Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Boyland Bribery II: Corruption On Steroids

This Time There Are Tapes of Boyland Taking Bribes
Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. got per diems in Albany on days the FBI taped him receiving or accepting bribes downstate. He has the chamber’s worst attendance record, missing 40 of 60 days this past session.

Boyland took bribes to pay att’ys: feds(NYP)  BOYLAND CLAIMED ALBANY EXPENSES AS FBI TAPED HIM IN BROOKLYN: The latest corruption charges against Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. include secretly recorded meetings with undercover agents in Manhattan and Brooklyn – even as he claimed taxpayer-funded travel expenses on those days, saying he was in Albany (CHN) 

In August, a Florida carnival company owner named Lawrence Carr was charged with bribing former state Sen. Hiram Monserrate. (Monserrate wasn’t charged). Carr’s attorney says her client isn’t the cooperating promoter involved in Boyland’s case. * Boyland Bribery II(NYP Ed) * 2nd Bribe Case for Lawmaker Just Acquitted(NYT) * Assemblyman Again Faces Bribe Charges(WSJ) * Recently acquitted Brooklyn state assemblyman William Boyland Jr. busted on bribery charges   * Search For Legal Funds Allegedly Led To New Charges Against Boyland(NY1) Link to Boyland Complaint * “The extent of the charged corruption is staggering,” said US Attorney Loretta Lynch * A Lawmaker Back in Trouble, in a District That Knows Despair(NYT)

Boyland's Knucklehead Poem

The News gets poetic on Boyland’s second arrest: “Man, is he dense. Man, is he dim. Man, is he greedy. Man, is he grasping. Man, is he a creature from the lagoon of Albany  Boyland corruption charges set new low for Albany sleaze(NYDN Ed)

TNPM Extra: Boyland removes his person Facebook page

 Liu’s brought Seto his top campaign aide to meetings with potential pension investor

After Hevesi, Hank Morris, Steve Rattner and the dozens of other who paid fines from ripping off the pension funds Liu mixes his political operation with pension funds  Liu’s campaign manager, Chung Seto, accompanied him on visits with potential investors, sometimes overseas, and often presenting herself as a top aide with control of the comptroller’s schedule and a role in the office’s financial decisions

Was Seto One of the Liu Aids Mentioned in the Incitement of Mr. Pan?

Liu’s money honey on his city-biz trips(NYP) Chung Seto, Liu’s political adviser and an architect of his aggressive campaign fund-raising, has been at Liu’s side during at least three meetings with investment groups even though she isn’t a city official, according to sources and records from the events. * Behind Liu’s Rise, Quiet Aide Who Built Network of Donors(NY1)   Clinton campaign taps into an unlikely treasure-trove (LA Times) A key figure helping to secure Asian support for Clinton is a woman named Chung Seto * Clinton's Fundraiser Raises Questions (Huff Post) * Clinton Returned $7000, Campaign Says - New York Times 
The NYT names former District Leader Mei-Hua Ru as the $$$ power behind Liu's Fund raising operation. . . Ms. Ru is also described as tough and determined. Some community leaders call her Mr. Liu’s “white gloves,” using a Taiwanese term for someone whose job it is to tackle unpleasant tasks so a superior can maintain a clean image.


 Clinton Return Hsu Money From Chinatown Event That Seto Organized

The Los Angeles Times reported yesterday that it had reviewed the cases of more than 150 donors apparently linked to the Chinatown event or to Chinese neighborhoods, and that dozens of donors could not be found, were not registered to vote or held jobs that probably did not pay well enough to finance such donations.  Chung Seto, the organizer of the Chinatown event, said Chinese have a culture of thrift and it wouldn't be surprising for workers with meager wages to make $1,000 donations.



Feds Are Being Schooled By the Seabrook Mob

Seabrook gal’s dementia claim (NYP)  Key Witness Inconsistent During Trial of Official(NYT) * Witness Cites Her Dementia(WSJ) * Seabrook ex: Dementia mixed me up (NYDN) *  Larry Seabrook's ex-girlfriend Gloria Jones-Grant says early onset dementia confused her during testimony(NYDN)Seabrook's Alleged Mistress Wavers During Questioning In Corruption Trial * Update: Prosecutors Pile On The Allegations As Closing Arguments Commence In Seabrook Trial (NY1) * Councilman Declines to Testify at His Corruption Trial(NYT)

A judge ruled that the city must turn over emails between Bloomberg and Black from the weeks preceding her appointment as schools chancellor

Baring Black’s e-mails The Bloomberg administration must turn over e-mails relating to its controversial hiring of Cathie Black as schools chancellor, a Manhattan judge has ruled.(NYP)

Bloomberg's Army

 A Mayor Who Was Never in the Military Pretends

Mayor Bloomberg: ‘I Have My Own Army’ (NYO) “I have my own army in the NYPD, which is the seventh biggest army in the world. I have my own State Department, much to Foggy Bottom’s annoyance. We have the United Nations in New York, and so we have an entree into the diplomatic world that Washington does not have,” Mayor Bloomberg said.  

Mayor Bloomberg can authorize NYPD to shoot down planes ...

 Mayor Moskowitz

Charter school executive Eva Moskowitz tells the News’ editorial board that she is not ruling out running for mayor in 2013(NYDN Ed)
* Protesters Disrupt DOE Hearing On Proposed Brooklyn Charter School(NY1) Another Candidate “I gotta run for mayor, so I can get these (bleeping) limos out of the way.”



NY1 Online: Former Assemblyman Makes Case To Ease Election Chaos (NY1)


 A Tail of Two Education Worlds

National Report Praises School-Choice System for New York City Students(NYT) * Bloomberg's 'Genius School' race down to 4 bids(NYDN)

Reaching Outside The Ivory Tower (WSJ)  SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher is pressuring philanthropic and corporate leaders to create a fund for remedial classes and other educational programs for students from the state’s struggling metropolitan regions, the Journal reports

Breaking  NY's top school testing guru forced out(NYP)




Bloomberg Did It His Way & He is Going To Tell Us

Cuomo Moves on the Millionaires Tax 

Cuomo vs. NYP?  The paper’s editorial page has for weeks been running his pledge not to extend the so-called millionaire’s tax

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is considering a plan that would overhaul the state’s personal income tax rate by raising revenue from the wealthy and lowering taxes on others, even though the governor’s spokesman denies any such plan is being considered, the Wall Street Journal says  * Cuomo Eyes Tax Rates(WSJ) * The Post warns Cuomo not to try to shift the blame on raising taxes to the Senate Republicans, arguing that as governor, he holds all the cards on letting the millionaires’ tax expireRead Andrew’s lips(NYP Ed) * Cuomo spokesman Josh Vlasto told the WSJ’s Jacobs Gershman the governor “does not have a proposal that is being discussed with anyone,” and accused of whoever’s pushing this of trying to advance their agenda through the media. But sources who have had conversations with senior second floor staffers say this is indeed under consideration. It’s all very preliminary at this point. * Cuomo Considering Changes to the Tax Code(NYT) * Pro-millionaire’s tax Democrats are encouraged by Cuomo’s tax code reform talk.* Cuomo denies a millionaire's tax shift, but Dems hope that's just lip service | Capital New York
* Gov. Cuomo Vows To Rewrite Tax Code, Recreate New York State’s Middle Class (WCBS)

Thomas Kaplan (Twitter) Speaker Silver told me earlier this month that he'd be receptive to overhauling the tax code: "We have to make it fairer."

Capital Tonight (Twitter) Cuomo says tax code can be a potent job creator if altered correctly.

Suit on Gay Nuptials Proceeds(WSJ) * Judge Says Suit to Void Marriage Act May Proceed(NYT)* ESPA Executive Director Ross Levi’s response to a judge’s decision to let a lawsuit challenging the same-sex marriage law move forward: “Some extremist groups are making a desperate attempt to stop the rocket ship of equality with a few feathers in the wind. But we are confident they will not succeed.” * Gay Marriage Law Here To Stay, AG Vows (YNN)

Albany County District Attorney David Soares, who has clashed with Gov. Andrew Cuomo in recent weeks over his refusal to prosecute Occupy Albany protesters arrested for violating curfew laws, said his office has received “death threats” related to the anti-Wall Street demonstrations. “We received some very radical emails, faxes that quite frankly I’m shocked people would say things like that in writing,” Soares told City & State. “It goes along with public service.” Soares said he had forwarded the threatening notes to law enforcement agencies to investigate their source, but would not comment further.
Police Clear Occupy Encampments in Two Cities(NYT) * Council Resolution Calls for Support of Occupy Wall Street(NYT) * Cops evict Occupy LA & Occupy Philly protester(NYDN) * San Francisco offers anti-Wall Street protesters new camp site(WPIX) * Occupy LA Raid: Police Arrest Protesters Who Defied Eviction Notice (LIVE BLOG) (Huff Post) * A teepee grows in Oakland(Salon) * OWS Plans "War Profiteers" Protest(NBC)
* Camps Are Cleared, but ‘99 Percent’ Still Occupies the Lexicon (NYT) * Jackson Browne, Third Eye Blind to Perform for OWS (NBC) * Fighting the “Governor One Percent” Label (NYT)

Is Andrew Cuomo Losing Fred Dicker?(NYO)

Matthew P. Sapolin, Who Led Bloomberg’s Office for Disabled, Dies at 41(NYT) *

Matthew Sapolin, Commissioner Of The Mayor's Office For People With Disabilities, Dies At 41(NY1)


Developer's Proposal For Former St. Vincent's Hospital Site Splits Residents (NY1)




TA Hit With Criticism After Cutting Rent Deal For Grand Central Apple Store (WCBS)





Funds From Port Authority Toll Hikes Not Yet Used For WTC, Officials Say (NY1)






Safety Poems and A Uplifting Subway Redesigned Poem

Poetic bid to keep pedestrians safer The theme of the poems, is to tell people to “think about the fragility of your body.  “You’re just a human. You’re nothing against these cars,” Morse said. “Poetry underscores the harshness of this reality. That’s why it has this power.” * Seventeen-Syllable Safety Warning Signs(NYT) * Transportation chief Janette Sadik-Khan says city will use haiku to boost safety in danger zones(NYDN)

Bronx student turns grim poem in grimy subway tunnel around(NYDN)




Brooklyn retail, industrial project approved(WSJ) * Admiral's Row in Brooklyn Navy Yard to get a retail rebirth(AMNY)




Judge Says Park51 Cannot Be Evicted, But Must Pay Back Rent(Huff Post) * Cabbies at UWS Mosque Obey Religious Laws Over Parking Rules(DNAINFO)





Brookfield Making a Go for Stuyvesant Town (WSJ) * Tenants Trying Again to Buy Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village(NYT)


Herman Cain's sex scandals eclipse those of Bill Clinton - where's the outrage from the GOP? (NYDN) * Gingrich Boosted Clients, Not Just Ideas(NYT) *  Cain, Support Eroding, Weighs Dropping Bid(NYT) * Cindy Adams says she’s available “for Chinese” Sunday after Herman Cain cancelled on the media dinner she planned to throw him at her apartment. * Gingrich Commands Big Lead In New Florida Poll(TPM) *Herman Cain’s Alleged Mistress Ginger White: ‘This Was Not Sex For Cash’ * Gingrich Opens Iowa Campaign Office(TPM) * Gingrich Gave Health Clients Access to Lawmakers(NYT)* Obama Faces Replay of '08 Hurdles in PA - Katharine Seelye, NY Times * President Obama Isn't "Toast" in 2012 - Mark Mellman, The Hill * Why Demographics Won't Save Obama - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics * My Man Newt - Maureen Dowd, New York Times * Why Gingrich Could Win - Charles Hurt, Washington Times * Building a Better Romney-Bot - Robert Draper, New York Times Magazine * Possible Cain Exit More Good News for Gingrich - Cannon & Bevan, RCP * The Huntsman Handicap - Ross Douthat, New York Times * GOP Field Leaves IA Evangelicals at a Loss - Erin McPike, RealClearPolitics * It's Time for Herman Cain to Go - Boston Herald * Up Close and Personal Is in the Past(NYT)


Jon Stewart Breaks New ‘Herman Cain Scandal’ With Daily Show Correspondent?


Jon Stewart: Barney Frank Is The ‘Everything Bagel’ Of Things Conservatives Hate (TPM)


City worker’s comp ‘$cam’(NYP)

Detective found guilty of acting recklessly during Nov. 2006 shooting (NYP) * Deputy Commissioner Will Recommend Firing Of Detective In Sean Bell Case, Source Says(NY1)

Telling of Days on the Run After Abducting Children(NYT)



Baby corpse in garbage(NYP) *Fetus found in trashcan in Manhattan alley

Police Launch Investigation After Finding Dead Newborn In Manhattan Alley(NY1)

Police Release Surveillance Of Brooklyn Attempted Rape Suspect(WCBS)

10 bodies, 1 serial killer: Police say solo maniac behind murders * LI cops: 1 beach slayer(NYP) 


Man Wanted for Fondling Kids in Queens(NBC)


Law and Order

Deaf gal abducted ‘for sex’(NYP) * Qns. grope sicko (NYP) * Drug dealer 'Jay Cash' sentenced to 20 (NYDN)  * Judge’s moving anti-gun plea (NYP) *  The NYPD is using 360 degree cameras at crime scenes. See some images here (NYP) *  NYPD Have Stopped, Frisked Four Million Residents Since 2004 (The Buzz) * Man pleads guilty to Brooklyn charges in 28-hour rampage(NYP) * Man Accused in Killing Spree Pleads Guilty (NYT) * Police Seek 2 in Fire Escape Burglaries(NBC)

Obama, Rock Center tree lighting to cause traffic nightmare(AMNY) * A fundraising visit by President Obama that coincides with the annul lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree (which is Tweeting, BTW) is expected to cause some pretty serious traffic headaches.