Friday, August 26, 2011

9th Congressional Update

Congressional Candidates LOST

Weprin, Turner flunk district test Democrat David Weprin and GOPer Bob Turner want your vote - and they may also need you to supply directions to the congressional district they want to represent. * GOPer: O is my weapon Surprising tactic in Weiner’s district (NYP) * Weiner's Italian babymoon -on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. (NYP) * First Responder's Remarks Highlight 9/11 Focus In Congressional Race(NY1) 


* NY-9 could test possible ‘Super Jewish’ State Senate district(The Brooklyn Politics)

Bob Turner (Twitter)

Weprin parroting Obama's talking points shows he offers ZERO economic solutions to voters. Only tax and spend. ** More Turner Lit  
Are the Pols Over Reacting to Not Being Around During the Snow Storm? 

Mayor Bloomberg kicks off intense, multiday 'not in Bermuda' Hurricane Irene campaign(NYDN) *New York Transit System Prepares for Full Shutdown (WSJ)

He's not going anywhere this time(Queens Crap)

Mayor Bloomberg on Thursday kicked off an intense, multiday "not in Bermuda" hurricane campaign.* Mayor Declares State Of Emergency; City's "Most Vulnerable" To Be Evacuated Before Irene's Arrival(NY1) * Bloomberg, who took a beating for being out of the state (and likely in Bermuda) during last year’s Christmas-week blizzard failure, is making a point of being very public and Irene prep.* 

Who is In Charge?
BREAKING: President Obama to deliver statement on Hurricane Irene -* Televised briefing by to be held at 1:30 pm, his office says. * Cuomo to address the media on hurricane preparations at 1 p.m. at the Capitol.


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Watch: Reporters Who Bravely Cover Hurricanes Are Our Patriots Of The Week

As Hurricane Threatens N.Y., Region Readies for the Worst(NYT) * Evacuations, Transit Shutdown Eyed in City(WSJ) * Hurricane Who? How Irene Got Her Name (WSJ) *  Utilities bracing for widespread power outages(WSJ) *  Hurricane Irene making its way to NYC, expected to hit as Category 1 storm Sunday(NYDN)  * Hurricane weakens to Category 2 as NJ under warning, city under watch(NYP) * New York Region Prepares for Hurricane Irene(NYT) * Preparing for Irene: Where to Get Advice and Information(NYT) * Hospitals By City's Coasts Prepare For Full Evacuations(NY1) * NYC Hospitals in Zone-A to Evacuate(Fox 5) * The Hurricane of 1938 and Hurricane Irene(NBC) * City Web Site Overloaded as Hurricane Nears (NYT)

Staten Island University Hospital officials are “99 percent sure” they will be starting an “unprecedented” evacuation of patients this morning. * SIUH is just one of five hospitals in so-called “Zone A” – a low-lying area most vulnerable to storm surge – preparing to evacuate under orders from Bloomberg by 8 p.m. this evening. *  Zone A is home to about 250,000 people.* NYPD Readies Fleets, Emergency Workers For Possible Evacuations(NY1)

Nate Silver(Twitter)

Black and Hispanic Laid Off First Always
 Of the hundreds of DC 37 education workers set to lose their jobs, the vast majority are some of the lowest-paid workers in the city, are overwhelming black and Hispanic and come from some of the city's poorest school districts, Juan Gonzalez reports:(NYDN)

A city lawyer dismissed incidents of racism against black FDNY members, calling them “isolated.”
City Fights Racism Charge
City lawyers are arguing that racism complaints against the Fire Department are overblown, making a special monitor to oversee how such claims are investigated unnecessary (NYDN)

Comptroller's office raised the % of payroll that local governments must chip in to the major pensions  straining local governments 

17% Rise Expected in Pension Costs(WSJ)

Don’t get too comfortable, NYS, warns the CBC. The current budget surplus is only temporary.






With Court Ruling in Teach Evaluations and Teacher Data Do Judges Now Think They Know How to Improve the Schools? 

Education Judges?

Teacher Rankings Ordered Released(WSJ) The Post cheers a court ruling that allows the city to release public school teacher data scores, calling the timing "exquisite" as it came shortly after another ruling that struck down portions of the state's new teacher evaluation plan * The News agrees, but notes that the metrics by which teachers are graded is an "inexact science": * Appellate Court Rules In Favor Of Releasing Teacher Report Cards(NY1)

Judge Raises Judicial compensation board votes 4-3 to approve raises for judges to $174k by 2014. Those opposed to the plan wanted raises to be higher


Parenting 'bribe' twist(NYP) A program that paid the poor to improve their parenting achieved mixed results citywide, but it's now going to be tried again on a smaller and more focused scale in The Bronx.(NYP)

Poor pol is Towns and out(NYP) Deidra Towns, a state Assembly candidate and daughter of a longtime congressman, let her mortgage lapse for so long that her home went into foreclosure, The Post has learned.(NYP) * Assembly candidate and congressional daughter Deidra Towns defaulted on her mortgage in 2007 and failed to pay her taxes three times.


Budget concerns are keeping the aging cars on the C line operating longer than expected

The faded tin-can C-trains live on, thanks to budget cuts

For the C Train’s Rickety and Rackety Cars, Retirement Will Have to Wait(NYT)



No Loss of Salaries Strikes?

Striking Verizon workers took advantage of a loophole in state law that allowed them to receive unemployment compensation.






Why do media play along with these scenarios when we know these guys aren't serious?

Iowa spared as Hurricane Pataki veers off course... 

Shortest non-campaign in history? Ex-Gov. George Pataki: Not going to Iowa, &, acding to source, not running for prez. Source: Pataki decides against White House run (CNN)  * Source: Family Concerns Keeping Pataki From 2012 Field(YNN)

DA Vance Loser
City Hall News: WINNERS & LOSERS: Brace yourself for this week's earthquake-hardened and hurricane-strength roundup of who's up and who's down in New York politics. Winners are Pedro Espada, Dick Ianuzzi, Sandra Lee, Lowell McAdam and Eric Schneiderman; losers are Ann Marie Buerkle, Michael Mulgrew, George Pataki, Lillian Roberts and Cyrus Vance Jr.: 

A Tunnel to Where and When and How Much $$$

MTA behind schedule, over budget on two mega projects, feds say (AMNY)

A NYS task force takes a first step in response to reports of high executive pay and perquisites for nonprofits receiving state money

State Seeks Data on Pay of Leaders at Nonprofits(NYT) * The Cuomo administration’s request yesterday for executive pay information from social-service nonprofits was surprising to some who watched Cuomo’s Medicaid Redesign Task Force ignore the issue of executive pay at hospitals. Top pay at New York City hospitals runs into the millions, but Assemblywoman Deborah Glick’s bill to cap it was ignored, and so was a similar suggestion from the Commission on the Public’s Health System. “There were people on the task force, and people they were representing, who earn a lot more than that,” said the commission’s director, Judy Wessler. “I think they decided not to take that one on.”(CHN)


 Dolan: Just Say No

Archbishop Timothy Dolan criticized the legalization of same-sex marriage and mandatory sex ed in NYC during an “Inside City Hall” interview. 

NYPD will be 'on high alert' on 9/11, but Finest are always on alert(NYDN)


Police Dept. Reviews Unsolved Rapes for Ties to Officer(NYT)

Law and Order
Dominique Strauss-Kahn to book it out of town after free pass(NYDN) * DSK may visit IMF Thugs mug pregnant gal(NYP) * Batten down and stock up(NYP) * Plea in mob hit(NYP) *  Fireman busted after violently 'beating' tranny pal(NYP) * Correction Department Chaplain Arraigned In Connection With Prostitution Sting(NY1) * Surveillance video: Two thugs mug woman at gunpoint(NYDN) * Suspect identified in string of Chelsea muggings(WABC) * Pizza deliveryman mugged in Great Kills(SI Advance)

NYPD Wants Fat Men

 ‘Crook’ gets another fat chance(NYP) *  New York: Low on Fat Men(NY Magazine)

Fed Policy Props Up Wall St., Kills Main St. - Camden Fine, Washington Post