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Political Corruption
Where is JCOPE On Assemblywoman Vivian Cook?  Where is the Press Asking Where is JCOPE?

Shirley poodle boodle (NYP) Looting lawmaker Shirley Huntley loaded up on fancy clothes and spa treatments — and that was just for her pet poodle. The former state senator, who admitted stealing taxpayer cash for shopping sprees, took along her BFF, Assemblywoman Vivian Cook to go bargain hunting at the Tanger Outlets mall in Riverhead, LI.  Cook, 75, sponsored at least $135,000 in “member item” money to the nonprofit to Parents Information Network, or PIN., state records show. Cook was also a co-sponsor of an additional $29,000 worth of funding. PIN received a total of $415,500 in state funds, records show.
Goo Goos Offering Standards of BOE Commissioners Is A Lot Like Telling the Fox Not to Eat the Hens When He Guards Their House.

3 Year Ago Exposed the NYP Exposed Cooks Involvement On Her No Profit That Wasted Millions of Taxpayer $$$
And a whole ‘lot’ more(NYP)Assemblywoman Vivian Cook’s taxpayer-funded shopping sprees went beyond department stores. The Rockaway Boulevard Local Development Corp., a nonprofit she founded and ran, spent $560,000 in 2006 to buy a derelict plot of land in Jamaica that remains a vacant eyesore.  The Port Authority, which funded the purchase, wanted any construction work to go out to bid. The nonprofit objected, with Cook explaining, “Sometimes, we like to hire our own people.” The PA had agreed to pay the group $8 million to mitigate the impact of the AirTrain’s construction on the community. By 2010, it had paid out $2.5 million.  But the PA cut off the funding in March 2010 after The Post revealed dubious spending by the group. The PA and feds opened a probe, and the nonprofit shut soon after. Queens pol steered $500K into empty piece of land(NYP) * $weet life in Rotten Apple(NYP) State pols in ‘sham’ charity scandals* Stop the slush!(2011, NYP)

Very Quiet About the Wills Connetion to Huntley
In September 2012 AG Schneiderman was looking into the fate of an appropriation made by Huntley to a nonprofit affiliated with another former staffer, Councilman Ruben Wills of Queens.Schneiderman’s office has been trying to obtain records indicating exactly how Wills spent a $33,000 directed by Huntley, his former boss, to a charity he runs called New York 4 Life.Wills, elected to the Council in the fall of 2010, landed the member item while he was serving as Huntley’s chief of staff. Schneiderman’s office issued a motion back in April of this year to compel Wills to provide the information. Wills technically satisfied the motion by showing up in court. But he didn't provide the answer Schneiderman was looking for, invoking his Fifth Amendment rights.(Chris Bragg) *City Councilman Ruben Wills is a New York Knucklehead - NY DailyNews)

The NYP Pushes Candidates To Explain How They Will Pay for Their Promises Of More Services
An unexpected fight has broken out between mayoral candidates Bill de Blasio and Bill Thompson over Thompson’s pledge to grow the NYPD by more than 2,000 cops if he takes over City Hall.  Public Advocate de Blasio suggests that’s empty campaign rhetoric that will quickly fade because the city can’t afford to increase police manpower from 34,800 to 37,000.

“I do want to see more police, but I don’t ever want to get into the practice of not telling the whole truth to people,” de Blasio. In an interview last week, de Blasio invoked a famous movie line and called on Thompson to “show me the money.” Differentiating himself from his rival, de Blasio stressed that his own plan for expanding prekindergarten classes counts on a defined revenue stream of higher income taxes on those making $500,000 or more a year.

Thompson said that he would phase in the added cops over time and not all at once — and that he would spell out how in an upcoming budget speech. The extra cops would cost about $200 million a year, a boost of about 5 percent in the NYPD budget.

Now there’s a stark choice
Thompson’s the guy if you want more cops and believe he can deliver them.Whereas de Blasio gets the nod if pre-K classes are at the top of your list and you don’t mind higher taxes on the rich.. trying to steal thunder; promoting Universal Pre K while delivers her final state of city speech tomorrow.

Campaign 2013 

Northeast Blizzard Newspapers Feature Same Picture Of Boston Woman On Front Pages (PHOTOS) 



True News Interrupts Storm Coverage to Announce Two Major Soviet Style Elections 
Not Only Democracy Loses in One Candidate Elections
NYC has 8,244,910 people and only one candidate for Comptroller in the democratic primary, Scott Stringer. Brooklyn has 2,532,645 people and only one candidate for Borough President in the democratic primary. If you are worried that on candidate that one candidate elections threaten our democracy.  Just think of how bad Stringer's consultant Arzt and Adam's consultant Red Horse feel, candidates who are unopposed are not eligible to get 6 to 1 matching funds from the city's Campaign Finance Board. NY1 Online: Manhattan Borough President Speaks About Plan For East River(NY1)

Daily News Picks Up On NYT Story On de Blasio Using Creative Campaign Finance to Pay For His Poster Fines
Shame on Bill de Blasio for weaseling his way around campaign spending limits to pay his fines(NYDN Ed)Racked up more than $300,000 in penalties for illegal posters when running for public advocate

Public Advocate addressing the annual Ohel dinner.
First, he violated the letter of New York City’s sanitation law, and now Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is violating the spirit of the campaign financing code as he pays off huge fines stemming from his first breach. Readers of this column will be quite familiar with the fact that de Blasio’s 2009 campaign plastered the five boroughs with 4,050 illegal election posters. Sanitation Department agents tore down the placards and issued $75 summonses for each one, running de Blasio’s bill up to $303,750.* De Blasio Donors Hit Maximum, but Keep Giving(NYT)

Latecomer in Mayor Race Has Business Titans’ Buzz(NYT) In Joseph J. Lhota’s Republican campaign for New York mayor, he faces the disadvantages of a late start, low name recognition and a huge Democratic registration edge. * Mayoral bid gets down to business (CrainsNY)
Quinn  works "closely with Bloomberg" and has taken "a moderate approach to legislation affecting businesses."(NYT)* Nyt: "has even won the backing of several donors to Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign" * Nyt:contributions from emplyees of 100 of nyc's most politically active corps and orgs shows the big recipient,67% of donations

Continued Buzz is the Both Lopez and Weiner Will Wait Until Petitions Handed In to Announce Their Candidacy to Limit Negative Stories About Thier Negative Past

Weiner has $5 Million in his campaign account and Lopez has a popultation that has been served or hired by his multi million dollar non profit social service organization


Doubting if Tomorrow Will Ever Come for Taxi(NYT)

Board of Elections 
Goo Goos Offering Standards of BOE Commissioners Is A Lot Like Telling the Fox Not to Eat the Hens
NYC's Secret Government Star Chamber

The push by Common Cause/NY, The League of Women Voters and NYPIRG on questions for potential commissioners  to answer (publicly) about their qualifications and goals, is a cynical move to keep a Tammany Hall created system in place that has robbed New Yorkers of our democracy for generations.  The BOE was designed by Boss Tweed and his success to keep party leaders in control of who gets elected. Over time the city's establishment has made peace with the bosses and joined there control star chamber.  The BOE is filled with a bunch of patronage appointments by the county leader.  Friends, relatives and political supporters who have demonstrated that they cannot count or run elections.

 The goo goos now trying to save this Potemkin Board system which operates a Kangaroo Court before each election to remove candidates not supported by the party leaders off the ballot is more than misjudgement.  It is just another example on how the good government groups in New York are in bed with those who want to keep things as they are.

Wild Animals Can Never Truly Be Trained or Tamed Ask Ziegfeld and Roy
What the Goo Goos should be pushing for is structural changes that corrupt the BOE, not meaningless cosmetic changes. The real role of each commisisoner is to help the party leader that appointed him or her.  It is very curious that the good government groups are not demanding changes from elected leaders, who have done all they can do to hid from responsibility of the corruption and incompetence of the BOE and are the only ones who can make real changes at the board. Pols only care about one thing getting reelected. The BOE is their flu shot against challengers. They will not change the BOE without a strong public protest.

True News Discovers Sabotage
The media, reformers and the good government have abandoned their role to drum up support for change at this critical moment.  When the public is mad at the BOE for the mess of election day and the pols must act to fix the commissioner appointed scandal.  The pols are scared of the board.  In 2009 when candidate de Blasio filed his petitions his very good election lawyer Henry Berger made a mistake in the volumn numbers, a fatal error under the state's election law designed to catch candidates not supported by the machine lawyers in mistakes to knoch them off the ballot. de Blasio and his very connected lawyer, got the commissioners to change their mind and put him back on the ballot for Public Advocate. We do not know why the media is silent.  Pershaps they do not want to hurt Quinn's chances of being the next mayor.  The speaker could be blamed for appointing commisioners without the proper paper work or leagal requirements.  Perhaps the media is protecting the establishments star chamber of control.

What the Good People Are Not Doing to Ensure Democracy
First there should be a demand that Quinn and the city council should not approve any more BOE commissioners until Albany agrees to changes the function of the board.  To restore democracy to NYC's election system the BOE should be striped of it function of removing candidates from the ballot. NYC is one of the last place in America that has a restrictive petitions process.  Those supporting the process say that the petition system shows community support.  In reality candidates supported by the party leaders mostly incumbents, give out BOE inspector jobs for petitions. Many of those same insider candidates resort to paid petitioners because of the weakening of the political club house system they can no long find people who want the election day inspector jobs. Let everyone run who wants to and hold a run off to every council race where a candidate does not get 40% of the vote (like in the citywide races). The only job the board of election should have to to run the election and that should be a board of civil service workers controlled by an independent board select by the judiciary.
 BOE Coup May Lead To New Leader(NY1)
* Citizens Union sticks up for two GOP commissioners(CrainsNY)
* Document Drop: Good Gov't Groups Have A Few Questions For NYC Elections Commissioners(NYDN)

Political Corruption

The Liu Trial Proceedings were delayed because one of the defendants, Xing Wu Pan, had been “involuntarily committed” to a hospital.
Liu pal to stay in psych ward(NYP) Xing Wu “Oliver” Pan’s shrink told Judge Ricjard Sullivan that Pan is competent to stand trial but still receiving treatment after being involuntarily committed on Feb. 1, according to the Manhattan federal-court filing. Sullivan ordered that the trial of Pan and co-defendant Jia “Jenny” Hou — which was supposed to be under way already — would start on April 15. Sources have told The Post that Pan was locked up to keep him from killing himself.* Trial of 2 Liu Supporters Is Set in Campaign Fund-Raising Case(NYT)


The Home Are Big Buck$ for Some
For Some Landlords, Real Money in the Homeless(NYT) Alan Lapes, a major private operator of homeless shelters in New York City, runs them as a for-profit organization, charging the city many times what the rooms would normally rent for.* Nursing Home Plans Riverdale Apartments; Some Neighbors Opposed(NYT)

Health Care

They Got Away With Closing St. Vincent's Hospital and Selling The Buildings for Housing Now They Are Doing the Same with LICH
SUNY Trustees Vote Unanimously to Shutter Long Island College Hospital(NYT)* Vote Seals Hospital's Closure(WSJ) * Board Approves Closure Of Long Island College Hospital(NY1) * Long Island College Hospital set to close(Brooklyn Paper)* If LICH dies, Brooklyn will suffer(NYDN Op Ed)

Stop and Frisks

Stop and Frisk Drop 22% in 2012, 14% Fewer Weapons Seized
The decrease came amid mounting criticism from civil-rights advocates who have argued that the practice of stop and frisk unfairly targeted minorities. 
Major decline in NYPD stop-frisks (NYP) The NYPD yesterday released stop-and-frisk numbers for 2012, revealing that cops used the controversial tactic 22 percent less and seized 14 percent fewer weapons than in 2011. NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said the drop in stop-and-frisks reflects a fall in staffing in high-crime areas — also called “impact zones.” *Number of Frisks Fell in ’12, Police Data Show(NYT) According to the numbers:* Cops made 685,724 stops in 2011, compared with 533,042 last year.* The Stop-and-Frisk Rate Went Down in 2012(NY Mag)
* They used stop-and-frisk to take 780 guns off city streets last year, a 5 percent drop from 2011.
* A total of 7,137 weapons were confiscated. The number of knives recovered was 4,970, a 15 percent decline from 2011.
* There were also 1,387 “other” types of weapons recovered last year — a 12 percent drop from 2011.

Brooklyn police boss marked for death in thug's Facebook post(NYP)
‘Cop threat’ gangsta bust (NYP) Facebook ‘target thug’ turns self in

Murders amid the snowfall (NYP) In the midst of the season’s worst winter storm, a hail of bullets also rained down on the Big Apple — as two people were fatally shot and four others wounded in separate incidents across three boroughs

Bus Strike Looms Large During Hearing On School Transportation(NY1)* Data Shows That Hundreds Of School Buses Carry Few Passengers(NY1)

Striking Bus Employees File Across Brooklyn Bridge, Assemble By City Hall(NY1)


Boardwalk Reborn in Times Square As seaside enclaves work to rebuild their popular promenades, some of the displaced wood has found its way into an art piece to be installed in Times Square.* Sandy in back of Easterners' minds as snow falls(WSJ) * After the Hurricane, a Mound of Tax Math(NYT)

Beer and Change on Arthur Avenue (NYP) The Bronx Beer Hall is bringing craft brews and fresh faces to an Italian market that has been a Bronx mainstay.


Hero nurse Hermana Moise tried to save the life of straphanger Emilio Gonzalez on Friday, but we could have done more to save him earlier(NYDN)
Hermana Moise administered CPR on Emilio Gonzalez on the 3 train during Friday's morning rush hour, but the Queens resident died from cardiac arrest. But could he have been saved if someone would have asked him if he was all right a few stops earlier?

Hate Speech At Brooklyn College

Shame on campus(NYDN Ed)

So much for academic freedom at Brooklyn College. There was no place at an anti-Israel, anti-Semitic campus program for four students who attempted to attend with the goal of expressing contrary views.
At the order of a representative of Students for Justice in Palestine, and while a school administrator stood by, campus security forced the four members of Hillel, a Jewish student society, out of the event. The expulsions are a severe blot on the record of college President Karen Gould, as well as on the standing of Paisley Currah, chair of the political science department, which co-sponsored lectures devoted to the so-called BDS movement.* Brooklyn College And The BDS Debate(Daily Beast)* Politicians flip-flop on Brooklyn College’s pro-Palestine lecture(Brooklyn Paper


Corruption, AIDS, Racial Divide Marked Koch's Third Term As Mayor(NY1)


Revitalizing Manhattan’s Midtown East(NYT Ed) The area is due for rezoning, but a new development plan should not be rushed.


Obama Previews State Of The Union Address(Huff Post)
NYT: "Some liberals acknowledged they were willing to accept policies they once would have deplored as long as they were in Obama’s hands" Parallels Arise Between Bush and Obama on Security Issues(NYT)
Israel's Netanyahu says Obama's upcoming visit will focus on Iran, Syria and peace talks with the Palestinians: (AP)
Obama’s Planned Visit to Middle East Stirs Hopes, Slightly
WATCH: Assange Slams Obama 'Kill List'(Huff Post)
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Interactive map detailing every known gun death in America over one long January weekend

Mr. Menendez’s Ethics Problem(NYT Ed) The dealings of Senator Robert Menendez from New Jersey with a major Florida donor raise serious concerns about misconduct.
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 [image]Groups in Coalition Ask Obama for Posts (WSJ) With the number of open cabinet seats dwindling, representatives of various parts of Obama's coalition are lobbying more intensively to make sure they are represented in the president's inner circle.
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Kate Upton scores SI encore(NYP)

The Best Late Night Clips Of The Week: Chris Christie, Skeet-Gate, Ferret News And More (VIDEOS)

‘Check Your Email, Hillary Clinton’: Justin Bieber Sends An SNL Valentine’s Day Sext

'In Cold Blood' Tainted by Long-Lost Files(WSJ) New evidence undermines Truman Capote's claim that his best seller was an "immaculately factual" recounting of the bloody slaughter of the Clutter family in their Kansas farmhouse.

Aaron Swatz

The precocious coder, hacker visionary, and “pirate” was already a tech legend by the time he’d turned 17. But in the weeks since his suicide last month, at 26, his friends and comrades have tried to turn him into something else—a martyr.

Law and Order

NY1 Online: Chief Judge Pushes For Bail Reforms(NY1)
Harlem gun control activist gets call from NRA chief(NYDN)
Senate GOP bucks Cuomo on court nominee, surcharge(BU)
Spying on Law-Abiding Muslims(NYT Ed)
Once again, the courts may need to stop the New York Police Department from illegal surveillance activities.
Many more murders in Chicago than New York but, get this, far, far more guns confiscated in Chicago. What's really up?:(NYDN)
Weekly Police Briefing Offers Snapshot of Department and Its Leader(NYT)

Michelle Obama, friends and family remember inaugural performer shot dead(NYP)
Jury’s heated debate over fate of cop killer (NYP) The Brooklyn jury deciding the fate of cop killer Lamont Pride argued loudly yesterday during its second day of deliberations — and appears to be considering lesser charges, like manslaughter, instead of the top count of aggravated murder* Deliberations End Early In Trial Of Man Accused Of Officer's Fatal Shooting(NY1) * Death for a cop killer(NYDN Ed)

Wanted in Officer’s Trial: Difficult-to-Shock Jurors(NYT) About 90 people who showed up for jury duty were exposed to images of cannibalism and told that, if selected, they would have to be ready to delve into “sexually violent and sexually deviant conduct.”

Boy, 13, in gun attack (NYP)  A geeky Harlem 13-year-old named Elmo coldly opened fire on a teen rival to avenge a humiliating beatdown, sources said yesterday.* 3-year-old gunman to be tried as juvenile(NYDN) * Boy, 13, held in shooting bust(NYDN)

Snow doesn't muzzle Staten Island gun buyback; 55 guns, including assault rifle, turned in(NYP)
Counselor’s Penalty for Child Sexual Abuse Is Halved, to 50 Years(NYT)
The state corrections department, citing a legal maximum, reduced the 103-year sentence given to Nechemya Weberman of Brooklyn, who was convicted of molesting a girl for three years.* Hasidic Sex Abuser Has Symbolically Long Sentence Shortened(NY Mag)

Wait for 'killer nanny' pysch tests; she's accused of murdering 2 kids (NYP) Court-appointed shrinks are still puzzling over the trial fitness of accused killer nanny Yoselyn Ortega, charged with the heinous bathtub slashing deaths of two young Upper West Side children under her care. * Psych evaluation for nanny still ongoing(NYDN)
No DNA match in slaying of Staten Island mom in Turkey(NYP)

Rejected by Sotheby’s, Florida Pastor Is Arrested in New York Over Sale of Counterfeit Art(NYT)
Man Pleads Guilty In Connection With Fatal SI Hit And Run(NY1) * Slain ma ‘single’ minded(NYP)

Brooklyn man arrested for subway grope(NYDN)

Teacher’s aide who dressed as Easter Bunny pleads guilty to child porn(NYP) * Teacher’s Aide Admits Making Pornographic Video of a Student(NYT)

Wanted: Six Smiling Robbery Suspects(NYT)