Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cuomo Warned Ups He Was A Battle Ship in His First State of the State Speech

Battleship Cuomo Fires Torpedo Subpoenas At 3 State Leaders. Is Shelly, Tom and Eric Ships Sunk?

NYP: "Aides to the governor have gone as far to say that “Shelly is going down” or, at best, is “damaged goods.” The Joint Commission on Public Ethics has issued subpoenas for several of Silver’s aides and attorneys with the state comptroller and attorney general as Cuomo’s aides wonder if Silver can survive, according to sources

Public Wants Cuomo to Clean Up Albany
Gov. Andrew Cuomo, not legislative leaders, should take the lead in cleaning up legislative corruption in the state, New York voters say 54 – 32 percent in a Quinnipiac University poll released today * -Poll: Cuomo Right To Skip (Most Of) DNC(YNN)

Embattled Legislator Seeks to Bolster Clout in Primaries(NYT)

Shelly Gave Vito What He Wants $$$ and Hush
Ethics panel issues Lopez-probe subpoenas, eyeing state bigsEthics panel issues Lopez-probe subpoenas, eyeing state bigs(NYP) Subpoenas are flying in the expanded ethics probe into Brooklyn Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s alleged sexual harassment of women, as a state panel investigates the roles played by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and the offices of Comptroller Tom DiNapoli and Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. * Assemblyman Vito Lopez demanded the strict confidentiality clause for two women who accused him of sexual harassment and received a $103,000 settlement from the Assembly, the Daily News’s Ken Lovett learns The question of who pushed for the strict gag-order clause could be a central issue in determining the outcome of separate investigations into the settlement being conducted by the state ethics commission and a special prosecutor. * Poll: New Yorkers Have Figured Out Their Government Is Corrupt(NYO) * Deal With Vito Lopez Accusers Carried $20,000 Fine For Discussing Their Case(NYDN)

The legal requests for information went out hours after JCOPE’s board voted Monday to authorize a sweeping probe into the actions of everyone involved. William Collins, an attorney in Silver’s office, had sent several copies of draft “confidential settlement” agreements to Groenwegen, as well as to Arlene Smoler, a top labor lawyer in the Attorney General’s Office. “I’d appreciate any thoughts either of you might have on this draft,” Collins said in a May 29, 2012, e-mail sent to Smoler and Groenwegen.

Silver, realizing he may be in the political fight of his life, hired Stu Loeser, Mayor Bloomberg’s former press secretary, as a media consultant to address the crisis. Loeser’s wife, Jessica, is a former top aide to Silver.  Mr. Loeser’s wife is now a district leader in Mr. Silver’s Assembly district. Mr. Silver was also a witness at Mr. Loeser’s wedding. * Ex-Mayoral Aide to Help Assembly Speaker in Harassment Case(NYT) Mr. Silver’s communications director, Michael Whyland, said: “Stu and the speaker are friends and neighbors who have a long history together. He will be helping with strategic issues and advice working with our overall media and strategic consultant, Jonathan Rosen of Berlin Rosen.”  * Ex-Bloomberg press secretary helping Sheldon Silver with Vito Lopez sex harassment scandal(NBC)
“We believe there should be a full investigation of the handling of this matter by Speaker Silver, the attorney general and the comptroller,” said lawyer Gloria Allred. We think that the public has a right to know which state employees were involved in decision making in this important matter,” Allred added * Silver’s counsel Jim Yates has reportedly obtained outside counsel to represent him in this mess.* The League of Women Voters’  Barbara Bartoletti discussed the latest JCOPE controversy on Capital Tonight.

NYP's Goodwin Pushes for the Moreland Act
Having demanded an ethics- panel probe, Cuomo is obliged to support it for now. But he should drop the Moreland bomb at the first hint of backsliding. He has been handed a once-in-a-generation chance to get to the root of Albany’s crooked dysfunction and it would be a major mistake to fumble it. The Post’s Michael Goodwin lauds Cuomo for threatening to invoke the Moreland Act to pressure the state ethics commission into broadening its inquiry into Silver’s role in an Albany sexual harassment scandal .* Amid Lopez Probe, Ethics Panel Faces Scrutiny(WNYC) * Ethics commission steps up Vito Lopez probe(Newsday)

Bums away, Andy!(Goodwin, NYP) Cuomo ruined everything. He piped up and threatened to unleash an army of diggers unless you investigate the whole sordid cover-up, including the roles of Silver, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Comptroller Tom DiNapoli. An investigation under the Moreland Act mostly would be public. Hearings with sworn testimony could expose new shenanigans that would shock and educate voters. Once appointed, its members would be independent. The process would not be limited by artificial boundaries and would be free to follow wrongdoing anywhere it leads. * Kolb Won’t Criticize Silver Over Lopez Scandal(YNN)


 If Vito Loses In These Contests the Fat Lady Will Have Song
Vito Lopez haunts primary election battles in Brooklyn (NYDN) Disgraced party boss quietly mobilizes army of loyal volunteers to help allies in tight races




Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera is keeping a low public profile since she’s now the subject of four investigations into allegations she put boyfriends and/or family members on the public payroll, but she has a big presence in her constituents’ mailboxes.

Feds out to pile dirt on Espada(NYP) He’s going on trial for tax evasion this time around, but the feds want jurors to learn all about the corruption of crooked ex-state Sen. Pedro Espada

Campaign 2012 Gay Marriage Vote Rises as Test in Upstate G.O.P. Race(NYT) McDonald, who voted in favor of same-sex marriage, is facing a Republican primary challenge from Saratoga County clerk Kathleen Marchione who is making the campaign a referendum on his vote* Queens Republican Juan Reyes sent out a mailer blasting Councilman Eric Ulrich for having a dinner with Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, who is openly gay, in a contentious state senate primary battle (NYDN) * The News endorses Jason Otano and James Sanders for State Senate and Tony Herbert, Mark Gjonaj, Nily Rozic, Ethel Chen, and Olanike Alabi for Assembly: * Rangel Criticizes Espaillat Flyer(NY1) * State Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera skips televised Bronx(NYDN) * Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver hosts fund-raiser for Queens assemblywoman and congressional wanna-be Grace Meng on 9/11 anniversary 'There's nothing inappropriate,' embattled pol tells The News about holding cash grab on 11-year anniversary of terrorist attacks * For Civil Court, they chose Rita Mella, Olga Statz and Richard Montelione. * Dov Hikind lost an independent ballot line  yesterday as well. Dan Halloran blasted the timing of the move along with Silver’s Vito Lopez controversy, saying in a statement, “If Assemblywoman Meng cared about women’s rights, she would give back every dollar she made at this fundraiser and disown Speaker Silver. Emily’s List should revoke its endorsement until she does.” * Gay Marriage Vote Rises as Test in Upstate G.O.P. Race(NYT) * Rudy Giuliani to Condemn Anti-Gay Mailer(NYO) * Will Cuomo’s Endorsements Have An Impact? * Rangel Defends Linares, Condemns Espaillat Over Campaign Flyer [UPDATED](City and State)* It appears Sen. David Storobin is STILL ON the GOP ballot, thanks to a judge’s order that on Simcha Felder’s fraud suit. (Updated). * Three New Yorkers are on CREW’s latest list of “most corrupt” D.C. lawmakers – Reps. Tim Bishop, Greg Meeks and Michael Grimm. Retiring Rep. Ed Towns got a “dishonorable mention.” * David Storobin beat back Simcha Felder’s fraud lawsuit and will be the district’s Republican candidate in November.* Jumaane Williams was annoyed that Rodney Bichotte said he endorsed her for State Assembly when he only endorsed her for reelection as district leader. * Voting Information for New York Legislative Primaries(NYDN) * NYS Assembly Speaker Silver Criticized For Hosting Fundraiser (WCBS) * Some Races Get Ugly Before Thursday Primary(NY1)3

A Ground Zero dealA Ground Zero deal(NYP Ed)

City Council Cracks Down On Illegal Hotels(NY1) The city's tourism industry is booming but the City Council wants to make sure it's growing legally, so they are cracking down on illegal hotels.

The News recognizes Stuyvesant High School’s new principal to clean up the school’s cheating scandal and says even the city’s “best and brightest” are “not above the rules”: * NY1 Exclusive: PCBs Leak Onto S.I. Student; DOE To Immediately Change School's Fixtures * Reading, writing and PCBs(NYDN) * DOE Drops Five Tutoring Contract Bids Ahead Of Vote

You’re being hacked! Taxi TV to tell riders of scamYou’re being hacked! Taxi TV to tell riders of scam(NYP) * Crooked cabbies a rare breed, TLC says(NYDN)

MTA says 'deep MetroCard discounts' could disappearMTA says 'deep MetroCard discounts' could disappear(NYP)

EXCLUSIVE: Cobble Hill candy shop hires security guards (NYDN)

Community Board Votes Against Lower East Side Greyhound Stop(NY1)

Hoping to Lure Riders With Scenic Commutes(NYT)

Twitter Risks Court Fines(WSJ) A Manhattan judge overseeing an Occupy Wall Street disorderly conduct case gave Twitter Inc. until Friday to turn over a protester's messages or face a heavy fine.

 Pelham Parkway residents sue city over narrow service "Sidewalks to Nowhere)

Sewer worker ‘waste’-deep in OT cash(NYP) * City OT bill is good to plumbers and steam fitters(NYDN)

U.S. Ambassador Killed
The U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, was killed when suspected Libyan religious extremists stormed the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi late Tuesday night, according to Libyan Deputy Prime Minister Mustafa Abushagour * U.S. Envoy to Libya Is Killed in Attack(NYT)
In‘glory’ous bastard riot: Muslims rip flag, kill over flick(NYP) * Anti-American Attacks Erupt in Libya and Egypt(NYT) * U.S. Envoy to Libya Killed(WSJ) * Ambassador Chris Stevens was popular, young. A new generation of ambassador. Active, an athlete. He'll be missed * Hillary Clinton condemns Benghazi attack(Politico)
* "We all know the presidential campaign is not a national election." (Bloombergnews) * Romney calls Obama response to Libya attacks ‘disgraceful’(Wash post) *Romney blasted President Obama over violence in Libya and the resulting death of an American. Team Obama fired back, “We are shocked that, at a time when the United States of America is confronting the tragic death of one of our diplomatic officers in Libya, Governor Romney would choose to launch a political attack.” * U.S. Suspects Libya Attack Was Planned(NYT) * Obama Says ‘Justice Will Be Done’ in Death of Envoy(NYT)


Bam snubs Bibi: Won't meet with Netanyahu this month(NYP) * Israel Sharpens Call for United States to Set Iran Trigger(NYT)

Candidates Juggle Demands of Trail With Need for Funds(NYT)* Fox News Misleads on 'Real Unemployment Rate'(NY Mag)
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Barbara Boxer goes after Bibi (Buzz Feed)
President Obama told Steve Kroft of CBS News that Romney has a tendency to “shoot first and aim later.”
Terry McAuliffe says Hillary Clinton is going to take two years off from politics before considering a presidential run.
* Washington Beat: Bloomberg Blasts How Obama, Congress Have Handled The Economy 
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Romney Sought to Draw Contrast With Obama(NYT)
Obama: ‘We Don’t Consider’ Current Egyptian Government An Ally, But They Are Not Our Enemy

Chicago Teachers’ Folly(NYT Ed) The strike hurts students and their families, and it could damage the union’s credibility. * City teachers union donates $10,000 to Chicago strikers(NYDN)

Law and Order
This burns me up! Fire fiend torches 10 cars in HarlemThis burns me up! Fire fiend torches 10 cars in Harlem(NYP) * A Mystery in Harlem as Several Vehicles Are Set on Fire(NYT) * 15 vehicles torched in Harlem(WSJ) * 15 Vehicles Torched in Harlem1(NBC) * Police Release Video Of Suspect Wanted For 15 Hamilton Heights Car Fires 

DA probes teacherDA probes teacher(NYP)Eyes Nightingale ‘underage affair’

Suspected cop shooter indicted for earlier murder(NYDN)

Laying Bare the Roots of a Bodega Shooting(NYT)

'Cop-shooter' boasted to police while in custody: court papers'Cop-shooter' boasted to police while in custody: court papers(NYP)
* Prosecutors: Gun used to shoot cop tied to slay(NYDN)