Friday, August 31, 2012

AlbanyGate: Statements By Silver, AG and Comptroller Contradicted

NYP Hitman For Silver
Allred Smashing Silver For NYP Hit Job on the Victims
Allred: Silver, others ‘targeted’ Lopez accusers(TU) In the harshest statement yet in a week of harsh statement from Gloria Allred, the high-profile attorney lambastes Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and “other unnamed political sources,” who she blames for Friday’s New York Post story identifying two of Vito Lopez’s accusers (and noting that one of the women once accused Albany County Legislator Brian Scavo of stalking, a charge that was dismissed).

NYP Albany Mob Enforcer 
Here’s Allred’s latest; we’ve asked Silver’s spokesman for a response:
Today’s article in the New York Post is a litany of false and outrageous statements. First, Speaker Silver and other unnamed political sources targeted the women who complained, by implying falsely that they sought only financial gain and did not want an investigation, and then by releasing their names and what appeared to be out of context and misleading confidential settlement communications to the press. Now, the Speaker and others seem desperately to be trying to target their attorneys. It is time for Mr. Silver to stop his attempts to deflect responsibility for his and the Assembly’s own misconduct and to take a good, hard look in the mirror at the actual events that really occurred.

What Did They Know and When Did They Know It
Watergatge Howard Baker

The Sexual Bully in Albany(NYT Ed) Every day also brings new questions about which officials knew about this behavior and what, if anything, they did to stop it. What justification did Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver have for agreeing to give $103,000 in taxpayer money to settle a harassment claim? Did the comptroller and the attorney general approve both the payout and the decision to hide it from the public? * Officials Briefed on Lopez Settlement(WSJ) Silver consulted extensively with the state Attorney General’s and State Comptroller’s offices before drafting the settlement, according to emails obtained on Thursday * AP: Vito Lopez sex harassment accusers sought $1.2M(Newsday)  * Top legal advisers to Tom DiNapoli and Eric Schneiderman were briefed on the settlement’s financial details.* The New York Times and the Daily News weighed in with their own questions. * New York Times wants Speaker Silver to call for Assemblyman Vito Lopez to resign.

Brooklyn D.A. Calls for Special Prosecutor for Vito Lopez(NYO) * Special prosecutor appointed in probe of Lopez grope case(NYP)

Cuomo in the Cat Bird Seat As His Political Rivals Caught Up in A Sexual Harassment Scandal
Some are wondering what Governor Cuomo is doing behind the scenes during this controversy. * According to the WSJ, the Comptroller and Attorney General thoroughly reviewed the six figure settlement with alleged sexuaas harassment victims back in May. * Top legal aides for both Eric Schneiderman and Tom DiNapoli were briefed on the details of Vito Lopez’s settlement..

Secret Assembly Slush Fund Paid Hush Money
The Times reported the secret settlement from the Assembly’s $12 million account for “miscellaneous contractual services,” which can cover all manner of expenses. That such a fund even exists is a measure of the cronyism and corruption that have coddled all manner of misbehavior — both political and personal — in Albany. &The Daily News wonders if Albany is ignoring a culture of sexual harassment.* How @FakeShellySilver handled the scandal.

Schneiderman Caught in Scandal
Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office has issued a statement saying that it merely provided Mr. Silver with the usual advice and the model agreements used when complaints against the state are settled. Officials there contend that they knew nothing about a confidentiality clause. Mr. Silver’s people say that the attorney general’s office was brought along virtually every step of the way, and the trail of newly released e-mails appears to back that up. * Schneiderman: OAG gave Assembly a model pre-litigation settlement agreement w/o confidentiality clause. *Schneiderman Blasts Secret Payment(YNN)

 DiNapoli Cauth in Scandal
State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli sign off on a $103,000 check without asking what it was for? Mr. DiNapoli’s aides said the check was paid out automatically by computer when it was requested by the Assembly’s computer. Assembly aides said they called the comptroller’s office to make sure they were using the right codes and proper methods for this unusual fee. 

NYT: It’s past time for Mr. Lopez to answer questions. He should resign and Mr. Silver should make that clear to him.

“It appears that the Assembly speaker, in an effort to divert attention from the Assembly’s conduct, is attempting to blame the women who brought claims against Mr. Lopez and then agreed to a settlement.” Gloria Allred

The Police Are Not the Only Ones With A Blue Wall
Assembly Democrats Support Speaker Over Settlement(NYT) Democrats rallied around Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who faces an inquiry into his handling of sexual harassment allegations against Assemblyman Vito Lopez and criticism from attorney Gloria Allred * Keith Wright Mostly Mum on Lopez, Silver(NYO)

Vito Lopez staffers initially demanded $1.2 million hush payout: sourcesVito Lopez staffers initially demanded $1.2 million hush payout: sources(NYP) Women staffers who accused Lopez of sexually harassing them originally sought $1.2 million in damages, before Silver negotiated a $103,000 settlement after Allred threatened to air details of the incidents

It's time for City Councilwoman Diana Reyna, the former chief of staff for Vito Lopez, to speak up about the disgraced assemblyman (NYDN) Reyna's friends say Lopez made her life 'a living hell.' Sources identify two women who received $103,000 secret payout in Lopez's sexual harassment scandal

Seddio Throws Lopez Under the Bus
Mr. Seddio, who sat with Mr. Lopez Monday night urging him to relinquish his party chairmanship, said he was going to tell Mr. Lopez on Thursday afternoon he needed to resign his position in the Assembly as well. Mr. Seddio said he placed a call to Mr. Lopez on Thursday morning after he read the accounts in The Times and The New York Post. * Frontrunner candidate for Brooklyn county chair calls Vito (NYDN)

Campaign 2012 New York City won’t meet a federal requirement to provide Bengali language ballots in Queens for this fall’s elections, which the Board of Elections blamed on a vendor, the Journal notes:  * Lincoln Restler Continues Roll-Out of 2013 Contenders(NYO)

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