Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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Cuomo State of the State in His Own Words

 "We need a robust public discussion on the pros and cons of the mandates." * On campaign finance, calls for "public funding of elections" and lower contribution limits. * We chose to begin to change the culture of Albany * Cuomo calling for private-public partnerships in -- "private sector jobs without spending state resources." * Cuomo's call to "build the largest convention center" at race track. * Cuomo vows to attract $4B in private investment to build biggest convention center in U.S. at Aqueduct. * Cuomo wants to transform current Javits Center site using Battery Park City model. Says can attract $2B in private development money. * Cuomo mentions promoting tourism throughout the state. * Estimated $1 billion of economic activity from gaming can be generated in our state * Cuomo calls for constitutional amendment to legalize casino gaming * He wants a 20 to 1 leverage of private-public money for roads projects. "It is time to build, to act and perform" for new TZ Bridge.* Cuomo likens "energy highway" to Eisenhower's interstate project from the 1950s. * Total cost of Cuomo's plan: $25 billion in state, federal, private economic activity. It comes down to "jobs, jobs, jobs." * Cuomo calls for creation of Tier VI in state pension, notes it would apply to employees who don't yet exist * By next yr, pension costs for schools, state + local gov’ts will have increased 100% since 2009 – we need reform and a Tier VI *  "Everyone in education has a lobbyist." (except students) * Cuomo calls for pension reform - no applause from Comptroller DiNapoli * . Forming Bipartisian commission for education reform. * We need major reform in 2 areas – teacher accountability and management efficiency * . "We need a real teacher evaluation system, it has never been put in place. Our children deserve better. "* uomo -We are driven by business of education more than achievement in education * Cuomo says hes' taking 2nd job as lobbyist for students. "The purpose of public education is not to grow the public education bureaucracy" * Cuomo: Stop fingerprinting for food. 30% of NYers elgble for (1.4M ppl) don't get them, leaving $1B+ unclaimed in fed $   * Cuomo seeks public financing of election campaigns*Cuomo is NOT going to mention anything about in this speech. It was in the book. * Cuomo says he'll be sending the Legislature a program bill to provide for public financing of elections. * Not mentioned: hydrofracking, independent redistricting, disability rights * . endorses top priority of , calling for collection of DNA samples from anyone convicted of crime.  * Also skipped by Cuomo, but included in the SoS "book": A reiteration of his pledge to veto partisan/nonindependent redistricting plan   * Cuomo working both sides of the surveillance state: end fingerprinting for food stamps, but expand DNA database to all criminals. . *In Cuomo Address, a Shift to the Nuts and Bolts (NYT) * You can watch or read the presentation if you missed it. * Streetsblog sees some red flags for transit in Cuomo’s address.

Silver says it is a "top priority" to raise the minimum wage. It's "absurd" to expect anyone to live on it, he says * Silver says "middle class is dwindling" and time to rebuild "that ladder." Will ask Assembly to raise minimum wage.* Silver calls Cuomo most effective Chief Executive in country * Silver calls for increased funding for community colleges*Silver calls for tax cut on lowest earners* Speaker Silver notes that only once in 4 decades has NY State met its obligation to fund 40% of community colleges.

Skelos promises support for a transportation infrastructure plan.* Skelos calls for "early passage of another fiscally responsible state budget.

Kodak Bankrupt 
Whoa, WSJ is reporting Kodak in Rochester will file for bankruptcy, same day as Kodak Preparing for Chapter 11 Filing

 Can't Crack 25%

Romney Wins Iowa Caucus by 8 Votes(NYT)Mitt leads Santorum by mere 8 votes in Iowa caucus thriller(NYP) * Santorum Fights to a Near Draw, and Paul Is a Close Third(NYT) * Out of Santorum’s Lean Operation, a Muscular Result(NYT) * Candidate Speeches: Romney | Santorum | Paul Gingrich | Perry | Bachmann 

Eight Votes Divide Pair; Paul Third(WSJ) * Perry spent more than $300 per vote in Iowa; Santorum, only 73 cents (Wash Post) * Bachmann has apparently cancelled her South Carolina trip; her campaign has called a press conference at 10amCT. * Rick Santorum Revels in Iowa Triumph - Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics * Romney Leaves Iowa w/Same Problems He Had in '08 - Philip Rucker, WP * Mitt and the Anti-Romney - James Antle, The American Spectator * Perry to Reassess Campaign - Ken Herman, Austin American-Statesman * Iowa Results Should Worry Republicans - Philip Klein, DC Examiner * Caucus Cliffhanger Produces Drama But No Clarity - Tom Bevan, RCP * Obama is returning to NYC Jan. 19 for more fundraising, including a high-dollar event hosted by Spike Lee and his wife. * Best Coverage on Rick Santorum and His Record(Publica)* Mitt Romney Talks To GMA About Rick Santorum, ‘Angry, Disappointed’ Newt Gingrich* Obama is headed to a rally in Cleveland. * Michele Bachmann is out   Bachmann suspends presidential campaignBachmann suspends presidential campaign(NYP)* John McCain Endorses Mitt Romney * Romney’s returning to New York to squeeze his “exhausted” New York donors.

 Gingrich Heads to NH to Get His Revenge on Romney

New Hampshire Becomes Optional for Some - Katharine Seelye, NY Times * 4 Take Aways from Iowa - Ari Melber, The Nation * Romney Sees Better 2012 Outcome, But Just Barely - Erin McPike, RCP * It's a Tie - Which Means Santorum Won - John Dickerson, Slate * Gingrich Says He Survived 'Onslaught' - Matt Pearce, Los Angeles Times * 2012 Race Will Be War of Total Annihilation - Bill Schneider, Politico


If the NYC Board of Election Were Counting Last Nights Election We Would Not Know the Results Before June

Santorum would have won because of the hundreds of ballots the city board would have discarded  because they would not be able to be read in their scanners. Bloomberg Not Sure Whether Electronic Ballet System Is Efficient(NY1)

Lobbyist Richard J. Lipsky Employee of Bruce Rattner and Briber of Convict Carl Kruger Takes Plea

Who Did Rattner's Atlantic Yards Development Benefit From the Bribery? Did they Have Knowledge of the Pay Offs?

Lobbyist Is Expected to Plead Guilty in Corruption Case(NYT) Is Lipsky going to talk about Forest City Rattner's Bruce Bender or other pols who pay to play with the Rattner evil empire built on government $$$? * New Plea in Bribes Scandal(WSJ)




Copy Machine Reporters

Press See Nothing Beyond the Press Release Feed to Them By the U.S. Attorney 

Passive Press Only Reports Pleas Does Not Investigate Who Benefited From the Bribery






Kruger Files For His Pension On the Day Hospital Executive Admits in Court He Bribed Him 

Corrupt ex-pol Kruger getting $65,000+ pension(NYP)*Queens Hospital Executive Admits He Bribed Kruger(YNN)  * Hospital Chief, Lobbyist Taken Down In Carl Kruger Scandal(WCBS)


Those Who Kruger or Lipsky Can Rat On

Is Rangel the Last Black Congressman From Harlem?

Harlem Faces a Historic Shift(WSJ) Rise of Hispanic Voters Means Neighborhood Could Lose Its Black Voice in Congress* East Harlem wants to know why the Bloomberg administration is pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into “playground for the rich” at Randall’s Island while improvements in parks in their neighborhoods languish.

Old Harlem Vs. New Harlem: Dickens Fights Mark-Viverito for 2013 Speakship

 Will the New Speaker Promise Member Item Funds in Exchange for Support?. . .   Yes, Bet the House

Early speculation about who will succeed City Council Speaker Christine Quinn in 2013 has centered on two members who represent neighboring districts: Inez Dickens and Melissa Mark-Viverito (NYO) * A battle royale to be the next NYC Council speaker is shaping up between two Harlem Democrats: Melissa Mark-Viverito and Inez Dickens. 


In New Ad, Tom Allon Slams Quinn for St. Vincent’s Closure–Update(NYO)






Showing No Moral Leadership Quinn Continues to Fund Seabrook 

NYT  Interview Become A Quinn Mayoral Spin

Quinn Ignores the demands of the NYP, Daily News and mayoral candidate Tom Allon that she not fund Seabrook's member items until his retrial for using the funds for himself, family members and his girlfriend.  NYT reporter Kate Taylor did not ask Quinn any questions about if it war morally right to give government funds to someone who distributed them to his family and mistress.  

Taylor was satisfied with Quinn's spin that her reforms would that from happening again.  Taylor could have also asked Quinn if it was right to fund Vito Lopez's political machine the Bushwich Senior Citizen Center with member items $$$.  Taylor show how the NYT is spinning for Quinn when she ask the speaker about what she would do to end the deadlock between the teacher union and the city.  Quinn answers that she would lock them a room until they came up with a solution, not what her policy would be on teacher evaluations.  Where is the leaderships Quinn Stands Behind Decision on Seabrook Funds (NYT)


Note to City Hall News: Every Pols Uses Member Items to Help Them Get Reelected 

Martin Golden’s Member Items Help Group That Helps Him (CHN) * Sen. Marty Golden has steered at least $770,000 in taxpayer funds to a nonprofit neighborhood group he founded, which often used the money to sponsor events that promoted the Brooklyn Republican.


Happy 45th Birthday John Liu

Despite the investigation into his fundraising, NYC Comptroller John Liu is planning a big cash bash to celebrate his 45th birthday. 




Pedro G. Espada releases the world's cheesiest ad defending Soundview, blasting Cuomo






Does Krueger Think Those Elected by Boss Controlled Special Elections are Also Constitutional Con Artists? 

Krueger was picked by party bosses to run in a special election for her state senate seat.   Does Krueger think that over a third of state elected offices were picked by party bosses to run in special elections is good democracy?  Krueger Blasts ‘Constitutional Con Artists’(YNN)  Democrats continue to pound away at the possibility of adding an extra Senate seat, raised yesterday by Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos. * Republican State Senator  Marty Golden thinks it’s going to happen anyway.




Union chief defends MTA workers playing chess on job (NYP) *Under the bus, NY(NYP Ed) *  Former M.T.A. Chief Recounts His Ups and the System’s Downs (NYT)


Upstate Leader Floods Mayor With Concerns Over City's Watershed Use(NY1)



State of the State II

Cuomo's State Address May Touch On Budget Gap, Expanded Gambling(NY1)

It is expected to be, as Tom Precious puts it, a “less ambitious” speech than the inaugural SoS in 2011. Cuomo says that’s because he and the Legislature accomplished so much during his first year.  * The governor wants to make the Capitol a tourist “destination,” with a focus on the history of the building and all its players – including the executives who came before him.* Controversial issues that many will be listening for in the SoS include: Campaign finance reform, redistricting, hydrofracking. The speech will reportedly include a proposed 3.8 million square foot convention center – the country’s largest – connected to the Aqueduct racino in Queens. * Cuomo Speech



  The Pro Frack Spin: Creating Jobs

More Brown Jobs(WSJ) Now foreign investors are betting on America's shale boom. The Wall Street Journal predicts that Albany’s need for revenue will soon “trump its anticarbon pieties,” and allow for hydrofracking in the state. * Chefs – including Sandra Lee’s fellow Food Network star Mario Batali – have joined the anti-fracking fray.* The EPA will dredge the polluted Gowanus Canal in an effort to clean it up. * The city could get stuck with part of the bill if the city has to deal with sewage and storm runoff that goes into the canal, The Post reports.


Cuomo in A Position To Rescue Isolated UFT President 

Grants in Limbo, the City Tells Principals to Hold On(NYT) Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch is urging Gov. Andrew Cuomo to take the lead in advancing a statewide teacher evaluation system, which has stalled over opposition from unions and district official * The Post blames the teachers union for the impasse over evaluations that has blocked millions in school improvement grants from flowing to the city Teacher protection racket (NYP Ed) * The Daily News also blasts the UFT over the evaluations, and applauds Cuomo’s move to empanel a school accountability taskforce to get education reforms back on track  Cuomo’s leadership needed to strengthen teacher evaluation (NYDN Ed) * Governor Expected to Set Up Panel on Education Reform(NYT) * State Judge Allows Charter Schools In Public Buildings To Remain Rent-Free(NY1)School Loses Bid to Halt Man’s Protest(NYT) * Andrew Cuomo’s education commission is expected to tackle his oft-repeated criticism that schools continued to get the same amount of funding regardless of performance.


Mayor Admits Job-Center Faults(WSJ) Mayor Michael Bloomberg acknowledged that there is overcrowding at some of New York City's job centers—where low-income people can gain access to a variety of public-assistance benefits, such as food stamps—and he pledged that his administration would attempt to ameliorate the situation.




Jails Closing

Inmates moved as prison closures continue(TU)  The state recently closed its seventh prison, and shifted 2,600 inmates and 1,400 staff to its remaining 60 facilities, as part of Cuomo’s plan to consolidate the state’s prison population * Fulfilling an Andrew Cuomo campaign promise, the state recently closed its 7th prison.


New Daily News Editor and Murdoch Hacking

David Folkenflik (Twitter) New NYDN editor Colin Myler was called in to clean up NOTW in 07 - but denied having hacking evidence in 2009 - a yr after damning memo.

Firebomber Picked Targets to Settle Personal Scores

Firebomb Suspect Is Charged (WSJ) Ray Lazier Lengend was charged late Tuesday with five counts of criminal possession of a weapon, four counts of arson and one count of arson as a hate crime for the attack on the Imam Al-Khoei Islamic Center. * Molotov firebomber admits to petty revenge: cops (NYP)  

Firebomber Was Refused the Use of the Mens Room in the Islamic Center

Firebomber Picked Targets to Settle Personal Scores, Police Say(NYT) *NYPD: Fire-Bomb Suspect Cites Personal Grievances(WSJ) * Queens Man Charged With Series Of Firebomb Attacks(NY1)Anti-Semite on the attack(NYP)


The Only Criticism of Obama New National Defense Act in the NY Press is Buried in an OWS Story

Those in NY who spoke out during the Bush Administration Now Are Silent

3 Arrested as Occupy Protestors March in Midtown(NYT) * Two Arrested At Occupy Wall Street Protest In Grand Central(NY1) More than 100 Occupy Wall Street protesters headed to Grand Central Terminal on Tuesday to protest the recently signed National Defense Authorization Act. * The Occupy movement is supporting Albany County DA David Soares’ re-election bid. * Pols ignoring costs of war(Politico)

Police Demographics Unit Casts Shadows From Past(NYT) Nearly 100 years ago, the authorities created maps identifying large concentrations of certain immigrant groups as part of a state legislator's efforts to root out socialists, communists and anarchists. * Vito Marcantonio - Wikipedia

MF Global Allegedly Unloaded Assets Onto Goldman Before Collapse(Huff Post)

7 officers escape Bx. bullet barrage(NYP)

Authorities Release Sketch Of Brooklyn Assault Suspect(NY1)

Law and Order

Accusations of Bullying After Death of Teenager(NYT) * Abortion Charge Dismissed(WSJ)

DA drops ‘trash fetus’ case(NYP) * Mom gets 60 days for fatal hit & run(NYP)* Man Is Sentenced for Raping Ex-Girlfriend and Then Framing Her(NYT) * NYPD Cop Shooting Suspect Is Sorry: Court Papers(WNYC)


Harlem 'rat burgler' caught on tape(NYP)