Sunday, April 15, 2012

True News Updated 24/7 Sunday Update: Gottlieb for Congress Campaign Catches Fire


Towns Is Said to Decline to Run Again for Congress(NYT)

Two recent high-profile setbacks also suggested that Mr. Towns might have been vulnerable. In May, Mr. Towns lost a vote for a district leader seat in the Kings County Democratic Party. And in September, his daughter, Deidra Towns, finished third in a special election for an Assembly seat representing Brooklyn.. . .  In a telephone interview late Sunday, Mr. Jeffries  who is running against the congressman said Mr. Towns had not contacted him about the decision. There is an added wrinkle in the possibility of Mr. Towns anointing a new candidate in his stead, via the committee to fill vacancies. If he were to file petitions to be on the ballot by tomorrow at midnight, that would be indicative of his intentions to do just that. However, nothing in the reports emerging so far has suggested he will seek a replacement candidate * New York's Ed Towns stepping down (Politico) * Congressman Ed Towns Bows Out(NYDN) * B'klyn Democratic Rep. Ed Towns to retire after 30 years in Congress(NYP)

Queens Ticket Splitter Jeffrey Gottlieb is A Convicted Arsonist and Was Institutionalized in An Psychiatric Hospital
Gottlieb used gasoline to torch the apartment on 35th Avenue. His wife and infant son weren’t home, and no one else in the building was hurt, according to a source familiar with the case.  Incendiary charge vs. Qns. candidate(NYP) Cowering inferno.  He was seen by some as a plant by the Queens Democratic machine in order to split the Jewish vote in the northeast Queens district and give the primary to party favorite Assemblywoman Grace Meng, who declined comment.

Lots of No Finger Print Mud Fighting in the 6th
Unpredictable Candidates hoping to repair reputation through backbiting(Queens Politics) One candidate is pitching to the Post, and the other is pitching to the Daily News.


Moynihan: Defining Deviancy Down
How did Gottlieb return to his teaching job 5 months after he set fire to his own home and was institutionalized? Did the Queens' Democratic Machine Protect Him?    

A phone call to Gottlieb’s Kew Gardens Hills home was returned by Jay Golub, his spokesman. “I’m not aware of it,” Golub said of the arson.  Later, he changed his story, saying that Gottlieb had told him of the crime and that it shouldn’t disqualify him from running. “He went through some bad times,” Golub said. “He momentarily allowed himself not to do the right thing.”

More on the Race for the 6th Congressionial District (True News)

John Dean: There is A Growing Cancer Inside the White House - March 21 1973  The Anti-Democracy Cancer Inside the Democratic Party Has Finally Been Exposed in Queens

Only A Continued Media Black Out By the NYT, Daily News and Local TV Will Allow Jeff Gottlieb to Run for Congress and Stop the Cancer of Political Consultants With No Morals and No Ethics Controlling Campaigns and the Media


A Fiction Interview With Boss Crowley and Non Fiction Analysis Inside City Hall
1. Never ask about the corrupt Queens machine is being kept alive by ripping of the Surrogate court *In Queens, Political Center Is in Surrogate's Court - * True News (The Bund): NY Corrupt Party Boss Crowley
2. Queens Democratic Party Boss Crowley says he had no connect to long time Party Hack Jeff Gottlieb entering the race in the 6th to split the Jewish Vote.  The Interviewer Errol Lewis never asked Crowley how Queens Democrat Gottlieb got his job at the Board of Elections. All jobs at the BOE are political appointments given out by party leaders..
3. Lewis Question: Did you put your cousin Elizabeth Crowley in the race to divide the white vote?  I heard people say that cynically. Crowley Answered:We don’t operate that way in Queens County?   To set people up to divert votes. Real Answer: All the elections in Queens are fixed so there is no need to split the vote.. In state legislature races all the democratic nominations are picked by Crowley under the fix special election laws, after an elected official goes to jail, resigns or dies.  Everyone elected to Albany from Queens is a Democrat.  Lewis could have give the example of College student Justin Wax Jacobs getting knocked off the ballot by his party lawyer Frank Bolz on a technicality so a machine backed candidate could run without democratic opposition.  
4. After a video clip of Rohy Lancman charging that the Queens Organization put the Hackest Hack Jeff Gottlieb in the race to divide the JewishBoss Crowley said Gottlieb had no connection to his Queens organizations.  Lewis did not ask him how he got his job at the Board of Elections Or the dozen other Hack jobs Landdman's says he got from Queens organization pols.
5. Crowley said said he was supporting Meng to go along with the the federal court that drew the new 6th district to elect an Asian candidate.  Lewis did not ask Crowley if he was gong to oppose Toby Stavisky who intend to keep her senate seat by running in a state senate district that was also draw to elect the first Asian to the senate * Crowley: No Stalking Horse In NY-6(YNN)

Mike Wallace Had His Own Language to Get Info Out of Someone Who He Was Interviewing

Preview of This Sunday 60 Minute Tribute to Mike Wallace 

Scofflaw Councilmembers: No Free Parking 4 U
Tix-scofflaw pols (NYP) Free-parking placards get pulled Three members of the City Council found that out the hard way when their official government parking permits weren’t renewed because records showed they had unsettled summonses. Steve Levin (D-Brooklyn) ponied up $630, Debi Rose (D-Staten Island) was snared by a red-light camera Aug. 10, 2011 and The same was true for Ruben Wills (D-Queens), who didn’t resolve a double-parking ticket from Nov. 8, 2011, until last week.

NYC Tech Disasters Continue
911 Lost Data; CityTime Sandal; Wireless Network Outdated;  CityNet interrupted and CitiServ Confusion

City’s Top Technology Official Resigns Amid Clashes Over Troubled Projects(NYT)The departure of the technology official, Carole Post, was announced on Thursday, a day before Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said the city would challenge a judge’s order to release what is said to be a sharply critical consultant’s report on an over-budget, much-delayed modernization of the city’s emergency calls and dispatching system.* With City Appeal, 911 Report Remains Secret (WSJ) 
Beside 911 non working billion dollar fix up.  Cost of an upgrade to CityNet, the city’s internal data network; continuing problems and shortcomings with CitiServ, a data center that was supposed to consolidate dozens of city agency servers; and a shortage of users for NYCWin, a secure municipal wireless network. The wireless network, for example, which cost $500 million to build and costs $40 million a year to operate, is underused and arguably outdated. CityNet has experienced interruptions in service, despite a system of redundant fiber optic rings intended to enable it to withstand a breakdown. And the $95 million CitiServ project has confounded agency officials, with DoITT struggling to migrate old systems into the new data center.
Ms. Post, who is to remain in her job until her replacement is named, is leaving, the city said, to become an executive vice president and the first chief strategy officer at New York Law School, where Mayor Bloomberg’s former counsel, Anthony W. Crowell, is president and dean.  3rd Bloomberg DOITT commissioner out. Crowell was special counsel on nypd and fdny pensions....(google Susan Edelmam NYPD FDNY pensions - read how pensions mismanaged)  Rudy's deputy mayors turned lobbyists for SAIC which caused the CityTime scandal.

Political Bloggers Cover Inside Baseball They Don't Follow the Money
Last week Politicker's blogger Campbell reported that Congressman Crowley has raised $550,000. He also reported that Crowley with no opponent has more money than candidates who have opponents An "impressive $1.1 million cash on hand." to deterrent for any aspiring politician in future years to considering running against him in a primary.  The last time Crowley had a candidate taking about running against him it was Hiram Monserrate.  The Queens Boss bought Monserrate off by getting Governor Paterson make an incumbent state senator head of the racing association to open up a seat for him. Campbell also said Crowley can use his money to help other candidates without give any example who he helped in the past.

Deep Throat Said
Follow the Money
Crowley's Money Came From the 1%
Insurance$169,000, Securities & Investment$139,999, Real Estate$97,446, Pharmaceuticals/Health Products$64,650Lobbyists$62,801 . . . Crowley paid Parkside $20,000 most of the funds were during or right after Weprin loss in the Weiner side.  $8400 was on November 11, 20011 campaign material. Crowley was not running in 2011.  On March 15 Friends of Mark Weprin Give the Crowley for Congress committee $1000  on March 16 the Politicker reported Mark Weprin Inches Closer To Congressional Run David Weprin gave $500 before Meng was picked. George Artz gave $1000 to Crowley. Manhattan Community Board Chairwoman * NYS Democratic Assembly Candidate Campaign Commite$32,000 * Julie Menin Gave $250 * William Rudin developer $2500 * John and Susan Zuccotti $5000

Crowley 2011-2012, Campaign Cmte only

Individual Contributions About Size of Contributions
 - Small Individual Contributions
 - Large Individual Contributions
$14,266 (1%)
$638,194 (39%)
legendPAC Contributions $970,905 (59%)
legend Candidate self-financing$0 (0%)
legend Other$30,590 (2%)

Pedro to Join Kruger Soon
Pedro’s family took $15G trip to Puerto Rico using Bx. nonprofit's money: prosecutors(NYP) * Pedro Espada Jr. charged $15,000 to clinic credit card for(NYDN) * $on of a beach(NYP)
Election 2012 63rd seat for state Senate (NYP) State Senate Republicans won a political victory yesterday when a court ruled that the house can add a 63rd seat next year. * Will Dilan Defeat Velazquez? El Diario La Prensa (the Perez Notes) * Hakeem Jeffries Suggests Ed Towns Is Deploying A ‘Rose Garden Strategy’(NYO)* Indy Party Authorizes Congressional Candidates(YNN) * Dogged by a back injury that kept him out of the public eye, Rep. Charlie Rangel raised just $67,273 during the first quarter of 2012.

NY Times Dreaming About Albany Reform That Will Never Happen

Albany Can Kick the Money Habit (NYT) There is no mystery about what New York State needs to reform its campaign finance system: do it like New York City.

Mayor Bloomberg rightly takes power to set wages for some city workers away from city controller (NYDN Ed) John Liu had been overly generous with taxpayer mone* Mike to the Rescue (NYP Ed) Bloomberg signed an executive order Wednesday yanking the comptroller’s century-old power to set wages for about 10,000 unionized city employees, including carpenters, electricians and other trades. The NYP charges that that arrangement lets politicians like Liu curry favor with labor — his biggest political backers and big-time campaign donors — by offering them preposterous pay hikes year after year. In the last decade alone, the city has lost some $600 million this way.

 A New Media Champ Local TV stations who do not cover political campaigns are sure giving Newark Mayor Cory Booker a lot of air time
Next Mayor A CommunistBloomberg Calling Quinn Policy Communist . . .  Is Bloomberg On A Witch Hunt?Mayor rips ‘Commie’ wage plan (NYDN) * Mayor Takes Hard Stance in Wage Fight(WSJ)
Is Bloomberg Still Supporting Quinn for Mayor? . . .

Closed Out of Kindegarten

After Number of Gifted Soars, a Fight for Kindergarten Slots(NYT) Nearly 5,000 children qualified for gifted and talented kindergarten seats in New York City public schools in the fall, 22 percent more than last year and more than double the number four years ago.

Failed Science


Silwa is Katz's Guardian Angel

Sliwa’s a parent & Guardian to secret donor kids with fmr. City Councilwoman Melinda Katz(NYP)





After Reduction NYU Plan to Some Still to Big

Nadler’s sticky fingers(NYP) Nadler endorses Community Board 2’s demand that NYU transfer ownership of the land under 505 LaGuardia Place to the building’s co-op “so that this housing development maintains its affordability in perpetuity.” NYU’s Project 2031 will provide benefits like 18,200 construction jobs, 9,500 new permanent jobs and $6 billion in hard and soft construction spending. Stringer’s deal at least preserves the bulk of the project; Nadler and his activist pals would whittle it to nothing — a reflection of their constipated view of the future.



Historic Brooklyn Navy Yard has become an economic engine for the city (NYDN Ed) Success at nurturing varied businesses is touted as national model  




The Cuomo Story

Want to Read Cuomo’s Story? Biographers Will Offer Options(NYT) *Alan Chartock suspects, but cannot prove, that Cuomo is getting speech coaching to smooth out his Queens accent in advance of a likely presidential run. *  The Saratogian says Cuomo’s pledge to hire the “best and brightest,” followed by his hiring of some scandal-scarred former legislators “doesn’t meet the laugh test.”


 The TU on the governor’s claim that it would be too tough to get medical marijuana passed this session: “Rather than let patients keep suffering or risk being arrested just to get some relief, Mr. Cuomo should try proving Mr. Cuomo wrong – by spending a little of his vast political capital to do the right thing.”


Governor Feels Squeeze(WSJ) With fiscal fears spreading from Long Island to the Rust Belt, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is confronting the question of how to help municipal governments pull through the worst cash crunch in decades.


Hints Emerge of a Rebound in New York City Real Estate(NYT) Some signs, like bidding wars and more people at open houses, indicate that the New York City real estate market has turned the corner. 


On 40th Anniversary of Watergate, Woodward Ponders What, Young Digital Journalist Would Do


Like It Is Remembered 

WABC's Gil Noble remembered as pioneer(NYDN)


Ride to Ballgame on Vintage Train Transports Fans to Another Era(NYT)


Legends from America’s pastime remembered at Green-Wood(NYDN) About 200 of Baseball’s most prominent figures are buried at the cemetery - with none bigger than Chadwick. He created many of the rules and phrases still used today.
 Waldorf-Astoria launches beekeeping on roof with 48,000(NYP) 

Hitting the Streets in a Harlem Precinct(NYT) Rookie police officers from a variety of backgrounds come together in the new CBS show “NYC 22.”


The Making of the President 2012
Romney campaign continues to promote Ann's motherhood in bid for women voters(NYP) * For Obama, Going Positive May Be Difficult - Richard Stevenson, NY Times * Election Will Be All About Obama - Scott Rasmussen, Boston Herald * The Debate on Women We Should Be Having - Ruth Marcus, Wash Post * Buffett Rule Another Pathetic Sleight of Hand - Mark Steyn, OC Register * When Democrats Gave Up on Guns - Steve Kornacki, Salon * President's Misleading Reagan Reference - Larry Kudlow, National Review * The Limits of the "Buffett Rule" - Washington Post * Obama Says Legalization Is Not the Answer on Drugs(NYT) * Romney Asked To Host 'SNL'(Huff Post) * George Stephanopoulos Asks If Obama Campaign Should Sever Ties To Bill Maher Following Rosen Remark * Obama Defends Typically GOP States in Race to 270 - Tom Beaumont, AP * Obama's Troubled Reelection Strategy - Jay Cost, Weekly Standard * Romney's Real Problem With Women - Joan Vennochi, Boston Globe * The Buffett Rule Campaign Hits Dead End - Byron York, DC Examiner * GOP Offers More Help for the Wealthy - New York Times

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)


NY Sen. Gillibrand Battles With Rep. Bachmann Over ‘War on Women’


Romney And Former GOP Primary Candidates Drink And Sing Together On SNL


Bill Maher On ‘Rosen-Gate’: Just The Latest In ‘Stupid, Non-Consequential, Meaningless Controversies’



Law and Order

NRA members take shots at Bloomberg(NYDN)

Girl stabbed in Bronx(NYP)* Retired Officer Happy To Be Alive After Pharmacy Robbery Shootout(NY1)* I’m just glad to be alive, says ex-NYPD Lt. Thomas Barn(NYDN)* NYPD find drugs, guns in Brooklyn home(Fox 5)* Search for suspect in livery cab robbery(WABC)* Manager, officer talk about pharmacy robbery(WABC) * Police Seek Armed Dunkin' Donuts Bandit(NBC) * NYPD Hunts For Suspect In Attemped Rape Suspect At Riverside(WCBS)* Passerby heroes scare off rapis(NYP)* Search for attempted rape suspect(Fox  5)* Schumer: Penalties for pharmacy thefts(Fox  5)* Suspect sought in subway rape in Brooklyn(WABC) * Police search for driver in Bronx hit and run(WABC) * Police Seek Suspect in Brooklyn Subway Steps Rape(NBC) * Three Men Involved In Bed-Stuy Shooting At Large(NY1) *Livery cab driver turns himself in after hitting grandmother at bus stop in Williamsburg(NYP) * Police Search Hit-And-Run Driver After Death Of 13-Year-Old (WCBS)*NYPD Officers Injured In Run-In With Anarchists(WCBS) * Panic as anti-government goons smash up E. Village(NYP) * Police Injured During Arrests After Anarchy Book Fair(NBC) * Police Hunt for Attempted Rapist(NBC)* Tompkins Square Park Closed Last Night After Black-Clad Rampage(NY Magazine)




Teens' Fight In Bronx Results In Shooting Death(NY1)

Police Seek Man Who Raped Woman Outside Brooklyn L Train Station(NY1)


Police Search For Man Behind Attempted Rape In Riverside Park(NY1)

Union rebel's violent life(NYDN) Eric Gundersen is the earnest face of a new union that’s trying to usurp the biggest construction union in the city — the 25,000-member District Council of Carpenters.



Fighting Terrorism

NYPD Deploys Canine Units To Counter Terror Plots(WCBS)