Thursday, November 1, 2012

Live Blogging of Sandy and Presidential Election

Update: Our Right to Vote Is In Danger
Emergency Plan Needed to Save New Yorkers Democracy

Still No Plan?

 It is clear there will be no electricity in many parts of NYC next Tuesday, election day.  It also clear that many people will be living in friends and family members homes far away from their homes.  We are 107 hours away from voting and the media and elected officials by not demanding a plan are allowing the proven failures at the NYC Board of Elections to come up with solutions to there very serious problems to all but elections lawyers will be representing the next Tuesday's losing candidates contest their clients lost due to the BOE incompetence.  24/7 coverage on local TV on the effects of the storm and almost nobody is asking the BOE or the mayor questions on how are New Yorkers in the black out areas going to vote.* Meet a voter who waited 5 hours today to cast an absentee ballot in NYC. Could this be a preview for Tuesday? (NY World) BOE Corruption  * Tuesday is Election Day — Sandy Be Damned [Updated] (Gotham Gazette) * Board of Elections Extends Absentee Ballot Deadline(YNN) * . said some schools that are polling sites may not have power by Elec Day.

NJ Will Allow Voters to Vote At Local Polling Sites With Military Trucks Serving As Polling Places In areas hard hit by Sandy

New Jersey to deploy militarytrucks to serve as polling places (Fox)NJ state officials say they are extending the deadline for mail-in ballots and will deploy military trucks to serve as polling places Tuesday in storm-battered communities.Republican Lt. Gov.Kim Guadagno, who also is secretary of state, said Thursday county clerks' offices have been ordered to remain open this weekend to help process mail-in ballots * Sandy Makes Election Preparation Difficult For Storm-Wracked (WCBS)

BOE Makes Cover Your Ass Move

Breaking NYC board of elections to create "super poll site" for voters in queens. Full report on @InsideCityHall 

The District Most Effected By Sandy Is the One With the Closest Congressional Race
There are more than 100 polling places located in Zone A areas, such as at PS 146 in Howard Beach. Their first floor was under water, and they are still without power. Nowhere could it have more of an impact than in State Sen. Joe Addabbo's race for re-election. "This district is devastated," Addabbo said. "As far south as you go from Ozone Park, Howard Beach, Broad Channel, Rockaway, certainly Breezy, it's devastation."  Addabbo represents those areas, which are among the hardest hit by Sandy. He also has a tough competitor in City Councilman Eric Ulrich. It's a race in which every vote will count, and it's unclear if the constituents will be able to vote * .: "My campaign is done...I really dont care about the election. People have died" * “Half the polling sites are underwater, they have no power,” Senator Joe Addabbo said of his district. “The Board of Elections will make a decision, but I don’t know how they’ll do it. People still have to vote for the President. But for residents, Election Day is the furthest thing from their mind. They have to patch their lives back together.” * The Board of Elections has pushed back the deadline to apply for absentee ballots by mail/fax, which had been Tuesday, to tomorrow.* Cuomo, on radio this AM, asked if he expected problems w/ voting on Tues: "It's something we're keeping an eye on, but not at this time."* Underwater District: Joe Addabbo and Eric Ulrich Clean Up After Sandy (City and State) * Although it’s the last thing from everybody’s minds in the ravaged areas, the damage to Breezy Point, a conservative bastion, could affect an exciting local senate race where Democrat Joe Addabbo is running for reelection. In two other notable reelection bids in the city, Republicans Rep. Michael Grimm and State Senator Marty Golden are both looking at districts where the most battered parts are also among the most reliably conservative. It’s unclear if their races are close enough where this could matter next Tuesday.

A Second Vote in the Addabbo Ulrich Race Possible
According to state election law, a county board or the state Board of Elections can order a second vote in a given area if fewer than 25 percent of the registered voters show up due to "a fire, earthquake, tornado, explosion, power failure, act of sabotage, enemy attack or other disaster."(Some NYC elections don't have 10% Turnout)  That second vote could be called within 20 days, said Board of Elections spokesman John Conklin. (Adjusting the dates of presidential voting and other federal elections, however, is the province of Congress.) Senate contests on Long Island and in other boroughs are viewed as very competitive. The condition of polling places in those areas remained unclear. Cuomo spokesman Rich Azzopardi expressed confidence that polling places in neighborhoods overwhelmed by Sandy will be up and running.

Staten Island officials had some choice words Thursday to describe what they said was a feeble disaster-relief response to people left dying, homeless and hungry in the New York City borough hit particularly hard by Sandy.

PM Update  Staten Island Mad
 Official blasts Red Cross response after as a 'disgrace' * Coney Island residents pleading for Post-Sandy assistan (NYDN)
10-block line for gasoline in Brooklyn. Crazy. 
NYC taxis running out of fuel as gasoline lines grow post-Sandy(NBC)
A new Nor’easter might hit the East Coast next week.Most of Manhattan is expected to have power by Saturday. But some in the outer boroughs and Westchester will have to wait another week
Nets-Knicks Barclays Game Rescheduled To Nov. 26
Here's a new map of the subway lines that will be running tomorrow(NYP)
Metro North Update: The Hudson Line will be back on track for regular weekday service from Croton Harmon to Grand Central tomorrow.  
Number 7 line win run in Queens Friday (Main Street to 74th Street)
Updated subway, Metro-North and LIRR services for Thursday night and Friday morning:
 L trains run b/t Broadway Junction & Rockaway Parkway, making all local stops.
Carpooling Requirement Creates Nightmare Commute Into M(WCBS)
42 St Shuttle [S] trains will operate b/t Times Square & Grand Central. 
Regular Sanatation Picks Up Have Started  

Glory hallelujah Breezy Point residents pledged to rebuild their community yesterday, a day after it was ravaged by an inferno. * NYers show their mettle, as their leaders step up(NYP Ed) * Rockaways Residents Frustrated With Lack Of Basic Services * New Yorkers band together to survive Hurricane Sandy aftermath(NYP) * Staten Island Continues To Deal With Loss Of Life, Destruction(NY1)

A Feel-Good Newspaper Story From Hurricane Sandy. Really.(Huff Post)

On the Long Road Back Traffic And Gas Problems
Slim Hopes for a Better Commute(NYT)
Now Sandy is driving us mad (NYP) An unprecedented crush of cars, trucks and pedestrians clogged the streets of Manhattan from river to river yesterday, bringing the city to a virtual halt — leading Mayor Bloomberg to impose emergency High Occupancy Vehicle restrictions
Long Gas Lines, Clogged Roads and Slim Hope for a Better Day(NYT)Gasoline Quickly Running Out in Queens(NYT) *'I've Never Seen New York Like That'(WSJ) Floodwaters, smoldering fires and other hazards threatened thousands of people across Greater New York nearly two days after megastorm Sandy churned through the region.* Motorists throughout the city were confronted with a temporary gas shortage, as many pumps were out of service thanks to power outages, the Daily News

Thousands swarm Brooklyn commuter hub for Manhattan-bound shuttles(NYP)

 Mayor: City Plans To Open Schools Monday * Bloomberg: I don't think there's been a murder in 2 days, that's the good news. Mayor: Not sure any practical ways to build barriers. around New York City. Need to stop building crucial structures in the basement. The Mayor says, "I’m not confident that the underwater tunnels will be back on Monday." 2 missing little boys who had been separated from their mother in Staten Island during storm surge found dead in a nearby marsh.* Bklyn Botanic Garden is reopening tomorrow, and admission is free on weekdays through February! * FEMA agrees to reimburse full cost of transportation, power restoration in NY/NJ(NYP) * Staten Island Ferry Service will resume within the next day or so and should be running on a full schedule by Saturday, says.* FEMA Delivering 1 Million Meals, Water to Residents Stranded in Buildings(DNAINFO) * Above 40th Street, the Powerless Go to Recharge(NYT) * Breaking: NYC schools reopen Monday, though some buildings won't be ready. SAT exams were postponed.(WSJ) * Mayor Bloomberg insists NYC Marathon will go on as scheduled(NYP) * After Sandy Flooded Runways, LaGuardia Reopens Thursday (NY1)

For a list of NYC food and water distribution locations, please visit(Open Government)  * Capital New York profiled the tragic situations in Breezy Point and Staten Island. * Raw video: Subway tunnels in the aftermath of flooding and workers pumping water from the tunnels.

Update: Started At 6AM Bus Bridge is Grid Lock to A Stop By 7:30AM
Trains return; HOV commuters face hours-long delays and checkpoint confusion(NYP)
Con Edison All Manhattan Power Restored by Saturday
Cuomo declared a transportation emergency, waiving all subway and bus fares to alleviate the mass gridlock and long commutes that New Yorkers dealt with on Wednesday

Key subway lines rolling back with the hope they'll help ease gridlock; trains & buses f:ree(NYP) * MTA Waives Fares; Restrictions on Bridges in New York(NYT) * Limited Subway Service Resumes(NYT) * Transit Tracker: What's Running(WSJ) * Subway, Rail Service to Return(WSJ) * First NYC subway train rolling 3 days after tunnels were flooded by Superstorm Sandy(WSJ)

HOV commuters face hours-long delays and checkpoint confusion(NYP)

M.T.A.Waives Fares; Restrictions on Bridges in New York(NYT)
Detailed List Of Bus And Limited Metro-North, LIRR, Subway Service(NY1) * Power Restored In Coney Island(NY1) * LGA, JFK and Newark airports all set to be running todayAirlines Begin a Laborious Comeback(NYT) *Some Flights Resume at East Coast Airports(WSJ) * Marathon Is Set to Go On, Stirring Debate(NYT) * Wall Street Sputters Back to Life(WSJ) * Activist Praises Cuomo for Climate Change Comments(WSJ) * NYC Marathon Still Set for Sunday(WSJ) * Starbucks reopened about 150 of its cafes in the New York City area, but another 150 stores remain closed due to lack of electricity and flooding or because not enough workers could make it in.* Brooklyn Commuter Takes Limited Transit Service To Work (NY1)

Bodies of missing SI brothers found just 20 yards apart after being swept away(NYP) * Parking Meter Enforcement Begins Today!  * United flight delayed after pilot stuck at HOV checkpoint(NYP) * NYC Morning Commute Still Slammed After Sandy [Updated] (NY Mag) * Staten Island Borough President: Don’t Give Money to the Red Cross(NYO) * Bloomberg: Mobile wireless pods from AT&T will be put up near food and water distribution centers  * NYC Taxis Running Out Of Gas(Huff Post) * Con Edison says 'vast majority' won't get back power until weekend of Nov. 10 and 11.* Above 40th Street, the Powerless Go to Recharge(NYT) * Uh, Con Edison says some residents won't have power back until the end of November.(NYT) * The New York Road Runners chief is defending the decision to hold the NYC marathon Sunday in spite of Sandy.* "WNYC AM 820 is temporarily off the air, due to flood waters at our NJ transmitter site" via cc: * Looking out for New Yorkers trapped in high-rises(CBS) : LIPA IS TREATING THE ROCKAWAYS LIKE THE NINTH WARD!* A Look Inside The Queens-Midtown Tunnel, Home To 8 Million …1 hr 29 mins ago

Flood Telethon
NBC Plans Star-Studded Sandy Benefit * NBC To Air Hurricane Sandy Telethon Hosted By Lauer, Starring Springsteen, Billy Joel, And More

Storm Costs $$$ Cuomo pegged the cost of Sandy at $6 billion so far, and asked the federal government to reimburse the state for 100 percent of its recovery and rebuilding expenses.

In addition to giving props to the region’s political leaders for their handling of Hurricane Sandy, Daily Show host Jon Stewart humorously addressed Downtown Manhattan’s lack of electricity.  *Where the City of Darkness Meets the City of Light(NYT)
 Closed, Canceled, Shut Off, Broken 
 Con Ed officials say they have never seen damage this extensive with more than 600,000 New York City residents still without power

Knicks-Nets opener postponed (NYP) *Nets’ Opener Against the Knicks in Brooklyn Is Postponed(NYT) * It’s Power to less people!(NYP) *For Many, Darkness Will Linger(WSJ) * Nets-Knicks Barclays Game Rescheduled To Nov. 26

 Storm Closes City Schools for a Week(NYT) * High-Rises Without Elevators Stress Elderly  * Power Companies Face Long, Soggy Repair Effort (WSJ)* NYers rummage bin for discarded food(WSJ) * Public Schools Closed Through Friday(NY1) * Residents of Gerritsen Beach in Brooklyn were not forced to evacuate but were swamped with major flooding that knocked out power and destroyed homes, the Posts * A ConEd official said: “We’ve been doing this for 120 years and we’ve never seen damage this extensive and with this many customers affected.” * Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro agreed, equating the marathon to a “parade,” and saying: “If they want to race, let them race with themselves. This is no time for a parade.” Cellphone service was so disrupted by the storm that even Bloomberg is having trouble making calls. * Why Isn’t the G-Train Running?(NYO) * State sending food to seniors, those trapped in hi-rises: Cuomo(NYP) * As Recovery Continues, City’s Death Toll Reaches 37(NYT) * In NYC, 174 public school buildings are not operational at the moment. (Most – 130 – don’t have power). Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott says most will be ready to reopen Monday. * NY1 Exclusive: Photos Of WCS New York Aquarium In Aftermath Of Sandy

Staten Island Crys for Help

Bellevue Closed
Battered Bellevue evacuates(NYP) * Bellevue Evacuated After Power Fails(NYT) * Bellevue Hospital Evacuated After Backup Power Fails(NYT) *Hurricane Sandy’s Lesser-Known Victims: Lab Rats(NYT) * Extensive Storm Damage May Clear Out Bellevue For Weeks(NY1)  * Bellevue Hospital Can Operate Via Bucket Brigade No Longer (NY Mag) * “If we are back in operation in two or three weeks, we’ll be doing very well" -hospitals chief on Bellevue.(NY World)

Stay Out of the Dirty Water
In the aftermath of the storm, public health officials are urging people to protect themselves from health threats in the water, air and even their refrigerators. 

Stop the Daily News Presses
Daily News Carries On After Storm Swamps Newsroom(WSJ) The New York Daily News was among the media organizations hardest hit by the storm, with its main offices in Lower Manhattan's flooded evacuation zone and a printing plant in powerless Jersey City. The Daily News was significantly impacted by Sandy, but has managed to get the paper out and keep its website up thanks to agreements with other media organizations.

Bloomberg Slams Markowitz Endorses Obama
Mayor slams Marty’s National Guard request!(Brooklyn Paper)
* New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, who published a begrudging endorsement of Barack Obama today in Bloomberg View. (Good to see Michael Bloomberg getting a byline in Bloomberg View.) Citing Hurricane Sandy (hat tip: global warming) Bloomberg praised the president’s (arguably modest!) efforts at environmental and energy reform. “We need leadership from the White House,” Bloomberg wrote, “and over the past four years, President Barack Obama has taken major steps to reduce our carbon consumption, including setting higher fuel-efficiency standards for cars and trucks.”* Bloomberg and the Boss (Vanity Fair)
New York Region Faces Rescues, Looting and Deaths(NYT) * The Post mourns the death of one of the storm’s heroes, a New York City police officer who drowned while saving the lives of seven people on Staten Island:
Blacked-out eateries $tarve(NYP) *For Builders, the Storm Is Good for Business(NYT) * Governors Promote Lower Deductibles for Homeowners * Friends Aid Reeling Bar in Red Hook(WSJ) * Downtown Firms Readjust(WSJ)

The Times encourages Cuomo to continue to push a climate change agenda that would include possible storm surge barriers to prevent flooding
Scientists Unsure if Climate Change Is to Blame for Hurricane Sandy(NYT) * Worrying Beyond Hurricane Sandy (NYT) Could surge barriers be a bargain against future eruptions of nature? * Activist Praises Cuomo for Climate Change Comments(WSJ) In the Journal, Roger Pielke, an environmental studies professor, warns that it makes little sense to connect natural disasters to energy policy * Some state legislators think a post-election special session will be needed to address Sandy-related issues.

Massive search underway for 2 S.I. tots who were snatched up by floodwaters(NYP)

Media Limits Crane Cover to Removal, Could Care Less Why It Happened Again
The Same Company Responsible for the Crane Bovis Lend Lease Got Off With A Fine When A Deutsche Bank Fire Killed Two New York City Fireman and Not One Newspaper is Asking Questions

Hopeful news on crane(NYP) * With Crane Overhead, Carnegie Is Off Limits(NYT) * Plan in place to secure dangling crane at One57 building (NYT)
* Mayor: Damaged Crane Secure, No Timeline For Removal(NY1) * Midtown residents displaced by hanging crane allowed back into homes to retreive personal belongings * Officials Hope to Secure Crane This Weekend(NYT) 
Flashback * Bovis Land Lease, same company in charge of 57th crane collapse, has history of trouble including Duetchebank tragedy. (WNYC) * Bovis Lend Lease's cheating ways * Lend Lease admits US fraud, faces $US56m payout | The Australian * Bovis Lend Lease Admits Overbilling Millions on Major New York City ...

Looters’ luck runs out in jail(NYP) * City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said that looters taking advantage of the hurricane should face tough consequences, Politicker writes: * Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said the NYPD is doing everything it can to police areas without power. More arrested for looting.*18 people busted for looting at Key Food in Coney Islan (NYP)

The Making of A President 2012
The Obama and Christie story: “It was like Valentine’s Day on Halloween.”

Bam has a warm hug for Jersey(NYP) * In Stunning About-face, Chris Christie Heaps Praise on Obama(NYT) * An Unlikely Political Pair, United by a Disaster(NYT)
* Obama, Christie Survey Damage(WSJ) * Obama, Christie Survey Damage(WSJ) * Stewart: Chris Christie ‘Kicked Crazy Ass’ Working With Obama On Hurricane ReliefChris Christie Praises Obama’s Hurricane Response: ‘I Cannot Thank The President Enough’

Mayor Bloomberg Offers President Obama His Prized Half-Hearted Endorsement(NY Mag)

Ohio Papers Still Covering the Storm
Obama's Empty Noise - George Will, Washington Post
How Obama Can Seal the Deal in Last Days - Michael Tomasky, Daily Beast
Campaigns Descend on Ohio for Final Blitz - Erin McPike, RealClearPolitics
Polling Data, Early Voting Point to Romney Victory - Karl Rove, WSJ
Why American Women Need Obama - Jessica Valenti, The Guardian
Pew: Romney, Obama Run Even in Ground Game - Justin Sink, The Hill
Romney Posts Big Lead Among Independent Voters - Mike Flynn, Big Govt
Don't Be Fooled, Romney Is a Radical - Carl Bernstein, The Daily Beast
Race Goes Down to the Wire in New Hampshire - Mike Memoli, LA Times
GOP Sees Pick Off Opportunities in 3 Blue States - Balz, Markon & Kane, WP
Romney Doomed by Objections to Auto Bailout - Bob King, USA Today
Why Obama Has Failed--and How to Fix It - John Taylor, Defining Ideas
Obama vs. Hoover: Better Off Than 80 Years Ago - Robert McElvaine, NYT

The Moment That Doomed Obama? - Michael Gerson, Washington Post
Mitt Romney, The Plutocrat - Ed Kilgore, Washington Monthly
Storms Getting Worse Due to Climate Change - Al Gore, Huffington Post
Four Years Later, the Cool Factor Is Gone - Victor Davis Hanson, IBD
Election '12: Obama/Biden 201, Romney/Ryan 191 | National Polls Tied
Why Did Obama Refuse to Send Air Support? - San Diego Union-Tribune
The World Needs an Obama Win - New Statesman
Unemployment in Europe Higher than Ever Before - Der Spiegel
America Needs a Businessman in the White House - Washington Time Obama hits campaign trail as storm cleanup gathers pace (Tiimes Live) * Editorial: Romney Versus the Automakers(NYT) * One Result of Hurricane: Bipartisanship(NYT) * Election May Hinge on Latino Turnout(WSJ) * predicts victory 51-48, with 279 Electoral College votes (The Hill)
Romney answers the FEMA question: 'I will ensure FEMA has the funding it needs' (The Atlantic)
Chris Christie Won't Tolerate Long Showers, Questions About Politics(NY Mag)
Obama is back on the campaign trail today. He’ll be in Green Bay, Wisconsin; Las Vegas, Nevada and Boulder, Colorado.  Actress Eva Longoria will join him at the Vegas event. Mitt Romney is campaigning in Virginia.
While Bloomberg is focused on Sandy recovery, spending by his new Super PAC, Independence USA, has passed the $6 million mark. The PAC’s biggest expenditure yet: $1.1 million on a Florida House race.
First Thoughts: Will Obama's firewall hold?(NBC)
Obama's final sked: THU -- WI, NV, CO; FRI -- OH; SAT -- OH, WI, IA, VA; SUN -- NH, FL, OH, CO; MON -- WI, OH, IA
Obama Launches The “I'm President” Tour (Buzzfeed)

Polls Romney up by 5 in Va.(NYP) * Polls: Obama Ahead in 3 Key States(WSJ) * Our new NBC/WSJ/Marist polls: IA: Obama 50%, Romney 44%; NH: Obama 49%, Romney 47%; WI: Obama 49%, Romney 46%
47% say they confident economy will get back on track if Obama re-elected; 54% say same if Romney wins. 
The Obama campaign's lucky beards(Atlantic Wire)
Parties Wonder Which Side's Polls Reflect Reality - Reid Wilson, Natl Jrnl
Obama Enters November With The Advantage - Nate Cohn, New Republic
Tough News for Obama in Early Voting Figures - Jim Geraghty, NRO
GOP More Confident Than Ever of Romney Win - Peter Bell, National Jrnl
Axelrod, Messina Are (Still) Confident - Mark Halperin, Time
SEIU, AFL-CIO Driving Obama Ground Game - Michelle Cottle, Daily Beast
The Turnout Game: Which Base Wants It More - Josh Jordan, NRO
Bloomberg Backs Obama, Citing Climate Change - Ray Hernandez, NYT
Game On: Pennsylvania in Play - Madonna & Young, Franklin and Marshall
Romney's Edge With Independents May Be Difference - Hillary Chabot, BH
How Obama Can Lose Independents and Still Win - Steve Kornacki, Salon
At the End of the Line, Lots of Uncertainty - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call
Latest 2012 Polls: CO | NH | IA | NV | WI | Senate | House | Governor  
The Boss gave a shout-out to his megafan, NJ Gov. Chris Christie, during a concert in Rochester.
Romney tries to put PA in play(CNN)
In Background of Maine Senate Race, Bloomberg vs. Rove(NYT)

'Yeah, I Guess He Found That F*cking Light Switch, Huh?'(Huff Post)

Campaign 2012 Siena College Research Institute released new congressional polls showing Rep. Louise Slaughter up 10 points on Maggie Brooks, Rep. Michael Grimm up 18 points against Mark Murphy, and Rep. Bill Owens up one point on Matt Doheny: * Wendy Long says House Majority Leader John Boehner “didn’t get the memo” about her longshot challenge to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand. * Newsday endorsed Gillibrand. So did the Syracuse Post-Standard.* Tell us how you really feel, Councilman Jimmy Oddo: “To go from seeing carnage in community into my car to hear another campaign ad on radio makes me sick. pull the ads in tristate assholes.” * Menin Urges Improvements to Notify NYC (City and State) * Councilman Calls for Cancellation of NYC Marathon(NYO) * Seneca Nation Of Indians Donates $25K To DACC, More Senate GOP Cash For Amedore And Hanna * Diaz, Critical Of Cuomo’s Cross Endorsement, Backs Republican Long(YNN) * The Jewish Press endorsed Assemblywoman Grace Meng‘s congressional campaign. The publication seemed to lament, however, that she “is not prepared to completely dismiss President Obama’s record on Israel.” * It turns out that visiting Senator Rubén Díaz, Sr. in the hospital pays off, as longshot U.S. Senate candidate Wendy Long received a counter-partisan endorsement from the maverick Democratic lawmaker. For his own reasons, Mr. Diaz urged voters to cast their ballots for her on a third party ballot line, saying, “We need to demonstrate that traditional family values still matter and voters should vote for Wendy on the Conservative line.”* Put it this way when discussed her American flag bill my very liberal father said 'thats the best she got?'

NYP Uses A NYT Reporters Op-Ed To More Than Hint That There is A Cover-Up At the Old Gray Lady

NYT writer accuses Mark Thompson of 'wilful ignorance' over Jimmy Savile

Estate of Jimmy Savile Is Frozen(NYT)
* Jimmy Savile: BBC's handling of scandal was 'disastrous', says Greg * BBC inquiry into axed Jimmy Savile film to begin interviews next weekThe Guardian * BBC Newsnight Savile review process outlined(BBC)

NYT's 538 Bad Bet
Under Attack, Nate Silver Picks the Wrong Defense(NYT Public Editor)  On Thursday, frustrated and irritated, Mr. Silver challenged Mr. Scarborough to a wager in a Twitter message — $1,000 to the Red Cross. (The offer later climbed to $2,000.) He added that he is feeling the strain of being under attack and vulnerable to criticism as Election Day approaches. Whatever the motivation behind it, the wager offer is a bad idea – giving ammunition to the critics who want to paint Mr. Silver as a partisan who is trying to sway the outcome.*NY Times’ Public Editor Deems Nate Silver’s Wager On Obama Win ‘Inappropriate,’ ‘Bad Idea’

Law and Order
WATCH: 20-Year-Old Student Brutally Beaten By Five Men During Hurricane(Huff Post)