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Meng’s daughter, Grace, is running for Congress in eastern Queens, and the arrest could be distraction for her campaign

‘Bribe’ bust for ex-pol (NYP) The first Asian-American elected to the state Legislature was busted on federal bribery charges yesterday. Jimmy Meng, 68, a former state assemblyman, brazenly promised to bribe Manhattan prosecutors who were pursuing a tax- fraud case against a Meng associate, Brooklyn federal prosecutors said. * Ex-Legislator Is Accused of Proposing to Pay Bribes(WSJ) * Former Assemblyman Jimmy Meng Charged With Fraud(NY1) * Feds bust ex-Queens Assemblyman Jimmy Meng(NYDN) * “I don’t believe you guys should even report this,” former Assemblyman Jimmy Meng said as he was followed by a media horde following his arraignment on federal bribery charges.
Update: Busted ex-Assemblyman called witness in bribery case minutes after he was released on $1M bail(NYP) * Jimmy Meng Called Gov't Witness After Arrest(NYDN)

Last month, Grace won the 6th District Congressional primary, beating out three opponents and securing her seat in the general election against Republican Council member Dan Halloran. She thanked her parents during the June 26 victory speech, calling them her “moral compass.” But the congressional candidate is   now distancing herself from her father, saying in a statement she is “independent” of him and “always have been, always will be.”Congressional candidate's father arrested in NY(WSJ)* Jimmy Meng, who was indicted yesterday, reportedly helped Grace Meng raise campaign cash.
FBI Hoped to Flip Meng to Rat on Liu
Federal agents hoped to turn Assemblyman Jimmy Meng against City Comptroller John Liu, for whom he appeared to have raised significant amounts of cash, but Meng refused, the Daily News learns:

To War With the NYP
Assembly Candidate Vows Revenge Against the New York Post(NYO)
Myungsuk Lee, one of many candidates vying to replace Assemblywoman Grace Meng’s soon-to-be-vacated seat, has been battered by a couple recent New York Post articles reporting the existence of prostitution ads in the newspaper he owns, the Korean American Times. But, according to a source monitoring the Korean language media, it seems Mr. Lee is not going to be taking the issue sitting down.

Bronx Uemployment Crisis . . . What do Opponents of Kingsbridge on the Council Think Now?
Jobless Rates High in Bronx, Brooklyn (WSJ) The Bronx and Brooklyn continued to post the highest rates of unemployment in the city in June, highlighting the disparity in jobless rates among the five boroughs. According to non-seasonally adjusted numbers from the state Department of Labor, Bronx’s unemployment rate was 14%, up from 12.1% a year ago. Kings County’s rate rose to 11% from 9.7% a year ago. * Low-wage workers marched in Manhattan for better working conditions.  * Low-Wage Protesters Rally and Rumble in Union Square [Video]


According to CFB the NYT Will Have to Be Listed for An In Kind Contribution to Quinn Campaign for This Article
For Council Speaker, Weekends Mean the Jersey Shore(NYT) Speaker Christine C. Quinn, a likely candidate for New York City mayor in 2013, has embraced a largely anonymous existence in Bradley Beach, N.J.

City Council Criticized NYPD Traffic Policies But Did Not Name the 3 Councilman Who Had Their Tickets Fixed
The Daily News revealed Last May that cops fixed tickets for at least three City Council members. (NYDN) * City Council Members criticized the NYPD’s traffic investigation policies. * Fast and furious: Pols outraged at NYPD for not ticketing speeders(Brooklyn Paper)

Campaign 2012 ABC News reports that Mindy Meyer has been nicknamed “The Magenta Yenta.”* is , pushing for more cops, 1st mayoral hopeful "to lay down a serious marker about crime"? * GOP Senate candidate Juan Reyes has a spotty voting record. * 'Super Jewish: Felder Files Court Challenge to Storobin Petitions'  * Déjà Vu: David Storobin Facing Another Fraud Lawsuit(NYO) * Stringer opposes plan for 20-story nursing home on 97th Street near Columbus Avenue [DNAinfo]DCCC Distributes Old West-Style ‘Wanted’ Posters for Michael Grimm on Capitol Hill(NYO) * Maybe Sampson thought the raccoon/cat looked like Jeff Klein.* not done w/ this story. "Weiner could still get matching funds in 2017, on top of the $4.5 million in the bank." * Marty Golden’s “Feminine Presence” seminar appears to be on its last legs.* Rivera shows Tavarez The Money $$ El Diario NY * Hikind Campaign Contributions to Wife’s Charity Questioned(Jewish Week)

No Comment On Albany Pay Raise
State Senators largely declined to comment about legislative pay raises when the Albany Times Union asked them about whether they would support one: * “I don’t believe you guys should even report this,” former Assemblyman Jimmy Meng said as he was followed by a media horde following his arraignment on federal bribery charges.

AP: NY lawmakers invest to pad campaign accounts (SF Gate) Two of New York's most powerful lawmakers have bolstered their massive campaign accounts by investing millions of those dollars in municipal bonds and companies, some of which have business before the state and have made campaign donations to the legislative leaders.

Danny Hakim has the back story on the Cuomo administration’s efforts to keep the infamous Trooper-gate memo secret: one line in it gives allies of Eliot Spitzer ammunition that then-AG Cuomo didn’t treat him fairly.

"Only God can dictate to me what I can and cannot do. And [Mayor Bloomberg] is not God.” Quote from the soda ban hearings.
Nanny Mike’s next target a real boozy(NYP) The Bloomberg administration will ramp up its campaign against alcohol abuse after its efforts to curb smoking, trans fats, and sugary drinks have earned praise from public health advocates* Strong Words From Both Sides at Soda Ban Hearing(NYT) * Health Board Hears Views on Soda Plan(WSJ) * Outpouring of Opinions at 'Soda Ban' Hearing(WSJ) * Public Hearing Held On Mayor's Soda Ban Proposal (NY1)* Public Hearing Held On Mayor's Soda Ban Proposal(NY1)
* Fizzin’, sizzlin’ soda debate (NYDN) * Sides Make Spirited Arguments For And Against Bloomberg’s(WCBS) * Soda Debate Bubbles Over(NYO)

The ruling could jeopardize $58 million in federal funding the city is set to receive
Judge Keep NYC Schools Open
Teachers union in court win(NYP) * Judge Blocks Bid to Remove Staff at Struggling Schools (WSJ) A State Supreme Court judge upheld an arbitrator’s ruling that the city lacks the authority to remove 3,600 public school teachers, blocking the city’s bid to close and reopen 24 struggling schools * Judge Sides With Union At School Closures Hearing(NY1)
* Judge Backs Union in Turnaround Ruling(NYT) * Judge upholds arbitrator's ruling on teacher contracts(WABC) * A Tale of Two Schools: What New York Department of Education Is Getting Right

Activist Demand No Bus or Subway Cuts
 Advocates tell MTA to restore all transit cuts (NYDN)

Deliberations Underway In Larry Seabrook Trial(NY1)

Poll: Cuomo better in Albany, not Washington(NYP)
New York voters gave Gov. Andrew Cuomo a record approval rating of 73 percent, but they also think Hillary Clinton would make a better president, according to a new poll from Quinnipiac University:
Qpol of NYers: "Clinton leads 67 - 21% among Democrats & 52 - 30 percent among independent voters." Cuomo approval ratings have a life of their own - voters in the state like job he's doing/so relieved to have a functional, no drama govt* Qpoll of NYers: "Clinton would make a better president than Cuomo, voters say 54 - 30 %" * Three Cuomo Staffers Receive Raises(YNN) * New Yorkers Wary of Cuomo Running for President, Poll Finds(NYT) * Cuomo, Previously On The Sidelines, Pushes PSC(YNN) * Eliot Spitzer again weighed in on the transparency issue last night on Inside City Hall.* Jimmy Vielkind: “Cuomo’s sunlight, apparently, is blinding.”

 Con Ed Update
After Nudge From Cuomo, Con Ed and Union Will Meet Over Lockout(NYT) * State Lawmakers Examine Con Ed Lockout Response (NY1)

In Commuters' Daily Gamble, Dashing to Victory, or Despair(NYT) A wrong guess can lead to frustration for subway riders in Manhattan, who must weigh whether to remain on their train or abandon it for one that might leave sooner.

Bloomberg also donated $2.5 million to launch the start of construction yesterday of the New York Genome Center, a 170,000 square-foot space in SoHo that will become one of the largest DNA analytics facilities in the nation.

Mob Always Wins Ice Cream Wars in NY Since I Was A Kid

Cone biz’s vanilla gorillas(NYP) Ice-cream trucks feuding like ‘Mafia’ in war for $weetest streets

City Acquires Last Segment of High Line From Railroad(NYT)

Over 10,000 Couples Were Given Licenses in the First Year of Gay Marriage(NYT) The city has issued marriage licenses for 7,184 same-sex couples since the state legalized same-sex marriage one year ago, generating $259 million for the economy and $16 million in tax revenue* Same-Sex Couples Mark Year Of Legalized Marriages(NY1) * NYC saw 7,184 same-sex weddings in first year of law  (NYDN)

Northrop Grumman Robbed Us 911 ECTP in Bed Schumer? (Artist) *NYC 911 Improvement Plan Is $1 Billion Over Budget, Liu Says ...

Rattner's Banging All Night
 MTA removing 'ugly' LIRR bollards(NYDN)The MTA, bowing to public outrage from Brownstone Brooklyn pols and aesthetes, has begun removing 15 massive granite tombs that have ringed the Long Island Rail Road’s new Atlantic Terminal since its opening* After community push, MTA removes concrete barricades around Atlantic Terminal station [NYDN]

 [image]Manhattan Rents Beckon Brooklynites(WSJ) Some young professionals who fled to Brooklyn in search of affordability are returning to Manhattan as prices in Brooklyn neighborhoods have risen.

 NYU's Greenwich Village expansion is necessary(NYDN) * New York University professor E.L. Doctorow argues that the university’s Greenwich Village expansion plan is a “blueprint for the university’s deterioration” in an op-ed for the News:

A development firm led by former Council Speaker Gifford Miller plans to rezone an industrial stretch of the Bronx into a residential complex consisting of 10 buildings and 1,325 units of housing, the New York Times writes:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a law giving the state’s film and television industry an even larger tax credit for editing and postproduction work, increasing the subsidy to 30 percent from 10 percent, the News writes: also donated $2.5 million to launch the start of construction yesterday of the New York Genome Center, a 170,000 square-foot space in SoHo that will become one of the largest DNA analytics facilities in the nation.


A turf battle between New York and New Jersey is heating up over 2014 Super Bowl business, as both states vie to host the hundreds of events surrounding the biggest sporting event of the year.




H & H will be reborn in Lower Manhattan – in name and recipe, at least
Ex-Owner Pokes Hole in Bagel Story(WSJ) H&H Name Is Revived Downtown, but Founder Objects to Use of Trademark


An audit by Comptroller Tom DiNapoli found that the state overpaid by $33 million in Medicaid funds.

The Making of A President 2012

The National Review takes a closer look at Huma Abedin’s alleged Muslim Brotherhood ties.

New York Fed Faces Questions Over Policing Wall Street(WSJ) * N.Y. Fed Silent on Barclays (The Daily Beast)

Phone-Hacking Charges Chill British Newsrooms(NYT)

Mailed attack plans, drawings to professor; parcel not found until Monday(NYP)

Mike Bloomberg op-eds against those who say that now is not the time to talk about gun control:It’s as if as a country, we cannot mourn the dead and protect the living at the same time.
Picked for death (NYP) Batman fiend selected his tragic victims
* Boxes of bullets just a few clicks from your door(NYDN) * Bloomberg urges both Democrats and Republicans in Washington to strengthen gun control laws after the fatal shooting in Colorado in an op-ed for the News: * Bloomy clarifies cop 'strike' comment  (NYDN)* The Journal’s James Taranto calls Bloomberg's suggestion that police officers go on strike to encourage national leaders to support gun control "an extraordinarily dangerous and radical pronouncement" DC pols take aim at large-capacity ammo clips(NYP) * Gov. Christie questions Bloomberg's timing on gun control(WABC) * ‘Come On!’ Bill O’Reilly Blasts GOP Congressman During Epic Gun Control Segment* Buying an assault weapon in Colo took Newser 45 mins, "less than the running time of 'The Dark Knight Rises.'" * Teen Shooter Charged With Murder Of Bronx 4-Year-Old(NY1) * . reports: is among backers of USA Today ad calling on Obama & Romney to step up on guns  

Accusations of Police Misconduct Documented in Lawyers' Report on Occupy Protests(NYT)

Fatal shooting of 4-year-old Lloyd Morgan brings  gun violence questions to the forefront in Bronx 
Teen busted in slay of 4-year-oldTeen busted in slay of 4-year-old(NYP) * 2 charged in Bronx shootout that killed 4-year-old(NYP)* A mother’s lonely plea(NYP Ed) The Post laments the violence that claimed the life of a four-year-old Bronx boy and nudges community leaders to support the NYPD’s crime fighting efforts * 2 charged in fatal Bronx shootout(WSJ) * Sources: Two People Arrested In Connection With 4-Year-Old's Shooting Death(NY1)* Forest Houses residents, pols search for solutions(NYDN) *Murder Charge in Boy's Playground Death(NBC)


Ohio ‘killer’ confesses to NY priest(NYP)Priest alerts cops

Killer cries in court(NYP)* 20-Year Sentence in Suitcase Killing(NYT) * Jailed ‘beast’: Dogs are mine(NYP)* NYPD Struggling To Deal With Rash Of Sidewalk Cafe Robb (WCBS) * 87 Harlem baby-snatcher pleads for mercy(NYP) * Cops Re-open 1991 "Baby Hope" Cold Case(NBC) * Staten Islanders among 3 accused of stealing $100K worth of cardboard from big-box stores(SI Advance) * NYPD reopens 21-year-old murder case(News12) * Police Arrest 30 In Brooklyn-Based Motorcycle Theft Ring: At least 30 people have been placed under arrest...

‘Looking’ fine: pal of ‘madam’‘Looking’ fine: pal of ‘madam’(NYP)

Trial over GI death(NYP) *Army Prosecutor Details Racial Abuse That Preceded Soldier’s Suicide (NYT) * Military Trials Start in Soldier's Death(WSJ) * Private Wasn’t Suited for War Zone, Soldiers Testify in Court-Martial on His Suicide(NYT)