Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Electorial College Vote Update Noting About the BOE Unfinished Count

How the Media Keeps NY Dumb All We found in the media today was a 25 second piece that the Electorial College voted in Albany yesterday. True News was hoping that the EC vote would remind the public of the BOE incompetence on election day but we were wrong.

Electoral College Officially Votes Obama Back Into Office(NY1)

When the Electorial College Representatives Cast Their Ballot In Albany Today It Will Be Illegal Because the NYC Voter Count is Not Certified
NY's Soviet Style Election System

It Ok not to have a final vote before NY casts it Electoral College votes.  It Ok that over a million New Yorkers either waited on line for hours or left the polls before voting on election day.  This is because the NYC Board of Elections purpose is not to assure democracy to the city residences but to server as a gatekeeper for the city's incumbent elected officials and machine backed candidates. The media (except the Daily News), the city council with their fake hearings last month and all our elected officials are all in on preserving this corrupt of the city's election system. The BOE worked aound the clock this weekend and still will not finish in time for the Electoral College vote today at noon. They are counting every paper ballot they can to avoid the embarrisment of the election day count which has them down from the 2008 totals by 22.3% over a half of million votes lessElectoral College makes it official (CNN)* * BOE History of Corruption and Incompetence (True News)

After Only 5 Years in Office Stewar-Cousins Takes Over the Senate Dems - If the seniority system is dead what has taken over?
Senate Democrats Vote to Oust Their Leader(NYT) The selection of Andrea Stewart-Cousins to replace John L. Sampson comes in the wake of the party’s failure to take control of the chamber despite holding a numerical majority. * Dems name first woman to lead a state legislative confe(NYDN) * Sampson ousted as Dem big(NYP)* Democratic Senators Embrace Andrea Stewart-Cousins as Their New Leader (NYO) * Stewart-Cousins ousted Senate Minority Leader John Sampson on a 19-6 vote.* Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. told the TU that he Harlem Sen. Bill Perkins, Brooklyn Sen. Eric Adams, Westchester Sen. Ruth Hassell-Thompson and Washington Heights Sen. Adriano Espaillat voted for Sampson. (See above link).* Tom Kaplan writes: “The election of Ms. Stewart-Cousins is unlikely to affect control of the Senate in the short term. But she has less baggage than Mr. Sampson, and Democrats hope she will help them take control of the Senate at some point.” * Republican Assemblyman George Amedore, ahead by 39 votes, declared victory in the 46th SD race, but the Democrats vowed to appeal.* Or, put in a more tongue-in-cheek way, given the five members of the breakaway Democratic conference and the Republican-aligned Senator Simcha Felder, “‎19-6 for Stewart-Cousins. In the end, Sampson could only manage the same level of support among Sen Dems as Dean Skelos.”* Cuomo: It’s ‘Exciting’ Stewart-Cousins Is Leader(YNN) * Breslin Endorses Gianaris For Deputy Leader(YNN) * Diaz Sr., A Sampson Man, Offers ‘Advice’ To Leader Stewart-Cousins(YNN)
* Perkins Urges Cuomo To Stand Up To ‘Plantation Politics’(YNN) * New Senate Minority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins is not only the first woman to hold a legislative leadership post in Albany, but also the first suburban Senate Democratic leader in a century. * State Senator Bill Perkins has done what Rev. Al Sharpton has not: blame Cuomo for the State Senate mess. [Nick Reisman] * Another reason the Senate Democrats' new leader, Andrea Stewart-Cousins, is notable: she's not from New York City. [Chris Bragg]

Mayor Lhota
Eyeing Mayoral Bid, M.T.A. Chief Will Step Down (NYT)
Lhota a long shot only until you realize that New York hasn't elected a Democrat mayor in almost 20 years. MTA Chief Joe Lhota running for NYC Mayor is good news for Republicans and bad news for Republican wannabes Malcolm Smith & Adolfo Carrion * NY Times: Lhota To Resign From MTA To Run For Mayor(NY!) * Report: M.T.A Chairman Joe Lhota to Step Down to Make Mayoral Bid (NYO) * Source: MTA chairman Joseph Lhota will step down at the end of the year to run for NYC mayor * Sources: MTA Chairman Joe Lhota To Run For New York City(WCBS)* MTA Chair Joe Lhota to Resign, Run for Mayor: Sources(NBC) *

MTA To Vote On Fare, Toll Hike Proposal Wednesday(NY1)

 Campagin 2013 The News writes that the city should be careful when regulating political speech, citing City Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s legislation that would allow internal communications between unions and their members *  The field for a City Council race in Queens added a familiar face in Martha Taylor, a longtime district leader and civic activist who was defeated by Councilman James Gennaro in the 2009 race for the same seat. This year, with Gennaro term-limited, Taylor will face off against Assemblyman Rory Lancman and will kick off her campaign with a fundraiser on Jan. 7. The event will be attended by many political bigwigs, including a "special guest"—Queens kingmaker and Rep. Joe Crowley.*  Mayoral hopeful Bill Thompson made a pre-Christmas appeal to supporters at Club 101 in Manhattan on Monday night, promising to tackle several policy challenges and unite the city in the wake of a devastating storm. “If you look at the aftermath of the hurricane, there were neighborhoods that felt abandoned,” he said. “We need a mayor who is mayor of all five boroughs, and we’re only as strong as our weakest communities.” Thompson had some help from some powerful friends, including Rep. Gregory Meeks, former Assemblyman Mel Miller, former Rep. Floyd Flake, former Bronx Borough president Fernando Ferrer, and former Sen. Al D’Amato who lavished praise on Thompson's leadership skills and vowed to help the former comptroller get elected. D’Amato suggested that if President Obama campaigned more for Thompson, he would have been mayor today, Ferrer praised Thompson’s character, and Miller contrasted Thompson’s integrity with that of city and state public officials who have broken the law over the years. Thompson said he won’t get outspent 10 to 1 this time, but that he still needed their help. “I’m not running an underfunded campaign this time around,” he said. (City and State) * Trying to learn the ropes in D.C. , Congresswoman-elect Grace Meng feels “like a high school or college student all over again. ‘* Rep. Gregory Meeks, former Assemblyman Mel Miller, former Rep. Floyd Flake, former Bronx Borough president Fernando Ferrer, and former Sen. Al D’Amato helped 2013 NYC mayoral hopeful Bill Thompson raise campaign cash.*

Albany Must Past the Vito Lopez Law to Mandate Sexual Abuse Involving Elected Officials Be Reported to the Police
The State University of New York is now mandating the reporting of child sexual abuse on university property or at university-sponsored events.

Cuomo is declining to put a timetable on JCOPE’s investigation of the Assemblyman Vito Lopez harassment scandal.

Another Surrogagte Judge in Trouble
But Judicial Commission Waits Until He is Forced to Retire Because of Age
City Room: Bronx Judge Is Censured by Judicial Commission (NYT)
In 2006, the judge said, he learned that his appointee, Michael Lippman, counsel to the Bronx public administrator, had taken unauthorized fees from the estates of people who had died without wills.Judge Holzman ordered Mr. Lippman, a longtime associate who had helped him on his election campaigns, to repay the money, but continued to appoint him, a decision that led to the disciplinary action against him. A referee who presided over the commission’s hearings determined that Judge Holzman should have fired Mr. Lippman and reported him to the authorities. How is he in trouble? He retires to Florida and lives on a pension.  More on the case against Judge Holzman

More Hospital Cuts
Hundreds could be laid off if Montefiore buys WSMC(NYDN) * Hospitals Fear They’ll Bear Brunt of Medicare Cuts(NYT)

Counting the minutes at bedside (New York World) City public hospitals enforce strict time limits on patient visitation 

Hosp big faces ax over alleged sex abuse(NYDN)

No Clear Link Between Cancer and 9/11 Debris, Study Finds(NYT)

NY Has A Fiscal Clift Also
Report: NY’s Fiscal Future On ‘Shaky Ground’(YNN)More bad fiscal news for New York today, compliments of former LG Richard Ravitch and former Fed Chair Paul Volker, who released a report identifying the most significant threats to the state’s future sustainability.*  The state's structural deficit is "papered over with gimmicks," Dick Ravitch and Paul Volcker warned. [Andrew Hawkins] * Experts Warn of Budget Ills for the State, Lasting Years(NYT) * Why We Need Sandy Relief Now (NYT ed) If Congress doesn’t move swiftly to provide a full package of funds to help the Northeast region recover, the nation’s overall fiscal condition will suffer.

NYC OTB Was A Bad Bet Says Cuomo
Cuomo vetoed legislation that would have allowed the Catskill Regional Off-Track Betting parlor to operate in New York City, with Cuomo arguing for a more comprehensive overhaul of gambling in New York
New city OTB bid is a loser(NYP) * Gov. Cuomo thwarts new OTB in NYC(NYDN)

Education How the Media Keeps NY Dumb (UFT Power?)
The NYC teacher evaluations were released, and the media barely noticed
Audit Finds Lax Oversight of Preschool Special Education(NYT) An audit of the state’s preschool special education system by state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s office has revealed that the state Education Department has not visited or audited a single contractor in the program since 2007 * Man Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Education Department(NYT) * Boy Arrested in Threat That Sent School into Lockout(NBC) * Cuomo Won’t Change Teacher Evaluation Deadline(YNN)

Frank Macchiarola, Who Led New York Schools, Dies at 71(NYT) A sanitation worker’s son and a product of Roman Catholic schools, Dr. Macchiarola led New York’s public school system from 1978 to 1983.

Florida man thwarted in Christmas lights terror plot, targeted major NYC attractions(NYP) Pakistani-born man wanted to avenge the deaths of U.S. drone attacks in Afghanistan by blowing up a New York City landmark but lacked the money and materials to carry out the plan, a federal prosecutor said Tuesday. 

America's Gun Cultures

The NRA Culture is the First to Go After the Hip Hop Gang Culture

Firearms and mental care - fix both(NYDN) * Gamer calls for cease-fire with video games(WABC)

NYP Joins Bloomberg to Push for Ban of Assult Weapons
Bloomberg stood with 34 Americans who lost loved ones in mass shootings to call on President Obama and Congress to tighten and expand federal gun laws to prevent another gun tragedy like in Newtown, Connecticut,

Walmart Pulls Rifle From Web Site, Bloomberg Pushes
Kin join Mike’s arms crusade(NYP) * Walmart pulls horror rifle from Web site(NYP) * Adam Lanza’s weapons(NYP Ed) Has technology rendered the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution obsolete? That is, has the application of modern military design to civilian firearms produced a class of weapons too dangerous to be in general circulation? * In Shift, Pro-Gun Democrats Signaling Openness to Limits(NYT) * Gun Ownership Data Shows Partisan Divide(NYT) * N.R.A. Could Face Challenge to Political Power(NYT)

Connecticut’s Rules for Purchasing This Gun(NYT) * Silent Since Shootings, N.R.A. Could Face Challenge to Political Power(NYT) * In Other Countries, Laws Are Strict and Work(NYT Ed) * Cerberus Seeks Sale of Gun Maker(WSJ)\* Wal-Mart Takes an Assault Rifle Off Its Virtual Shelves(WSJ) *Bloomberg Seeks Swift Action on Guns(WSJ) * Connecticut Governor Joins Gun-Control Push (WSJ) * Cuomo Says Responsibility Of Gun Control Falls On Washington, Not State(NY1) * Bloomberg Calls On Washington To Strengthen Gun Laws(WSJ) * Anti-gun gadfly Rowe-Adams reaffirms call(NYDN) * Victims join Bloomberg to call for tougher gun laws(WABC) 

Gov. Cuomo pushed for tougher gun laws in New York State after the shooting tragedy in Newtown, calling for toughening the state’s ban on assault-weapons and a re-examination of the role of the mental health system(NYP)* The News’ Bill Hammond highlights the need for New York state to tighten its gun laws, citing loopholes in licensing requirements and weak state laws that allow guns to flow freely across state lines * NY's Westchester County won't host gun show(Fox 5)* Ban assault weapons, some Staten Island pols say(SI advance) * How Helped Make Shooter's AR-15 the Most Popular Assault Weapon in America | The Nation  

Bloomberg Making Sense: The NRA Would Defend Your Right To Own A Nuclear Cannon  (COLUMN) * Rupert Murdoch Wants Stricter Gun Laws After Newtown, But Fox News Doesn’t Get the Memo(NY Mag) * Dick’s Sporting Goods, one of the largest sporting goods retailers in the world, says it has removed all guns from its store nearest to Newtown, Connecticut, and is suspending the sale of certain kinds of semi-automatic rifles from its chains nationwide.* Obama asks Cabinet members for proposals to curb gun violence(Wash Post) * How Dan Quayle Helped Make Adam Lanza’s Assault Rifle(NYO) * New York Daily News columnist Bill Hammond: “New York’s gun control laws rank as the fourth toughest in the nation, or so says the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Unfortunately, that’s a bit like winning Miss Congeniality in a frog beauty pageant. Fact of the matter is, it’s just not much to brag about in these gun-crazy United States of America.”* Mayor Pressures DC Lawmakers On Gun Violence "Epidemic" (NY1) * Tucson victim Rep. Ron Barber weighs in on guns: (Politico) * Appoint a Gun Czar Now, Mr. President(NYO) * Gunmaker’s Sale Is Sign of Altered Debate Since Massacre(NYT) * Supreme Court Gun Ruling Doesn’t Block Proposed Controls(NYT) * A Growing List of Gun Victims, and the Mayor's Demand for a Plan(NYT) * White House Says Obama Supports Reinstating Assault Weapons Ban (NY1) * David Letterman: 'I've never seen a deer worth 30 rounds of ammo and an automatic rifle'
* Conn. moms push for safer gun laws(WABC)

The NRA is Hinting Change In Their Policy
First Statement From the NRA
“We were shocked, saddened, and heartbroken," and silence was "common decency" NRA
The NRA will hold a press conference regarding the Newtown, CT shootings on Friday. * Breaking: The NRA said it is prepared to offer "meaningful contributions" “prepared to offering meaninful contributions to make sure this never happens again.” * It Took the NRA Four Days to Come Up With ‘Shocked, Saddened, and Heartbroken’(NY Mag)

Kin of hero who died shielding kids: 'It's like a reminder of that moment all over again'(NYP)* Children at door: ‘Teacher is dead’(NYP) * Gun scare at B’klyn JHS(NYP)

Reason to Hope After the Newtown Rampage(NYT Ed) This country has a history of facing tragedy and becoming better for it. Our next challenge is to address the epidemic of gun violence.
* Personal Guns and the Second Amendment(NYT Ed) * Tragedy Shifts Gun Debate(WSJ) * Support Pours In to Newtown(WSJ) * District Packs Sandy Hook to New Locale(WSJ)  * Gentle Touch Needed When Interviewing Young Witnesses (WSJ)* Grieving Community Says Goodbye To First Of Newtown Massacre (WABC) * Neighbor took in 6 young shooting survivors(WABC)

Sorrow as first school victims are laid to rest(NYP) * ‘His smile was larger than life’(NYP) * With a Why Elusive, Two Boys, Two Burials(NYT)
* Seeking Comfort in Song Amid the Whiz of Bullets(NYT) * Newtown Funerals Start With Services for Six-Year-Olds(WSJ)* Chase Kowalski Loved Baseball, Had Already Completed First(WABC) * Newtown Parents Taking Wait-And-See Approach With Grieving(WCBS)
* With the Why Elusive, Two Boys, Two Burials(NYT)

6-year-old Sandy Hook victim James Mattioli laid to rest in Newtown(NYP) 

Killer’s data destruction: Adam Lanza smashed hard drive before massacre(NYP) * Computer in Connecticut Gunman’s Home Yields No Data, Investigators Say(NYT) * Clues Hint at School Shooter's State of Mind(WSJ) * Mother Was Gunman's Link to World(WSJ) * Newtown School Shooting Gunman’s Motivation Remains Chilling …(WCBS) * ATF says Newtown gunman not at ranges recently(WABC) * Adam Lanza's Computer May Not Yield Answers(NY Mag) * Friend: Nancy Lanza "recently discovered a school in Washington state that she thought would be good for Adam" (Wash Post) * School gunman spent hours in windowless basement playing violent video games: report(NYP) * EXCLUSIVE: Fear of being committed may have caused Connecticut gunman to snap(Fox 5)  
Nancy Lanza purchased the .223-caliber Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle in 2010. In 2011, she added the 9mm Sig Sauer pistol to her collection. In January 2012, she bought the 10mm Glock. According to the Associated Press, authorities have recovered other weapons, including a Henry repeating rifle, an Enfield rifle, and a shotgun. NBC

The Bronx Battle for Fresh Direct
FreshDirect moves truck ops away from Mott Haven neighb (NYDN)

Sandy 7 Weeks Later
New Forms of Assistance Benefit Homeowners in Storm-Torn Areas(NYT) Innovative steps have accelerated repairs on damaged homes and apartment buildings in an area with a shortage of vacant housing and a lack of open space for trailers.New York and New Jersey homeowners who were affected by Hurricane Sandy are receiving millions in federal assistance, including $131 million in “expedited rental assistance” that provides money for them to seek temporary housing * In Island’s Shifted Sands, Signs of a Hurricane’s Power(NYT) Scientists are studying the geography of Fire Island to learn more about how the island and all barrier islands respond and recover from major natural events, and are already seeing signs of natural recovery * RSubway Line Set to Reopen(WSJ) * Senate Opens Debate On Sandy Aid Bill(NY1) * Alternate Side Parking Reinstated For Some Of Sandy's Hardest Hit Areas(NY1) * NY Grants Refunds To SUNY, CUNY Students Who Can't Attend Class Due To Sandy(NY1) * Books for Rockaways(NYDN) * Sandy sickness: People in ravaged homes susceptible to (NYDN) * City Council proposes legislation to improve ability to withstand storms like Sandy:  by .* Hoboken Finally Getting its PATH Back Wednesday(NY Mag) *Post-Sandy Air Quality Concerns Remind Some Manhattan Residents Of September 11(NY1) * Sandy Damage In School Basements Proves Costly(NY1)

* MTA announces plans to restore R train service between Manhattan (NYDN)
The U.S. Senate began debating the bill that would send $60.4 billion in federal disaster relief for Hurricane Sandy recovery to the tri-state area, with Republicans saying they favor a smaller package, the Associated Press * In the US Senate, debate has started over President Obama’s $60.4 billion Sandy disaster aid request. Republicans want a smaller package

NYCHA failure to stop mold invasion spurs suit(NYDN)

They wood not! OK for ‘plastic’ Coney(NYP) * Court Rules City Can Rebuild Coney Island Boardwalk With Concrete(NY1)* Plan to replace Coney Island boardwalk with fake wood can (NYDN) * Boards To Be Eliminated On 5 Blocks Of Coney Island Boa (WCBS)

No Thruway Toll Hikes
Cuomo retreated from a plan to hike Thruway tolls on trucks by 45 percent, instead proposing that the state draw on cost saving measures to make up for the $90 million in revenue that the toll hike would have brought, The Buffalo News reports

After Criticism, Public Library Offers Peek at Renovation Plans(NYT)

Justin Davidson: All the Panic Over the New York Public Library’s Renovation Plan is Overwrought(NY Mag)



MTA to Ditch Blue Lights From Select Buses to Avoid Driver Confusion(DNAINFO)




Cuomo Doesn’t Want Specific Cities Named In Casino Legislation(YNN)

Elected Officials Not Doing Their Jobs- preschool for children with disabilities
New York spends around $2 billion a year on preschool for children with disabilities, yet the State Education Department has not visited and audited a single contractor involved in the program since 2007, the state comptroller’s office has found. * The governor signed legislation to create a new state agency he says will better protect about a million New Yorkers with disabilities and special needs under state-funded care.

Over the Rainbow: Landmark day for 30 Rock nightspot(NYP)

Atlantic Yards More Broken Promises
"The world's first pre-fab high-rise apartments break ground in Brooklyn today. A lot is riding on whether it works * World's largest 'modular' tower breaks ground at Atlantic Yards site(NYP)

Questions for the modular press conference: how do plans for affordable housing and union jobs compare to earlier Atlantic Yards promises?(Atlantic Yards Report)

Getting Water to New Yorkers Is a Family Business(NYT)

Last Of The Furriers(Huff Post)

Washington A fiscal cliff deal is looking more likely in Washington. 
Boehner plans to tell House GOPers this morning he's moving to a "Plan B" to avert the fiscal cliff
Taking a step back from fiscal cliff: Boehner, O working on compromise(NYP) * After Tragedy, Partisanship May Cool a Bit(NYT)
Joe Scarborough To GOP: If We Have To Defend Being 'Party Of Glocks…We Will Lose' 
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Obama ‘Actively’ Supports Assault-Weapon Ban After Newtown(NY Mag)
Red Eye Trashes Media For Not Asking: How Did We 'Contribute To' CT Shooting?
"All he has to do is get out his pen," Bloomberg said of Obama's ability to use the power of executive orders and recess appointments to make progress on federal gun control efforts. [Morning Joe]
Bloomberg's description of mass shootings as uniquely American, and the Newtown massacre as the worst school shooting ever, are, technically, inaccurate. [Tom Blumer
Why Republicans badly need a deal on the fiscal cliff
Broad Gun Control Efforts Introduced in Wake of Shooting
Boehner Invokes ‘Plan B,’ Dismissing Obama’s Offer(NYT)
Benghazi Panel Highly Critical of State Dept. Role in Attack
Polls also shows 81% disapprove of the job Congress is doing; 11% approve.  
Boehner unveils "Plan B" as fiscal cliff deadline looms(CBS)
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NBC News’ Richard Engel Released Safely After Kidnapping And Five Day Captivity In Syria
Newtown might provide the National Rifle Association with its first real political test in a over a decade. * Watch: Richard Engel and his NBC crew describe 5-day kidnapping ordeal in Syria, and escape, after mock executions

Senator Daniel K. Inouye of Hawaii Is Dead at 88
Senator Inouye, a hero of World War II, went to Washington in 1959 and became a quiet voice of conscience during Watergate and the Iran-contra affair. Interactive Timeline: Daniel K. Inouye

 Hillary Clinton’s head fake(NYP Ed)

Martin Scorsese will make Bill Clinton documentary for HBO(NYP)

Law and Order
Stray bullet hits woman(NYP)

‘Cannibal’ ratted out(NYP)

Rape-trial cop’s jail whine(NYP)

Nightmare bar drama (NYP) The memory of kerosene, plastic handcuffs and a deranged gunman shouting, “White people are gonna burn tonight!” is still enough to make her cry.
Judge blasts con’s evict bid (NYP) A Brooklyn Housing Court judge yesterday slammed a coldhearted Grinch who is trying to get his ex-wife and their kids evicted from their apartment

Subway shove suspect indicted in Queens dad death(NYP)

Family of murdered Bronx woman feared "something would (NYDN)
 Staten Island man fatally stabs daughter's ex-boyfriend(NYDN)
NY police seize $9K in bogus goods from ex-store(Fox 5)
Sunnyside man stabbed to death on Staten Island(SI Advance)
New DNA evidence found in brutal 1994 rape-slay(WCBS)

MTA bus driver busted for assault in Brooklyn(NYP)

Court Upholds Ruling Limiting Police Queries During Traffic Stops (NYT)

5 NYC pharmacists busted in $10M Medicaid rip-off: NY AG(NYP)

 Retired jeweler, 87, is found slain in East Side apartm (NYDN)

Final Soldier Accused Of Bullying Private, Causing His Suicide, Faces Dismissal(NY1)
No Trial for Pvt. Danny Chen's Platoon Leader, the Last to Be Disciplined in His Death(NY Mag)