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DA's see no evil hear no evil speak no evil

DAs outside Bx. 'ignoring' scandal(NYP)



NY Broken DA System of Justice

The DA's in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and SI are turning a blind eye to potential ticket-fixing scandals in their own back yards -- despite referrals from the Bronx DA and NYPD admissions that the practice was citywide, sources told The Post. The DA's Also ignore political corruption because they count on local pols to get reelected.  To date most of the major corruption cases are being tried and investigated by the feds.

DA Hynes Answers NYP

City Hall News (Twitter) . Hynes on ticket-fix claim: "utter nonsense," "particularly vacuous," "completely false"

Cover Up of Vips Ticket Fixing Names Could Lead to Blackmail

Another source told the NYP that “the names of people whose tickets have disappeared would be a veritable Rolodex of New York’s rich and famous. You would basically have a who’s who.” If corrupt workers in the DA's Office or NYPD got a copy of the list of the VIPS who on the council or city hall had their tickets fixed they would have a lot of control over public officials who face that if their fix ticket become public it could end their career.

Why Some DA's See Nothing
Lots of cops serve as key prosecution witnesses, so prosecutors don’t want this probe to put all their criminal cases in jeopardy,” a Democratic insider told The Post. * Cops may testify against other cops(NYDN) In one jaw-dropping case, Bronx cops were caught on wiretap discussing how to protect a Manhattan cop buddy from a DWI charge after he drunkenly left a path of destruction while driving down a Westchester street.


Tix-fix cop's barber shops fronts for drug-dealing, robbery(NYDN) Jose Ramos, assigned to the 40th Precinct, made his real money inside two Bronx barber shops - and took plenty off the top.* How they got dirt on tix-fix cops(NYDN)

Slain Brooklyn mother of 12 hailed a hero at emotional service(NYDN) Ray Kelly was one of 250 mourning Zurana Horton, who was shot in the chest as she shielded kids when a gunman opened fire from a Brownsville rooftop. (NYDN) * Hero ma tribute (NYP) * Funeral Held For Brooklyn Mom Fatally Shot While Shielding Kids(NY1)



Vito poor? That’s rich!(NYP)  Brooklyn Democratic boss Vito Lopez is not among the 99 percent. Despite leading an Occupy Wall Street march Tuesday protesting income inequality, the embat-tled assemblyman and girlfriend Angela Battaglia, who runs the charity he founded, will earn $493,000 this year, putting their household in the top 1 percent of earners nationwide.


$$$ Driving Congressman Meeks

Benz justifies the means for Meeks(NYP) The Queens Democrat charged nearly $7,000 in auto-repair bills to his campaign committee, possibly violating campaign-finance rules for the second time in three years.


Testing Cuomo

NYP Is Testing Andrew Cuomo on His Will to DrillJust when it looked like New York was making healthy progress with hydrofracking, along comes state Environmental Conservation Commissioner Joe Martens holding up a huge “STOP” sign.



 Jennings Sues  Queens Chronicle

Former city Councilman Allan Jennings is suing a Queens paper for defamation, saying it helped turn voters against him during last year’s Council race. Jennings said the Queens Chronicle erred in stating he had once put an advertisement in a Chinese-language newspaper “declaring his love for all Asian women.” (NYDN)

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)





Democratic Operative Likely to Challenge Rangel(NYT)




Museum of Natural History's animals get makeovers(NYP)


This year NYC Has Had A Hurricane, Tornado, Earthquake And Now Snoween. . .  SCARY

CFB Ducks Corruption in WFP, Independence Party and Bloomberg Payments to Buy GOP Lines

Campaign finance, NYC-style (NYP)

State Supreme Court Justice Anthony Giacobbe found WFP in contempt and ordered them to dismantle Data & Field Services and pay 100,000 in court costs. 

Last year the judge found that the WFP broke campaign laws in 2009 by letting DFS run a massive get-out-the-vote operation while charging rock-bottom prices that gave WFP candidates an advantage.  The NYP says the  WFP-DFS alliance also helped Comptroller John Liu and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio win. And asks where the heck is the Campaign Finance Board while all of this went on? Judge Giacobbe’s original finding showed that WFP clients benefited illegally from the DFS scheme. The NYP asks Will those like Comptroller John Liu and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio who profited from WFP illegalities pay fines for WFP illegal activities? * Nutbusterz: Judge Kaye Conflicted In Working Families Probe


The White Shoe White Wash of Liu's Illegal Contributions Begins After He Gives Up Pension Control

 Report will conclude sloppy paper work. . . Why no bundles were listed? By the Comptroller of NYC (LOL) Liu Hires Ex-Attorney General to Review His Campaign Finances(NYT) * Liu Funds Review Planned(WSJ) * Liu sics ex-AG on himself in fund flap(NYP)


The City's Comptroller Has A Hat Trick Full of Money Problems

In addition to the fines he will have to pay for illegal contributions and the WFP FDS corruption Liu still has not paid his poster fines. Thompson has also not paid his poster fines.  He like Liu are using loop holes in the law to fight them in court.  de Blasio Paid the fine after the city froze his bank account Illegal Posters(True News)


The NYT says the stunning display of vitriol at a Bronx courthouse by 100's of off-duty officers raised concerns about the mind-set of the force

Officers Jeer at Arraignment of 16 Colleagues in Ticket-Fixing Investigation(NYT) * Unsealed Indictments Shed Light on Procedures for Ticket-Fixing by Officers(NYT) * Officers Indicted Amid Supporters(WSJ) * Charges Minor Among NYPD Scandals(WSJ) *Tix fix: Hero cop provides inspiration(NYDN) * Unity? 500 NYPD cops shame the good(NYDN)  * NYPD Officers Plead Not Guilty In Ticket-Fixing Scandal(NY1) * Rude, Offensive Officers At NYPD Rally For Tix Fix Cops(WPIX)A Selection of DNAinfo's Exclusive Coverage of NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal

 1992 article on NYPD "riot" described start of "new" police attitude+culture. 


Lawyer for accused NYPD cop Jose Ramos mocks Bronx prosecutors(NYDN) * Ticket-fixing case brings out the worst in NYPD's potty-mouthed supporters of scandal(NYDN) * Cops protest outside courthouse as 21 indicted in 'tix-fix' scandal(NYP) * Courteous collusion (NYP Ed) When the trials get under way, it will be interesting to pull back the covers of these “courtesies” -- and the underlying culture. * Foreclosure Crisis On The Minds Of "Occupy" Protesters(NY1)



Kruger and the Developers: Will the Real Story Every Come Out

TJ Club Guys

Plans Killed for Project Tied to Probe One of New York City's largest developers Forest City Rattner has quietly scrapped a deal to build a shopping center on city-owned land in Brooklyn, a site that drew scrutiny during a federal investigation of state Sen. Carl Kruger.  According to the Kruger's indictment, the assemblyman tried to help obtain $2 million in state funds for a development in Mill Basin and several millions more for other projects. Kruger Bender Gets Cute* FOREST CITY RATNER EXEC WHO LOBBIED "CROOKED" STATE SEN. CARL ...(NYP) *Ratner’s Kruger connection! Bruce had dealings with arrested senator (Brooklyn Paper) * The Carl Kruger Scandal (True News)

1. Ratner Forest City Lobbyist Lipsky Arrested for Bribery

Richard Lipsky, a former Ratner lobbyist who, with Kruger, was charged by feds on March 9 in a $1 million bribery case, legally gave Kruger's coffers $3,500 between 2003 and 2007, and Lipsky's wife, Dorothy, gave $9,000 between 2008 and 2010, state data show.  Lipsky was caught on FBI wiretaps allegedly paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to Kruger, who is charged with directing state cash to Forest City's $4 billion Atlantic Yards project and other Lipsky clients.* Lipsky already earned $40,600 lobbying this year







You Think the NYT Will Ask Thompson This Time Why He Did Not Catch the Corruption In the CityTime Contract? 

Bill Thompson Warms Up His 2013 Mayoral Campaign Aides to Bill Thompson, the Democratic nominee who narrowly lost to Mayor Bloomberg in 2009, sent out a public schedule for the former comptroller -- the first of the 2013 mayoral race. (WSJ)




 Occupy Winter

'Occupy' camp defiant on snow day(NYP) * Occupy Movement, After Legal Victories, Faces Weather (NYT) * The Revolution Will Be Streamed (Huff Post)

A Struggle to Make ‘the 99%’ Look Like Everybody(NYT)  * Wall Street Rally Braces for Cold(NBC) * Protesters Rally Against Big Banks In Manhattan(NY1) * NY1 Online: Activist Naomi Wolf On OWS Arrest * Protesters In The Cold, Dark After Generators Removed From Zuccotti Park (CBS)* Occupy Protests Test the Mayor of Oakland(NYT) * Tenn. protesters to defy curfew a 3rd time(MSNBC) * "Occupy" Is No Tea Party - Billie Tucker & Edwin Feulner, RealClearPolitics 

 Occupy DC prepares to spend ‘thousands’ ahead of cold snap, possible snow (Wash Post) * NYPost Caught Lying About Occupy Wall Street (Food Edition)(MY FDL) * Denver police use force on Occupy protesters(AP) *  7 Occupy Denver protesters arrested in clash at capitol(Mother Jones) * Protests heat up in Oakland, Denver(NYDN) * ‘1%’ proving Wall Street protesters right(NYDN) * Ore. police arrest about 30 Wall Street protesters (AP) *  Zuccotti perv Fiend attacks protester in her tent(NYP) * Occupy Wall Street Has Raised $450,000, Spent Just Over $50,000(Huff Post) * Protesters Deal With Cold, Snow And No Power After Generators(WCBS) * Foreclosure Crisis On The Minds Of "Occupy" Protesters(NY1)* Occupy Wall Street: The Snow Day [Update](NY Mag) *  Protesters Weather The Storm In Manhattan (NY1) * Close to three dozen Occupy protestors were arrested in Rochester this weekend.* Don't Let Occupy Wall Street Be Frozen Out (Soho Journal) * OWS Protesters Want Generators Back(Fox 5) * Snowstorm, Cold Makes Life In Zuccotti Park Difficult For OWS Protesters(NYDN) * 

Cain Accused of Sexual Harassment

Report: Herman Cain Accused Of ‘Sexually Suggestive’ Harassment In 1990s (TPM) * Exclusive: Two women accused Cain of inappropriate behavior

Joseph Mercurio (Twitter) Heartless Bloomberg removed the generators and heaters before the snow storm leaving the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators to the elements, which is just as bad as the police riot against Occupy Oakland who used tear gas and bully clubs.

Cuomo Taxi Summit Summit a hail of an idea (NYP) The gov is getting the warring factions together in an effort to expand street-hail cab service to the outer boroughs.


Diversity in Politics Means Hiring A Pols Kid 

Leecia Eve, a former Hillary Clinton aide who might have been NY’s first black AND first woman governor had things played out differently, is getting a top job in Cuomo’s administration.  * Eve’s appointment (salary not yet available) comes as Cuomo seeks to make good on a promise to minority community leaders to increase diversity in his administration.






 Potter's Field cemetery at Hart Island

Council Looking Into City Cemetery (WNYC) A City Council oversight committee is looking into the status of the Potter's Field cemetery at Hart Island where 850,000 people are buried. The cemetery is run by the City's Department of Corrections with inmate labor. The Council is pushing for both better record keeping and greater access for the public looking for the bodies of deceased loved ones.


Two Charter Schools Proposed The New York City Department of Education has proposed locations for two new Brooklyn charter schools run by former city councilwoman Eva Moskowitz.(WSJ)


Aqueduct Racino Opening Draws Huge Crowds

As Casino Opens Its Doors, Pent-Up Demand Is Released(NYT) * Gamblers Swarm Aqueduct(WSJ) * Thousands flock to slots and electronic table games(NYDN) * Aqueduct Racino Opening Draws Huge Crowds(NY1) * New York City's First Casino Opens Doors In Queens(WPIX) Lawyers Guild plays key role in ‘Occupy’ movement (Downtown Express)


In East Harlem, ‘Keep Out’ Signs Apply to Renters(NYT)





Schools dial down graphic parts of sex ed(NYDN)







Despite Attention to Abuses, Disability Filings at the L.I.R.R. Remain High(NYT) * Train robbery halted LIRR retiree ‘scammers’ face pension loss(NYP) * FBI Could Make More Arrests In LIRR Disability Fraud Scheme(WCBS) * Most Recent LIRR Retirees Got Disability(NBC)




Political Pundits on the 2012 Election

For Cain, Reverse Becomes a Prominent Gear(NYT) * Right-wing group demand Bachmann pull out(NYDN) * The Court and the Next President The makeup of the Supreme Court is an important issue in the presidential race, and it is not being truly addressed.  (NYT Ed) 

UP IN SMOKE: Complaints, Chaos & Staff Exodus Rock Primary Race(Huff Post) * Washington Insiders See Romney as Nominee - West & Bell, Nat'l Journal *  Principle-Free Romney Becoming Less Electable - George Will, Wash Post * GOP Sees Cain as 'Black Man Who Knows His Place' - Karen Finney, MSNBC * The Awful Sin of Herman Cain - Wesley Pruden, The Washington Times * Can Rick Perry Turn Things Around? - Dave Montgomery, McClatchy * Will Grant Park Become an Obamaville? - James Taranto, Wall St. Journal * Obama's Bite-Sized Reelection Strategy - Anne Kornblut, Washington Post * The Divider vs. the Thinker - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal * Obama Shouldn't Move to the Center - Mann & Ornstein, The New Republic * he Two Republican Races - Ronald Brownstein, National Journal* Mitt Romney's shifting views on climate change - Political Hotsheet - CBS News * Herman Cain Doesn't Appear to Have a Campaign (Newser) * Outside Groups Gain Foothold in Campaign Funding(NYT) * Herman Cain plans to cut campaign appearances...(NYDN) * Mitt's Iowa Temptation - John Heilemann, New York Magazine * Gingrich Blazing a Comeback Trail - Karen Tumulty, Washington Post * Why Perry Won't Attack Yet - John Dickerson, Slate * "Cain Train" Rolling Through Iowa - Hayley Peterson, DC Examiner * Moderate House Dems a Vanishing Breed - Salena Zito, Pittsburgh T-R Des Moines Register: Iowa Poll: Cain, Romney Lead Republican Field * Cain Hopes His Time in the Sun Endures(NYT) * Axelrod On CNN: Republicans May Be Trying To Tear Down The Economy On Purpose * Herman Cain attacks POLITICO report on allegations of inappropriate behavior (Politico)


Real Time Panel Tears Into Former Cheney Aide Over Support For Iraq War





America Fracturing as Middle Class Shrinks - Anne Applebaum, Telegraph * ow Harrisburg Borrowed Itself Into Bankruptcy - Steven Malanga, WSJ * Europe Runs Out of Money - Christopher Caldwell, The Weekly Standard * Europe's Rescue Plan - The Economist * Chase, Wells Fargo drop debit fees, BofA to adjust (WABC) * Flat Tax a Flat-Out Fraud - Robert Reich, San Francisco Chronicle * The Death of European Democracy - Janet Daley, Daily Telegraph * 

Law and Order

Telling the Story of 41 Years on the Run(NYT) Captured in Portugal last month, George Wright recounts his odyssey since he escaped from prison in 1970 and hijacked a plane two years later.


Police Seek Pair Who Opened Fire On Crown Heights Street (NY1) * Hunt on for B'klyn gun thugs (VIDEO)


Queens Teenager Accused Of Sexual Abuse To Be Tried In Family Court(NY1)



What a Family Faces After a Murder: The Terrible Mechanics of the First Week(NYT) After Jay Rao discovered his mother’s body last Sunday night, his week has been full of grim tasks and few answers.


Teen stabbed to death over iPhone: cops (NYDN)


Oscar Fuller claims self-defense in East Village parking spot punch(NYDN) * 2 cops in DWI busts(NYP) * Jailed hubby-slay wife loses ‘overturn’ bid(NYP) * Brooklyn Man Charged In Police-Involved Shooting (NY1) * NYPD Looking For Brooklyn Livery Cab Robbery Suspects (WCBS)* Ex-cop faces 69 years for molesting boys (NYDN) * Hamill: Cops must do more to fight sex creeps(NYDN) * Rich dad’s ‘frame & fortune’ forgeries(NYDN) * Pot’ tenant: Off my ash!(NYP)

Blogger Report City Halts Concrete Plans On Coney Boardwalk(Sheephead Bites) * New York City Beats Boston in Startups, and Two-Thirds of Them are Net Firms(Brooklyn Ron) * The Markowitz defense/explanation: I did it for Brooklyn (plus a letter the Times didn't print)(Atlantic Yards Report) * Forest City Ratner project in Mill Basin, touched by corruption indictment, "has been withdrawn;" indicted developer had role in City Point, whose lead developer didn't pay bribes but made gifts to Markowitz charities (No Land Grab) * MTA BuEdit HTMLilding Not Only Plans NYU Has for Downtown Brooklyn(Mcbrooklyn) * More Details On Last Night’s Upper West Side Shooting(My Upper Westside) * CB13 votes down Creedmoor variance(Queens Crap)

The Week in Viral Videos(The Daily Beast)

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