Tuesday, February 5, 2013

NYC Crime: Slain Cop Peter Figoski's Trial, SI Mom Killed in Istanbul, felony cases in Bronx are years old

Law and Order

Correx officer had affair with cop-killer she was guarding, now 'carrying his child': feds

A New York appellate court ruled that the New York Times‘s FOIL request for a list of gun owners in New York City violates the state’s statute. The ruling overturns in part a lower court’s ruling.

Gang of 'cop killers' come face to face at Figoski trial(NYP)
Slain cop Peter Figoski’s mom weeps as she sees son’s bloody shield in court(NYP) * Slain cop Figoski's father becomes unresponsive during trial: The trial of two accused cop killers took a...

Man charged with tossing rock through windshield that killed Qns. driver in 9-yr-old case

SI ma fought killer: Istanbul cops find slay DNA(NYP) * Turks Turn to DNA in Search for Staten Island Woman’s Killer(NYT) * Friend Who Backed Out of Staten Island Mom's Fatal Trip Speaks (WSJ)* Family Members Of S.I. Woman Slain In Turkey Seek Money For Funeral(NY1)

NY Flash Mob Muggers

Flash Mob Mayhem: Violent Groups Of Teens Leave NYC Neighborhoods In ...

Newsstands all over New York City are being attacked by flash mobs of teenagers hell bent to rob owners of everything they have.
Suit: meditating yogi interrupted by pervy janitor(NYDN)
 Three Men Stabbed, Wounded In Queens Subway Station(NY1)
Man, in Third Trial, Is Convicted of 2002 Rampage at a Bar(NYT)
Three stabbed in Jamaica(NYDN)

Some felony cases in Bronx are years old(NYDN)
Man due in court in 2004 asphalt toss murder case(WABC)
Girl beaten for iPhone in The Bronx(Fox 5)
iPhone Thief Repeatedly Punches Woman, 17, in Face(NBC)
Judge Calls New York’s Bail System Unfair and Unsafe (NYT)
Police released a sketch of a man accused of forcing a 22-year-old woman into an alley and raping her in broad daylight
Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman: “As far as I’m concerned, every trial in the State of New York should be constantly streaming.”
State: Boss scammed workers(NYDN)A Brooklyn construction boss got around wage rules on a JFK Airport project by writing workers checks for the required amount, then making them refund some of the cash to him
Video shows 2 men about to rob Bronx gas station(WABC)

 Reputed hit man admits he lied about rubout(NYDN)
AG Eric Schneiderman announced a multi-agency narcotics crackdown that led to a 226-count indictment charging 31 defendants with distributing large quantities of cocaine throughout the Capital Region.

Police Killer’s Jailer, Now Pregnant With His Child, Is Charged(NYT)

Former barber for Jay-Z convicted of bar rampage(NYDN)

Manhattan Man Indicted For Murder In Connection With Fatal SoHo Fire(NY1)

 Cops say this is the rapist(NYDN)
  Surveillance Video Shows Suspect In Triple Stabbing At Queens (WCBS)

Lawyers Seek Block For NYPD Muslim Surveillance Efforts(NY1)

Police Search For Brooklyn Rape Suspect  Police Search For Brooklyn Rape Suspect(NY1)

'Cannibal' cop’s wife was a real dish: feds(NYP)