Tuesday, February 12, 2013

True News Wags the Media on Corruption

Political Corruption

Last Sunday True News Wrote 
Very Quiet About the Wills Connetion to Huntley
New York City Councilman Ruben Wills is allegedly the primary focus of an investigation involving recently convicted ex-state Sen. Shirley Huntley, for failing to account for $32,000 in state funding that Huntley steered to a nonprofit group headed by Wills

Today NYP Followed Up
Queens pol probed in nonprofit's missing $32,000 (NYP) Investigators are cranking up their criminal probe of Queens Councilman Ruben Wills following the conviction of his mentor, ex-state Sen. Shirley Huntley, in a mushrooming scandal involving the theft of taxpayer funds from nonprofit groups. Wills is being eyed by state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for failure to account for about $32,000 in state funding that Huntley steered to a separate nonprofit group he headed, New York 4 Life. On Sept. 7, the office paid New York 4 Life the $33,000. Wills, who was elected to the City Council in a November 2010 special election and whose leadership duties were stripped amid the probe, was the sole signatory and soon depleted the account. In March 2011, the office sent a letter to the group asking how the $33,000 was spent. Neither Wills nor New York 4 Life responded. Schneiderman’s office then issued a subpoena in February 2012 seeking documentation of New York 4 Life’s spending. Only $980 was accounted for. Wills subsequently refused to answer any questions — invoking the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination — in a meeting with investigators and state auditors.*

Last Sunday True News Asked:
 Where is JCOPE On Assemblywoman Vivian Cook?  Where is the Press Asking Where is JCOPE?

Today's NYP Followed Up On Cook
Is Cook a crook? Huntley is headed to the Big House. But what about Cook?  Cook sponsored some $135,000 in “member-item” pork payments meant for a charity run by Huntley, the “nonprofit” Parents Information Network.But the group was a front. Huntley diverted the money to herself — and shared it with the lawmaker, according to Huntley’s court testimony. “Once [the charity] received the state funds, I alerted this person, and together we used PIN’s funds for personal shopping,” she said. Sources later confirmed that she was referring to Cook.

Campaign 2013 

NYT Blames Bloomberg For electorate that is increasingly concerned about the economic polarization 
Leaves Speaker Quinn Blameless

Weak media never asked why did you not do these programs while you were speaker or how you goint to pay?

In her final State of the City speech, NYC Council Speaker/mayoral hopeful Chris Quinn proposed spending $365 million a year and racking up an additional $1.5 billion in debt to pay for a slew of new social programs. Quinn is trying to position herself as a champion of the middle class to inoculate herself against her rivals claims that she and her key ally – Bloomberg – are to blame for the growth of income inequality in NYC.  

  Headline of the Day

Quinn makes City unlivable then spends tax money to fix it(Queens Crap

With Eye on Mayor’s Office, Quinn Turns Her Attention to Income Inequality(NYT) Christine C. Quinn now seeks to win over an unsettled electorate that is increasingly concerned about the economic polarization that has grown up during Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s tenure. *
QUINN LAYS OUT MAYORAL VISION: Christine Quinn laid out plans to support New York City’s middle class in her role as Council speaker, but her vision for the city beyond her term in the Council was clearly that of a politician who plans on shepherding these ideas through as the next mayor:(City and State)* Quinn Address Aims at Middle Class(WSJ) * Quinn Cites "Affordability Crisis" In State Of The City Address(NY1) * NY1 Online: City Council Speaker Discusses Plan For Affordable Housing * With Eye on Mayor’s Office, Quinn Casts Herself as a Champion(NYT) * Experts question Quinn’s housing plan(CrainsNY)

Mayoral Candidates Criticizing NYPD On Stop And Frisk Punt On Muslim Surveillance(Huff Post)

Quinn 3 Times Lopez
1. Quinn Who Member Items Funds Lopez Political Machine
2. Who Invited the Boss to Her Election to her Wedding
3. Who Redistricting Commission She Controls With the Mayor 
Now Endorses His Possible Opponent for Council
Antonio Reynoso (Photo: Facebook)Christine Quinn and Bill de Blasio Officially Endorse Vito Lopez’s Council Foe(NYO) The campaign for Ms. Quinn’s Council seat is heating up as well, with former employees of attorney Yetta Kurland claiming to have received unfair benefits and Ms. Kurland firing back that the allegations “are purposeful misrepresentations meant only to distort and disparage,” “mean spirited and dishonest” and “an insult to all of us who care about these issues and don’t want to see them exploited or distorted for political gain.” 

More on the Lopez Hush Fund Scandal(True News)
More on Vito Redistrticting (True News)

Staten Island GOPer Molinari dumps support for Lhota, backs Carrion for mayoral nomination(NYP) * Staten Island GOP Chair Is Still Leaning Towards Lhota Despite Molinari Snub(NYO)
Staten Island GOP power broker Guy Molinari says a spate of un-returned phone calls caused him to drop support of Joe Lhota for NYC mayor. He’s now backing Adolfo Carrion.

Deepak Chopra is backing Reshma Saujani for NYC public advocate. (She’s the first local candidate he has ever supported).

Borard of Elections Corruption
NYT Says Dysfunction

Shame of the NYT NYers Are Not All As Dumb As You Think

NYT uses the dyfunction of the BOE to Help Their Mayoral Pick

To Help Quinn Who is Way Out in Front NYT Wants June Primary NYT ignores the Corruption of the Board
Modernize Registration and Require Early Voting Periods(NYT Ed)

Labor unions have collectively agreed to delay making mayoral endorsements until unusually late this year, citing a desire to be more unified in the contested Democratic primary, Crain’s Insider reports: 

A True News Exclusive
True News Reported Two Week Ago That Election Lawyer Working For Catsimatidis Was Going to Court to Save BOE Commissioner Stupp Job. TN also reported that it was a possible confilit for an election lawyer working for a candidate seeking the endorsment of the Queens GOP to work to save that party leaders pick at the BOE

Today's Daily News NYC Board Of Elections Shakeup: The Plot Thickens... In Court
Election law attorney Lawrence Mandelker -- a Democrat who happens also to be billionaire GOP mayoral hopeful John Catsimatidis' campaign lawyer -- says his clients want ousted Queens GOP Elections Commissioner Judith Stupp reinstated.Until that gets worked out, the party wants Stupp's Council-picked replacement, Michael Michel, "temporarily restrained from either discharging or taking any adverse employment action against any employee of, or hiring any new employees [at the] Board of Elections." Mandelker says Robert Hornak of the Queens GOP -- who also himself happens to work for the Board of Elections, a reader reminds me -- has sworn under oath that following the borough party's Nov. 1 decision to re-nominate Stupp for another term, he mailed (on Nov. 19) the necessary documents to the city clerk and to Council Minority Leader James Oddo.* Wife of Grimm’s body man will not be picked for elex commission(CrainsNY)

More on the BOE Corruption ____________________________________________________________________________________
NYC Government 

City wins ruling allowing it to dock workers pay for not showing up during 2010 storm(NYP)

At new school, 's chairman john rhea says they were not prepared for . Did not have appropriate equipment ready.

Anxiety Over Future of Bike Lanes(NYT) With Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg to leave office at year’s end, there is concern that the city’s next leader will end a period of bike-friendly programs and policies.

Marriott Marquis Lease Could Cost Taxpayers $344.9 Million, Audit Says(NYT)
Because of a 1998 agreement, Marriott can buy the property under its Times Square hotel for $19.9 million, one-tenth of its current value, according to a report by the city comptroller.

Five City Firehouses Approved As Landmarks(NY1)

50% live in poverty, 75% can't read at grade level: These are the worst neighborhoods in NYC for a child to grow up in

Koch How to Buy Votes

Thoughts From Koch on a 'Fool and a Simpleton'(NYT) In an interview released recently, former Mayor Edward I Koch revealed his secret to securing a borough president's vote: just promise to upgrade his bathroom.Ed Koch on how he really felt about some of his colleagues in NYC government.

NYS Government

Albany Fight Over Share of the Gambling Loot
 Gov. Cuomo said that he is open to allowing a casino in New York City or Long Island if the state approves a new round of up to seven sites, signaling that state legislators would be able to give their input in negotiations over casino sites, the Times-Union writes: 
While he insists lawmakers can have no role in final siting decisions, Cuomo says he’s open to allowing a casino in New York City or on Long Island if the state approves a new round of up to seven gambling halls.* Super Lobby Day(YNN)  * Someone Missed That ‘No Left Turn’ Memo (Updated)(YNN)

Reid Pillifant on what Cuomo’s selection of Jenny Rivera for the Court of Appeals says about the governor.


A new Sandy $torm: Automatic spending cuts would shave $3 billion off aid(NYP) * Deadline to Fight Assessments on Hurricane-Damaged Homes(NYT) * The New York City Council announced it will hold an emergency oversight hearing on Feb. 26th to investigate why thousands of waterfront property owners whose homes were damaged during Hurricane Sandy face higher property tax assessments, the Post writes: http://bit.ly/YnuwQt * Gerritsen Beach homeowners brace for post-Sandy mold cr (NYDN) * Sandy victims' insurance checks OK'd, but delayed(SI Advance) *Hurricane Sandy Survivors Demand Climate Change Action(Huff Post) * Cuomo, DFS Push Banks On Sandy Insurance(YNN) * MTA Gets High Praise From Council At Sandy Response Hearing(NY1)
Hurricane’s Downgrade Undercut Warnings, Report Finds(NYT)


School for 'Gifted' Is Aiming Higher(WSJ)

State University of New York Chancellor Nancy Zimpher appealed to state legislators on Monday to provide an additional $19.9 million in funding to public universities on top of the $969 million allocated in Cuomo’s budget, LoHud reports:

The Times-Union argues that the state should take a more holistic approach to education by allocating high-needs school districts a proper share of state education funding and promoting community school programs in poorer districts: 

School Bus Update 
In the Post, former Assemblyman Michael Benjamin writes that Mayor Bloomberg played the school bus strike perfectly because bids are now being accepted for new bus contracts, which is what the strike was supposed to stop: * City Receives Dozens Of Bids For New School Bus Contracts(NY1)

Health Care 

Killer Salt
Executive Director of High Line Group to Step Down(NYT)* Efforts to Cut Salt Content Take Hold(WSJ)* New York Mayor Lauds Companies for Cutting Salt Content(NYT) *
Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that 21 companies have met his criteria for reducing salt content in their foods, part of an initiative he began in 2010 as a way of lowering consumers’ blood pressure and saving lives lost to heart attack and stroke, The New York Times reports:* Many Food Companies Fulfill City's Salt-Reduction Challenge(NY1) * 21 companies meet city's target on salt reduction(NYDN)Bloomberg, in the midst of a long-running campaign to change the eating habits of New Yorkers and consumers across the country, declared a victory against salt yesterday, as 21 companies – from Kraft and Goya to FreshDirect – said they had met the first stage in reductions in salt content in foods.



Governor Puts Off Decision on Drilling


The next fracking deadline is tomorrow

A coalition of more than 135 anti-fracking groups will run an ad in an Iowa newspaper demanding that Cuomo not allow shale drilling in New York and contending that what he decides could damage his presidential ambitions, the New York Daily News writes: http://nydn.us/U8Gn86

Anti-fracking activists called for Albany DA David Soares to look into a possible conflict of interest for Cuomo’s top aide, Larry Schwartz, who is an apparent investor in energy companies.

Former AG Dennis Vacco gets in on the fracking debate.
Cuomo’s response to an anti-fracking ad running today in a newspaper in Iowa – a key presidential contest state: “I’m not going to read it because I’m not going to be in Des Moines.”
Dueling fracking filmmakers visited the state Capitol yesterday.
Town Sued After Barring Debate on Gas Extraction at Meetings(NYT)

Robert Hammond, executive director of Friends of the High Line, said he would step down from that position by the end of the year, leaving oversight of New York City’s elevated park to the Friends’ Chief Development Officer Joshua David, the Times reports: http://nyti.ms/14PBtiz

  • [image]Counting Down the Days Til Brooklyn (WSJ)The countdown has already begun for Chris King, a Long Island native, resident and longtime Islanders fan who is in his third season as the team's play-by-play radio announcer.

Landmark Gone

Another '90s Fixture of Lower East Side Is Gone(NYT) The Pink Pony, a cafe on Ludlow Street near Houston, quietly locked its doors after its owner concluded that the neighborhood had changed too much to support it and the large rent increase sought by his landlord.* Pink Pony, a 1990s NYC fixture, closes(WSJ)



North Korea Confirms It Conducted 3rd Nuclear Test(NYT) * Timeline: North Korea’s Nuclear Program(NYT)

 We ‘Honor’ his mettle(NYP)

Cardinal Dolan: "I'd Rather Be Archbishop Of New York"(NY1)

Questions for Jack Lew's Confirmation Hearings(NYT)
Watching Obama for Signs of Change(NYT)
Slower Growth of Health Costs Eases the Budget Deficit(NYT)
For Two Senators, Petty Politics Comes First(NYT Ed)Senators Lindsey Graham and James Inhofe are abusing their enormous power by trying to derail the nomination of Chuck Hagel as Pentagon chief.
Rubio Gains GOP Influence(WSJ)
Pentagon Readies Budget Ax(WSJ)
Cancer research is at serious risk if Obama and Congress fail to prevent steep automatic cuts in federal spending scheduled to kick in March 1, Buffalo officials warned
GOP Will Criticize Obama During the State of the Union(NY Mag)
Morning Joe Previews State Of The Union With Look At How ‘Tone Deaf’ GOP Makes ‘People Feel Unwelcome’

The Full Text of President Obama's State of the Union Address, as Prepared for Delivery(NYT)

Obama to 'Throw Down the Gauntlet' - Alexis Simendinger, RealClearPolitics
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Gun Debate Turns to Constitutional Issues(NYT)
Many Hands Clapping: How Did the State of the Union Become an Applause-Fest?(NY mag)
The Very Sad Stories of Tonight’s State of the Union Guests(NY Mag)
AN NYU nurse and a Sandy Hook Elementary School teacher will be among the guests in First Lady Michelle Obama’s State of the Union box tonight.
Hagel Nomination Clears Senate Committee - Wall Street Journal
Not a Single Republican Voted to Move Chuck Hagel Nomination Out of Committee(NY Mag)
Many Hands Clapping(NY Mag) How Ronald Reagan turned the State of the Union into an applause-fest.
Back in 1970, 25% of all jobs in the US were manufacturing jobs. Today, only 9% of all jobs in the US are manufacturing jobs.
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Guests stand in for causes at State of the Union (Politico)
Hagel Nomination Clears Panel After Combative Debate(NYT)
Senate Votes 78-22 to Expand Domestic Abuse Protections(NYT)

Wall Street


Jimmy Fallon’s Mock State of the Union Speech(NY mag)

New York Times Closes Every Cheapskate’s Favorite Paywall Loophole(NY Mag)

BIDEN: We're counting on 'legitimate media' for gun control effort...

Law and Order

Lawmakers Confirm Rivera to State's Highest Court(WSJ) After a week of contentious debate, New York lawmakers confirmed 52-year-old law professor Jenny Rivera to the New York State Court of Appeals Monday.* After a vetting process where Republicans questioned her lack of judicial experience, the state Senate confirmed Jenny Rivera as a judge on the state’s Court of Appeals, succeeding Carmen Beauchamp Ciparick, The Buffalo News reports: 
* As Jenny Rivera Joins Court Of Appeals, Republican State Senators Voice Loud Opposition(NY1)

Teen shot in rooftop gunfight(NYP)

Jury nails cop killer, But gives Figoski fiend pass on toughest rap(NYP) * Brooklyn Man Convicted of Killing Police Officer(NYT) * Officer's Murder Accidental, Jury Finds(WSJ) * Man Who Shot NYPD Officer Found Guilty Of Second-Degree Murder(WSJ) * A hero let down(NYDN Ed)

Tourist raped near club(NYP)

Pickled pigskin: Giant Diehl gets booze bling after DWI plea(NYP)

7 years in prison over $2 Skipping out on a $2.25 subway fare cost this guy 10 years of his life.  A Manhattan PATH rider was sentenced yesterday to seven years in prison — and another 3 1/2 years’ parole — after cops stopped him for fare-beating and discovered an illegal handgun. * Manhattan fare-beater gets 7 years in prison(WSJ) * Manhattan fare-beater gets 7 years in prison(Fox 5)

Queens Man Says Video, Graphic Images Prove Police Used Excessive Force In His Arrest (NY1)

For Husband of Woman Killed in Turkey, a Grim and Uncertain Odyssey(NYT)

MAP: Harlem Has Same Murder Rate As Brazil. The Village? Canada(Huff Post)

State legislative leaders said they are prepared to pass a bill to strengthen the state’s rape laws.* Tourist Raped After Leaving NYC Nightclub: Police(NBC)

Police Release Sketch Of Suspect In Upper East Side Sexual Assault
Police were searching Monday for a suspect wanted in connection with a sexual assault on Manhattan's Upper East Side from the previous day.*

Sexual Assault Victim Calls For Change In State's Rape Laws(NY1)

FB threat plea(NYP) A suspected gangbanger pleaded not guilty in a Brooklyn court...* Caught (on Video) With Hand in Other's Pocketbook(NYT) * Pimp: I'm rehabilitated(NYDN) * Cops shoot suspect in rooftop gun battle(NYDN)* NYPD: Cops Shoot Armed Teen On Rooftop In Brooklyn(WCBS)*

Career thief accused of burglarizing Anne Frank Center claims he wanted to look at exhibts (NYP)
 Grand jury indicts 'pimp daddy' after he allegedly ran multiple Manhattan brothels(NYP)

ATCH: Cops punch, kick Queens teen in drug arrest(NYP)
Teacher Assaulted By Off-Duty Cop Wants Albany To Change(WCBS) * Teen shot by cops in Brooklyn rooftop gun battle(WABC) * Cops: Australian tourist raped in Manhattan(Fox 5) * Staten Island cab driver assaulted, 3 arrested(SI Advacne)*
3 Torahs Stolen from Bronx Synagogue(NBC)
Suspect Wounded in Police-Involved Brooklyn Shooting(NBC)
Watch the Slowest Pickpocket Ever Ply Her Trade(NY Mag)
Brooklyn Teen Wounded In Rooftop Shootout With Police(NY1)
Brooklyn teen shot by cops was firing blanks at friend(NYP)