Friday, December 28, 2012

True News Annual Corruption Edition

First, let’s raise a cup to those this year who met the lofty standards of George Washington Plunkitt, the turn-of-the-last-century Tammany leader with a world view that he neatly summed up this way: “I seen my opportunities and I took ’em.
 A Perp Walk of Outstanding New York Politicians(NYT)

Daily News Thanks Judge For Not Allowing Boyland to Use Public Funds to Defend Himself
The News applauds Federal Judge Sandra Townes for not allowing Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. to have taxpayers pick up the tag for his legal defense and for forcing him to pay back legal fees mistakenly covered by public funds:* New York’s Mr. Piggy (NYDN Ed)
Brooklyn Assemblyman Boyland and family feed at the public trough

Party On Vito Lopez
Amid investigations, Vito Lopez parties on(NYDN) Embattled assemblyman serves up food and booze at his annual holiday bash

2012 State Government Year In Review: Political Parties Spar Over Redistricting, State Senate Control(NY1)

The Rudy Factor in 2013
Former mayor Rudy Giuliani has already begun reaching out to Republican leaders throughout the city talking up the candidacy of his former deputy mayor and outgoing MTA Chairman Joe Lhota

Rudy already on the job for Lhota (NYP)Rudy Giuliani has begun to reach out to Republican bigwigs to talk up Joe Lhota’s potential run for mayor, The Post has learned. Staten Island GOP powerbroker Guy Molinari said Giuliani called him to arrange a meeting to discuss Lhota.* Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani and his top deputy, Anthony Carbonetti, have been reaching out to GOP leaders to talk up Lhota’s potential 2013 mayoral run.* Outgoing MTA chief Lhota mum on mayor talk(NYP)

You Think the Jerks in the Press Would Ask the Mayoral Candidates What They Are Going to Do About the Union Contracts? 
The next mayor of New York City faces a $3.8 billion budget gap because the city’s labor force has been working for more than two years without a new contract, and Mayor Bloomberg insists there is no money in the budget for pay hikes for unions 

$4B trap looms for next mayor (NYP) The next mayor is facing a daunting multibillion-dollar bill for retroactive pay hikes because the entire city-labor force has been working for more than two years under expired contracts, the Independent Budget Office warned yesterday.* New York — over the cliff(NYP) * City Agency Warns of Local Fiscal Problems Ahead(NYT) * Independent Budget Office Releases Fiscal Outlook For City(NY1) * City Unemployment Rate At 8.7 Percent, According To State Data(NY1) * Mayoral hopeful Bill Thompson used the IBO report to slam both his 2013 opponent NYC Council Speaker Chris Quinn and her “partner” Bloomberg.* The pace of job growth in NYC is expected to slow in 2013. * Sandy cost New York State 29,100 private jobs, while New Jersey lost 8,100.* Nevertheless, officials say New York’s unemployment rate dropped to 7.9 percent in November from 8.3 percent a month earlier.* DiNapoli: Local Governments Continue To Face Significant Fiscal Challenges * Former LG Richard Ravitch thinks the next mayor of NYC isn’t going to have enough cash in 2014 to maintain the level of spending and services New Yorkers are used to and will face multibillion dollar deficits.

Silver Still Trying to Get That Special Session and the Pay Raises for His Members, Picks Up on Senate GOP Gun Control Problem
 Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver introduced legislation that would allow New Yorkers to vote up to two weeks before Election Day, while also announcing his support for a special session to tackle gun control, the Times-Union reports: * Silver also said he expects an early deal next year on gun control. He and the governor are “functionally in the same place”, but the Senate GOP has yet to agree.* New York state has spent nearly $6 million over the past three years on subsidies for Remington Arms Co. in Ilion, and elected officials are continuing to support the company despite the recent spate of shooting tragedies.* New York State has spent nearly $6 million on subsidies and grants for the Remington Arms Co. factory in Illion that may have been the location where the gun used in Newtown was made. Remington moved production of the Bushmaster assault rifles used in the killings to the Illion factory in March of last year. Connecticut State Police have told Politicker they still have not determined precisely when the weapon used in Newtown was made.

2012 Mayor's Year In Review: Sandy, Sodas, Gun Control On Bloomberg's Agenda(NY1)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg kicked off 2012 with a big celebrity kiss, but he is ending his second-to-last year in office on a somber note, as the city is trying to recover from Hurricane Sandy and the mayor is urging Washington lawmakers to enact tougher gun laws in the wake of a deadly shooting.

Subway Deadly Push Again

Victim of brutal subway shove ID'd after attacked caught fleeing on tape(NYP)

WATCH: Video shows suspect fleeing the scene of fatal Queens train shove(NYP) * Man Pushed to His Death Under Train in Queens(NYT) * Fatal Push Onto Tracks In Queens(WSJ) * NYPD releases video of NYC subway-shove suspect(WSJ) * Man Pushed To Death In Front Of Subway Train; Police Search For Suspect(NY1) 

Police Release Video Of Woman Suspected Of Shoving Man In (WCBS) * Man pushed to death in front of No. 7 subway train in Q(SI advance) * Cops Seek Woman in Queens Subway Push Death(NBC) * Suspect's image released in latest NYC subway push death (CBS) * Police Search For Suspect That Pushed A Man To His Death On Subway(NY1) * Subway riders were unnerved today after last night's fatal subway push -- the second in a matter of weeks.(NBC) * WATCH: Surveillance Video Shows Woman Running Away After Allegedly Pushing Man In Front Of Subway * Mayor Bloomberg urged New Yorkers not to change their commuting habits in the wake of the second subway pushing in a month.* Sketch Released Of Woman Suspected Of Shoving Man In Front (WCBS)
* Woman Sought After 2nd Fatal Shove Onto Subway Tracks This Month(NYT)


In a letter to the Public Employment Relations Board, Department of Education officials say that the teachers union have refused to sign an agreement on a new teacher evaluation system without a guarantee of wage increases in the next contract, the Post writes
* Teachers vs. city fight gets nasty(NYDN)City officials accused the teachers union of breaking the law by demanding raises and other goodies during contentious negotiations over teacher evaluations.* The NYC Department of Education claims the UFT has refused to sign a long-awaited agreement on a new teacher-evaluation system unless it gets a guarantee of wage increases in the next contract.* Department of Education officials accused the teacher’s union of refusing to sign off on an agreement for teacher evaluations without a guarantee of wage increases. Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott called union president Michael Mulgrew’s “insistence on including issues unrelated to teacher evaluation” in the negotiations “unacceptable and illegal.” Mr. Mulgrew countered that “The idea that this is not a subject of bargaining is ludicrous.”* Union, City Remain At Odds Over Teacher Evaluation Syst(NY1)

Transit union pres says no help if school bus drivers strike(NYDN)

Some New Yorkers Support Armed Guards in Schools
Proposal: Ex-Cops Would Carry Hidden Weapons To Blend In With Teaching Staff
Staten Island Community Education Council Pushing For Guns In Schools(WCBS) * Staten Island's Community Education Council pushing for (SI Advance) * Rev. Jesse Jackson Repeatedly Challenged To Defend Chicago Gun Ban After 500th Homicide This Year

Meaning List Crap to Sell Newspapers and PR For Pols

New York City borough leaders sign Daily News petition in wake of Newtown, Conn., massacre

Blood money! (NYP) A soulless Bronx grifter posed as the aunt of 6-year-old Newtown massacre victim Noah Pozner in a twisted scam to collect bogus-charity donations, the feds charged yesterday. * Woman Posed as Aunt of Newtown Victim to Commit Fraud, the F.B.I. Says(NYT) * Bronx Woman Posed As Relative Of Newtown Victim For Fundraising Scam, Authorities Allege(NY1)

Chicago Vs. NYC: Is the diff IN policing? Culture? Both
Good work and innovative programs lead to low homicides and incarceration rates. Congrats! As Chicago hits 500th murder. RT : Chicago 500 homicides, 2.7M people. NYC 413, 8.2M ppl. Is the diff IN policing? Culture? Both suppress gun possession.  
000 bond in the alleged...   4:20 PM
2012 expected to have fewest murders in NYC history, shootings hit 18 year low(NYP) * Although the murder rate is on track to be historically low, major crime in NYC inched up this year. Bloomberg blamed that on the fact that too many iPhones and iPads are being stolen.* Bloomberg Touts Record Low Murder Rate As New Cops Sworn(WCBS) * Bloomberg: Low NYC murder rate reflects commitment to stop(SI Advance) * Bloomberg Touts City's Record Low Murder Rate At NYPD Graduation (NY1) Crime Is Up and Bloomberg Blames iPhone Thieves (NYT)
*414 Homicides in ’12 Is a Record Low for New York City(NYT)
* NYPD recruits sworn in at graduation ceremony(NYP)


Breaking Sandy $$$ Senate passes Sandy supplemental 61-33, on to the House
Senate Passes $60.4 Billion for Storm Aid; Bill’s Fate in House Is Unclear(NYT)

Still Waiting for Sandy Relief(NYT Ed)

Sandy Update: Scrap Thieves Plague Rockaways
Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan urged Congress to quickly pass a Hurricane Sandy disaster relief package in order to kickstart the rebuilding process in the affected communities, the News writes
Sandy’s vultures (NYP) The Rockaways are dealing with still another plague. After living through floods and fires, the community now finds itself infested with ghouls who claw their way through damaged homes and walk off with scrap metal — from copper wires to whole boilers. *Along Coast, Hurricane Left Housing Market in Turmoil(NYT) Hurricane Sandy has changed the real estate market along the New York and New Jersey coastlines, as housing prices have plummeted amid the uncertainty about rebuilding costs and the dangers of seaside living * Unemployment Deepens Storm’s Loss as Businesses Stay Closed(NYT) * NYU Langone Reopens for Surgery as Its Recovery Moves Ahead(NYT)* Hospital Devastated in Storm Reopens(WSJ) * Storm Deals Another Blow After Sandy(WSJ) * Wednesday Storm Causes More Issues For Residents Of Two Jamaica Homes(WSJ) * NYU's Tisch Hospital Reopens After Sandy(NY1) * Follow-Up Town Hall Meeting Held For Brooklyn Residents Hit By Sandy(NY1) *  

The News renews its push for Congress to pass the $60 billion Hurricane Sandy disaster relief package, saying that current federal programs like FEMA offer affected homeowners a pittance of what is needed to rebuild * Broad Channel, Rye Brook women form strong bonds in res(NYDN) * Sandy debris pickup ends Monday (Queens Chronicle) * Homeowners, small businesses and local governments hit by Hurricane Sandy will be stuck in a “nightmare of inaction and limbo that is completely unacceptable” until lawmakers approve a full $60.4 billion Sandy supplemental aid package, said HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan.* Though the Senate delayed action on the emergency aid for Sandy victims Thursday, Majority Leader Harry Reid said he expects “as many as 20 votes the next few days” en route to final passage.* The EPA has said Sandy didn’t cause significant problems at any of the 247 Superfund toxic waste sites it’s monitoring in New York and New Jersey. But that assessment was based on visual inspections, not actual testing. * Cuomo Nudges House on Sandy Aid * Cuomo: package must not get bogged down in fiscal cliff standoff. House should be a "slam dunk." * Show us the money now (NYDN Ed) * Bronx mom in Newtown 'scam' also solicited funds claiming they were for Hurricane Sandy relief(NYP) * Cuomo Pushes House to Make Vote on Sandy Aid ‘A Slam Dunk’(NYO)

Crimes of boardwalk opportunity(Queens Crap)
From A Walk in the Park: Park Enforcement Police and NYPD and have made multiple arrests for people stealing material from the the Rockaway beach boardwalk destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, NYC Park Advocates has learned. As aluminum prices continue to rise at least ten thieves have been caught stealing aluminum railings and expensive rain forest Ipe boardwalk wood belonging to the Parks Department.  Police in the 100th Pct. have also written at least a dozen summonses for people stealing items on the street to be sold as scrap metal.* NYPD: Metal Thieves Plundering Areas Hardest Hit By Hurricane (WCBS)

Gowanus Cleanup Will Cost

A Price Tag for the Gowanus Cleanup(NYT)The E.P.A. estimates that it will cost $467 million to $504 million and last until 2020.

The Subway Dance At Delancey
Rare Choreography of Cooperation for Riders Caught Between an F and an M(NYT)The F and M subway tracks are separated at the Delancey and Essex Streets station in Manhattan, so riders signal up and down stairs about which train is arriving where.

The MTA will release a smartphone app today that will provide minutes-to-arrival times for seven of the city’s 24 subway lines, to be used strictly above-ground until cellular service extends to underground stations - That doesn't work underground in subway.
An App to Track Trains(WSJ) America's largest subway system is preparing to launch a smartphone application that will reveal train-arrival times on seven of the city's 24 lines—a leap forward for a service that has lagged behind its peers. says don't expect to see a tap and swipe upgrade to Metrocard for at least a year.


The state’s Committee on Open Government wants local and state governments to more proactively post records and information on their websites, limiting the need for Freedom of Information requests.

For Dead Whale of Breezy Point, Necropsy and Beach Burial(NYT) * Stranded Whale Succumbs(WSJ) * After Night on the Tides, Beached Whale Found Dead (WSJ) *  Beached Whale To Be Buried In Breezy Point: By Paul DeBenedetto, DNAinfo Reporter/Producer BREEZY POINT — The...


Crystal Panel On Times Square Ball Honors Dick Clark(NY1) *
Rockettes and Mayor at New Year's Ball Drop (WOR)
The Rockettes will be joining Bloomberg in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. 


President Obama, Congress rush back to Washington to try deadline fiscal cliff deal(NYP) * NY’s fear of falling(NYP) * Summoned Back to Work, Senators Chafe at Inaction(NYT) * Closing Loopholes Isn’t Enough(NYT) * The logic of House GOP intransigence(Politico) * Cliff Talks Down to Wire(WSJ) *Obama Will Meet With Congressional Leaders, But Don’t Get Your Hopes Up(NY Mag)  * Obama Holds the Line on Tax Rate Threshold as Leaders Talk(NYT) Tribune Columnist Challenges Obama To Come To Chicago For Funeral Of A ‘Ghettoized’ Minority Murder Victim

No Deal, But Plenty of Blame - Howard Kurtz, The Daily Beast
Do Democrats Want to Go Over the Cliff? - Debra Saunders, SF Chronicle
An Early Battle in a War Dems Will Win - Noam Scheiber, New Republic
Markets Realize a Cliff Deal Is Elusive - Zachary Goldfarb, Washington Post
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Mitt Romney's New Year's Resolution - Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg
Questions for Hillary Clinton - John Bolton, New York Post

Do We Need More Elite High Schools? - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
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Obama's Zero-Sum Universe - P.J. O'Rourke, Wall Street Journal
The Health Care Fight Is Far from Over - Henry Aaron, Brookings
Misery Is the Humanitarian's Gift to Syria - Walter Russell Mead, TAI


Avoid the "Fiscal Cliff" - Washington Post
We Are Learning the True Cost of Obama's Policies - The Oklahoman
Moderates Key to Budget Deal - Philadelphia Inquirer
The Lying Continues on Benghazi - Boston Herald
Krauthammer To Hannity: Obama Has Successfully Created ‘An Internal Civil War’ Within The GOP
White House Petition To Arrest David Gregory Nears 10,000 Signatures
The NYT opines: “New legislation proposed by Senator Dianne Feinstein in response to the Newtown, Conn., murders would provide a far more effective ban on military-style assault weapons than the loophole-riddled law that lapsed in 2004.”
US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is expected to return to work next week, almost three weeks after being sidelined by a concussion. 
Today's get-together by the Pres and Congressional Leaders is the first one since their post-election session Nov 16th.  
Wall Street is getting antsy as the probability lawmakers won’t make a cliff deal is becoming increasingly real.
Can the Senate do away with the filibuster? 
Meanwhile, stocks plunge as “fiscal” clock ticks down 
The Rockettes will be joining Bloomberg in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.
Fox's The Five Trashes Michael Moore For Saying Gun Owners Motivated By Racial Fears (VIDEO)
Obama to appear on 'Meet the Press' this Sunday:

Health of George H.W. Bush 'improving'(NYP) * Former President George H.W. Bush remains in intensive care at a Houston hospital, but he’s improving. A spokesman says he’s “alert and, as always, in good spirits.”
‘Storm’ passes (NYP) Truth is, retired Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf didn’t care much for his popular “Stormin’ Norman” nickname.* Lionized for Victory in ’91 Gulf War(NYT) * Retired Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf Dies(WSJ) * Remembering Ret. General Norman Schwarzkopf. Video: (Today) * President Barack Obama dubbed the late General Norman Schwarzkopf “an American original” in a statement on the officer’s death. 

Lauer Reportedly Getting Yelled At Over Ann Curry(Huff Post) * NBC Wants Matt Lauer, Ann Curry to Have Lunch

Law and Order
It's Justice for all, Mendez style!(NYDN)

Thursday the rabbi got jail (NYP) Brooklyn Rabbi Lavel Schwartz was sentenced yesterday to a year and a day in federal prison for his admitted role in a corruption and money-laundering scandal in New Jersey.

The Post asserts that Police Commissioner Ray Kelly is right to attribute New York City’s declining murder rate to aggressive law enforcement tactics like stop-and-frisk: Fruits of stop-and-frisk(NYP Ed)There have been fewer murders in New York City to date this year than at any time in the 50 years since the NYPD began tracking major-crime data.

Rant ‘Elmo’: Me no tickle tourists! (NYP) Rant bigot says groping isn’t his character flaw Times Square “Elmo” Adam Sandler, who pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct for an anti-Semitic rant in September, said yesterday he is leaving New York City for Hawaii, because he doesn’t want to be associated with costumed creeps like the Super Mario impersonator busted for allegedly fondling a woman last week.* Anti-Semitic Elmo Does Not Want to Be Confused With Groper Elmo or Underage-Sex Elmo(NY Mag)

Fossil smuggler a ’saur loser (NYP) That’s a lot of Bronto Burgers. A crooked fossil dealer agreed to forfeit at least six dinosaur skeletons, along with some “odd bones here and there,” in a bid to avoid the slammer for smuggling the fossils into the United States.* Man Admits to Smuggling Asian Fossils of Dinosaurs(NYT) * Guilty Plea in Dinosaur Import Case(WSJ)

Firefighters’ Attacker Didn’t Hide Past Killing, a Neighbor Says(NYT) * Suit Settled Over Claims of Sex Abuse at Poly Prep(NYT) * In Bronx Gym, Man Who Went Astray Leads Youths on Straight Path(NYT)
* ‘Pimp’ doc slapped by court ruling(NYDN) * Kyrgyzstan woman won't receive jail time for $5,000 JFK …10 hrs ago(NYDN)

Crazed Webster gunman took his own life during firefighter(NYDN) * Police bust gal who bought rifle maniac used to killed 2 firefighters upstate(NYP)* Woman arrested in connection of firefighter deaths(WABC) * Woman Helped Firefighters’ Killer Get Gun He Used in Ambush, Police Say(NYT)

Hero clerk foils Molotov attack on Bronx bodega(NYDN) *
Beyonce, Jon Hamm among stars backing gun control(NYDN) *
Woman Fends Off Sex Attack in LES Park: Police(NBC)
Jogger Escapes East River Park Sex Attacker(Huff Post)

Terrorism 2 Men in Court on Charges They Aided Sri Lankan Terrorists