire next summer, for real(NY Mag)
Barbara Walters to officially walk away from 'The View'(NYDN)
Barbara Walters, the first woman to co-anchor a network evening newscast, will retire in 2014
NY Mayor Bloomberg Runs Off With Barbara Walters -- In His Dreams(NYDN)
The TV Watch: Barbara Walters’s Career Mirrors the Trajectory of TV

The Nixon wing at the IRS(NYP)
Dennis Kucinich Slams IRS’s Tea Party ‘Political Targeting’, ‘How Can It Not Be?’
Hillary doesn't have a campaign yet, but the infighting has begun (Buzzfeed)
Confusion, Cover-Up & the Lingering Questions - Michael Scherer, Time
Right Mauls Hillary Clinton Over Benghazi - Toby Harnden, Sunday Times * Benghazi Depositions To Examine Hillary Clinton's Role In Response To Attacks(Huff Post)

Chris Matthews’ MSNBC Guests Agree: Benghazi Is ‘Weak Ground’ For GOP, Should Focus On IRS Scandal (VIDEO)
Chuck Todd Rips Dems’ Lack Of Outrage Over IRS: Scandal Has ‘More Legs Politically’ In 2014 Than Benghazi

Benghazi Is a Phony Scandal - Jackson Diehl, Washington Post
4 Americans--& the Truth--Died in Benghazi - Tim Carney, DC Examiner
Deficit Deal a Long Way From Reality - Albert Hunt, New York Times
IRS Targeted Groups Critical of Government - Juliet Eilperin, Wash Post
George Will: How Stupid Do They Think We Are? - Jeff Poor, Daily Caller
Oregon Medicaid Study: Good, Bad & Ugly - Jonathan Cohn, New Republic
Eyeing 2014, GOP Pushes ObamaCare Repeal - Caitlin Huey-Burns, RCP
Multiculti University - Heather Mac Donald, City Journal
Has the Future of College Moved Online? - Nathan Heller, The New Yorker
Gun Control: We Aren't Going Away - Jackie Barden, et al, Huffington Post
Democrats Misfire on Guns - Salena Zito, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Obama Offers Little Hope for Progress on Jobs - Zeke Miller, Time
Dark Heritage - Bill Keller, New York Times
The Corrupt Incestuousness of Today's Washington - Mark Steyn, NRO
A Bipartisan Cause: Employing America's Veterans - Carl M. Cannon, RCP
Sunday Panels: Meet the Press | FOX News Sunday | This Week


Scandalous: Benghazi, the IRS and 2012 - New Hampshire Union Leader
Republicans' Politics of Dysfunction - Washington Post
The Trouble With the White House Talking Points - Wall Street Journal
Your Future Will Be Manufactured on a 3D Printer - Bloomberg

Justice Department secretly accessed Associated Press phone records: AP(NYP)

Obama says he won't tolerate political bias at IRS, calls targeting groups 'outrageous'(NYP)
Obama's Credibility Crisis - Ron Fournier, National Journal
President Scoffs at Benghazi Criticism - Michael Shear, New York Times
Obama's Straw Man Games Won't Be Enough - Chris Stirewalt, FOX News
Govt Secretly Obtained AP Reporters' Phone Records - Mark Sherman, AP
Why Did the IRS Target Conservatives? - Megan McArdle, Daily Beast
Not Nixon, Exactly. - Joe Klein, Time
10 Crazy Things the IRS Asked Tea Party Groups - M.K. Ham, Hot Air
Will Scandals Damage Obama or Republicans? - Jill Lawrence, Natl Jrnl
"Slow-Motion Mass Murders" - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
Sexual Liberation for Kids? - Naomi Schaefer Riley, New York Post
U.S., China & the New Era of Superdrones - Richard Parker, New York Times
Why the U.S. Must Intervene in Syria - Sen. John McCain, Time
Count Me Out on Syria - Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media

Wall Street

Unclean hands(NYP)Bloomberg LP appears to have crossed the line that separates its news-gathering operations from the business side.  For years, Bloomberg News reporters were given access to instant message exchanges between clients and representatives on the company... 
Reporters at Bloomberg News were trained to use a function on the company’s financial data terminals that allowed them to view subscribers’ contact information and, in some cases, monitor login activity in order to advance news coverage, according to former employees. “Bloomberg has become a rogue billionaire who doesn’t believe the rules apply to him even as he’s busy inventing new ones for the rest of us.”
More Clients Ask Questions of Bloomberg (NYT)
Law and Order

The Brooklyn district attorney vowed to review about 50 murder cases tied to a former detective, and questions about prosecutors’ role in wrongful convictions were being raised. * Brooklyn Prosecutor Says 50 Convictions Under New Scrutiny(WSJ) * NYPD murder cases to be reviewed after conviction overt (WABC)

Abe George to sue over CBS’ Charles Hynes ‘infomercial’ (NYDN)
Network plans a six-episode look at the Brooklyn DA's office. George wants equal time.
"Brooklyn D.A." television show will feature "hard-charging prosecutors" with "larger-than-life" personalities.
NYPD Deputy Inspector Says He Didn’t Encourage Profiling (WCBS)

Stop and Frisk

What Racial Profiling? Police Testify Complaint Is Rarely Made(NYT)
City lawyers suggested that police profiling in the use of the stop-and-frisk tactic was largely a fiction created by civil rights attorneys.During the federal trial on stop-and-frisk policing in New York City, several police commanders have said that hardly any racial profiling claims are ever made, leading city lawyers to suggest that it is a fiction created by civil rights lawyers*  New York magazine has a fun story about Councilman Jumaane Williams‘ continued stop-and-frisk advocacy: “On a recent Monday morning, 37-year-old City Councilman Jumaane D. Williams drives from Brooklyn into Manhattan, his radio blasting Jadakiss, and slides his BMW into a parking space near City Hall … Fifty or so people now fill the rows, and everyone watches the trial silently—­everyone except Williams.”

 Feds hail NYPD(NYP) Police Commissioner Ray Kelly will accept an award in Washington, DC, today from Secretary of State John Kerry for the NYPD’s work in Haiti.

City Plans New Approach to Disciplining Mentally Ill Inmates(NYT)
New York City’s new policy, which will include counseling and medicine, is intended as an alternative to solitary confinement and aims to address the increase in such prisoners.New York City will soon change the way mentally ill inmates are disciplined after breaking rules while in jail, creating alternatives to the more traditional approach of solitary confinement used for most inmates.

DA set to reveal e-mail ‘motive’ in designer Sylvie Cachay’s Soho House death(NYP)

New York State to Ask Smartphone Makers to Help Prevent Thefts(NYT)
Attorney General Eric Schneiderman will announce today that he has sent letters to top executives of Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung seeking information about security protections and asking for their help in reducing smartphone thefts
Cab Driver Who Stabbed Fellow Cabbie to Death Gets 22 Years (NBC)
EXCLUSIVE: Preschool owner who stole federal lunch money denied bail after judge says he's binging on junk food behind bars in bid to claim he's too sick for jail

After an Artist Steps Away From His Bag, a Summons and a Legal Battle(NYT)

Police Search For Suspect Who Robbed Man Bringing Flowers To His Mother's Grave(NY1)
Man Robbed While Walking With Flowers for Mom's Memoria (WABC)

Drunk sounds alarm(NYP)  He’s a real button-pusher! A booze-chugging bum keeps pressing an emergency “call-box” button in Tribeca — forcing firefighters to rush to the scene because he simply wants a comfy spot to sleep off his hangover, FDNY sources said. Orlando Kerton,...  ‘Drunk’ rams police car(NYP)
Caroline Kennedy to sit on coke-dealer trial jury4(NYDN)
2 Are Arrested in Killing of Malcolm X’s Grandson(NYT)


 Smitten teen girls stir up #FreeJahar mania for Boston Marathon bombings suspect(NYP)

Boston Marathon victim throws first pitch at Fenway(WPIX)

Penn Station ramps up security after Amtrak terror thre(WPIX)