Thursday, July 5, 2012

True News Thursday Update

Thursday Rangel Update 

Failure to Communicate Between Rangel and Daily News

Rangel declared the election process the “best mankind or humankind has ever thought of, “I think it’s an appropriate time to say thank God for this system” 

Daily News Say Get out of the vote(NYDN Ed) The News urges the AP to sever ties with the BOE after tallying different vote totals in the disputed Harlem congressional race

Is Rangel Protecting His Image or Hiding Something?

After Disputed Primary, Rangel Still Campaigns(NYT) * Rangel Rips Vote Challenge(WSJ) * NYC Board of Elections to start ballot count(WSJ)* Rangel urges supporters to have faith(NYDN) * NYC Board of Elections to start ballot count(Fox 5) * "I’m not making a big deal out of papers that are served on the 4th of July or the eve of it"-  * Absentee ballots will be opened at the board’s main HQ in Lower Manhattan (200 Varick St.), while affidavit ballots will be examined at the Bronx County courthouse.  * Today’s count could lead to a full manual recount if the final vote difference is less than one-half of 1 percent of all votes cast. Lost in the NY13 vote scandal: How many votes for the other 3 candidates are missing? * 5 TV cameras capture opening of first paper ballots in . * Rangel's counsel says "the tone and tenor of Espaillat's petition is actually to slow down the counting process." * Board of Elections filing opposition papers in . Says voter suppression and fraud claims not being brought forward for investigation. * "We are not trying to stop them from certifying the results."-- lawyer Leo Glickman. *NYC Board starts recount in contested Rangel-Espaillat primary(NYP) * Paper Ballot Count Begins In Contested House Primary(NY1) * Charlie Rangel/Adriano Espaillat Vote Count Proceeds; ANew NY-13 Primary Not Ruled Out(NYDN) * In court, wins round one against , as judge agrees to oversight *Rangel's lead over Espaillat is down to 837 votes, as city Board of Elections counts more votes. Check for live updates.* New numbers from Bronx vote count show Rangel's lead narrows to 828 over Espaillat. * In 81st AD, Bronx, Charlie Rangel picked up 23 votes; Adriano Espaillat 32. via our *

Why Albany Makes BOE Cut and Paste As It Tallies Votes
Incumbent use poll working job as their main way to collect their petitions. Most incumbents do not have real political clubs in their district capable of getting them on the ballot. Many use the non profits they fund to get petition carries. But most incumbents use the promise of poll jobs and a barter to get district residence to collect petitions for them.  The cut and past tallies are just a way to keep the job rolls high on election days. And that is why a lot of non tech Savoy seniors are still on the BOE payroll.  Most of the seniors who work election day are good at petitions, good at cut and paste but don't have a clue how to pull a stick out of a computer. No wonder why Albany demands cut and paste at the polls. *  
Voters be damned - New York Daily News * Every vote must count - New York Daily News * Department of Investigation rightly zeroes in on Board of ElectionsIn a Nov. 4 letter, its general counsel wrote to the board, saying, “It has been alleged that polling places will be needlessly overstaffed” and, “DOI believes that the BOE should staff the polling places as efficiently as possible.” So what did the board do? It went ahead with a full complement of 24,436 inspectors hired out of Democratic and Republican clubhouses. As predicted, no one showed up to vote. Just 130,000 ballots were cast, a turnout of only 3.5% of 4 million registered voters.

To Keep NY's Establishment In Power Unfair Third World Elections Are OK?
Only in NY Does the Tammany Hall Controlled BOE Blame Others For Corruption

Some Democracy: DA Looks At OWS Tweets But Not the Ballot Tallies That Were Missing


The Key to A Rematch Is Uncovering Corruption In the Vote Count
Amid Vote-Count Drama, Calm in Rangel’s District(NYT) * Rangel's Lead Disputed(WSJ) * Inside a Possible Rangel-Espaillat Rematch(WSJ)Lawyers for state Sen. Adriano Espaillat are floating the possibility of a rematch if Rep. Charlie Rangel’s victory margin keeps shrinking, but a redo election faces steep challenges * Espaillat seeks recount or new NY primary election(WABC) *
David Mike Do Something: Restore Democracy to NYC
Bloomberg to allege vote "fraud." at the Board When the Board Or Cops Pull This Shit to Help Hillary
The 2008 undercount prompted Mayor Bloomberg to allege vote "fraud," after the BOE unofficial vote tallies undercounted Obama's performance in New York, showing him winning zero votes in about 80 election districts. A spokeswoman for the board, Valerie Vazquez-Rivera, said an investigation found that inspectors in 35 election districts were responsible for the error showing Mr. Obama winning no votes, and that members of the police department, who help tally the votes on election night, were responsible for the error in 20 election districts.  Official Tallies Released For Clinton-Obama Primary (The Sun. GRACE RAUH, 2008)* Department of Investigation must expand Board of Elections probe (2011)

As Reported in 2008 In the NYT
 if one were to replace then-Senator Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s names with Mr. Espaillat and Mr. Rangel, this story from the 2008 election would basically be identical to the current excitement:

Now the Out of Town Papers Are Making Fun of NY Vote Counting System
The idea that poll workers are told to ignore the computers and do the arithmetic by hand is chillingly absurd. (Minneapolis) * New York City is Backwards and Dated (When It Comes to Elections) The Atlantic Wire

The BOE is Clean Say Board Flack Vazquez Over the Years
2008 Ms. Vazquez had defended the unofficial vote tally, saying human error, which she said happens all the time, was behind the undercount.
2012 “The board has acted in accordance with the law and its duly adopted procedures throughout this process,” Ms. Vazquez said, adding, “We believe that the withdrawal of this proceeding today indicates the baseless nature of the unsupported allegations contained in the papers that were filed in court.”

All the City Tech Corruption is Happening With City Employees Unaware, Bull Shit
DOI Did Not Arrest One City Worker in the Larges Municipal Corruption Scandal In NY History That Why City Employees Arrests Down
DOI probe nets more ‘civilians’(NYP) The Department of Investigation arrested a record number of “civilians” last year on charges of ripping off the city, while the number of city employees accused of breaking the law was the lowest in seven years, according to a fiscal-year-end report compiled by the agency. The Department of Investigation arrested 802 “civilians” for ripping the city off last year, even though the number of city employees accused of breaking the law was the lowest in seven years*The Dept. of Investigations is busting less government workers and more contractors and other “civilians,” David Seifman reports. * NY Post Exclusive Dept of Investigations Massive Cover-up Stats a lie Protecting Rose Gill Hearn Mike Bloomberg Top Officials NYC Gov SAIC etc(Troy Artist)
The CityTime Cover Up Continues (True News)

Election 2012    Moskowitz: ‘If Bill de Blasio Becomes Mayor, What Is He Going to Do?’(NYO) * BALDWIN NYC MAYOR? * Billy Baldwin Thinks Alec's Mayoral Aspirations Are 'Very Real'(NY Mag) * Billy Baldwin says his big brother Alec’s political aspirations are “very real”, but added: “I’m not quite sure if he’s cut from the proper cloth because it requires a lot of tolerance and a lot of patience.”* Doug Muzzio predicts a “death match” for control of the State Senate. * Erik Dilan hasn't spoken to Velaquez since primary -- doesn't plan to(C&S) * How competitive will this year’s state Senate elections really be?* Dems milking Golden’s cancelled Ladyness 101 class (TU) * Marty Golden Touts Legislation to Fix Election Day Problems(NYTO) *Despite no serious challenger, Keith Wright is raising a lot of money.* Divisions in Satmar Sect Complicate Politics of Brooklyn Hasidim(NYT)

Finish the 9/11 Museum(NYT Ed) A dispute between Mayor Bloomberg and Governors Cuomo and Christie has the completion of the memorial behind schedule. These three men should be able resolve their quarrel quickly.

City to Collect Trash Fees From Non Profits
Trash Fee to Target Nonprofits(WSJ) Deep inside New York City's recently approved budget is a $17.2 million revenue estimate for Mayor Michael Bloomberg's controversial plan to charge universities, religious institutions and nonprofits a new garbage-collection fee.Bloomberg wants to charge universities, churches, and nonprofits a new garbage-collection fee, but the City Council may not approve it * if doesn't approve 'trash tax', NYC's budget could face a "tiny" budget problem.

NY Pols Now Know They Can Send More By Gambling $$$
New York raked in $1 billion more than New Jersey in gambling money, making the Empire State 3rd behind Nevada and California (NYDN) New York raked in $5.4-billion in gambling revenues in 2010, the third most in the country behind Nevada, $10.5-billion, and California, $9.7-billion

NYP: Why Wall Street is Fleeing Town
The Post warns that most rank-and-file Wall Street jobs are fleeing New York thanks to “the blue social model:” “New York’s complicated regulatory structure, high rents and high welfare costs make it almost impossible for even wealthy companies to maintain mass middle-class employment.”

Ticketed for Bike Lane Were None Exists and the Mayor Does Not Care
Phantom menacePhantom menace(NYP)  A longtime Bronx business owner was slapped with a $115 ticket for parking her car in a bike lane that doesn’t exist,* No, Mayor Bloomberg Won’t Help You With Your Parking Ticket(NYO)

The problem of secrecy in Albany is bigger than Cuomo’s accomplishments"-- Dem&Chronicle editorial page editor 
Newsday notes Cuomo is trying to strike a delicate balance between environmental protection and business-friendly policies that improve the state’s economy. 

Thursday Update to NY's Gun Disconnect
Everyone looking at own interest nobody Looking at the Big Picture to Fix 12 People Shot Within 7 Hours In NYC(Huff Post)

Independence Day Wild West Shootings 11 injured, 1 dead in shoot mayhem(NYDN) * 12 shot in holiday of violence(NYP)* NYPD officer shot, gunman at large(NYDN)Dodge city beckons (NYP Ed) For the second time in a week, a state appeals court has dealt a serious blow to the Police Department’s uphill battle to keep New York’s streets safe. Once again, three justices voted to throw out the stop-and-frisk arrest of a 14-year-old armed thug-in-training, saying the officers on the scene lacked “reasonable suspicion” to make the bust.* The Marijuana Arrest Problem, Continued(NYT Ed) People are still being arrested illegally for possessing small amounts of marijuana in New York City. The courts need to step in and put a stop to this.

Most of the Spike in Shootings Happening Inside or Around Public Housing
Bullet Proof Vest Saves Cop's Life(Huff Post) *In a NY Post OpEd, Sen. Malcolm Smith says yesterday’s knifing of an MTA officer “could have been prevented with the proper application of stop-and-frisk.” He also reveals he was recently pulled over for having darker-than-leally-allowed tint on his car windows. (That’s OK for lawmakers, he says). (Legal 4 lawmakers).
Brooklyn: Pitmam ave & Malcolm X Blvd. Male shot Aided is DOA on scene, Heavy crime scene being established. * NYPD officer saved by bulletproof vest, gunman still at large(NYP) * Officer Shot Inside Lower East Side Building(NYT)

NY's Gun Disconnect
NYC Deserves A Real Debate From the Media and the 2013 Mayoral Candidates Over Gun Violence 
1, Gun Shooting Spiked 49% Last Year in the City
2. Two Judges Free Stop And Frisk Kids Caught With Guns
3. Many Pols Continue to Protest Stop and Frisk
4. Other Cities Chicago violence includes girl,10, among more than a dozen shot in past 24 hours(CBS)
Judges free another kid caught with gun(NYP) A Manhattan appeals court overturned the conviction of a teenage boy found carrying a loaded handgun, its second such decision in the past week, the New York Post fumes* Second Weapon Conviction Is Overturned on Frisk Issue(NYT)
Death sentence for N.Y.  (NYDN Ed) The courts are going to get people killed. Judges are risking New Yorkers’ lives by barring police from taking even the most reasonable actions to prevent crime * Judges Reverse Decision Based On Stop-And-Frisk Evidence * Another teen skates on gun-in-bag charge (NYDN) * Foe takes campaign nationwide(NYP) A Brooklyn city councilman is going national to oppose stop-and-frisk.Democrat Jumaane Williams has written San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee to urge him not to go forward with a similar program * Shoot spree has cop big shots under gun(NYP) *Boy, 7, shot dead(NYP)

Killer Hospitals
City-run Harlem and Kings County hospitals are among the worst places in the country to be sick, a new Consumer Reports study of hospital safety says.

The News cheers a court decision allowing a few dozen small churches to rent space from public schools on weekends against City Hall’s wishes:

NY Bike Wars
A turf war between the city’s new bicycle share program and bike shops that offer visitors rental wheels could develop, the Wall Street Journal reports: 

The re-opening of McCarren Pool, which was hailed as a grand civic treatment that would bring Brooklynites of all walks of life together, has turned fraught and brought tensions between ethnic communities and gentrifying newcomers to the surface.

Where Are Liu's Straw Donors?
 Lawyers for Jenny Hou, the former treasurer for John Liu, said that prosecutors have refused to identify which of nearly 2,000 Liu contributors they believe were “straw” donors in an alleged scheme to evade campaign-finance limits



Alumni Criticism Grows Over Horace Mann’s Response to Reports of Sexual Abuse(NYT)

 The AG Skipped Ratner Atlantic Yards in His Report on the City's Illegal Lobbying
Groups Admit to Lobbying Illegally to Aid Mayor’s Plans(NYT) * City Agency Admits Illegal Lobby Effort(WSJ)
* Agencies admit to illegal lobbying for Willets Point pl …(NYDN) * Missing from the AG's settlement with NYC EDC: a mention of the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership and Atlantic Yards(Atlantic Yards Report)

Update On Going Discrimination Lawsuit Against the NYP

NY Post Editor Forced to Answer Murdoch 'Monkey Cartoon' Questions(Huff  Post)



Non OWS Chase Plaza Still Closed 
Suit Seeks Plans for Closed Public Plaza as Owner’s Motives Are Questioned(NYT) JPMorgan Chase has fenced in a public plaza a block from the New York Stock exchange in Lower Manhattan in response to Occupy Wall Street’s activities, according to charges from a new lawsuit . Used to be open to the public, but hasn’t been since the Occupy Wall Street protests.* Did JPMorgan Shut Down a Plaza to Fend Off Occupy Protesters?(NY Mag)


More Schools Are Not Poor, Not Rich, Just Squeezed(NYT)


Why Not Have Spitzer, Weiner and  Fossella And Call it NY1 Perv Guys

Steamed at Con Ed(NYP) * Mediators in ConEd Talks(WSJ) * Con Ed management and union officials said they hope new talks set for Thursday will end the lockout and allow workers to get back to their jobs(NYDN) * Con Ed Manager Injured In UWS Manhole Explosion(NY1)
* Manhole explosion burns Con Ed manager(NYDN) * Con Ed Union Workers Lose Health Benefits(NBC)

The Making of A President 2012
Thursday  Romney flip-flop: It’s a tax (NYP) ObamaCare switch *Romney Now Says Health Mandate by Obama Is a Tax(NYT) * Feeling Austere, Washington Plays Zero-Sum Game(NYT) * Romney Adds to Health-Tax Fireworks(WSJ) * Obama vs. Romney on taxes (Politico) * Ann Romney: Obama's whole campaign strategy is "let's kill this guy" (CBS) *Obama Skips Martha's Vineyard, Evades Annual Vacation Controversy(NY Mag) * MANDATE FOR ME, TAX FOR THEE(Huff Post) * The seven possible tipping points of the election. * Barack Obama is embarking on a blue collar bus tour. * Romney: Roberts' decision appears political - (CNN)* In Key States, Voters Are Anxious, Divided - Karen Tumulty, Wash Post * Re-Electing Obama Means Higher Taxes - Grover Norquist, Wash Times * Mandate Not the Only Health Tax GOP Backed - Ezra Klein, Bloomberg * ObamaCare's Lost Tribe: Doctors - Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal * President's Campaign Strategy Is Paying Off - John Cassidy, New Yorker * The Consequences of Inexperience - Dan Thomasson, Boston Herald * Romney's Sidelined Foreign-Policy Team - Eli Lake, The Daily Beast * VP Short List May Be Down to Four - Erin McPike, RealClearPolitics * Obama Campaign Attacks Romney’s Offshore Assets [Video](NYO) * NYC Board starts recount in contested Rangel-Espaillat primary(NYP) * Stop The Battleground Subsamples!(New Republic) * Soledad O’Brien Holds Obama Campaign Press Sec’s Feet To Fire On Whether ObamaCare Mandate Is A Tax * Swing-state Dems brace for the jobs report coming Friday morning:(Politico) * Most Americans think this year’s presidential campaign has been “too long and dull.” * A voter ID law could leave as many as 750,000 people disenfranchised in Pennsylvania.* Ka-ching: The Mitt Romney campaign raised over $100 million this month.A win for Sen. Adriano Espaillat: Bronx state Supreme Court Justice John Carter, who lives in NY-13, blocked the NYC Board of Elections from reporting the certified results of last Tuesday’s primary election to the state until he approves them. * Another court hearing is scheduled for July 11.*Shots by Murdoch at Romney Play Out to Conservative Core(NYT)

Wednesday  Both Parties Wary of Overemphasizing Health Care(NYT) * Possible No. 2 to Romney Knows Ways of the Capital(NYT)* Nancy Pelosi's Obamacare Vindication - Eleanor Clift, The Daily Beast * Family Man Romney in Focus Once Again - Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics * Where Romney's Money Lives - Nicholas Shaxson, Vanity Fair * Media, Obama Coordinate Romney Smear - John Nolte, Breitbart* Romney Tries To Clear Up Mixed Messaging, Says ObamaCare Mandate ‘Is A Tax’ * Romney, in Shift, Says Health Care Mandate Is a Tax(NYT)* Is it a tax or not? Now Romney says health-care mandate is a tax.(Wash Post) * Romney Tries To Clear Up Mixed Messaging, Says ObamaCare Mandate ‘Is A Tax’ * War on Voting: New Hampshire Goes Over to the Dark Side, Michigan Next(Rolling Stone) * What’s keeping Obama in the game(Salon)

Obama Meets With New Citizens(Daily Beast) *Where Did Obama's Surge Voters Go? - Ethan Rarick, Los Angeles Times

Countywide Pay to Play With Congress
Complaints in Congress Helped Prompt VIP Loans(WSJ)A controversial program at Countrywide Financial Corp., offering loans to "VIPs" on favorable terms, spread to Congress in part because congressional staffers complained about their Countrywide mortgages to the company's lobbyist, according to a new report by a House committee.* Countrywide won influence through discounts: House report(NYP)

Gambling Raid in Chinatown Reveals a Difference in Cultures(NYT)
Law enforcement officials say a building harbored a huge illegal betting operation, but the charges they brought suggest and people from the building say that at most, there were friendly, low-stakes games being played there.

MTA cop stabbed in eye; attacker killed at Queens LIRR station(NYP)

Law and Order
Thursday *Stab cop kills nut(NYP)*Transit Officer Is Stabbed in Queens(NYT)* MTA Officer Kills Suspect After Knifing(WSJ) * MTA cop shoots, kills psycho who stabbed him in the eye (NYDN) * NYPD cop shot in Lower East Side, life saved by his bullet-resistant vest(NYDN) *Officer Shot Inside Lower East Side Building(NYT) * Bullet Aimed at an Officer’s Heart Is Stopped by His Protective Vest(NYT)

Wednesday NYPD seeking gun-toting bodega bandit who hides his face(
Bonanno big cops extortion plea(NYP) * Cops back at Etan scene(NYP) * Three Dead, Including 7-year-old Boy, in Brooklyn Home(WSJ) * Police: Two Adults, Child Found Shot Inside Bed-Stuy Building(NY1) * EXCLUSIVE: Dad Attacked In Violent Attempted Washington(WCBS) * Man shot, robbed on train station platform(WABC) * Activist Couple Targeted on NYPD Poster(NYDN) * RT : Editor Rich Steier on 's failure to investigate molestation in Orthodox Jewish community * MTA cop stabbed in the face in violent Queens confronta(NYDN) * New York man allegedly struck police officer while throwing (NYP) * NY transit officer kills attacker in station(Fox 5) ( Arrest made in Queens Laundromat robberies(WABC) * Man Wanted in 15 Bodega Robberies(NBC) * Man Wanted in 15 Bodega Robberies(NBC)

Marty Golden is No Lady, Canceled




Bob Turner 15 Minutes Over
For New Congressman, It’s Back to Retirement(NYT) Erstwhile political star Rep. Bob Turner is spending his Fourth of July in Breezy Point, getting used to his second stint in retirement after losing the Republican Senate primary * And he had his bike stolen. Bummer.

Dining on Roast Beef, Lemonade and Nostalgia(NYT)

Bloomberg interrupts his own speech to ask 'Who wrote this shit?'

Who wrote this s#!t? Mike speaks frankly at hot-dog gig(NYP) s---?* Before the Hot-Dog-Eating Contest, One Too Many Puns(NYT) * Cheeky Bloomberg asks speechwriters ‘Who wrote this s---?’ at  Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest weigh-in  (NYDN) WINNING  Sonya ‘Black Widow’ (45HD) Thomas & Joey ‘Jaws’ Chestnut  (68HD)Win Nathan’s Famous 4th of July Hot Dog Eating Contest (WCBS) * Defending Champs Rule At Annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest * Thomas, Chestnut win Nathan's contest again

Salute to Old Glory(NYP) * The Journal celebrates Independence Day with a history lessonNewsday wants readers to remember that slavery in New York State ended 185 years ago today * MICHAEL A. WALSH: A land of bounty(NYP Ed) * So proudly we hail (NYDN Ed) * In 1826: 2nd and 3rd US presidents pass away on the same day. Adams was 90; Jefferson was 83* The Declaration of Independence's Still Stirring Words - Wash Post