Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another Albany Big Ugly Deal

 It’s the most devious Legislature in America,” Mr. Koch said. “We tried our best, and the ghouls won." 

Reformers’ Hopes Fade on Albany Redistricting Deal (NYT) Cuomo, who had threatened to veto any boundaries drawn by lawmakers instead of an independent panel, says it is now too late for an independent process. * Cuomo: New Maps Show 'Progress'(WSJ) * Albany Lawmakers Revise Maps For State Senate, Assembly(NY1) * Albany Redrawing Political Map With Old Lines of Thought (NYT) Cuomo recently asked his father, Mario Cuomo, for advice on how to deal with the eternal problem with redistricting, he told the New York Times in an interview. The answer? “Change the constitution”
*Tweaked special master map released shortly before midnight last night....here it is: * The new maps are not popular in the Bronx. * Good government groups are split over the redistricting constitutional amendment proposed by the Senate and Assembly majorities. * Though the new Senate and Assembly maps didn’t differ significantly from the first version, which Cuomo deemed “unacceptable,” the tweaks showed “progress,” the governor said.* King and Sharpton Help Broker Agreement El Diario La Prensa(Perez Notes) * Krueger: I’ll Blame The Gov For Redistricting Failure (YNN) * Senior admin official: will approve maps if lawmakers pass law as backup to constitutional amendment. *   Citizens, NYS legislature broke pledge for fair maps this yr. Now they promise it in . Fool me once.Santorum Accuses Fox News Of Shilling For Romney, Is Called Out By Brian Kilmeade * Vince Morgan, a Rep. Charlie Rangel primary challenger, stated the obvious by calling redstricting a “clusterf*ck,” adding: “That is on the record. It’s a clusterf*ck. However you can put that into print, do that.” * Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said a legislative deal on the House lines is “unlikely.”

After Every Paper Demand An End to Gerrymandering Only Newsday Had Editorial On the Death of Reform in Albany At Crunch Time

NYT Ed Dream Act for New York * NYP Ed Occupy the Times * Newsday: Guv shouldn't give in on maps Newsday urges Cuomo to veto the latest redistricting lines, saying he “may have to settle for an imperfect deal, but it would have to be far better than this to be worth signing”  Daily News Ed: Keith Wright and Adriano Espaillat play the race card in district squabble Manhattan pols are wrong to make divisive attack on new Congressional lines  The Daily News accuses Assemblyman Keith Wright and Sen. Adriano Espaillat of needlessly injecting racial rhetoric into the redistricting debate * Gov. Cuomo must veto this bad redistricting deal(Hammond, NYDN) To truly fight gerrymandering, send the process to the court

  Dick wants to be the Fourth Man in the Room. RT : Is Dadey really interested in reform -- or in his relationship with Cuomo?

Where Have the Truth Telling Reporters Like Jack Newfield Gone?

If You Want to Watch Candidates Throw Mud At Each Other On Issues That Have Nothing to Do With Their Roles As Elected Officials Watch This Debate


NY1 Online: Special State Senate Debate: Storobin vs. Filder(NY1) * On Inside City Hall, Storobin and Fidler Debate Who’s More Negative (NYO)

If You Want to Learn How Politics Rally Works Demand the Media Hire Investigative Reporters and Stop Covering Elections Threw Flacks As He Said She Said BS

How Deeply Involved Was Lew Fidler in the Kruger Corruption Operation? 

Lopez and Fidler Both Operate Corrupt Government Funded Political Machines. Fidler and Kruger funded with government funds a non profit that serves the same purposes as Vito Lopez’s Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council.  Lopez uses his non profit as his political machine and Fidler and Kruger use Millennium Developers to prop up their politically weakened Thomas Jefferson Club.
The reason Millennium so operations like Ridgewood Bushwick was that Lopez copied an non profit New Perspectives that his one time mentor Tony Genovese invented to use government money his political machine stronger.  We the investigators got to close to going after New Perspectives it was shut down and rebuilt and refund under a new name Millennium Developers.  Paul Curiale, the husband of Fidler’s council aide Debbie Malone, runs Millennium Development.  Both are heavily involved in the operation of the Thomas Jefferson Club help run Fidler campaigns and other candidates the club supports.  The press which has attacked Lopez’s Ridgewood Bushwich but has never gone after Millenmium which also gets millions in government funded member item slush funds. Workers for Millenmium will be working hard next week to elect Fidler in the special elections to replace Fidler. Pork Pig Fidler’s Media Friends Put Lipstick On Him.

Fidler Kruger Dorothy Turano and Community Board 18 BJ

It clear from the guilty plea of Kruger and his lobbyist Lipsky that Planning Board 18 manager Dorothy Turano was deeply involved in the Kruger corruption.  Yet astonishly she still remains as chairman of that board.  Dorothy Turano, Kruger's longtime companion, chief political partner and beneficiary, mother of his alleged domestic partner, and t district manager of CB 18 for 22 years, has, at least so far, remains untouched.  When questions were raised about her connections to the Kruger corruption Filder said he did not want to get involved is pushing Dorothy out of her job.  Was Fildler just being nice or protecting his ass? Does Dorothy have to goods on Fidler?  While we many never know because the feds seem to have let most of those around Kruger go, there is one important clue in the inditement of Kurger that connect Kruger, Dorothy Turano and Fidler in a scam that paid Kruger $472,500 in bribes.

Turano Who Changed Vote As Chairperson of Board 18 and Live Off of Kruger Bribes Is Still In Office Making Deals
From her perch at the community board, prosecutors suggest, Dorothy might have played her own small part. After rejecting plans for a retail development at a vacant site in 2004, she and the board approved a similar proposal in March 2007. Within a few weeks, a developer involved in the proposal began sending checks totaling $472,500 to Michael’s bank accounts.  In 2004 Kruger and Fidler both opposed building a Home Depot on that side.  Even those the site was not in Fidler’s district.  In 2007 when a BJ was chosen for that site with a different developer and Frank Seddio was hired as the lawyer for the BJ’s both Kruger and Fidler both approved of the project.  Kruger partner Michael was delivered the bribe money shortly after the vote.  The only person who can say what Fidler got for his cooperation is Dorothy Turano who job the councilman protects.

Liu's Rat

Questions Remain Over Who Tipped Off Feds In Liu Probe(NY1)


The Last Amigos Falling Down

Schneiderman: Bronx Man Embezzled $75K From Nonprofit Founded By Sen. Diaz Sr.(YNN)


Espada, son set for embezzlement trial (TU) As ex-Sen. Pedro Espada’s corruption trial nears, his Bronx-based Soundview clinics are struggling to come up with a plan to stay open after its Medicaid funding runs out in April


GOP ’s Turner eyed to take on Gillibrand (NYDN) * Queens Crap: Turner and Ackerman could be finishedRedistricting may mean Charlie Rangel has a fight on his hands  - NY Daily News * Transportation Alternatives is trying to force the next mayor’s hand on bike lanes. * Actress Scarlett Johansson is hosting another fundraiser for Manhattan BP/2013 NYC mayoral hopeful Scott Stringer on April 5.  Breaking  

Turner to Challenge Gillibrand (NYT) * o win the Democratic nomination without a runoff, a candidate must accrue 40% of the primary vote. The Quinnipiac Poll suggest Quinn is closest to that prize, with 30% of Democrats supporting her. Among Democratic voters, who will decide the pivotal race for the party’s mayoral nomination, Quinn’s support is double her nearest rival, giving her a significant early lead. * The first candidate for a new Asian majority Senate seat is white, although his wife is Chinese. * Storobin Campaign Files FCC Complaint Against Gregory Davidzon(NYO) * Gillibrand and Turner Compete for Dov Hikind’s Nod(NYO) * Manhattan GOP Endorses Bob Turner For Senate(NYDN) *Rep. Turner Launching Senate Run(WSJ) * His District Likely to Be Cut, Congressman Eyes Gillibrand's Senate Seat(NYT)



What Conspiracy?

Judge in Case From Yonkers Raises Doubts on Evidence(NYT) In the government’s corruption case against a former councilwoman, a Judge Colleen McMahon suggested that proof of a conspiracy may be lacking. * Uninformed sycophancy: Charlie Rose interviews Bruce Ratner about "Atlantic City Yards" (sic), betrays zero recognition of controversy (Atlantic Yards Reports)

What's missing

But the Yonkers trial raises questions well beyond the charges, and the Times previously
described only part of Forest City's questionable behavior, which has been detailed in the Journal News.

Also, the trial has cast a spotlight on a top state Republican, Binghamtom Sen. Tom Libous, who, according to testimony,
got his son a job at the law firm of Anthony Mangone, the protege of top Republican Nick Spano.

And that newsworthy story, which just
provoked a New York Post editorial, hasn't made the Times. 

How Bruce Ratner Wins Approval for his Projects and the Trial


The Budget Pension Kabuki Dance

Cuomo draws the line(NYP Ed)Do something about runaway pensions — or see New York’s government shut. That was Gov. Cuomo’s ultimatum to lawmakers yesterday, as the April 1 deadline for a deal on his budget — and his plans to rein in public pensions — nears. * Bloomberg Becomes More Critical Of State Legislature As He Cheers On Pension Reform(NY1) * The pension deadlock (TU) The budget Kabuki dance began between Cuomo and the Legislature over pension reform began yesterday, with the governor threatening a government shutdown, and lawmakers voting for one-house budget bills without pension reform attached * even though Andrew Cuomo has threatened a government shutdown over pension reform, neither the Assembly or the Senate included it in their budget. * Mayor Bloomberg announces statewide TV ads will air in favor of Cuomo's pension overhaul. * Bloomberg Ad Calls For ‘Reasonable And Balanced’ Pension Reform(YNN) * Obama Allies Fear G.O.P. Head Start on ‘Super PACs’(NYT) * Gov. Andrew Cuomo warned the alternative to pension reform is “thousands of layoffs” of employees in local governments around the state. * Sen. Diane Savino delivered a firey speech in defense of pensions.* Albany Talks on Deal to Cut Pensions for Public Workers (NYT) * Gov may let NYPD, FDNY skate on pension fix (NYDN)

Dolan Pressures Albany Leaders On Reproductive Health Act(NY1) * “Our attorneys tell us, ‘Be careful,’ because if this law passes, church health facilities and hospitals may be coerced to doing abortion,” Dolan said.* Dolan also said he believes the church’s disagreement with the Obama administration over the contraception mandate will be settled in court and not through negotiation.

N.Y., N.J. Lawmakers Team Up To Try To Make Port Authority More Accountable(NY1)PA set for a ‘double’ grilling (NYP) State lawmakers from New York and New Jersey will come together next month to grill the Port Authority about mismanaged funds, after it was revealed the agency lost $16.9 million by underbilling tenants at JFK Airport

Williamsburg emerges as NYC's Silicon Valley(News12)

Charters hot ticket in W’burg and UWS(NYP) * Promising Results for Specialized High School Tutoring(NYT)

A vast majority New York voters approve of the NYPD’s surveillance of Muslims; a slight majority disapprove of stop-and-frisk.* NYers give thumbs-up to Bloomberg & Kelly, despite NYPD(NYDN) * A new Q poll found NYC voters approve of the job the NYPD is doing, 63-31, and say (58-29) that police act appropriately in dealing with Muslims.

Mount Sinai hospital seeking green light for expansion(NYDN)



City Orders Lighter Crane Loads After WTC Accident, Contractor Says (DNAINFO


Coney Island Boardwalk Closer to Concrete(NYT) In allowing plastic and concrete replacements, the Public Design Commission would require parks officials to consider moving the center concrete strip.


Visions for the Last Section of the High Line(NYT) * High Line goin’ the distance (NYDN)


NY biz rigs homeless as Wi-Fi zones(NYP) The homeless are being turned into walking Wi-Fi aerials — dispatched with devices to peddle Web access to passers-by — as part of a “charitable experiment” by a Manhattan ad agency. * Testimony Boosts Internet Betting Plan(WSJ)

Election 2012
Breaking: Santorum wins Alabama and Mississippi primaries

Santorum Sweeps Alabama and Mississippi(NYT) *Santorum Says Romney Can't Close 'Deal' With Republicans (Business Week) * Santorum wins GOP primaries in Ala., Miss.(Wash Post) * Rick rocks the South! Ten things that didn't happen in Alabama, Mississippi (SFGate) * Santorum calls on conservatives to pull together (Kansas City Star) *Wins Turn Contest Into Delegate Fight With Romney(NYT)

Santorum gets some southern hospitality as he wins both Alabama AND(Daily Mail)

For Romney, having Gingrich around may not be such a bad thing(Wash Post)

Obama’s Rating Falls as Poll Reflects Shaky Landscape(NYT)* GOP Race Tightens in South (WSJ) * Capital Journal: Adding Romney's Pluses, Minuses(WSJ) * Rick Santorum Fires Back On Hannity: ‘My 12-Year-Old Will Out-Reason Bill Maher’ * Mitt Romney is vastly out-spending his rivals in the Deep South in anticipation of today’s primaries. *Why Aren't GOP Elites Pushing to End the Primary? (The Atlantic) *Super PAC Sugar Daddies Spread Campaign Contributions Around At State Level, Too (Huff Post) * GOP Candidates Face High Stakes in South - Josh Lederman, The Hill * So Far, Demographics Trumps Momentum in GOP Race - Sean Trende, RCP * GOP Wants to Sabotage Economy - Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast * Obama Holds to Afghan Plan Amid Turmoil - Alexis Simendinger, RCP * DOJ Objects to Texas Voter ID Law - Ryan Reilly, Talking Points Memo *Votes Are More Against Than For in 2 Southern States(NYT) * Rick Santorum Whines About Coverage From Fox News (NY Mag) * Deep South Primaries Only the End of Beginning - Ed Morrissey, The Week * Will Close 3-Way Races Give Romney the Win? - Ryan Lizza, New Yorker * Romney's Vulnerabilities in Fall Increasingly Clear - Doug Schoen, FOX *  A Brokered Convention Isn't Going to Happen - Jennifer Rubin, Wash Post *  Would Romney Really Repeal ObamaCare? - Paul Rahe, Ricochet * Obama's 2012 Strategy Is Backfiring - John Podhoretz, Commentary



Jon Stewart Cringes Through Romney’s Painful Southern Pandering


Is MF Global Getting a Free Pass?(NYT)

Occupy the Times(NYP Ed) Looks like The New York Times has learned the old politico’s trick of publicly releasing potentially embarrassing information late on a Friday afternoon.  Initial stories estimated Robinson’s severance package at between $15 million and $21 million — not exactly chump change even at the low end of the stick. But it turns out that Robinson — who saw the Times’ stock drop more than 80 percent in value during her tenure — will be collecting a stunning $24 million.

News Corp's culture of lying update. Rebekah Brooks arrested again on suspicion of obstruction of justice

Rebekah Brooks and her husband among six arrested by phone hacking police(The Telegraph)

Concerns over security plan for WTC area(Fox 5) * NYPD Proposes Vehicle Checkpoints Near WTC(NBC)

Defendant Won’t Testify in Rutgers Case(NYT) * Defense Wraps Up In Rutgers Case(WSJ) * Accused Student Won't Testify in Rutgers Spying Trial(WSJ)

2 suspects in ‘tryst’ slay(NYP) * Suspects Sought in Death of Chelsea Man(NYT) * Police Identify Two Suspects In Death Of Chelsea Man(NY1) * Her burly detective clueless(NYDN) * 2 eyed in slay of Chelsea bizman(NYDN)


 Stolen fone’s pings point to black market shop (NYDN)


Maintenance worker kills burglar at Queens grocery store(NYP)


A Luxury Condo Building With Views of the Skyline, and the Prison Next Door(NYT)

Law and Order

Bandit hits bank twice(NYP) * Killer ’fesses 2nd wife slay(NYP) * Exonerated Man Now Helps Others(WSJ) * Man to answer charges in NYC pipe-bomb terror case(WSJ) * No relief yet for Bx. man with bullet in neck (NYDN) * FBI Seeks Help To Find Suspect Dubbed ‘White Glove Band (WABC)* NYC Pipe Bomb Suspect Due In Cour(Fox 5) * 'White Glove Bandit' commits third robbery(WABC) * Search for stolen iPhone leads to bigger discovery(WABC)* Cop knocked out in B'klyn bar brawl could be in trouble for alleged witness tampering(NYP) * Massive Heroin Bust Nabs Retired Cop(NBC) * New York State Set to Store DNA of All Criminals(NYT)

* Killer helps find wife’s head (NYDN)

* Ex-cop sued in friendly-fire death(NYDN)