Thursday, March 7, 2013

Economic Questions Not Answered By the Mayoral Candidates

2013 Mayoral Candidates Act More Like Fake Medicine Men While the Press Does Not Do Its Job to Inform

The leading mayoral candidates won’t tell you the truth because they are competing for the support of the people who benefit most from city government. Making promises to other pols, special interests, developers, unions and the non profits, etc. That is the job of a candidate.  The job of the media is to inform the public the weakness of those promises.  Does anyone believe that New Yorkers are informed about government or the economic realities of the political promises the candidates are making.

Where Will The Additional Tax $$$ Come From to Pay for the Political Promises?

1.  City tax revenues have nearly doubled, from over $21 billion a year to more than $42 billion, since Bloomberg took office. How much more in taxes and spending do the candidates think it will take to keep their promises of “affordability?” And who is going to pay those taxes?

2.  How will NYC replace the lost revenue from of changing Wall Street?  In 2008, Wall Street covered about $4.5 billion of the city’s tax payments — 12 percent of the total. Last year, it was $2.8 billion  7 percent. Bye-Bye to the Big Board?(NYT Ed)

3. With the rich and middle class leaving the city, where will the city get the funds to pay for pay raises for city employees salaries, pensions and health care costs?  City faces middle-class exodus - Crain's New York Business * ‘Wall ST.’ flees NY for tax-free Fla. (NYP)  Escape from New York A new poll last week showed that more than one of every four New Yorkers is headed for the exits. Detroit lost a quarter of its population between 2000 and 2011; absolutely, it could happen here.

City’s Jobless Rate in January Hit 4-Month HighThe State Labor Department, in a new report, said the rate was 9.1 percent, up from 8.8 percent in December.

4. How will the city reduce unemployment that has been high since 2008? The new jobs New York City is expecting to gain are mostly low-paying and in the service industry. [David Seifman] * State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli's scary report about Wall Street shedding jobs is not surprising. [Nicole Gelinas]* * McMahon: NY's still too business-unfriendly(Newsday) Over 400,000 New Yorkers are unemployed

5. How Will NYC Fix Its Tax Base?  According to the state comptroller's office, the most affluent 15,000 New York City households, or the top 0.5% of filers, accounted for 26.7% of the city's total income. The top 2,000 households, or 0.05% of filers, represented 18.9% of all income reported in the city. According to a report from the Independent Budget Office, the top 1% of New Yorkers pay 43% of city income tax, a statistic based on 2009 tax data. 

Campaign 2013

   Lhota says city is tax backwards (NYP) Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota charged yesterday that the city’s property-tax system is rigged, with budget bureaucrats dictating how much will be collected in order to balance the budget.  “What they’re doing is determining at the budget...* A winning GOP recipe(NYP Ed) * Republican mayoral candidates squared off yesterday in a Crain's forum, and a vote by audience members showed Lhota with the strongest support:(City and State) * GOP Mayoral Candidates Warn of Backslide Under Democrats(WSJ) The Republican candidates for New York City mayor warned of trouble ahead if City Hall falls to a Democrat. * Candidates Flaunt GOP Credentials In First Republican Mayoral Debate(NY1) * GOP NYC mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota defended the honor of his former boss, ex-NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, insisting he’s not a “jerk.”* Lhota said the city’s property tax system is backwards, with officials first determining how much money they need, and then deciding how to get it.

Carrión Spending Questioned(WSJ) A spokesman for New York City mayoral candidate Adolfo Carrión’s campaign defended Carrión’s use of a political action committee saying that the cash disbursements were used for expenditures beneath the threshold of what’s required for disclosure.

De Blasio 
Micro Targets His Vote
Central Park’s carriage horses have been thrust into the race for mayor, with Public Advocate Bill de Blasio pledging that one of his first acts as the city’s chief executive would be to get them off the streets. 

Another Gracie Mansion hopeful, John Catsimatidis, expounded on his gay marriage views to the Jewish Voice. “That’s the reason the pilgrims came to America,” Mr. Catsimatidis explained. “So they could do whatever they want to do. As long as they’re not bothering anybody, this is America. Let them do whatever they want to do. [I was asked], as mayor, would I perform a gay marriage? I said I’m not volunteering to do it, but if it’s a gay couple that’s friends of mine, I may do it.” * . & support a tiered minimum wage system, higher wages for workers age 24+

The Last Mayoral Front Runner to Win Was Robert Wagner 1953
"No Dem who was the front-runner for an open NYC mayor seat at the dawn of the campaign has been elected since 1953."(Newsday)Those one-time "front-runners" included Mark Green in 2001, Mario Biaggi in 1973, and Paul Screvane in 1965. Even when the late Ed Koch won for the first time in 1977, neither he nor the second-place finisher, Mario Cuomo, appeared likely to make the runoff in a New York Times-CBS poll two weeks before Primary Day. But both did. The most recent survey from Quinnipiac University put the first female City Council speaker at 37 percent in the five-way Democratic field.

Former SI GOP Congressman backs Catsimatidis for mayor(NYP) Former Staten Island GOP Congressman Vito Fossella is making a big political splash – endorsing billionaire supermarket mogul John Catsimatidis for mayor

Republican Mayoral Candidates Debate Education in New York(Epoch Times) All contenders give Mayor Bloomberg a failing grade on education

Charlie Rangel’s Office Denies He Will Attend Campaign Event for Conservative Mayoral Candidate(NYO)

Stop Hush Pay for Group Lopez

Bill to outlaw ‘Gropez’ payouts(NYP) Secret settlements like the six-figure payout Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver approved last year to resolve sex-harassment allegations against Assemblyman Vito Lopez would be illegal under a bill an upstate Democrat is pushing. Buffalo Assemblyman Michael Kearns’ legislation bars “sealed, closed or secret settlements of a public body” as well as private settlements in most cases.

Pay to Play Molinaro

Was the Conservative Leader's Endorsement of Liberal Quinn an Effort to Save his Girl Friend's Job?

It seemed odd that Borough President Jim Molinaro the head of SI's Conservative Party would endorse the only gay candidate running for mayor Quinn.  Did Molinaro endorse Quinn to secure his girlfriend's continued employment?  In 2011 just days after complaining that lucrative government pensions will bankrupt the city and state, Borough President James Molinaro said he had "absolutely nothing" to do with helping to secure a high-paying city job and pension for his long-time companion after she lost her post at a state agency. Staten Island BP James Molinaro says he had nothing to do with companion's $110G job (SI Advance)

Pay to Play Bronx Judges

Politics plays key role in Bronx court appointments(Riverdale Press) Despite years of reforms, in some Bronx courtrooms, it is still just as helpful to know the judge as the law. Sometimes, it’s even more so. That’s the finding of a Riverdale Press review of discretionary appointments by local judges and the legal practices of politically connected attorneys who often appear before them.As a Supreme Court judge, Nelida Malave-Gonzalez, who was elected in November as the Bronx’s new judge of the surrogate court, repeatedly tapped leaders of the Bronx Democratic County Committee, commonly referred to as the Bronx Democratic Party, to serve as court-appointed counsels, designations that yielded tens of thousands of dollars in fees. Since she began making appointments in 2010, Judge Malave-Gonzalez’s most frequent appointee, records show, has been Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, who has represented Riverdale and Kingsbridge in Albany for 19 years and who serves as chair of the Bronx Democratic Party’s county committee. 

Howard Vargas, a past executive director of the Bronx Democratic Party who currently serves as the party’s legal counsel, has won 87 appointments from local judges since reforms went into effect in 2003.* Lawyers with political connections earn large fees as receivers for distressed NYC properties (Real Deal)*Party lawyer has record of feasting on foreclosure(Riverdale Press)\ Mr. Vargas, a lawyer with strong ties to the Bronx Democratic Party, has netted more than $350,000 in fees over the past decade thanks to a steady stream of court-appointed positions. Some of that lucrative work has come in the form of receiverships. But the properties he’s been charged with managing have not always done as well. Of the 24 buildings Mr. Vargas was appointed to supervise, five were placed on a list of the city’s most distressed properties during the receivership. Despite those problems, Bronx judges have continued to appoint Mr. Vargas as a receiver. New surrogate joined in old game

Pay to Play Pensions

Cuomo Gun Poll Fall

Backing For Cuomo Declines Upstate(WSJ)After the passage of new gun laws, Gov. Andrew Cuomo's approval rating among upstate voters has fallen to 49 % from 58 %.Cuomo’s job approval rating remains high among voters statewide at 56 percent, a Wall Street Journal/NBC NY/Marist Poll. And Governor Andrew Cuomo continued to post a solid approval rating, yet one that is still down from his stratospheric support a few months ago. “Although little has changed in Governor Cuomo’s overall approval rating, there has been major movement under the radar,” said Lee Miringoff, Marist College’s polling director. “Cuomo is doing better among Democrats and voters who describe themselves as liberal, but this is offset by a decline in his rating among Republicans, independents, conservatives, and upstate voters.”Christie would top Cuomo in White House race: poll  * Perception of Cuomo Shifts Left: NBC NY/WSJ Poll(NBC)

Disabled Cuts

Opposition Emerges to Cuomo’s Plan to Cut $120 Million for the Disabled(NYT)

Legislators Mail Cuomo On Medicaid Drug Cuts attn Cuomo. "Silver is sending a firm message smack in the middle of budget season"

Controlling the Message
The Times-Union writes that the Cuomo administration should not confuse controlling the message with controlling public information:

Cuomo's Informal Meeting  With Lawmakers
Gov. Andrew Cuomo met with Democratic Assembly members over breakfast at the executive mansion on Tuesday and Wednesday morning to address legislative goals. Lawmakers described the meeting as “frindly” and a “pep talk,” and said they discussed minimum wage, hydrofracking, Hurricane Sandy relief, hospitals and campaign finance reform. Assemblyman Alan Maisel asked Cuomo about aid to downstate hospitals. “He did say he wanted to work with us and that it was a real problem that needs to be fixed, but we’re broke,” Maisel said. Lawmakers did not bring up member items or legislative pay raises but spoke with Cuomo about his philosophy of governing. “He said we would be only remembered by what we accomplish,” Assemblyman Joe Lentol said, adding that it was the first informal visit he had made to the mansion in his 41 years serving in Albany. (City and State) 

Cuomo: Message Of Necessity For Budget Bills Unlikely(YNN)
The CBC to state lawmakers: “There is much to like in the budget – so keep it that way.”

Special Interest Development

The Bloomberg administration secretly funneled more than $9 million in city property taxes to the Hudson Yards project in Manhattan on top of the $234 million the city already gave to the project, without informing the City Council, the New York Daily News’ Juan Gonzalez reports:


SPOTLIGHT ON CASINOS: In a special section on casinos, City & State looks at who might compete for an upstate casino license [ ], who is likely to oppose expansion [], where New York City’s mayoral candidates stand on gambling [], and what top state officials say about full-fledged casinos [].* Brooklyn Assemblyman Karim Camara introduced a bill that would make casino development subject to local siting approval. More here.


NYP Reports 80% of CUNY Community College Grads Need Remedial Help In the Basics
NearGly 80% of city public high-school grads at CUNY community colleges require remediation for English and math(NYP) * Officials: 80 Percent Of Recent NYC High School Graduates(WCBS)

NYT Reports Not Enough Free Lunches to NYC's Students
How to Start a Good School Day(NYT Ed) New York City schools are among the least effective in the country in providing free breakfast to low-income children.

Groups Protest Mayor's Proposal To Cut After-School Programs Out Of Budget (NY1) The mayor's budget proposal once again takes a slice out of after school programs. It's a cut that re-emerges every year and one the City Council always fights to restore.

DOE Spares Two Public Schools From Proposed Phase-Outs 

New York state has awarded an $8.4 million, three-year contract to a unit of McGraw-Hill Cos. to create an exam that will replace the GED as the state’s main high-school equivalency test.  

City Says It Erred by Not Telling Parents of School PCB Leak(NYT)


Inside City Shelters, Looking for Ways Out(WSJ) For the New Yorkers inside city homeless shelters, a population that passed 50,000 for the first time this year, the daily struggles are usually simple ones: bathing children, seeking jobs, looking for a way out. In interviews this week, residents described the personal side of living inside the city’s growing shelter system. * NY1 Online: Commissioner Defends Bloomberg's Homeless Record * NYC Homeless Spending To Surge To $800 Million(Huff Post)

Sex, Girls and Rent Control

NYP uses the start of  Season 2 finale of “Girls" at its yearly pitch to end controls on rent
As long as pols count on votes from those who line in rent control and stabilized apartments don't bet the farm that anyone will listen to the NYP plea
Rent and the single girl(NYP Ed) Young and unestablished are paying more than they should for their apartments, because the rental market and rental prices are being distorted by rent-control and rent-stabilization policies.

More Than Nanny Bloomberg 

Agree or Not, Bloomberg Pushes Serious Issues That the Media, Pols and Public Ignore
Posters on Teenage Pregnancy Draw Fire(NYT) The city’s public education effort speaks frankly about the increased chances that teenage mothers will become impoverished, but critics say it reinforces stereotypes. Planned Parenthood issued a statement denouncing the poster campaign, saying that it ignored the racial, economic and social factors that contribute to teenage pregnancy and instead stigmatized teenage parents and their children.* NYC group criticizes teen pregnancy posters(WSJ) *City Can’t Win on Teen Pregnancy Issue(NY mag)* The DN sides with Bloomberg against Planned Parenthood, which said his new public service campaign creates a “stigma” against teen pregnancy.* Planned Parenthood wrongly hits Mayor Bloomberg’s push against teen pregnancy(NYDN) The truth is that children are ill-equipped to be good parents

Bloomberg as an evil nanny mayor, compliments of Next Media Animation.
Call for Economic Support for Pregnant Woman
 In the Daily News, Kristen Day, the executive director of Democrats for Life of America, argues that Cuomo should be working to increase economic support for pregnant women to reduce the number of abortions:

Bloomberg Irked by Movies and Media(NYT)
To the long list of modern-day vices that can irk Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg — sugary sodas, plastic foam, overzealous tweeters — add one more: going to the movies.Mr. Bloomberg, who is easily bored, has never been much of a cinephile, even boasting to a friend that he had watched fewer than 10 films in his life.
After taking his companion, Diana Taylor, to see “Les Misérables” at an Upper East Side theater on New Year’s Day, he emerged sounding kvetchier than usual.“I sat through an hour of trailers, and every one was stupider than the other,” Mr. Bloomberg complained to a writer for M magazine, a new men’s fashion quarterly, in an interview that was published last week. “And then there were these ads for video games — for adults! And you want to know why we’re dumbing down politics.”
New Drink Rules Add Wrinkle to Coffee Orders When Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s ban on the sale of large sugary drinks goes into effect, coffee drinkers, and those who serve them, are likely to face complications. * Customers at Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonald’s can expect to add their own sugar packets and flavor swirls to large and larger coffees. At other cafes, some will be given one lump, or perhaps two, in their coffees; those seeking more will need to visit the condiment stand.* City Ban On Sugary Drinks Larger Than 16 Ounces To Start(NY1)

DiNapoli Demands Dunkin’ Donuts Drop Dirty Palm Oil * A Healthier Doughnut, at Least Environmentally

 City Hopes Young NYers Listen To Their Message About Potential Hearing Loss(NY1) * Cranked-Up Earbuds Next On Mayor Bloomberg’s Health Hit(WCBS)
NYS Government

Fracking, A One House Bill?
State Assembly Approval Of Two-Year Fracking Ban May Become Symbolic(NY1)The state Assembly officially approved a moratorium barring hydrofracking drilling in New York for the next two years, though the fate of a similar bill in the Senate, proposed by state Sen. David Carlucci is uncertain, the Times-Union writes:  * Assembly approves two-year moratorium on fracking(NYDN) *  Deputy state Senate Majority Leader Tom Libous has vowed to prevent the fracking moratorium bill from passing in his house.

Public Health Funding

The Roswell Park Cancer Institute says Cuomo’s plan to make organizations compete for public health funding is “a step backward.” 
MMA and Peter King 2

Silver concedes an Ultimate victory(NYP) Silver said yesterday he sees legalization of ultimate fighting as a professional sport as inevitable. * 'At some point' MMA will be legal: Speaker Silver(NYDN)  Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver predicted that the Legislature will eventually legalize Mixed Martial Arts fighting in New York, as supporters of the sport descended on Albany to lobby after the state Senate passed a bill to approve it, the Daily News* Rep. Peter King to step into boxing ring(Fox 5)

Pol Double Star Dipping
Sen. Cathy Young has since 2001 improperly claimed a STAR property tax exemption on both the condo she owns in North Greenbush and her Cattaraugus County home. (She blamed her husband, who “handles all of our financial matters,” and said the situation has been corrected). 

NYC Government

NYC Hosting Payphone Redesign Contest(NY1)

Slow Meters
Civic leaders say slow Muni-Meters are cheating motoris (NYDN)

More Park Officers
City to hire 81 more Parks Enforcement Patrol officers(NYDN)



Sandy stirs up trouble for city drinking water(WSJ)

Churning seas turned New York City’s main water supply cloudy in the superstorm's wake. While it's safe to drink, much greater danger still looms: city water customers may have to spend billions of dollars to filter out the grit.
FEMA OKs extension for Sandy victimsTemp Housing(SI Advance) * NY1 For You: Elevator Fixed For Disabled Brighton Beach
Four Months After Sandy, Transit Aid Arrives(ESJ) Federal officials released the first $390 million in aid for East Coast transportation agencies as they rebuild from superstorm Sandy.* Officials Probe Banks' Sandy Rules(WSJ) * Panel Discusses Science Of Potential Future Sandy-Like Storms(NY1) * Feds Release $193M In Sandy Funds To MTA; Majority To Go To NYC Transit(NY1) * Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority would be receiving $193.1 million to cover recovery costs from Hurricane Sandy, with $141.6 million going to New York City TransitFeds release $193 million to MTA for post-Sandy transit (NYDN) * New Life Takes Hold After Hurricane and Blight(NYT)


NYC subway platforms see some improvement(WSJ) but there was an uptick in graffiti and water damage


Pratt Fire Destroys, Inspires(WSJ)The fire at the Pratt Institute's Brooklyn campus last month consumed the tools and output of about 35 student artists at work. Now those students, all seniors, are trying to move forward

NYC Walmart

After losing a battle in September to open its first store in New York City, Wal-Mart Stores appears to have scaled back its efforts to gain a foothold in the nation’s largest city.

King Back in Brooklyn

.[image]Larry King: Back in Brooklyn (WSJ)Larry King returned to Brooklyn to watch his first pro sporting event since 1957, when the Dodgers left for Los Angeles. Jason Gay went along for the ride.

Hugo in the Bronx

In South Bronx, Memories of Chávez and the Aid He Gave(NYT) President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela, who died this week, playing percussion on the guira with Omar Freilla of the band Palol Monte during a visit to the South Bronx in 2005. Some residents and local leaders recalled that Hugo Chávez’s visit to the South Bronx in 2005 led to donations in oil and money from the Venezuelan leader.* Gregory Meeks to Represent U.S. at Hugo Chávez’s Funeral(NYO)

Nutella University?

Columbia University students have an expensive Nutella habit.
Missing Nutella, Part 2: Columbia Puts Consumption Far Below Report(NYT)


How time flies! (NYP) Time Warner’s decision to unload all of Time Inc. plunged the publishing division deeper into turmoil after months of uncertainty.  The media giant revealed yesterday it would move ahead with a spinoff of all its magazines into a separate company by.(-TIME) WARNER(Huff Post)

Fondly Recalling a ‘Writer’s Paper' as a Name Fades(NYT) When The International Herald Tribune is rebranded as The International New York Times this fall, one of the great names in American journalism will go away.

Face-Lift at Facebook, to Keep Its Users Engaged(NYT)


Filibuster Delays Vote on CIA Nominee
Afternoon Update Eric Holder Has a Few Words for Rand Paul
Evening A Senator’s Stand on Drones Scrambles Partisan Lines

He lasted almost 13 hours before needing to take a bathroom break  
Rand Paul Would Do Anything for Freedom, But He Won’t Do That (Wear a Catheter)(NY Mag)
Rand Paul ends his filibuster of John Brennan confirmation after nearly 13 hours(NYP)* C.I.A.’s History Poses Hurdles for an Obama Nominee(NYT) * Republicans, Led by Rand Paul, End Filibuster(NYT) * Filibuster Delays Vote on CIA Nominee(WSJ) * Morning Joe Impressed By Rand Paul’s ‘Spontaneity,’ Filibuster Espousing View That ‘Wasn’t Popular’ * It is not clear if there are enough votes to block Brennan, but Paul did change the mind of some of his colleagues, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. A procedural vote on Brennan’s nomination is set for this morning.* Stewart Applauds Rand Paul For Using Filibuster Over Drones Issue ‘Worth Kicking Up A Fuss For’ * Michelle Malkin: Did Rand Paul’s Filibuster Refurbish The Republican Party’s Tarnished Brand? *Rand Paul Yields The Floor, Ending Nearly 13 Hour-Long Filibuster Over Obama’s Drone Strikes * Paul declared victory after receiving a drone statement from the White House, and John Brennan was confirmed as director of the CIA. 

President Woos GOP
G.O.P. Senators Give Obama Dinner Thumbs Up(NYT)* From One Budget Fight to the Next(NYT, Ed) At a time when Republicans are divided on many social issues, the budget wars are one of the few things that unite them. * President Woos GOP to Seek Deal(WSJ)
Republicans, Led by Paul, Filibuster for 13 Hours - Ashley Parker, NYT
Stand With Rand - Kevin Williamson, National Review
Holder Does Not Rule Out Drone Strikes in U.S. - Terry Frieden, CNN
Why Obama's Dining Room Diplomacy Could Work - Noam Scheiber, TNR
Spending Cuts May Be Answer to Slow Growth - Michael Barone, Examiner
Sequester Will Cause Real Hardship - Joe Conason, National Memo
Obama's Rx: Maximize America's Pain - Michael Walsh, New York Post
The War on Entitlements - Thomas Edsall, New York Times
Yes, Labels - Cliff Asness, The American
The Battle for California - Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest
Hopeful Tone at Obama-GOP Dinner - Ginger Gibson, Politico
The Paul Filibuster: A Point Not to Be Missed - Erick Erickson, RedState
2016 Democratic Field May Not Wait for Clinton - Scott Conroy, RCP
Governorships an Opportunity for Dems in '14 - Stu Rothenberg, Roll Call
Is the South Still Racist? - Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal
High Court on Brink of Making Historic Error - Linda Greenhouse, NYT
the shop wielding an ax. Wilfred...   11:25 AM
UN votes in new sanctions, North Korea vows to nuke US(NYP)Maureen Dowd, the Pope, and a Lesson in Fallibility - Mark Salter, RCP
W.H. Shuts Down Tours Over Sequestration, Prompting Second Look At W.H. Staff Costs
Mr. Paul Goes to Washington to Protect Your Rights - IBD
From One Budget Fight to the Next - New York Times
ObamaCare Requirements Will Drive Up Premiums - DC Examiner
Hugo Chavez's Legacy of Ruin - Bloomberg

Wall Street

Wall Street Ties in a Prospect for Deputy at the S.E.C.(NYT) As Mary Jo White confronts scrutiny over her ties to big Wall Street firms, a leading candidate to be her enforcement chief has trod a similar path. *
Ex-Wall Street exec who is now a congressman introduces bill to deregulate derivatives

Elizabeth Warren Goes Off On Wrist Slaps For Banks(Huff Post)

Law and Order

Evening UpdateSuspect In Brooklyn Hit-And-Run Charged With Vehicular Manslaughter, (WCBS)* More Felony Charges in Hit-Run Crash(NYT)

Afternoon Update Hit-run demon waives extradition, charged with three counts of manslaughter(NYP) * Hit-run demon waives extradition, charged with three counts of manslaughter(NYP)
Devil in hit-run horror surrenders in Pa. after Brooklyn tragedy kills Orthodox family(NYP) * Suspect in Crash That Killed 3 Turns Himself In(NYT) * Groom’s Letter to Parents, Remembered After Fatal Hit and Run(NYT)

Nine indicted in a Bronx-based Colombian heroin-trafficking  ring, with operations headquartered in Parkchester (NYDN) Bronx gang that peddled millions of dollars in heroin across city undone by their smartphones

  ‘Blame parents’ for kid crimes(NYP)

Education officials knew about hazing culture a year ago(NYDN)

 Afternoon Update
'Cannibal' cop was ready to act, prosecutor says in closing arguments(NYP) * Hit-run demon waives extradition, charged with three counts of manslaughter(NYP) * Cannibal cop trial hears closing arguments(NBC)* Closing Arguments Made, Jurors at Cannibal Trial Get Case(NYT)

Officer’s Trial Has a Jury That Appears Tech-Savvy(NYT) * Closing Arguments Set For 'Cannibal Cop' Trial(Huff Post)

The Commission on Judicial Nomination has sent Gov. Andrew Cuomo a list of candidates to fill a Court of Appeals vacancy left by Theodore Jones Jr., who died earlier this year.
Police: Suspect Groped And Exposed Himself To Victim, 15,(WCBS)
Things Took a Violent Turn on the Subway Today(NY Mag)
Man Stabbed on 6 Train Platform at 59th Street-Lexingto (NBC)
Two subway conductors attacked in Brooklyn(NYP)
Man stabbed at 59th St.(NYDN)
Men Found Dead in Howard Beach May Have Been in Drug Turf War, Sources Say
Inquiry Into Officers After They Visit Man Who Accused Police of Assault(NYT)
Charred bodies of two shot men found following blaze in Queens marshland (NYP) The charred remains of two men — who were shot dead in Brooklyn — were found in a Queens marshland after firefighters put out an early-morning blaze yesterday* 2 Burned Bodies Found After Fire in Queens Marshland(NYT) * Bodies of Two Men Are Found in Brush Fire (WSJ)

Morales admits he shot his parole officer -- again(NYDN)

Crook: I’m flee to go! (NYP) A man making a routine Queens court appearance on ID theft and gun charges yesterday bolted from the courtroom — and right out of the courthouse — when a judge announced Secret Service agents were there to arrest him for a Florida credit-card-fraud...
Girl Groped in Queens Library; Suspect Sought(NBC)
Killer of Girlfriend and Her Son Is Sentenced to 50 Years to Life(NYT)


Osama bin Laden's son-in-law now jailed just a half-mile from Ground Zero! 47-year-old from the 'top echelons of Al Qaeda' was captured last week

Bin Laden Relative With Qaeda Past to Have New York Trial(NYT)