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Boston Under Siege Chaos All Night Long Timeline

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Chaos In Boston Last Night Long Timeline
Shelter in Place Order for All of Boston
-- basically stay inside and lock down
LiveBlog of Manhut for Man in the White Hat
F.B.I. Releases Images of Two Suspects in Boston Attack(NYT)
The images, taken near the finish line of the Boston Marathon when two bombs went off, showed two men described as suspects in the blasts, which killed three and injured more than 170 on Monday afternoon. (Video) 
WATCH: Full FBI Press Briefing Revealing Possible Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects

Breaking 2:40AM
The Boston Globe is reporting that the suspects cornered in the Watertown shootout are the Boston Marathon bombers.
CNN: Second man who had just come into custory in handcuffs."

3:05AM CNN showing video of naked man getting put into cop car -- Tapper: 'CNN does not know what this man is being detained for'
 Pete Williams on MSNBC says there is ample reason to think this is connected to the Boston Marathon bombing
Pete Williams on NBC News: A pressure cooker was found at the Watertown crime scene
 Wow! Missing Ivy student, Sunil Tripathi may be one of the "pressure cooker" bombers. His family must be doubly devastated, if true.
Eyewitness to NBC: One suspect ran toward officers while firing on him
On NBC reporting that the name of one of those arrested is a name that the FBI had received numerous tips about
Andrew tells NBC shooter lit pressure cooker and threw it at police, while other shooter left backpacks possibly filled with ammo.
3:30AM NBC News: All federal agents being dispatched, because there is evidence that case tonight is linked to marathon bombings.
Ok, it sure looks like Sunil Tripathi is White Hat:
3:40AM WCVB: "This is the marathon bombing duo." Suspect 1 - dead. Suspect 2 (white hat) is on the loose still.
This is incredible. Cops are going to back out to perimeter til daylight, then go house to house
Police will be going door by door, street by street, in and around Watertown. Police will be clearly identified. It is a fluid situation.
Police telling local TV reporters to not stop their cars for anyone other than a uniformed officer.
BREAKING: officer says they are about to detonate a device in the area of Dexter and Laurel. Air horn will precede explosion.
National guard all over Boston
CBS News just said that the FBI has not "officially connected" the events in Watertown with the MIT and the Marathon.
CBS News just said that the FBI has not "officially connected" the events in Watertown with the MIT and the Marathon.
Boston police commissioner has confirmed the white capped marathon bomber is being sought in Watertown right now.
Per Commissioner Davis: One suspect deceased, 2nd suspect (white hat) at large & considered armed & dangerous.
Boston official: "We believe this to be a terrorist. We believe this to be a man who has come here to kill people."
4:30AM 9000 Police Now On the Hunt
5:30 AM
Report: Boston suspects came from abroad(Politico)
NBC's Pete Williams, reiterating: "Authorities believe they've been in U.S. for about a year and have some foreign military experience."
NBC Reports “Overseas” Figures — Not Missing Brown Student — Are Suspects 
President Obama has been briefed on the developments in Watertown
Police shut down all public transit in Greater Boston, suspend vehicle traffic in Watertown, Mass.
Residents west of Boston told 'stay home' amid search for bomb suspect, transit shut down.
Lester Holt: 'I don't think I've started many reports like this in my career, but: I don't know where to start.'
NBC Pete Williams: Boston bomb suspects "attempted to make a run for it" when FBI revealed their photos on Thursday

SHOT IN HIS SQUAD CAR: Dedicated and 'extremely well liked' MIT campus police officer killed by the Tsarnaev brothers ID'd as 26-year-old Sean Collier

Police urge people in Watertown, Massachusetts to stay indoors until further notice (Wash Post)
Monitoring all night outstanding & courageous work by FBI & local police in tracking down terrorist murderers
WATCH: Shocking Video Of Police Firefight In Watertown, MA (After MIT Shooting)
6:30AM Legal Residents of the US from Turkey
BREAKING: AP sources: Boston bomb suspects from Russia region near Chechnya, lived in US at least 1 year.
Two terrorist Brothers
Pete Williams reports two terrorists are brothers, one a resident of Cambridge, has a MA driver's license. Legal permanent residents.
NBC's Pete Williams: Brothers, 19 & 20, suspect at large is Dzhokar Tsarnaez(v?)
RT : Due to police activity, Amtrak service is temporarily suspended between Boston and Providence, R.I.
Schools Closed in Boston
Latest: Nearly 400K people being asked to not leave their homes as police search for suspect
BREAKING: Third man has been arrested. Being called an accomplice, not yet called a suspect, reports NPR's Dina Temple-Raston.
The Boston Globe reports that one of the marathon bombing suspects received a scholarship from Cambridge  
This is the at-large suspect's Russian Facebook page.
. also reports on that old bro, now dead, TAMERLAN TZARNAEV, was 26 & born in Russia. Legal perm res since 2007
RT : Pete Williams: "He actually drove over this brother to get away."
Entire city of Boston now being asked to "shelter in place" - Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick. 
Tamerlan Tsarnaev's YouTube Page Focused On Islam via  
Crazy! RT : Dzhokhar Tsarnaev lives on my street! 410 Norfolk. One block away.... 
BREAKING: Uncle of bombing suspects calls one of them a "loser."
UPDATE: All taxi service in the City of Boston has been suspended pending further notice (Source: Boston Police)
CNN has a friend of Dzhokhar on: "We hung out, we partied...we're all in signs." 
Pete Williams: "I think the question now will be -- we know the 'who,' but what's the 'why'?" 

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev believed to have assault rifles, assortment of other weapons, including bombs.
Who is Tamerlan Tsarnaev, from Foreign Policy magazine  
No Fly Zone in Place.. 
police in pursuit of second suspect. Concern he may have explosives. Concern these two were not working alone.
CNN's Jake Tapper: 'it certainly seems as though these individuals are islamic terrorists.'
BREAKING: Father of Boston bombing suspect says son is accomplished medical student and 'a true angel'.
NBC's Pete Williams: "We know for certain that the 2 brothers have been here for a decade"
"Law enforcement source told the Globe that an explosive trigger was found on the dead brother’s body at the morgue."
RT : Police source: 2 Russian nationals pulled over in Niagara Falls; 4 suspicious backpacks in the car, robot & bomb techs on scene. 
NBC reports Amtrak train from Boston to New York City was stopped and searched earlier this morning as a precaution
The Boston Globe is reporting police fear the bombing suspect is wearing an explosive vest  
The door to door search for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (suspect 2) involves 9000 cops and Feds 

1:00PM Older Brother Traveled Outside US 

Fugitive Boston Marathon 'bomber' showed interest in Islam(NYP) 
 11:30AM  Chechen President Blames American Upbringing For Suspected Boston Bombers
2:00PM One suspect in Boston Marathon bombing became a U.S. citizen in 2012
Boston Update: Authorities Tell CT Police Suspect Could Be In '99 Green Honda Civic With MA License Plate 116-GC7 
Mass transit to and from Boston virtually shut down as cops hunt for bombing suspect

SWAT team prepares at  the Watertown Mall (Photo: Getty)Pete King on Boston Suspect: ‘What in the Community Radicalized Him?’ 
EXCLUSIVE: "Boston Bomber Could Have Been Deported After 2009 Conviction"  

UPDATE: The FBI has removed a computer from the home of the NJ sister of bombing suspects.  
The Boston Red Sox postponed their game tonight "to support efforts of law enforcement officers."  

Bradley Cooper visits Boston Marathon bombing victim(NYP)
'I just do not believe our boys would do that' : aunt(NYP)

Why Chechens Think Tsaraev Brothers Were Framed(BuzzFeed)

New York Road Runners is enhancing baggage security measures for a 4-mile race on Sunday in Central Park in response to the Boston Marathon bombings. 
A Guide to the Extended Tsarnaev Family(NY Mag)
20 streets in the area have been searched to render them safe

Stay indoors request lifted in Watertown, says Gov. Patrick.
BREAKING: Mass. governor says transit service resuming even though Boston bombing suspect still on lam.

terrorism matters, even in the wake of the Boston bombings.

Two police officers involved in Boston manhunt, one dead and another fighting for his life, met in police academy:(NYT)

US Attorney confirms decision not to give bombing read bombing suspect Miranda rights under public safety exemption.RIP Martin Richard, 8. Lu Lingzi, 23. Krystle Campbell, 29."We will determined what happened...we will do whatever we have to do to keep our people safe." -President Obama.Why did young men who grew up and studied here as members of our communities & our country resort to such violence? - re

Is this the bomber just steps from his young victim? Eerie photograph appears to show 8-year-old Martin Richard, the bomb and the suspect in one picture
New Picture of Bomber
Wow, Bloomberg piece says young guy who lost both legs that u saw in that iconic pic helped FBI ID the attackers

 Unconfirmed Photo Of Suspect 2 In Boston Marathon Bombing Emerges On Facebook 

First American Suicide Bomber on American Soil
For the First Time an American Policeman has Killed a Suicide Bomber in America
Tamerian Tsarnaev was killed in a shootout with police in the Boston suburb of Watertown. Emergency-room doctors at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital said it appeared he had a IED bomb strapped to his body.

FBI eleases two, better photos of bombing suspects. Here's Suspect 1 (black hat)

'AIN'T NO LOVE IN THE HEART OF THE CITY … STAY SAFE': Boston Marathon terrorist leaves bizarre trail of tweets – including quote of Jay-Z song two hours after attack … manhunt continues for Chechen teen after brother killed in shootout, 7 IEDS found 

Pay to Play Holtzman and Quinn 
Liz Hotlzman's firm paid $410,000 to lobby to keep paying CityTime cost overruns. . . Meanwhile, Christine  Quinn thwarted City Council investigations into CityTime . . . Is Liz Holtzman's endorsement of Quinn payback for keeping the CityTime lobbyist checks rolling ???? 

The Long Road Down for the Watergate Star 
Lobbyist Holtzman Endorses Quinn
Quinn Launches ‘Women for Chris’ With Liz Holtzman, Whoopi Goldberg(NYO) In the first four months of 2011, Holtzman was paid a whopping $80,000 to lobby the comptroller's office and mayor's office on CityTime. CityTime a bigger scandal even than Boss Tweed - New York Daily ... * Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Payment Of More Than $466 from CityTime to the city


Panel Penalizes Holtzman Over '92 Campaign Loan - New York Times

Christine Quinn Kept The CityTime Gravy Train Rolling ; Lobbyists Like Liz Holtzman Kept Rolling In The CityTime Dough ; Scratch-My-Back, Pay-To-Play Endorsements ?

NYT Reporter Dwyer An Ass

Want to Free Hank Morris Who Robbed the Pension of Senior Citizens
The Times’ Jim Dwyer laments the fate of imprisoned political consultant Hank Morris, who has been denied parole three times in the last year despite being a model prisoner and after the parole board determined he poses no risk to society:

We knew Steve Ratner Has Connections with the NYT but This is Something Else 

Boston Pictures Released

Authorities circulate photos of two men spotted carrying bags near site of Boston bombings(NYP) In the photos being distributed by law-enforcement officials among themselves, one of the men is carrying a blue duffel bag. The other is wearing a black backpack in the first photo, taken at 10:53 a.m., but it is not visible in the second, taken at 12:30 p.m. * Video Provides Clues to Boston Bomber(WSJ)
Images of Boston Suspects (Not the Guys on the Post’s Front Page) Will Be Released Today(NY Mag)

Bag Men Cleared
New York Post Misidentifies Local High School Track Runner As Boston Bombing Suspect
Investigators determine that two men whose photos were circulated played no role in Boston Marathon bombings(NYP)
'I want people to know I wasn't behind this:' High school track star wrongly branded a suspect in Boston Marathon bombing tells the Daily News he is NOT a terrorist 

Col Allan defended today’s NY Post cover, saying: “The image was emailed to law enforcement agencies yesterday afternoon seeking information about these men, as our story reported. We did not identify them as suspects.”

New York Post readers received an apology today for the paper's sloppy coverage of the marathon bombings.

Report from the John Liu Trial

Very light press for a candidate having a major impact on a NYC Mayoral Candidate

Lots of Asian press. Reuters on+off. NY1 once in a while. DN+NYP sometimes. Wnyc NYT

Witness from says it's common for campaigns to run out of homes, to avoid violating spending limits. * CFB witness reels off the training for jury so fast ct reporter can't keep up. Says that's how he gives it to campaigns.* NYC campaign finance is among most complex in country, much of staff time is explaining to confused campaign staff - witness* Hou trial: witness says filling out entire form by donor only is policy, not in the Campaign Finance Act.* Hou trial: Govt had CFB witness do much of training for jury, who are trying to follow.Schafenberg was trained by reading handbook, not with the underlying law. Trainers practiced on each other.First govt witness in Liu treasurer trial is Adam Schafenberg, formerly candidate svce liaison *Witness from explains why the campaign finance rules didn't apply to Bloomberg's mayoral campaign.

Liu pal in vid sting (NYP) The fund-raiser accused of funneling illegal contributions to embattled city Comptroller John Liu’s campaign told an undercover FBI agent posing as a deep-pocketed businessman that Liu would know the money came from him and be dished out through a... * witness is confused, but admits if a campaign pays for event, hosts aren't intermediaries.* Jurors Hear Taped Talks About Plans to Help Liu(NYT) An agent also testified that he had posed as a Texan who wanted to make a political donation to New York City’s comptroller, John C. Liu, that exceeded the legal limit.* Jury Views Undercover Video In Case Against Former Liu Campaign(NY1) * Liu Backer Is on Tape at Trial(WSJ)
John Liu campaign fund-raiser caught on video hatching illegal plan
An undercover FBI agent testified in federal court yesterday that he worked with Oliver Pan, a fundraiser for New York City Comptroller John Liu, to hatch a plan using straw donors to break campaign finance law, the New York Daily News reports:
Pan also told the agent that Liu knew where the illegal contributions were coming from. [Bruce Golding]
More BOE Corruption
BOE Crook Graves Pay to Play Continues after He Was Dumped by the Board
BOE consultant Bum Steven Graves offed a GOP  party endorsement for Sunny Hahn a City Council  in exchange for consulting jobs for him or some pals

Queens GOP Boss Phil Ragusa's BOE Appointee Graves Asked for A Bribe to Support Company for New Voted Machines, His Office Was Raided by the FBI and He is Out of the BOE
The NYC Board of Elections suspended an employee who’s also a top Queens GOP official, Stephen Graves, after he was caught FBI on tape soliciting a “finder’s fee” from a voting machine contractor in exchange for recommending a particular lobbyist. Qns. elections official under fire for soliciting money from a contractor (NYP) he city’s Board of Elections has suspended an employee who is a top official in the Queens Republican Party after being notified that he was caught on tape soliciting a $25,000 “finder’s fee” from a company competing for a $65 million contract in 2009.  Department of Investigation provided information to the board that Stephen Graves, first vice chairman of the Queens GOP and a $66,392-a-year board employee, asked for the money from Denver-based Dominion Voting Systems as it was battling rival Elections Systems & Software of Omaha, Neb., to sell the city its first electronic voting machines.

Corruption Arrests Albany Does Not Care

To Many in Albany Corruption is A Joke and They Do Not Care What You Think
As lawmakers return to Albany after a two-week break, the arrests of fellow legislators Malcolm Smith, Eric Stevenson and Nelson Castro has been the popular topic of discussion, and some legislators jokingly frisk each other for “wires”, The New York Times reports * Corruption Is Seen as a Major Problem in New York State, a Poll Shows(NYT) A poll by Quinnipiac University found that voters have very negative views of the State Legislature, and nearly 9 in 10 said government corruption was a serious problem in New York State.

 The new “in” thing to do in Albany: Half-jokingly check your colleagues for wires. “You run into them, and you feel them up and down,” said Assemblyman David Weprin. “You’ve got to make light of it some days.”

Where is DA Vance Body of Work on Corruption?
NY1 Online: DA Vance Talks Tough On Political Corruption

Schneiderman Want More Powers to Fight Corruption
Schneiderman Wants Expanded Powers To Fight Corruption(YNN)
AGEric Schneiderman says he’d love to have more authority to pursue public corruption cases, which even in the face of recent scandals, no one at the Capitol is pushing to give him.

Vito Lopez Campaign Committee Holds Fundraiser As He Weighs City Council Run(NY1)
Seriously?? : Vito Lopez on potential run for City Council: "If anything, I've become the insurgent, independent candidate"* "'I’m like the underdog,' said Lopez, swilling cognac."

GOP Pay to Play Ballot Line
Manhattan GOP Chairman Isaacs says angry letter to about , saying "I have never accepted a bribe."

Partly owing to the accusations of abuse against Assemblyman William Boyland Jr., the Assembly has changed the internal form its members use to be reimbursed for official expenses while in Albany or other areas to add a legal warning above the signature line, the Times-Union writes:
Who Pays Catsimatidis Pollster

A consultant to Republican John Catsimatidis Pollster John McLaughlin Shelves the Crap to A Gullible Reporters to Earn His Pay

Memo: John Catsimatidis Can Sell Leadership Chops After Corruption & Terror Rock Race(NYDN)

Who is Paying McLaughlin Catsimatidis Pollster Not John?
It is interesting that there is no record McLaughlin being paid by the Catsimatidis campaign - he was on the Payroll Feb 18 before the last filing "you give both sides a hard time"--GOP pollster John McLaughlin to NYP Fred Dickterand on Feb 5th the same McLaughlin was the same source for a story written by the same reporter that wrote today BS Story Making The Case For Catsimatidis(Katz, Daily News)

He did pay the Queen's GOP party 23,000 for rent. The same party his ex employee and campaign aid Vinny * Mayoral hopeful John Catsimatidis uses Boston attack to push pro-cop agenda(NYP) * Rivals revile Catsimatidis camp's memo on bombings(NYDN) * ‘Cats’: Boston helps me(NYP)

Public Financing

The NY Post Continues Its Fight Against Public Financing of Campaigns
“It’s now or never for me, in terms of running for something”?
Weiner’s windfall(NYP Ed) Weiner realizes that unless he runs this year, he’ll lose out on a $1.5 million cash windfall. Under the city’s campaign laws, taxpayers provide a 6-to-1 dollar match for mayoral candidates with donations totaling at least $250,000 from 1,000 or more contributors. At last count, Weiner was just $1,290 short of claiming his prize. Besides, a new Marist College/NBC puts him behind only Chris Quinn in the Democratic primary.* Why Weiner’s Mayoral Bid Is a Long Shot(538, NYT) A high unfavorability rating may be too much for Anthony Weiner to overcome in the Democratic primary for mayor of New York.* The Marist Poll showing Weiner at 15% is his ceiling, tells *Quinnipiac Poll coming out Friday re ; includes Anthony Weiner. *White House rips Weiner’s ‘creepy’ comeback(NYP)* "source with ties to President Obama" calls Weiner's potential mayoral run "creepy" and "bizarre" via * In the Post, Mark Cunningham questions Anthony Weiner’s intentions for potentially entering the New York City mayoral race: * An anonymous source with ties to the White House called Weiner’s potential comeback “creepy,” “bizarre” and “a vanity project.”  

Friday Update
Malcolm Smith, 5 others due in court following corruption charges 
State Sen. Malcolm Smith and New York City Councilman Dan Halloran were indicted by a federal grand jury yesterday for allegedly plotting to bribe Queens County Republican officials to get Smith on the ballot for mayor this year, the New York Post reports:

Smith's Reason for Running According to Many Was to Rip Off the City's Campaign Finance System
Fake fix for NY pols(NYP) In the Post, former Assembly minority leader and Republican candidate for governor John Faso explains why public campaign financing will not work in New York State. Follies of public campaign finance. There is no evidence that numerous campaign-finance “reforms” enacted since Watergate have lessened the role of money in the system. Indeed, every single effort to circumscribe the influence of money in politics has failed over the past 35 years. Today, more money is spent to influence elections at every level than ever before. Willie Sutton robbed banks because that’s where the money was. Elected officials using their positions for personal enrichment aren’t much different. By spending billions each year and regulating virtually every aspect of economic life, city, state and federal governments offer an enticing opportunity for those bent on lining their pockets. Powerful interests, be they business or labor, will seek to influence how government spends taxpayer money or regulates economic activity.
Smith indicted(NYP) Embattled state Sen. Malcolm Smith was indicted by a federal grand jury yesterday for allegedly plotting to bribe his way onto this year’s mayoral ballot.* In the debate over whether the state should adopt public financing for campaigns, Democrats are reaffirming their support for such a system, while Republicans believe that public financing engenders corruption, citing the Malcolm Smith scandal, the Times-Union writes * Senator Dropped From Group(WSJ) * Republicans are using Sen. Malcolm Smith as an example of how a public campaign finance system could be exploited, even though there’s no evidence that’s what he was after when he tried to bribe his way into the NYC mayor’s race.* NY Senate Group Removes Malcolm Smith After Arrest(NBC)* Smith To Be Arraigned Tuesday(YNN)
State Sen. Malcolm Smith formally indicted for plotting to bribe his way onto NYC mayoral ballot (NBC)

Smith Indictment
Dan HalloranFROM: Notify NYC
No Amtrak service NY to Boston area. NE Corridor trains terminate at NY Penn Station.

Isaacs to Golden: Shut Up, Or I’ll Sue(YNN)

Our heart goes out to the people of Boston but we are happy to see the FBI busy working on things outside of Albany.

Where is the Goo Goos Plan?

9 Years After Their Report About Albany Corruption the Brennan Center is Silent
Albany Presents Several Differing Plans To Combat Corruption(NY1)
Cuomo Unveils New Proposal To Fight Corruption(NY1)

The Brennan Center and Every Elected Official Should Be Asked, Is the NYS Legislature Any Less Dysfunctional Than It Was in 2004, When They Release Their Report

On July 21, 2004, the Brennan Center released The New York State Legislative Process: An Evaluation and Blueprint for Reform. The report concludes that New York's legislative bodies discourage rank-and-file lawmakers from participating fully in the legislative process and, in turn, deprive citizens of full representation in Albany. In New York State, representative democracy is alive in name more than reality * We’ve Still Got It! When It Comes to Corrupt Pols, New York Is Still Tops (NYO) * “For voters and taxpayers, the ultimate question is whether this scandal changes the way Albany conducts business,” Clyde Haberman wrote. “Or does it keep doing the same old — livin’ la Vito Lopez?”

.The Brennan Center For Justice: Reform of the New York State Legislature * “New York’s legislature is the most dysfunctional in the nation” (Brennan Center) *The Sad State of New York's Government | Brennan Center for Justice(2004)

The TU on reform proposals at the Capitol: “Mr. Cuomo proposes a political solution to a system that is already plagued by politics. Mr. Skelos’ answer would only give New Yorkers a better look at a broken, corrupt system without fixing anything.”

What Would Sen Kennedy Say About Progressives Silence About Corruption in NY?

In the 1960's Robert Kennedy Said: The Surrogate Court is A Political Toll Booth Exacting Tribute From Widows and Orphans
In 1966 Senator Kennedy ran and elected Judge Samuel Silverman on a reform platform to the Manhattan Surrogate Court 
During the Silverman campaign Kennedy set up a plan to reform the Democratic Party.
If you ask today's progressives and NY's corruption problems they will argue that are for election reform they are just silently supporting it.  The real reason for the silence is that make deals with the corrupt pols to push their social agenda.

Campaign Criminal Legal $$$

State officials spend a 'startling' near-$7 million of campaign cash on legal fees in nine years amid cavalcade of corruption scandals
An analysis done by the Daily News and the New York Public Interest Research Group shows that since 2004, twenty elected officials have spent nearly $7 million in legal fees related to criminal and ethical investigations against them, the New York Daily News reports Some of the politicians have spent more than $1 million, a Daily News/New York Public Interest Research Group analysis shows. Big spenders include former Gov. David Paterson, convicted former Controller Alan Hevesi, former Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, former state Sen. Carl Kruger and Assemblyman Vito Lopez. * Former state Sen. Carl Kruger paid $1.42 million for attorney ...

Other Who Used Campaign $$$ for Corruption Lawyers
*Paterson ultimately was slapped with a record $62,125 fine for violating state ethics law.
* Silver most recently spent $40,000 in campaign donations on legal fees tied to investigations into his role in a $103,000 secret settlement with two women who accused Lopez of sexual harassment. He has not been charged with wrongdoing. * Lopez shelled out more than $276,000.
* Sen. Malcolm Smith, the Queens Democrat recently busted for trying to bribe his way onto the New York City Republican mayoral line, spent $50,000 on unrelated investigations.
* Bruno spent $1.5 million in campaign money to fight a federal corruption case that is still ongoing

Several campaign contributors say they didn’t give money to help crooked legislators avoid jail and would welcome a ban on using campaign cash for legal fees.

Silver Opposed to Stop the Use of Campaign $$$ for Legal Fees
Silver spox on use of campaign cash for legal defense: "You can be a subject of a baseless lawsuit .." * From : Speaker Silver, who has used $75K of his campaign cash for legal fees, opposes banning the practice.  

Judge Opens Door For Pension Cook

In Rebuke to New York, Judge Rules in Favor of 'Pay-to-Play' Consultant For more than a year, Hank Morris has claimed that he was getting a raw deal from New York's parole board, which repeatedly denied him an early release from prison* Free pay-to-play scammer: judge(NYDN)

Ineffective Campaigns

Bill Thompson, Bill de Blasio and John Liu Closing Notices

Polls for the New York City mayoral race are finding that between a third and half of Democratic voters still have not formed an opinion of Democratic candidates Bill Thompson, Bill de Blasio or John Liu, partly due to a lack of name recognitionVoters Favor Best-Known in Early Polls(WSJ)
NY1 Online: McDonald Discusses Campaign Finance Challenge

Campaign 2013

Johnson and Rajkumar win V.I.D.’s backing for Council(Villager)

Rep. Charlie Rangel’s campaign committee is in debt

. on the GOP line? Carrion: "People are talking to [Reince Priebus] about it." via
Today’s Q poll was mixed for former Rep. Anthony Weiner.

 Websites to help track which candidates are running for office in New York City this year. [NY1

All About Weiner

 New Poll 2nd Place

New poll shows Weiner would finish second in Democratic mayoral race(NYP)Qpoll: Quinn-28, Weiner-15, de Blasio-11, Thompson-10, Liu-9, Don't Know-24. not mentioned * NYC voters split on whether Weiner should run for mayor

Christine Quinn Is the One Person Who Doesn’t Want to Talk About Anthony Weiner
For Quinn, Weiner Is the Possible Candidate Who Must Not Be Named(NYT)  * Weiner Overshadows Quinn Endorsement Event (WSJ)Questions about Anthony Weiner's possible entry into the New York City mayoral race dominated an event Wednesday meant to bolster support for New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.“The results you’re seeing today are driven by name recognition and not demonstrative of what you’re going to see after you allow the time for voters to behave like voters,” Jonathan Prince, rival candidate Bill Thompson‘s campaign manager, told the Wall Street Journal. Meanwhile, Capital New York argued, “Everyone knows Anthony Weiner, and that’s his problem.”* Goldman Sachs Group Inc. CEO Lloyd Blankfein said Quinn would be a good mayor, but he’s not quite ready to pledge his vote to her. * City Council’s Outreach Unit, Run by Quinn, Also Benefits Her Campaign(NYT) * Goldman's Blankfein: Quinn as Mayor 'Wouldn't Be Bad' * Law enforcement unions grilled Quinn over her support for an inspector general for the NYPD. [Rocco Parascandola and Jonathan Lemire]* ICYMI: Christine Quinn clashes with law enforcement unions

Pay to Play Community Outreach Unit

 The Community Outreach Unit of the New York City Council, a taxpayer-financed office that has organized rallies to protect student subway discounts and sponsored adult education fairs, frequently functions as something else as well: a publicity and public relations machine for Christine C. Quinn. Members of the New York City Council say that the taxpayer-funded office of the Community Outreach Unit within the Council frequently functions as a publicity machine for Council Speaker Christine Quinn, the Times writes:

Quinn Appearance In Fairway Ad Raises Questions, Critics Say(NY1)

Rep. Pete King is backing Republican Joe Lhota for mayor of NYC, and thinks it’s “too soon” for his former House colleague, Anthony Weiner, to try to make a comeback.

Park Slope, ‘Cradle of Candidates’(NYT)
At a mayoral forum, three Democrats pointed to the Brooklyn neighborhood, now a case study in gentrification, when asked about the last place they had rented.

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz announced that he would be endorsing Democratic candidate Christine Quinn for mayor, citing her help during Hurricane Sandy and her commitment to reviving the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Daily News  * Markowitz likes Quinn's 'moderation,' not de Blasio's 'strange' horse-carriage opposition

Quinn directed more than $1 million to Markowitz charities

538 Weiner Long Shot
New York Times‘ poll guru Nate Silver isn’t hot on former Congressman Anthony Weiner‘s “remote” odds of becoming mayor. “[T]he math becomes nearly impossible for a candidate in a two-way race when half of the voters who recognize his name dislike him,” Mr. Silver wrote. “Mr. Weiner would be a huge underdog in a runoff against Ms. Quinn or one of the other major candidates.”

Debate on Schools and School Safety

A video has surfaced of Republican mayoral candidate George McDonald getting berated by talk show host Mort Downey Jr. over the number of vacant apartments in New York City, as part of a documentary on Downey and his “wild-man” reputation, the Daily News writes:

SI Advance Not Impressed

The candidates talk tolls; ideas put forth at Staten Island forum were disappointing(SI Advance)

BP Waste?

Borough presidents: Who needs 'em?(Queens Crap)

Letter to the editor (Times Ledger): The old city Board of Estimate included the five borough presidents and, as a result, they possessed to some degree legislative power. The board was declared unconstitutional because the numerical populations in each borough were not the same.A borough president in a borough with less population than another should not have the same legislative power. The Board of Estimate was disbanded and the legislative authority now rests with the City Council, where it belongs. The mayor, as chief executive, has some power, but the Council runs the show.Since borough presidents no longer had any legislative authority, there was no basis to retain the office. Politics being what it is, the public foolishly retained the office, not realizing it had no such power. The office was given some limited land use authority subject to being overruled by the Council, which has the last say. The office was given some discretionary authority to disburse some funds in terms of the city’s budget.

NYC Economy

City’s Jobless Rate Dips as Many People Stop Looking for Work(NYT) The State Labor Department reported 8.9 percent of New York City residents were unemployed in March, a rate higher than for the state and the nation.

MTA Going Broke

New York’s subway $queeze(NYP)The Post lays out the challenges that lie ahead for newly minted MTA Chairman Thomas Prendergast:

Elected officials blast MTA for neglecting Rockaways with (NYDN)
NYC Government

 Who if Anyone Will Ask the Mayoral Candidates How they Will Pay for Increased Health Costs?

 In a speech before the Citizens Budget Commission, Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway said that the cost of health insurance coverage for city employees will hit $6.3 billion this year and will rise to $8.2 billion by 2018 unless reforms are enacted, the New York Post writes: * City on brink of worker health cri$is(NYP) * The cost of health-insurance coverage for NYC employees will hit $6.3 billion this year and is rising by an unsustainable 10 percent a year, Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway warned

City Tough with Unions
City bargains tough with unions — in public forum(NY World) Deputy Mayor takes case against retroactive wages and health care contributions to budget watchdog group



Street Fines 
Bigger Fines for Defacing City’s Streets to Save a Spot(NYT)
With drivers painting curbs and sidewalks in an effort to secure parking, complaints have doubled, and the city now plans to increase fines for the unlawful markings.

Bike Share
Bike-Share Hits 5,000(WSJ)

Bicycles? Tough sit! (NYP) A TriBeCa restaurant owner launched a one-man war against Mayor Bloomberg’s bicycle-sharing program yesterday — holding a lone sit-in to block workers from installing a bike rack he said would obstruct his business.* 'Ghost Bike' tour to honor cyclists killed in NYC traffic accidents 
PHOTOS: The Ghost Bikes Of NYC(Huff Post)

NYCHA allows payment of new parking fees in installment …15 hrs ago

Bloomberg Administration Announces Approach To Union Contracts(NY1)

Exclusive: State English exams for schoolkids include product placement (NYP)
A Tough New Test Spurs Protest and Tears(NYT)
Test-takers see double(NYP)
New York state education officials have already begun to weigh the fallout from tougher standardized tests after schools and parents complained this week that children ran out of time, collapsed in tears or froze up.

Score Corrections Qualify Thousands More as Gifted(NYT) 4,735 students in kindergarten through third grade were affected by errors in scoring the tests used for schools admission, and 2,698 of them were found eligible for seats in gifted programs.

Parents of third-through-eighth graders in New York complained that their children had difficulty adapting to the tougher standardized tests tied to new academic standards imposed by the states, as education officials weighed the fallout, The Wall Street Journal reports:
The results of the state tests students are taking this week and next will be made public. The exams themselves will not. Complaints have been plentiful: the tests were too long; students were demoralized to the point of tears; teachers were not adequately prepared. Some parents, long skeptical of the emphasis on standardized testing, forbade their children from participating. 
New test for gifted and talented classes doesn’t improve admission numbers(NYDN Ed)
More kids from poor areas get excluded, while foolish ranking of tots continues


Wheelchair Taxis
City Opposes Bill Requiring Wheelchair Accessibility for New Cabs(NYT)
New York City’s Taxi Commissioner David Yassky indicated that the Bloomberg administration would not support a City Council bill that requires all newly manufactured cabs to be wheelchair accessible, calling the bill “premature”, the Times reports:

NYS Government

Posturing Versus Details(YNN)“Let me give you a hint,” he said with a tight smile. “Normally when we release bill language before an agreement that means the probability of that bill passing is very, very low. Bill language, to put forth specifics when you don’t have an agreement polarizes the parties. It makes it harder to come to an agreement because you’ve pushed people to their respective corners. I’ve found that counterproductive.” (Cuomo)  The statement by Cuomo was illuminating if because it was both a public tell for how he negotiates legislation and revealed publicly the personality Chris Smith profiled this week in New York magazine.Cuomo, the Albany Machiavelli(NY Mag) Tom Precious pointed out in a blog post yesterday afternoon that Cuomo has so far introduced only a handful of program bills compared to his immediate predecessors. Cuomo may have had fewer plate appearances than past governors, but he’d likely point out this legislative batting average is far higher.* Cuomo On His Top Accomplishments: Gun Control And Marriage(YNN)

In a radio interview, state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said he would love to have more authority to pursue public corruption cases, while adding that he supported the governor’s proposals for ethics reform, the Times-Union writes:

NYS Gambling $$$
New York’s racetrack casinos posted record growth in slot machine revenue in the first quarter of this year, according to figures compiled by the New York Gaming Association, an industry group. The state’s nine racetrack casinos saw gross revenues rise by about $23 million to $472.9 million, an increase of more than 5 percent. At the same time, competitors in Atlantic City, Connecticut and Pennsylvania experienced declining revenues. “The numbers don’t deceive,” James Featherstonhaugh, the New York Gaming Association’s president, said in a statement. “New York’s racetrack casinos are outpacing other states in performance and return on investment.” The report comes as New York considers how to move forward with the legalization of casino gambling. Last year the Legislature passed an amendment calling for up to seven full-fledged Las Vegas-style casinos, but this year Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he wants to start with just three upstate casinos, leaving some if not all of the existing racetrack casinos out of the mix.(City and State)

According to today’s Q poll, voters remain split – 42-46 – on fracking, and 32 percent believe the governor is “dragging his feet” to avoid making a decision on this controversial issue.* NY Remains Split On Fracking, But Knowledge Of Issue Is Growing(YNN) * Cuomo: Nothing new on fracking decision

One Bill Cuomo
In the first four months of 2013, Cuomo has introduced just one program bill: the gun control legislation in the early days of January. That’s low compared to previous governors.

County GOP Chief Says Wilson-Pakula Repeal Would Lead To One-Party Rule(YNN)
Republican County Leader who ran as Conservative after losing Primary and helped elect Dem defends Wilson-Pakula * A Bid to Limit Each Candidate to One Ballot Line Is Stirring Debate(NYT)
Recent accusations against a state senator who sought to get on a ballot to run for mayor have added to concerns about New York State’s current “fusion voting” system.* The potential repeal of the Wilson-Pakula Act of 1947, which gives the leaders of political parties the power to anoint nonparty members who want to run on their party line, concerns leaders of small parties that their groups will be marginalized, The New York Times writes:  * Minor party leaders are fighting Cuomo’s effort to do away with the Wilson-Pakula Act, saying to do so would marginalize their organizations and empower wealthy interlopers.

Power Line
State regulators approved a 330-mile transmission line from Quebec to New York City, clearing a major hurdle for the much-debated $2 billion project. 

Sexual Abuse Bill

Markey Believes Sex Abuse Bill Could Finally Get Traction(City and State)


The Remarkable Story Of How New York City Gets Its Water(Gotham Gazette)

Early Water Delivery System in the City Cut Corners and Trees(NYT)
Intact Pipes From 1800s Once Carried Water, Though Not Very Well(NYT)


Old, New in East Harlem(WSJ)As development creeps north of 96th Street—the historic dividing line between Spanish Harlem and Yorkville—residents and business owners worry the heritage that defines the neighborhood will erode.


In Times Of Media Caution, The Boston Manhunt Proves Twitter The Biggest Threat To ‘Old’ News

News cycle: from bad to worse(NYDN)

Matt Lauer and Ann Curry's fates were, and still are, intertwined. (NYT)

Jon Stewart Tears Apart CNN For ‘Completely F*cking Wrong’ Boston Reporting: ‘Human Centipede Of News’

Rupert Murdoch, still here. [Felix Gillette]

Friday Update
‘We will pick ourselves up. We will finish the race’(NYP)
Cuomo says U.S. Senate's failure to approve background checks bill was "another terrible failure of government...the extremists won."
Lindsey Graham calls for bombing suspect, a U.S. citizen, to be held as an "enemy combatant"
GOP senator ties bombings to immigration reform
‘Kids will die’(NYP)
The Ricin files(NYP Ed)

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POTUS: "This is a shameful day" for Washington

Scarborough Goes Off On GOP For Voting Against Background Checks: ‘This Party Is Moving Toward Extinction’
Mayor Bloomberg on the yesterday’s gun vote: “Children lost. They’re going to die, and the criminals won.”
Last Votes Tallied in Gun Debate, Senate Looks to Move On(NYT)
Obama to Boston: You Will Run Again(NBC)
Bloomberg Predicts Gun Background Checks Veto Could Influence 2014 Elections(NY1)

Gun Vote Update Senate Votes Down Expanded Background Checks In Gun Sales: An amendment to the federal gun control bill that.  Republicans who are quick to blame Democrats for not being tough on crime have handed criminals a huge victory. The amendment got the support of 54 members and was opposed by 46. It needed 60 votes to move forward. Feinstein angry. "Show some guts," she says. Assault weapons ban fails 40-60 
* Bloomberg Rips Senate For Failing To Expand Background Checks (WCBS)
* Seven different gun measures failed to pass in the U.S. Senate today. How they voted(NYT)

Count on it. “: Interested to see if Bloomberg who have worked hard on this issue remain active in 2014 elections.Mayor Bloomberg called the failure of the gun control amendment “a damning indictment of the stranglehold that special interests have on Washington.”Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns group is planning a wave of attacks against Senators who voted no.* Bloomberg Blasts Senators Who Opposed Broader Background Checks for Gun Buyers(NYT)

Federal Action After Newtown Shootings Effectively Derailed(NYT)
Obama goes down to defeat in gunfight(NYP)

Here Are The Twitter Handles Of The Senators Who Voted No On Background Checks Bill(Huff Post)*

The Senate Fails Americans(NYT Ed)Bowing to the gun lobby rather than the public, lawmakers kill crucial gun control legislation a mere 18 weeks after the massacre in Newtown, Conn.
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"Good Thing I'm Not a History Major" - Michael Hepner, Public DiscourseRicin Terror
‘Elvis’ is busted in ricin terror (NYP) WASHINGTON — The FBI last night busted a troubled Mississippi Elvis impersonator as the poison-wielding man who mailed ricin-laced letters to President Obama and two other officials. Paul Kevin Curtis was nabbed at his apartment in Making toxin is easy as beans(NYP)


Law and Order 
No Charges for Police Commanders Over Actions During Protests(NYT)Suspect Arrested, Charged In Connection With Three Brooklyn Rapes
Manhattan DA Will Not Prosecute Two NYPD Officials Accused Of Assaulting OWS Protesters

Explosions were once common in U.S. cities — and so was the rush to pin blame on groups of suspects

Israel’s top cop: My guys can learn manners from the NYPD (NYDN)
Yochanan Danino visiting New York, meeting with Ray Kelly
Seven years after Bronx tot's slaying, family hopes for (NYDN)

Some Testimony on Police Tactic Undercuts Bias Claim(NYT)
 In testimony in the case examining whether the stop-and-frisk procedure is illegal, some plaintiff witnesses may have actually weakened efforts to prove racial bias.

'Dark Knight' thief gets 2 years(NYP)Holy prison stint, Batman! A burglar who repeatedly plundered an Upper West Side IMAX movie theater last summer -- ripping off bags and purses from movie-goers engrossed by The Dark Knight Rises -- was sentenced to at least two years prison today....
Man pleads guilty to molesting Hasidic teen in ritual b (NYDN)
Orthodox Jewish man takes plea deal, admits to raping 15-year-old boy(NYP)

Brooklyn, NY - Williamsburg Man Pleads Guilty To Molesting Hasidic Teen In Mikva; To Get 5 Yrs.

Father of slain HS football star pleads guilty to assault in 2011 parking lot incident(NYP)
Judge blasts away at bad cop (NYP) An angry judge lashed into a dirty ex-NYPD officer who was busted with a gang of cops-turned-cronies for transporting $1 million worth of guns and other loot to New York City.  Ali Oklu, 36, was sentenced to 46 months in a federal prison, fined $7..* NYC officer accused of filing phony tax returns(WSJ)
* NYPD cop scams $95,000 in tax refunds(NYDN)
Jurors in David Tarloff case plan to attend next trial(NYDN)
St. John's students upset Pete King to speak(NYDN) * Pol ‘red storm’(NYP)
Middle school girl beaten savagely by older girls in Astoria(NYP)
Mother wants answers after daughter attacked(WABC)
Ex-NYPD officer gets nearly 4 years in gun sting(Fox5)
The New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct processed 1,785 new complaints in 2012, and authorized 182 full-fledged investigations.
Teen charged in attempted rape near City Hall(NYDN)
Teen arrested for attempted rape near City Hall(WABC)

Seeking Answers to Officer’s Murder-Suicide in Memories and Notes Left Behind(NYP) Officer Rosette M. Samuel, who killed her 1-year-old son and his father on Monday, wrote in a note that she had killed her baby so that he would not be a burden to his surviving teenage brother.
Video Shows Fake Cop Robbing Bronx Store at Gunpoint(NBC)
Thief pretends to be cop in Bx. robbery(NYP)
VIDEO: NYPD Arrests Teen On 3 Train In Brooklyn For Taunting A Jewish Passenger

Police Release Video Of Suspect In Three Alleged Brooklyn Rape Incidents(NY1)

New video released of suspect wanted for 3 rapes in Bro(WABC)
New Surveillance Video of Suspect in 3 BK Rapes(NBC)

Jealous ex convicted for raping and stabbing baby mama(NYP)

Brooklyn Teen Charged With Attempted Sexual Assault In Lower Manhattan(NY1)

Police Officer Charged in Tax Fraud Scheme(NYT)

Etan Patz murder suspect wants case dismissed(WABC)
Teen wielded gun during Staten Island mugging, NYPD say (SI Advance)
Guilty in mob hit(NYP) She waited more than three decades for justice, and yesterday, Catherine Godkin finally got to see the mobster who murdered her husband held accountable.
Son’s bad bet (NYP) A young Upper East Side art dealer accused of leading a high-stakes betting ring was literally playing with house money — willing to wager away the prestige of his family’s $3 billion net worth and vast holdings of priceless paintings for the thrill...  
Video shows beating of Queens girls(Fox 5)


Son-in-Law Of Bin Laden Denied More Phone Calls (NYT) Lawyers for Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, a son-in-law of Osama bin Laden, said one monthly phone call was not sufficient to remain in contact with family members who live in three different countries.